Blazing Light, Love's Song

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Trust Your Heart

Trust your heart. Your real heart, not the sentimental one, or the heart that loves pizza, or the one that just can’t throw something away. Truth be told none of those feelings are generated from the heart, but wisdom is and, with it, intuition.

graph_interactions_01The HeartMath Institute is known world-round for the discovery that the heart-brain puts out a greater magnetic field than the brain-brain. The implications became obvious: heart-mind is the greater mind, brain-mind is related to the reptilian-survival-reductive mind; purposeful to an extent but forever limited. Therefore, cultivate the heart-mind and the “greater” brain.

From an inner or esoteric point of view the true and developed heart is the Mind. Eastern philosophies, shamanic traditions, poets and artists, and people such as Einstein, Socrates, Plato, and Democritus agree that the true heart is the greater awareness thus the greater mind.

So develop your heart!

  • Smile more often even if seemingly about nothing. Your not crazy. Not smiling through the day or days in a row is insane.
  • Sing, hum, whistle, put lightness in your step. Add tone to your day and thus to the world. Why should much of what we hear be sirens, machinery, yelling, or negative words and thought?
  • Be kind to everyone and everything. We’re back to the smile again and now adding action, courtesy, respect, honor, and fun.
  • Watch a YouTube or free talk that broadens what you know. TED Talks, PBS, BBC, Instant Play on Netflix, or Vimeo, or all serve this easily.
  • Search (google, bing, etc) a word just to see what comes up. Read.
  • Oh yes, read for at least 20 minutes everyday. The modern Western lifestyle is creating a global population with attention deficit disorder. Interruptions, wrong spelling (texting or branding), and an on-the-go lifestyle that is numbed by TV at its daily completion is sorely effecting our brain (the brain-brain) by ingraining an only reductive tendency. Reading, especially reading that which stretches the mind, keeps it pliable in thought, and is not primarily personal (romance type stories), these cultivate the heart-mind and keep the brain-brain bright with good neuron activity.

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