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I have spent a few days figuring out how to explain a few things that have happened in my life. I do believe in spirits and the after world. But I still get pretty freaked out when things happen. I have a few occurances in my life over the years one was back in about 98 in the spring my daughters were 5 and 10 months old at the time we were heading down a gravel road in my little ford ranger the road was sloppy and we went off the road the truck was on 2 wheels and we should of rolled but something held us up and prevented that. My 5 yr old said it felt like a pair of hands were holding up the truck and I had been thinking the same thing. An orange and white blazer came down the road and a guy got out who looked very familiar helped us back on to the road he told me what to do and I followed his instructions to a T then after I was safely back on the road I said thank you and asked if I could repay him he said no I am just glad to help, He drove off and disappeared (there were no roads he could of turned off on) It came to me after he left he looked my uncle and that was the same vehicle type he had been in when it rolled in 1982 killing him instantly he died at the age of 33.

Another incident happened when I was looking after my friends dog the little goof took off on me and was gone 3 days I lived on an acreage at the time and I searched everywhere I was worried she would kill me when she got back and found I lost her dog, A few hours before she was to arrive to pick up her precious baby I prayed to God to bring the dog home. I no sooner finished the prayer and this truck pulled out a guy I had never met before got out dog in his arms and asked my ex husband if the dog was ours. I was so relieved to see that little character.

 There have been other times and strange occurances as well,

After my Aunt passed away in 96 I found myself baking, preserving and doing things she used to do. She was 43 to this day I dont know what happened to her. Her ex husband found her so I suspect something but not sure what. I almost took over her personality. before she died I couldnt make bread or cinamon rolls to save my life. If I wanted to support the local hockey team and donate them for hockey pucks I would of had it made. I had no desire to preserve or do any of that domestic stuff. I liked to cook, and bake cakes n muffins but that was it. After she passed away I found myself wanting to make bread and buns and all kinds of things including pickles. No recipe just went for it. I have no idea how but everything turned out and as continued to do so ever since I sometimes think her spirit is in me.

lately tho strange things have been happening I found a pumpkin on my step inside my garage and no one put it there i asked everyone in my family. I found change on my bed after I made the bed no idea how that got there. I feel as if there is a spirit in my house or more than one not sure. No one died in my house its a fairly new house so I am not sure what the connection is. I don't know if it is my uncle, grandparents or aunt. When they all passed on there was a 3 involved in there ages Uncle Freddy was 33 Aunt Liz 43 , my uncle walter 63, My Grampa 73, my Grama 83. needless to say when I come close to an age with a 3, I really worry. They are all from the same family Grandma was Irish decent and Grampa Scottish decent. I plan to investigate all this a little further and see what I find out.

I just thought I would share my ghost (spirit ) stories with everyone today on halloween and see what you think.

Have a safe and blessed Halloween everyone

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