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The 2012 Scenario Conference Gets Underway In Sedona, Arizona - Live Streaming of The Second Conference On 30,31 October, 1st November


Links to the 2012 Scenario Conference are below :




Sierra Neblina - Message From Facebook 27/10/2012 - https://www.facebook.com/sierra.neblina

Hello all you wonderful and beautiful family out there! (Galactics Included:-) We have started our first day here in Sedona for the 2012 Scenario Conference and I wanted to share some things with you.

First of all it is so amazing to be here with so many lovely brightly lit faces and souls who traveled here to be with us this weekend. The energy Love, light and brilliance is palpable. The experience of seeing my vision and all my hard work come together in such a wonderful example of the new paradigm happening right here, right now, and I am in awe and honored to be a part of it. And so can YOU.

This brings me to my next thing to share with you......

I am very happy to announce that my self and my team have worked very very hard to bring you LIVE STREAMING of my second conference!!!!!

I know that many of you really wanted so badly to be with us and you could not for one reason or another... so we are coming to you!

Please go to www.the2012scenario.com

to see how you can participate live with us this coming Tuesday November 30th, 31st and first of December.

Thank you to all of you who have written me so many emails and given me such good wishes for this vision to be a reality and and I am so happy now that we all get to be together.
In Love..... Sierra




Enjoy the 2012 Scenario Conference LIVE From Your Own Home – LIVE STREAMING Conference 2Next Week

Archangel Michael said that people will be able to enjoy the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension from their own homes – and he was right!

The second 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona will be live streamed and will now be available to everyone around the world to view as it happens.

The Live Streamwill be available right here on the 2012 Scenario site on Tuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st and Thursday November 1, 2012.

The stream has been enabled following the phenomenal support we have had from all those who have bought tickets to the two conferences in Sedona.

The fact the first conference Sold Out and the second conference has less than 10 seats available, has allowed us the funding to follow through on negotiating a last minute deal here in Sedona with local TV network provider Jim Koch of Black Knight Productions.

This deal will see the entire Conference stream live from Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona this coming week.

Additionally, the conference will remain online for 30 days after the event for those who can’t or don’t wish to watch it all live – those who wish to view it in their own time.

The Live Streaming will come with a 30-day window for you to view at any time during those 30 days that you wish.

So you can either watch the Live Stream or come and go and pick and choose as you wish throughout the following 30 says.


Details and how to book will be posted here on the site on Monday 29 October, with the live stream running between the following times (Pacific time USA).

9.00am until approximately 6pm on Tuesday, October 30
9.00am until approximately 5.30pm on Wednesday, October 31
9.00am until approximately 5.30pm on Thursday, November 1

Convert Pacific Time to GMT by adding 8 Hours - 5.00pm GMT to 1am GMT


Those who purchase the Live Stream can come and go as they wish throughout the live conference and during the 30-day archive period. The cost will be $65 per Live Stream (and archive, 30-day viewing) purchase. This will give you access for the live stream and the entire 30-day follow up period.


The complete line-up of speakers featuring at the second 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – ‘Preparing for Ascension’ is:


Mike Quinsey(UK) – channeller of SaLuSa and host of BBS Radio’s Connecting the Light

Suzy Ward(USA) – author of The Matthew Books and receiver of Matthew Ward’s messages, as well as God, Hatonn and others

Blossom Goodchild(Australia) – Channel for the Galactic Federation of Light and White Cloud and author of the three books, The White Cloud Trilogy

Linda Dillon(USA) – Channel for the Council of Love, author of The Great Awakening and channel for Heavenly Blessings and An Hour With An Angel

Wes Annac(USA) – 19-year-old Pleaidian Walk-in, channeller and blogger (http://aquariuschannelings.com and http://wesannac.com)

Genii Townsend(USA) – Sedona’s most-loved identity, author of several books including The City of Light Sedona and Co-Founder of The Sedona Light Center

Steve Beckow(Canada) – owner of the 2012 Scenario and co-host of An Hour With An Angel

Graham Dewyea(USA) – Founder and Producer, InLight Radio and host of Heavenly Blessings and Our Galactic Family

Geoffrey West(Canada) – Anchor Cosmic Vision News and co-host An Hour With An Angel

Sierra Neblina(USA) – Co-host Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond and editor of the 2012 Scenario

Dave Schmidt(USA) – Co-host Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond, Director of the Hope Chest and editor of the 2012 Scenario

Stephen Cook(Australia) – Host of The Light Agenda and News Editor of the 2012 Scenario


The exact schedule for each day of the Conference will be revealed via the Live Stream announcement and information page on Monday 29 October.


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