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Big Tobacco Court-Ordered To Tell Only Half The Truth

Big Tobacco Court Ordered To Tell Only Half The Truth

'This week, a U.S. judge ordered tobacco companies to publicly admit they lied about the dangers of smoking, but they are still being allowed to cover up the lethal, radiation-linked health risks associated with tobacco use.

With the latest order by a U.S. judge to force tobacco firms to admit they lied about the dangers of smoking making today's international headlines, it is easy to forget that big tobacco did not only lie, but knowingly allowed millions of smokers to suffer and die from radioisotope-contaminated tobacco poisoning with their full knowledge and consent.'


MSG is Dangerous — The Science Is In

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'Ask anyone if MSG is dangerous, and you’ll get a myriad of responses. Some of the more scientifically-minded among us will scoff at the notion that MSG is dangerous or poses real health risks. Sure, they’ll allow, there are a few sensitive people who get headaches or migraines when they eat it, but MSG doesn’t actually harm the rest of us.

Or does it?

Are you one of the many who don’t believe that MSG is dangerous? Or do you, like me, believe that because it is a newfangled substance invented in 1908, we should inherently distrust it as a food additive and seriously question its safety?

And, if you are like me, what scientific research do you use to convince the doubters among your circle of family and friends? The good news is the science proving MSG is dangerous is out there, and I’ve collected a lot of here for you.'


Canadian Researchers Discover New Evidence That Vitamin D Shuts Down Cancer Cells

People with higher blood levels of vitamin D live significantly longer than people who have low blood levels of the vitamin.

ED. NOTE: It's vitamin D3, not D2 or a pharmaceutical version of vitamin D, such as the stuff of fortified milk or other processed foods. D3 is in oil based gels or made in our bodies from sunlight exposure to bare skin.
'Researchers at McGill University have discovered a molecular basis for the cancer preventive effects of vitamin D, whereby its active form essentially shuts down cancer cells.

The team, led by McGill professors John White and David Goltzman, of the Faculty of Medicine’s Department of Physiology, discovered that the active form of vitamin D acts by several mechanisms to inhibit both the production and function of the protein cMYC. cMYC drives cell division and is active at elevated levels in more than half of all cancers. Their results are published in the latest edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.'


The #1 Missed Opportunity to Boost Your Immune System

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'You know the drill: You wake up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. So you dissolve a couple of Emergen-C packets in your water bottle, snuff some Afrin, and suck a few menthol cough drops. If you keep up with the latest buzz about immune boosters, you might even swallow some maitaki mushroom or astralagus extract.

Maybe you keep the cold at bay, and maybe you don’t. Which ever the case, you know that you can expect this routine on a seasonal basis. But why do you regularly get sick if you eat your fruits, veggies and acai berries?

Because our immune system doesn’t start with us. It starts with the creatures who live inside of us!


ADHD & Criminals: Drug Corporations Want To Create More Lifetime Customers

'Dr. Fred Baughman, child neurologist and ADHD researcher states that the advent of ADHD diagnoses is a scheme to sell more anti – psychotic drugs to young children by the pharmaceutical corporations in conjunction with the psychiatric community. Baughman insists that a normal development in children has now been socially accepted as a neurological disorder that requires psychiatric treatment.

Annually, Ritalin sales reach the billions and Adderall has unquestionably surpassed the once leading drug treatment for ADHD to become the drug of choice for pediatricians. However, doctors admit that the children “grow out of the symptoms of ADHD” and that none of the accepted pharmaceuticals actually cure the alleged disease.'


HAARP Technology 2.0 Wrecking Our Environment? [and our Health]

'Are miniaturized versions of the world's largest ionospheric heater (HAARP) all around us modifying the weather? Have electromagnetic frequency generators been installed over major fault lines waiting to trigger massive earthquakes? Has our military developed a super weapon that can vaporize entire cities with lightning from the ionosphere? There is evidence that technology exists and is being deployed.'

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