Revealing The Light

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The Simplicity of Freedom

by John McIntosh

Have you arrived at that moment in your experience where you long for nothing less than complete Freedom?

This goes beyond the concept of bodily freedom, which encompasses health and wealth, security and the elimination of boundaries. It is a Freedom that has no hint of anxiety or stress and flows effortlessly and joyfully with each new experience.

To experience True Freedom all identifications must be released. This too is beyond the obvious identifications with your name and age and experience and education and family and work and titles and possessions and nationalities and religious affiliations, etc.

All your beliefs are also identities, even your most cherished spiritual beliefs … especially those related to right or wrong and the universe of opposites that define and circumscribe the experience of day to day existence for most people … these must be released.

To be without identity of any kind feels like death – you are nobody … you have no body and nobody it seems. You become transparent and in that you are authentically your Self – nothing and no thing.

You cannot be touched … your body, yes can still experience pain but YOU cannot be touched … YOU could never be touched except through identification with the belief that you could be.

Any – thing, which has a beginning and an ending is dropped as a source of identification … this release brings with it the Awareness of its unreality. It is identification with the un-real that binds you and limits your Awareness of your True greatness and the Freedom that you Are.

Can you allow these deaths to come upon you?

There is no compromise, no dancing at two weddings … a little bit of Truth and a little bit of illusion … you must choose. Have you had enough yet? Have you danced to the tune of fear long enough?

If not … that too is well and good … we chose these experiences of confined Awareness and limited experience to see what it would be like ‘not’ to BE … not to be Boundless and Eternal … not to BE the God we Are … so dance a while longer in the rolling tide of ups and downs until the glamor no longer satisfies and Freedom – No Matter What - is what you long for.

But if that moment has arrived where only Freedom will suffice then Know that it is effortless and simply choose it … the way will be shown.

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