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From the Lost Scrolls of the Da Qin on Stillness and Inner Guidance

"To be pure and still means to be open to purity and stillness — as a result you can intuit the truth.” “Detach yourself from what disturbs and distracts you, and be as pure as one who breathes in purity and emptiness. This state is the gateway to enlightenment — It is the Way to Peace and Happiness." -- Da Qin Nestorian Scripture: “The Jesus Sutras — Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity”, Martin Palmer

I really like the Da Qin scriptures from the “Religion of the Light” — 8th Century China. Apparently the Da Qin Christians were not connected with the Manichaean Gnostics, though they also embraced Buddha and have other similarities. Da Qin believed in karma, meditation, and reincarnation. On many levels, refreshing. No doubt I will post more from them. — James

Tao Te Ching


The Way is universally recognized as being the Way.
Everything that is to the left of it and to the right of it
is a portion of itself.

All of life is in need of its guidance
in order to live. The Way being the Way,
it does not turn down any form of life.

Accomplishing everything at once,
it does not choose to focus on what it has already accomplished.

Lovingly supporting everything,
the Way does not try to rule over anything,
no matter how small.

As it is without desire,
the Way can be seen as being small.

As it is the governless shelter of the universe,
the Way can be glorified as being great.

Sages who are in harmony with the Way
do not even want to try to be great,
and that is what makes them greater than life itself.

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