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Happy Thanksgiving!

  'Occupy movements nationwide celebrate holiday   'Anti-Wall Street demonstrators in encampments around the country spent Thanksgiving serving turkey, donating time in solidarity with the protest movement and, in some cases, confronting police.' Read more...
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The Health Benefits of Saying Thanks

An "attitude of gratitude" can improve physical and emotional health. Incorporate more thankfulness into your life not just during holidays, but every day.

'We all know exercising and eating a healthy diet are good for our bodies, but how many people realize practicing an attitude of gratitude can improve our health as well?
There’s no doubt that mind and body are connected, and this link is especially apparent when it comes to gratitude. “Research suggests that individuals who are grateful in their daily lives actually report fewer stress-related health symptoms, including headaches, gastrointestinal (stomach) issues, chest pain, muscle aches, and appetite problems,” says Sheela Raja, PhD, an assistant professor and clinical psychologist in the Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago'.

Avoid Diabetes & Heart Disease with Sunlight or Vitamin D3

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'Modern medicine has a lot to answer for, not the least of which is the harm done by treating sunlight as dangerous. The heart disease and diabetes epidemics can be laid at their feet for that travesty alone.'

'A new study adds to the litany of research demonstrating the enormous benefits of Vitamin D3, and by extension, sunlight. The latest, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, documents that Vitamin D3 is a critical factor in diabetic heart disease1.
The inflammatory process is damaged in diabetes. Among other things, it causes monocytes, a type of white blood cell, to adhere to blood vessel walls. When diabetic patients’ blood levels of Vitamin D3 [25(OH)D] are under 30 ng/mg, monocytes were far more likely to adhere. When patients with diabetes maintained a Vitamin D3 level greater than 30 nanograms per milliliter, far fewer monocytes adhere. Thus, the clogging of arteries, which is associated with heart disease, is much improved when diabetic patients have adequate levels of Vitamin D3'.


The Truth About Eggs – What Commercial Egg Farmers Don’t Want You to Know

Only Buy Genuine, Farm Fresh, Organic, Free Range Eggs

By Dr. Mercola

'A massive scale egg producer in Pennsylvania has made the news for inhumane treatment of chickens and unsanitary conditions.

Kreider Farms, which houses seven million hens, appears to be the next sickening example of what allegedly happens behind the scenes at CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations).

The Humane Society recently released an undercover video that exposes the horrific conditions endured by the birds in this operation.

This includes filthy living conditions, overcrowding with up to 11 birds per cage, dead birds apparently left untended, and a severe fly infestation capable of spreading salmonella across the chicken population.

The worker capturing the video reports mummified corpses were lying on the ground under other hens that were laying eggs.'


Why all pharmaceutical research should be made open access

'The decades-old industry practice of suppressing scientific evidence leads Bad Pharma author Ben Goldacre to declare that nothing we know about modern medicine should be assumed to be correct.' 

'We'd been talking about Ben Goldacre's excellent new book, Bad Pharma, in which Goldacre documents the problem of "missing data" in pharmaceutical research (he says about half of the clinical trials undertaken by the pharmaceutical industry are never published). The unpublished trials are, of course, the trials that show the pharma companies' new products in unflattering lights – trials that suggest that their drugs don't work very well, or don't work at all, or are actively harmful.
The decades-old industry practice of suppressing scientific evidence (and some independent researchers doing the same) leads Goldacre to declare that nothing we know about modern medicine should be assumed to be correct, and he makes the urgent case for forcing the release of all that pharma dark matter so scientists can re-run the numbers and work out what actually does work.'


Vaccines Profoundly Threaten Sustainable Agriculture

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'Those who are involved in sustainable ag understand that everything is connected.  There can be no healthy people without healthy food or healthy food without healthy soil or healthy soil without healthy micro-organisms or healthy micro-organisms without healthy habitats or healthy habitats without healthy animals and insects and fish and birds.  It is a great whole and we – all species on earth – are in this together.  The sustainable ag community understands viscerally that we must protect all the pieces because they all fit together as a whole that we belong to and need.  All of is is, in a real sense, us.'

'But if the sustainable ag community seeks to see the whole, it needs to include what is happening to itself, not just to the crops, and what is happening to animals in other countries, for the same has been planned for here.

What is happening to itself
 is that its own children are being genetically engineered by the new vaccines.  They are call DNA-vaccines because their purpose is to alter – or engineer – the DNA.  And they employ patented synthetic GMOs, just as in agriculture, to do this, and shoot these GMOs into children with gene guns, just as the biotech industry uses gene guns to shoot GMOs into seeds.'


Deep Acting Immune Tonics and Herbs Will Help Fight Flu Better Than Any Vaccine

'Flu vaccines are perhaps one of the most promoted, yet highly ineffective measures of preventative (or so claimed) mainstream medicine. There are so many simple and reliable methods to prevent the flu virus from replicating all while using herbs and tonics to boost our immune system and create the ultimate defense barrier against influenza.

 recently reported in my article "If You Would Like To Depress Your Immune System, Get This Year's Flu Shothow vaccines serve a nice dose of carcinogenic, immunotoxic, neurotoxic, and sterility agents. Further reading on the quackery of the entire vaccine industry can be found can be found in an earlier report "The Entire Vaccine Industry Is Being Exposed For Unproven Assumptions And Misrepresentations of Data."'

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