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Nutrition Basics: What Your Body Needs, free webinar lecture

I am passing along a quick reminder about Laurie Warren’s FREE monthly webinar series, “Your Wellness. Laurie is cool and right on, and she is the nutritionist that I look to when I can’t answer a question myself.

The series will have its next installment next Thursday, Nov. 8.  The monthly webinar is from 7:30-8:00 pm Eastern Time on the second Thursday of each month.  Next week, we will be exploring the topic  “Nutrition Basics: What Your Body Needs”, which promises to be a half-hour of your time well-spent.  Are you wondering what the foundational food & supplement choices are for better health?  Are you looking to line up some baby steps to carry you along your health journey in a positive way?  Then next Thursday night is for you!  Care for your body…it’s where you live!

Please register by clicking on this link.  All sessions will be recorded, for those that can’t make the live event, but you must sign up ahead of time to register and have access to the recording after the actual event.

The food you eat builds your body every day for better or for worse.  Make choices for health and seek out education that helps you do so!
Your partner in health,

Laurie Warren, M.S. Nutrition
Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Educator
Warren Wellness

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