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Srimad Bhagavatam - First Canto, Ch.3

At the root of creation is the omniscient Lord
who manufactured all of the ingredients
necessary for the beginning of a beginningless universe.

Lying down semi-dormant at the bottom
of a fathomless ocean of universal proportions is Vishnu.
A lotus flower grows out of His cosmic navel,
producing Brahma, who, alongside Vishnu,
engineers the universe's mechanics.

Every system of planets, no matter how big or how small,
is within the cosmic body of Vishnu.
Though partly aware of His material manifestation,
the consciousness of Vishnu lies elsewhere in the spiritual realms.

The purified devotees are capable of seeing
the transcendence of Vishnu's form,
which is made up of limitless body parts
and sense organs stretching in all directions imaginable.

This form being the original seed
of every incarnation of the Lord and of every living entity,
pours forth every second millions of molecular sized souls.

The four Kumaras, born from Brahman's effulgence,
are incarnations of the purity of celibacy
and they exemplify the need to punish pride
in order to realize what the Absolute Truth is.

Next taking the form of a boar,
Vishnu lifted the earth out of a shadowy
and bleak phase of its existence with His tusks of faithful steel.

During His third incarnation,
Vishnu played the role of the great Vedic
rishi named Narada Muni.
As a teacher of bhakti yoga, Narada Muni
makes the whole universe sing in praise of His Almighty Benefactor.

Becoming Nara and Narayana,
the sons of the King of Dharma,
He instructed the members of that community
in the value of controlling the senses.

As Lord Kapiladeva, He initiated the entire world
into sankhya yoga, which is the most in depth explanation
of all of the twenty four elements which constitutes this creation.

For His sixth incarnation, Vishnu descended as Dattatreya,
the son of a transcendental hermit named Atri.
Providing Prahlada Das with insights into the spirit and the soul,
Dattatreya led many back to the source of all being.

Exemplifying the principle of sacrifice,
Vishnu, as the son of Prajapati Ruci,
controlled the affairs of the world
alongside Svayambhuva Manu,
an ancient lord of civilization.

Appearing as a saintly King,
Vishnu, as King Rishabha, followed the path
that leads to perfection in order to provide a good example
for the citizens of His kingdom to follow.

When an assembly of sages prayed for
the deliverance of their kingdom from an ill-admired king,
King Prithu was born. As King, He rejuvenated the lands
of the earth and made agricultural activities pleasant to engage in.

Devastated by a universal flood,
the world was saved by Vishnu in the form of a fish.

Next coming as a turtle, He gave the world
a new found balance from which both atheists
and theists could revolve around.

Appearing as Dhanvantari and
as the most beautiful woman,
Vishnu charmed the atheists into
drinking the nectar of immortality.

Ripping apart the atheistic tendencies
of the demon king Hiranyakashipu,
Vishnu, as Nrsimhadeva, roared with triumph
after saving the world from this beast of a man.

Completing another sacrifice,
Vamanadeva, the incarnation of the perfect priest,
re-gained the whole universe by humbly
asking for solely three steps of land.

Wanting to re-establish proper administrative
principles for the politicians and land owners,
Vishnu, as Bhrigupati, quickly defeated
their crookedness by taking their life force from them.

For His seventeenth incarnation,
Vishnu became Vyasadeva,
the most munificent and merciful of Vedic authorities.
Creating and writing all of the Vedas,
Vyasadeva wrote for the most intelligent minded
and for the most simple minded.

Killing Ravana, the abductor of Sita,
King Rama performed superhuman miracles
and had the strength of ten thousand bulls.

Making the world fall in love with Him
in His sweetest of forms,
Lord Balarama and Lord Krishna bedazzled
the residents of Vrindavana with their colorful pastimes
of conjugal, parental and fraternal devotion.

When in the darkest of yugas or ages,
Lord Buddha will appear upon the world scene
in order to establish a new foundation for self realization.

When this present yuga passes,
the Kalki avatar will save the world
from its rampant assembly of sordid and miserly
rulers who are bent on cheating everyone, including themselves.

O highly learned brahmins,
these incarnations of the Lord are each a diamond
to behold and they all served a greater purpose
that is and was beyond human reasoning.

Though you see before you many
demigods, sages and manus,
remember with certainty that they are
but parts of an infinite number of other parts.

Sri Krishna being the origin of origins,
He spreads His potencies on every planet
for the purpose of protecting His devotees
from the activities of the ignorant.

Whosoever recites with devotion the appearance
and disappearance of the Lord's incarnations
will certainly be relieved from life's miseries.

Conceiving of the Lord's form as being the universe
is for the less intelligent because the Lord's form is wholly spiritual.

Just as some persons confuse the gross clouds
as being the same as the subtlest of elements,
namely ether, similarly, there are person who confuse
the gross body or form as being the same as the subtility of spirit.

Beyond this present type of form there is one
that is invisible to all of the senses combined.
Every soul has a form in the spiritual realms
and this form is what makes the soul able
to continue to incarnate lifetime after lifetime.

By means of self realization, whenever a soul
can see through its own gross and subtle bodies
and can differentiate all of these layers
from its fundamental purity,
such a soul then and there
sees not only himself but the omniscient Lord.

When illusion is no more and the soul is graced by the Lord,
he becomes enlightened with the glory of devotion.

Whosoever is learned among men should be able
to adequately describe the pastimes of the Lord of my heart.

His pastimes being more pure than purity itself,
and His opulences being indiscernible by the
majority of persons is He who is within everyone.

The ignorant are entirely incapable of even
thinking or writing about the spotless
nature of His names, forms and pastimes.

Pure transcendence is thus reserved
for those souls who want to
serve the Lord of my heart
in an uninterrupted and egalitarian manner.

By inquiring into the glories of Godhead,
ecstatic bliss awakens the inquirer
to the reality of perpetual liberation.

The Srimad Bhagavatam being
the incarnation of the Lord in the form of a book,
the ultimate good of everyone is
already firmly established within.

As effulgent as the sun,
the Srimad Bhagavatam arose with the
disappearance of Sri Krishna.

Regaining your vision back,
receive the light of this most gracious of literary incarnations.

Hearing these words of wisdom
from the Lord Himself,
listen to my voice as it describes
the transcendental content of
Vyasadeva's Srimad Bhagavatam.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” You’re On the Way 11-23-12

A good day for networking and healing friendships.
Ambition works today, taking you into new directions, new jobs.
Take special care to observe motives and influences.
Be clear.
This is the turning point to let go of fixed thinking for your more creative aspects.
Opposing Energies: confusion, miscommunications, controlling
Perhaps the projects you’ve been working on have been lagging?
You didn’t add your inspirations!
You have an opportunity to be more public with spiritual aspects.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: joy, openness, evolving
Whatever you’re working on now will be quite transforming for yourself and others, should you decide to be more flexible with either the content, or the way projects are communicated.
If your project helps others in loving ways, keep at it, you’re on the way.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Self-imagination& how we change our world.

Self-imagination& how we change our world.
Yes we all use it and yes we so often identify what it is that we think we need but so soften it more about what we want; and the two are poles apart. I was going to keep writing this but my guides are asking to have their say so I’ll hand over to them.
Please know that this is channelled text from here
Hello good people of this plant; we can’t help but wonder how you all ended up with mess of listening to the energy which surrounds you more than listening to the energy which is you and we guess by now that perhaps you are wondering what it is we are exactly talking about.
Each and every one of you has a personal energy field that picks up what is like a global unconsciousness; no it is way outside your normal energy fields and it is like a global consensus of how the majority of this world view the way you all think; no matter which country, race, age, or gender.
This field is of course able sense so many shared reactions of how you really think of what are your personal values or ethics; but with this field you are only concerned with asking what you should be concerned about as this is what other are concerned about.
The largest problem you are all facing here is that very few of you are using your-self strength to formulate your own direction and just following the mass just like sheep, but totally unaware that this is actually the case.
At this present moment you may be unaware that how you formulate your actual thought sequences as they can be more about others thoughts than your own personal thoughts even though you are thinking of some very personal consequences or work related matters.
How does this happen? Very simply you all have so many areas of energy that you are unaware of but which are part of your actual whole make up which most have totally forgotten about, there for they still contribute to your everyday lives but you are none the wiser.
When these energies of your personal self are unused personally they then revert back to being used as a whole consciousness; only now it is an unaware consciousness which is why global patterns are followed out throughout your planet without the majority being any the wise; therefore some great issues are focused on but unfortunately issues which give extremes or confusing points of view are followed.
This means that in the majority of cases you follow the line of thinking of focusing on what you don’t have instead of focusing what you do have what is now possible how this possibility could eventuate and the perfect timing to implement these actions.
Put simply yourself imagination is lacking the directions needed, so many of you are in a consuming mode of thought patterns and not realizing this why.
So why is this so? The majority of you are fantastic at giving but very inapt at receiving; there for you give and give until the cupboard is bare with nothing left to give yes?
Once bare you will not just have nothing to continue you will continue to try and still give at this point you will consume which is taking without regard for yourself and continue to give. There is the other end of the spectrum to look at and these just simply take without regard for others, but both spectrums are the eventuality of most being unaware of the vast energy systems which make up your whole body and not having the ability to change unless for unawareness is shaken up with the realization that how you go about your daily life isn’t working.
This is the point where your spiritual realignment begins as you discover that there is so much of you which needs to be understood and so your new journey begins following what has been discovered by past generations but still you miss the point of using the point of using the real initial point of where self-strength starts; is formulated, and which is the very point of yourself foundation yes? Where is this point?
This point of foundation is only ever conceived when you use your Soul and Heart as one Whole self-point of self-strength; just using your heart is total inefficiency and in the end will create a separation between the heart and soul; as this is the only base foundation you are using so you start by separating yourself right at the point where you need to use it the most.
This is the point where you create inequality in every self-aspect of humanity yet you are all so totally unaware if this?
Is it any wonder you are unable to resolve all this conflict in your worldly lives if you are unable to start with your selves?
Please use and share this information not just as your own knowing but as a knowing which this world must know.
We are the collective conscious of humanity of all which is; there for we are sharing a truth of which all humanity is needing to be aware of, for the grace of God which is each and every particle of all.
I am Gabriel and this message is the reasoning for a new time of a new awareness which resides within all.
Well I wasn’t expecting that? But the reasoning so many know of this and yet this hasn’t been shared is that the frequency and vibration for everyone to be able to accept that vast changes are needed is the main reasoning.

While I am just the messenger these foundations can be found in conversationsthroughmysoulofpresence.com with the conscious activations and affirmations which link to the conscious exercises to help your awareness.

For other insights of this nature consciousactivations.com

Perfectly Potted

Perfectly Potted

There's a flower growing in my garden
with whiskers and patterns
of silver and gray streaks
that reach from paw to ear.

She's delicate and sweet
like a rose newly unfurled
and opening to the sun of my love.

Through the Creator's hand
she was perfectly potted
and continues to grow
into the flower,
of my heart.


[A sannyasin is in love and says: I feel so dependent. I feel love, ready to love, but whenever I don’t get it back I feel so alone, so empty. I know it’s an old conditioning and I want to get rid of it.]

It is a natural process. The beginning of love is always muddy. It is full of jealousy, possessiveness, bargaining. It is of dependence, and because there is dependence, there is anger too. Nobody wants to be dependent. To feel dependent on somebody naturally creates anger towards the person, because he becomes your imprisonment. But in the beginning love is always dependent. In the beginning the love is exactly like the love of a child for the mother. The child is dependent, and completely helpless, and knows perfectly well that his survival is in the mother’s hands. That is the first experience of love, and whenever you move in love that will always be the first experience again, because that’s how you have leamed love.

Millions of people remain stuck at that first love and they miss all the beauties and the heights of love. The lotus is never born; they remain in the mud. So this is nothing wrong in itself; it will become wrong only if you become confined to it. Otherwise it is a good beginning; in itself there is nothing wrong. You follow me? If you remain confined in it, if your love does not grow beyond it, then it is ugly. But it can grow beyond it, and you are conscious about it – that it should grow beyond it – so you can help it grow.

This is how one has to pass through these phases of suffering. Those painful moments that come are needed; through them you are cleansed, purified; through them you become integrated. Through them you become an individual.

Hence the second thing: whenever you are in love, only then do you start feeling lonely. The person who has never loved never feels lonely. Why should he feel lonely? He has never felt togetherness. So only the lover knows what loneliness is. The non-lover never knows any loneliness because he does not know the opposite of it; he has nothing to compare with. If you have never seen light you will never see darkness. How can you see darkness without seeing light? Once you have seen light, even as lightning, just for a moment, then suddenly there is darkness. It has always been there but now you become aware of it.

Man is born alone, but is not aware unless love happens. When love happens like lightning, suddenly you start feeling very lonely. It looks very paradoxical, because people think, ”When we are in love we will not be lonely.” That is all nonsensel When you are in love then only will you know that you are lonely. But that loneliness has to be transformed into aloneness. That loneliness has to be respected, loved, nourished. That loneliness has not to be taken as an enemy but as a friend.

So when it happens, just close your eyes and go into it. Make it a meditative space, and you will be surprised: slowly slowly you will start enjoying it, because it is beautiful, because it has freedom, it has space, it has infinite space. Loneliness has to be transformed into aloneness through meditation; meditation is the bridge which takes you from loneliness to aloneness. But one has to be very patient; these are delicate phenomena.
The people who live a gross life never become aware of these things. The grossest people are those who are not even aware of loneliness. They have never loved – they may know something about sex but they know nothing about love. Sex is using the other person like a machine. You are not together with the other, you are just using the other; and when the use is finished, the other is finished.

That’s why prostitution exists in the world – because millions of people live at that stage. They don’t want love; in fact they are afraid of love. They want only sex. Sex is no problem for them because it never gives them the taste of togethemess; hence they never feel lonely. That is their strategy to avoid loneliness. Unless people become more loving, prostitution is not going to disappear from the world. These are very complex problems: prostitution exists because there is no love and the priests have helped prostitution in the world because they have been teaching people things which go against love. If people are unloving, prostitution is going to exist.

It is not that prostitution exists only with the prostitutes. Even your so-called marriage is nothing but prostitution – a long-term arrangement, that’s all, a lifelong arrangement, that’s all. It is prostitution; the base is economic, financial. A person goes to the prostitute only for one night, pays the fee and is finished. To the wife he goes on paying for his whole life. It is simply a permanent kind of prostitution – but love is not there... and only love can destroy prostitution in the world.

If what I am teaching here spreads, if it becomes epidemic, then prostitution can disappear from the world, otherwise not.

People want sex because it never gives them the taste of togethemess, hence no fear of being alone; that is the very gross level of life. The second stage is: people have a little affair with love, just a little affair of love. They are afraid of going deep into it so are just on the threshold; but then they start feeling lonely. That’s where you are. Now there are only two ways: either you fall back to the gross level where sex is the only reality and love is just a poetic fantasy – all nonsense, fiction – or you go beyond this threshold into the temple of love and go beyond loneliness towards aloneness.

Meditation will be of immense help; in fact only meditation can be of any help. It is only through
meditation that one’s love grows higher and higher. Meditation is the fire that purifies the gold
of love. And when you have started feeling alone, then there will be no dependence. You know aloneness is absolute; there is no way to be other than it. And it is beautiful because it is freedom. And out of aloneness you can love. Then love is a sharing. Then you don’t hanker for the return; all dependence disappears. But these higher peaks of love have to be searched for. In fact, temples should exist in the world where this is taught – where the art is taught. In the ancient temples it was part of the process, that love was taught, and people were brought to the climax of what love can be at its peak.

So don’t be afraid – go into it. And remember: love brings great ecstasy but also brings great agonies; they come together. They are like the two wings of a bird. Accept both....

Where Do You Desire To End Up?

As a child I looked forward to the Farm Journal to arrive, because the child section contained a
maze. My first experience was frustrating and tedious. Then, I intuited if I traced from the end
to the beginning, I could master it with ease. My siblings said I was cheating; I ignored that

In the ensuing years I realized everything has an easy solution, it is simply a matter of intuiting
it. This lesson has served me well.

All things in life are like a maze; it can be frustrating and tedious or one can intuit an easier
solution to travel life’s many twists and turns.

The secret is discovering where you desire to end up. Then, it is a lot easier to find your way.

With this knowledge; ask yourself, “Where do I desire to end up?” Where do I desire to be in
relationship with the people in my life, with nature, myself, my creative ability, my career/

At the end of each day ask yourself, “Where do I desire to end up next when I wake up?”

When you know where you desire to end up, it is easier to find your way.

Here’s to discovering your desires to end up where you want to be. ###

Sant Mat Satsang Podcast: All About the SOUND

Sant Mat Satsang Podcast: All About the SOUND — Click to Listen:


Program Theme: All About the Inner Sound: Readings from Sufi, Several Buddhist Sources, and Several Sant Mat Sources, on Transcendental Hearing, meditating on the Saut-e Sarmad, the Abstract Sound of the Heavens, Audible Life Stream, Word (“in the beginning”), Tao, Logos, Cosmic Christ, AUM, The Music of the Spheres, the Divine Sound Current, the Sound of Silence, the Voice of the Creator. Readings are from: The Mysticism of Sound, by Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan; Mind Beyond Death, by Dzogchen Ponlop; The Surangama Sutra (Shurangama: An Ancient Buddhist Scripture in the Tradition of Quan Yin); The Sound of Silence, by Ajajn Sumedho; The Law of Attention — Nada Yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance, by Edward Salim Michael; Spiritual Elixir, by Sant Kirpal Singh (published by Ruhani Satsang); The Padavili of Maharshi Mehi Paramahansa Ji Maharaj; and from, The Harmony of All Religions, by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj.

Program Length: 33 Minutes. Indian Classical Ragas provided by my friend Paul Alexandre John.

If you’re seeking initiation into this form of meditation practice (Inner Light and Sound leading to Oneness with God, the Beloved Lord of Love), are looking for books, wishing you had someone to talk to about these Mysteries of the Kingdom of God within you, are seeking a satsang or meditation group to attend in your area — there are satsangs held around the world in most places, send me an email. Would love to chat and share contact info that might be helpful to you.

Love and Light in the Sound,
Jai Guru, Radhaswami,
Email: James@SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com


There is so much to be grateful for - make a list of all the things you are grateful for and you might just surprise yourself. We tend to focus on what we don't have, and yet we have sooooooo much to be grateful for. Thank you Jason and SN for this fabulous site. Happy Thanksgiving!heartheartheart


November 22, 2012 an easy relaxing 43 mile meditative run in celebrating my 43 years on this beautiful planet of ours, “It is a great art to have an abundance of knowledge and experience - to know the richness of life, the beauty of existence, the struggles, the miseries, the laughter, the tears - and yet keep your mind very simple; and you can have a simple mind only when you know how to love.”

Dreams and Forgiveness

At some time in my life years ago I started to keep a journal of my dreams. Reason that I would find myself in the surroundings of a previous dream while awake kept an awareness of interest. Around Halloween two members of my family outside my children and grandchildren hurt me in the way that they tore my heart apart by a lie. Accused of something wicked that is not in my nature to do. My children along with people who know me were overwhelm by this. At first, it was a daze in a sudden surprise followed by an upsetting sick feeling inside that later turn into tears from hurt feelings: It was insane and my say meant nothing which made things worse: In order to satisfy the lack of taking responsibility for that lie, my words were twisted so that to comfort their own thoughts. I lost all respect and it caused much more than they will ever come to realize.

Last night I had a dream of myself inside a dark place inside myself: Weird huh: I found myself on my knees begging for something from what was holding me down. It seem I had to understand how pain travels through our bodies and as I watch, the pain absorbed itself through every part of my body the incident sent a throbbing hurt to my heart which then absorbed a chilling pain throughout the whole body. Thence after an invisible heaviness held me down in tears of helplessness as while I watched every cell in my body motionless. I then realized it was my soul knocked to its knees begging me to heal myself, and he told me because how we normally respond to our needs to heal ourselves it is such a fraction of what we are capable of. We're not aware of the greater contamination to the soul and body. It hides itself deep inside and becomes a shadow. Its really hard to explain what I saw and felt:
Spiritually, I understand the message of my dream. I need to put an end to this and forgive these two people. Yet, how does one cross a broken bridge with nothing to hold on to? On the other hand, this experience robbed so much from me and I find it hard to forgive. I need to forgive from my heart and everything that I am or it would be useless. Yet, they don't hear me nor could they care less. So how does one forgive another for what damage they've done and yet their minds are closed shut to the fact of it? My mind says yes do it for the sake of myself and my soul, yet my heart is not in it? Any of you have suggestions you'd like to share? Here goes that old saying, I can be of help to others, but there's been a few times I can't seem to help myself Smile

Perception vs what IS: Words and perspective, part 1

Our use of the words "problem/solution, right/wrong, good/bad," is subjective.

Problem: wrong and bad are what can be called negative perceptions of that which simply is. Solution: right and good are what can be called positive perceptions of that which simply is.

What we perceive as a "problem" appears to exist regardless of our idea of it as "right" or "wrong."

It is how we choose to walk and respond to the experience that makes the difference. Our choices make the difference. If what you are yielding from experience is not working out for you, teach yourself how to make different choices and your experience with shift accordingly.

The underlying fundamental belief/knowing behind these words is this – we are the creators of all that we experience.

We have free-will. Any obstacles that we see in our world are created by our soul in conjunction with this loving universe of ours. Our universe is so very loving that it heeds the call of our will in creation. Whether we are creating consciously or not so consciously our universe supports the manifestation of our will in 3-D reality. “Thought + vibration = manifestation,” words of undeniable truth stated by the Great Soul Paramhansa Yogananda.

Why is this? Why does this happen?

It is because our universe loves us unconditionally. All that it seeks - its job in creation, so to speak, is to support us so that we may fulfill our greatest good in this world of creation. The thing is, our universe can only bring to us that with which we are currently resonating or vibrating, that to which we are attuned. When we experience energetic blocks, which are habits in action, mind and thought that are out of alignment with the Divinity that is within - this great universe of ours will conspire in our favor. Our soul will co-create with the universe, bringing to our lives that which we currently call “obstacles.”

What is an obstacle?

An obstacle is a gift from the universe. It is a direct message from Spirit that we have an energetic block of some sort that is standing in the way of All That We Are, thus halting our flow in 3-D reality in a given moments time. As above so below, as within so without.

A perceived obstacle gives us a chance to stop, look and listen. When presented with an obstacle in life, the first step is to understand that we ourselves have created it. There is nothing that we experience in this realm that is outside of ourselves. However, to be able to see this truth directly - to experience it as an actuality, one must practice and teach this truth to herself or himself.

How do we create such obstacles in our paths? From where does the “problem” – the blockage in our energy system stem?

Most often times, such energy blockages spring from a “thought” pattern that we hold or a “story” that we are living out, that no longer fits the reality in which we are being called to move forward.

What does this mean?

It means that due to our experiences in this lifetime, our brain has created certain pathways of response, and our minds have wrapped themselves around such concepts and ideas as paired with the experiences of our bodies. Our brains and minds have deemed such experiences as truth, fact and reality.

Truth is, we are not our experiences. We learn through our experiences in this realm, yes, however, we are not our experiences. The reason our brain and mind pair things in such a way is to ensure the survival of our physical bodies. At this point in our evolution we seek to learn ever more about the mind-body connection. We must deepen our understanding of the mind for what it is, and we must deepen our understanding of the body for what it is. They are simply tools. The mind is a power, an energy. It is through the power of our minds that we manifest upon this earth plane, it is how we bring that which is unformed into form.

When we harness the power of mind we can create anything. However we must first understand the nature of creation and our place in it. To use this power wisely is a blessing for all. The body is the vehicle that allows us to walk through this world of creation. We are not our bodies, we are not our minds, our thoughts or our feelings, they are simply tools that help us to navigate as we walk through this realm of experiencing.

“Ignorance is the mis-identification of the Spirit with the earthly.” Meditate upon this.

There are behaviors that could be considered “wrong” or “bad” however what is more important is how to shift such behaviors. Those who behave badly will not be able to shift such behavior if they are laden with guilt and shame. We must teach ourselves how to focus upon the solution, not the problem.

A good first step is shifting our perception from viewing something, someone, or someone’s actions as right or wrong, good or bad - is to simply accept what is. If we cannot accept what is we cannot shift anything, whether that means moving on or sticking around and working through it. We must first learn to face such issues as within, and be able to look things squarely in the eye.

The next article contains concrete examples of how these truths translate into our physical reality and affect our quality of experience, life and living.

First published on examiner.com

The Morn of Guidance (Poem of Tahirih)

The Morn of Guidance (Poem of Tahirih)

"Truly, the Morn of Guidance commands the breeze to begin
All the world has been illuminated; every horizon; every people
No more sits the Shaykh in the seat of hypocrisy
No more becomes the mosque a shop dispensing holiness
The tie of the turban will be cut at its source
No Shaykh will remain, neither glitter nor secrecy
The world will be free from superstitions and vain imaginings
The people free from deception and temptation
Tyranny is destined for the arm of justice
Ignorance will be defeated by perception
The carpet of justice will be outspread everywhere
And the seeds of friendship and unity will be spread throughout
The false commands eradicated from the earth
The principle of opposition changed to that of unity."

Tahirih was born, Fatimih Umm-Salimih, the daughter of Haji Mulla Salih, a devout and wealthy cleric from Qazvin in Northern Persia. She became known as Zarrin Taj (Crown of Gold) and Qurratu’l-Ayn (Solace of the Eyes) and is the most celebrated woman in Persian history. It was at the Conference of Badasht ,however, where she was given the name of Tahirih (The Pure One) by Baha’u’llah bequeathed upon her by the Bab. Tahirih became so well versed in the Quran and the traditions of Islamic theology and literary sciences, that her knowledge and clear spiritual insight soon exceeded other members of her family. When she was in her late twenties she came across some of Shaykh Ahmad’s, books in her cousin’s library and his ideas had such a profound and significant impact on her life, she set out on pilgrimage to Karbila to learn more about the imminent return of the Promised Qai’m. Tahirih’s fame quickly grew not only because of her extraordinary beauty and eloquence but because she fearlessly heralded a new age of equality in an otherwise male dominated society.

This painting, with the Imamzadeh Husayn mosque of Qazvin in the background, is based on the likeness of a photograph which appeared in a Baghdad newspaper during those tumultuous times, claiming to be the only photograph of Tahirih to have survived. This painting was approved by the Universal House of Justice in 1996 and has become the most viewed portrait of Tahirih on the internet. http://www.bahaifaithart.com/Bahaifaithart/Portrait_of_Tahirih.html

PODCAST: The Bahai Faith, Part Three: "Rejoice in My Gladness -- The Life of Tahirih", authored by Janet Ruhe-Schoen: Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading: http://view.liveindexer.com/ViewIndexSessionSLAO.aspx?indexSessionSKU=FTbQtgQapNN5sUc4zrpUXw%3D%3D

PODCAST: The Bahai Faith, Part Three: "Rejoice in My Gladness -- The Life of Tahirih", authored by Janet Ruhe-Schoen: Spiritual Awakening Radio

PODCAST: The Bahai Faith, Part Three: "Rejoice in My Gladness -- The Life of Tahirih", authored by Janet Ruhe-Schoen: Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading: http://view.liveindexer.com/ViewIndexSessionSLAO.aspx?indexSessionSKU=FTbQtgQapNN5sUc4zrpUXw%3d%3d

Before Tahirih died, she told her executioner, "You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women." Recently, the Tahirih Justice Center opened a new site in Houston, Texas, to work along with its home office in Washington, DC, on pro bono, law-changing advocacy for immigrant women fleeing the oppression that prompted Tahirih to appear, in 1848, unveiled before a gathering of men -- a shocking thing to do at that time.

The name Tahirih means the Pure One or the Chaste One, and she represented emancipation in its most fundamental sense: the dignifying emancipation arising from the full spiritual equality of women and men. She unveiled herself at a religious gathering where she was the only woman. Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i Faith, was present at her defining moment. He approved when she stood before the men and announced, "This day… the fetters of the past are burst asunder…"



Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

Greetings Dear Ones, we are the High Council of Orion. As we move ever closer to this magical date that’s been put out in front of the world, the consciousness of the Mayan Calendar, our goal is to reach out into that future and draw more of it to your present level consciousness to reduce the fear and the constriction around it; to reduce the concern and the unknown about it. We do this by giving you ideas or snippets of information about the future and how you can draw elements of that future to your “now”, even though you’re not living there at this time. Collectively the consciousness, the energetic field, has not shifted for all to be living at the level that are speaking about in the future, yet it is possible to bring some of that resonance to your current timeline, to allow you to experience a greater level of ease, freedom from worry and connection with the beauty of the future. We don’t share this information as if it can’t exist and we just hope it will exist. We share this information because it will exist and because there's a pathway of the collective consciousness that includes some fear, constriction and concern. We are here to infuse you with knowledge and information that will help reduce that tension.
What we want to talk about today is something that is quite fun for many. It is imagination. The reason that we want to talk about imagination is because it has, in the culture, been considered a folly and almost an escape. Because it's not necessarily “real”, because it's in your imagination, then it's been discounted. From our point of view imagination is essential to moving into the future, for your thoughts that you create in your imagination are real. They may not be grounded in your third dimensional reality, but as you are imagining, as you are envisioning, it is a reality. It’s a reality outside of the current plane of existence you are in. Using your imagination is a very powerful way to move you from the point that you are at to the point where you're going. Imagination can be a vibrational vehicle to help move you there.
We would like you to imagine what it's like when the beings on your planet who are very separate in their existence, one human being to the other, because the sensory experience of the five senses is limited to the density of that one physical expression. There is so much separateness that the future reality of telepathy and living truly in Oneness, as you see exemplified by the Dolphins in the ocean, seems like a fantasy or a spiritual “woo woo” point that could never be. Of course your perceptions would think that it would never be because your five senses don't allow that experience of Oneness. What we ask you to do, is as you sit in your meditation, as you sit in your quiet points in the day, as you sit even at the point where you're supposed be working yet you’re daydreaming, we ask you to imagine the freedom that would come from the consciousness shift that would allow information to flow from one to another from the heart-centered space. It means that all beings are uplifted, all beings are respected, all needs are met, and responded to. That ease and flow makes the separation between the individuals vanish. It removes the construct of fear. It removes the construct of competition. It removes the blockages to living from the heart and in a joyful space.
Can you imagine for a moment what it would be like to live from a place of joy? The ease of knowing that all your needs are responded to and met by the group. The complete knowledge and understanding, at a Soul level, of who each individual is and that's upheld as Sacred. The flow of knowledge and information moves effortlessly for it's not bound by technology and time. For the transmission of knowledge and information happens in an instant within this field of Oneness and connection. Can you imagine that? We advise you to spend time feeling into that space of Oneness using your beautiful gift of imagination which jumps past the limitations of the third dimensional reality and moves into the field of infinite possibilities. It moves you into the space of feeling the possibility of living a life free from fear, free from constriction, free from worry and competition; a life free from looking over your shoulder and wondering who's coming after you, so to speak.
The most beautiful example of this on your planet at this time are the Dolphins. If you watch the pods of dolphins as they move through the ocean, they move as if it's one mind. They move together communicating telepathically with each other instantly, always for the good of each individual and the whole. It's a beautiful synergy of love and respect where all needs are met and none are cast aside. It is a beautiful example that this planet and the consciousness within this planet are moving to.
Going back to this idea of imagination, and the gift of imagination, is you can bring that vibrational reality closer to your everyday existence in the here and now by spending time feeling into that future space. As you feel into that future space your energetic vibration expands and moves closer to it. We ask that you not expect one day of practice of this level of imagination to dramatically shift your life, but know that as you can imagine, as you feel your way into that new reality, you are bringing that reality closer into you; you are bringing that consciousness into fruition. The beautiful thing is you're bringing it closer to fruition for yourself but because your vibratory rate shifts with it, you’re bringing it closer for all those around you. Be open to seeing your point of view change. Be open to seeing aspects of your life shift and transform as you spend time in imagination of a world without barriers, where all needs are met and all the individuals are upheld at the highest level. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Enjoy your imagination and bring the reality of Oneness closer to you in the here and now. We see each one of you who listen to this message as beautiful bright lights who are here to connect with this information. It will emanate from you as a lighthouse shines its light through the foggy nights, through the stormy nights, and its your mere presence that shines that light.

Have fun with your imagination and be blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion

a new world order

Health is defined as remember your true self. If you can accomplish that, all else is unnecessary. Your true health may be reflected in your human body. This is a result of living your joy. If you live your joy, you will be joyous in your body, thus a joyful healthy body. To have such joy is living the graces of God. Sickness is an unforgiving thought; it holds you in a death like state. The death of the body you experience here is the ego’s way of confirming its independence from it source. In the soul’s independence, it finds itself in a temporal world with temporal existences with the use of time or organizes its chaos. We, thus, have individual incarnation on various levels of existences. The death of the body is designed presently as a lack of care in maintaining the joy of God presently. There will be a day we shall live hundreds of years in youth before we shall willingly edit to leave our bodies with the knowledge that there are higher pursuits to follow in the heavens. It just now that earth’s technology isn’t at pares to rejuvenate its population. The issue of overpopulation needs to be deled with as well. The population issue and longevity will meet its crossroads at the same time. World population will decrease in generations to come as dry weather will limit farming and will be felt on all levels. Deserts will spread across the world and the atmosphere will grow thinner. This will last for a few hundred years cause the decrease in population. The rains will come back and the earth will prosper again. World unity will get us thought. Science will continue to progress and a new world will follow. One of a limited population and much longer life spend of 400 years and in some case 700 years.

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