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Refusing to Acquiesce in Gaza

Joshua Brollier

GAZA CITY - The past few days have been harrowing, yet still deeply inspiring in Gaza as people in the strip must carry on with their lives after the Israeli army’s deadly 8 day offensive operation “Pillar of Cloud” which killed at least 160 Palestinians and left over 1000 wounded, many of them severely.  To “carry on” in Gaza does not mean returning to predictable routines or a reasonable set of expectations of

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Reining in Obama and His Drones

Ralph Nader

Barack Obama, former president of the Harvard Law Review and a constitutional law lecturer, should go back and review his coursework. He seems to have declined to comport his presidency to the rule of law.

Let’s focus here on his major expansion of drone warfare in defiance of international law, statutory law and the Constitution. Obama’s drones roam over multiple nations of Asia and Africa and target suspects, both known and unknown, whom the president, in his unbridled discretion, wants to evaporate for the cause of national security.

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The Possibility of a ‘Drone Drawdown’ in Peace Talks

Tom Hayden

The tangled path to ending US drone strikes will be mapped through diplomacy, courtroom challenges, activist protests and pressure on the mainstream media to challenge official secrecy.Pakistanis burn a model US drone at a protest in 2011. (Reuters/Stringer Pakistan)

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Fallen Generals and the Image-Managers That Keep Them

Tom Engelhardt

He was “an ascetic who... usually eats just one meal a day, in the evening, to avoid sluggishness. He is known for operating on a few hours' sleep and for running to and from work while listening to audio books on an iPod... [He has] an encyclopedic, even obsessive, knowledge about the lives of terrorists...

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Two Years of Cablegate and Bradley Manning Still Awaits Trial

Julian Assange

On the two-year anniversary of the start of Cablegate, the Wikileaks founder highlights some of the stories that have emerged. (Screenshot via, November 29th, Bradley Manning testified for the first time since his arrest two and a half years ago in Baghdad. Today also marks the two-year anniversary of the first front pages around the world from Cablegate, an archive of 251,287 U.S.

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Class Wars of 2012

Paul Krugman

On Election Day, The Boston Globe reported, Logan International Airport in Boston was running short of parking spaces. Not for cars — for private jets. Big donors were flooding into the city to attend Mitt Romney’s victory party.

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Fracking Our Food Supply

Elizabeth Royte

This article was produced in collaboration with the Food & Environment Reporting Network, an investigative reporting nonprofit focusing on food, agriculture and environmental health.

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One-Day Fast Food Workers Strike Is Just the Beginning

Juan Gonzalez

Mary Lopez, 52, her close-cropped hair sprinkled with gray, stood outside a Burger King on W. 34th St., chanting along with other protesters:

“We can’t survive on seven twenty-five.”

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Global Movement Needed to Change 'The Rules' of Inequality

Alnoor Ladha
Thomas Pogge
Firoze Manji

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'Fix the Debt': How 1%ers Build a Mass Movement for Millionaires

Kevin Roose

“You meet people, and you’re all trying to work on something together. It’s its own little think-tank."

“The beautiful thing about this is that, when you get a room full of incredibly bright people with compelling ideas together in a room, something good comes of that.”

“We would lose people if we got more specific about our goals. We’d rather try to influence the overall broad parameters of what happens.”

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