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St.Petersburg FL The Tips Below Will Provide You With Information On How To Find Great Contractors In Your Area

Home improvement projects cover a lot more than new carpeting or a coat of paint. It will take a lot of research to get your home to look like you have always dreamed. The guidelines below will help you improve your skills in home improvement. By doing home improvements on your own, you can make your home perfect, while also saving money.

Improve the looks of the kitchen or bathroom by installing ceramic tile. From subway tile to mosaic patterns, you can find some great-looking options out there that are affordable and easy to install. The costs of installing tile in your home often translates to a higher property value and heightened style.

Look at several types of insulation to use if you are considering residing your home. There are many kinds of insulation available, including stiff foam insulation, absorbent house wrap, or even a system that will completely protect your walls. With a little research, you can figure out which insulating option is a good match for your budget.

Whenever you want to sell your home, it is important that the selling points of it are showcased well. Don't block any spectacular views or hide any elegant fixtures. Regardless of your case, you should ensure that your selling points are showcased properly. This way, potential purchasers can see what sets your house apart.

If your walls have built-in alcoves or small niches, you can make these areas pop with accent colors and well-placed wallpaper. If it's an especially small niche, you can just use a sample container of paint, so there's no need to buy a whole gallon.

Sand and wipe off any wood surface that you will be staining or painting. This process will make the wood look smooth and attractive. Wiping the object down with a damp rag will remove any dust, which will also help to keep the finish smooth.

It's imperative that you read through and understand any contracts before you sign with a contractor. It may seem overwhelming, but it is essential that you ensure that everything in the contract is according to your specifications. If you do not take the time to check it thoroughly, you could be taken advantage of. You may feel like your contractor is being straight with you, but the only way to protect yourself is to read the contract before signing it.

A front door that makes a great first impression on potential buyers can increase your homes value by up to 10 percent. The finishing touches on the door also improve the look. A variety of locks and knobs are available.

An important thing to always keep in the forefront of your mind is your budget. Setting a budget will help you stay in the price range of homes in your neighborhood and save you money. Write down all the involved details of your budget and include this within the notebook describing your project.

Don't just start painting the inside of your house. Prior to doing that, rub off any debris, dirt and oils that have collected on the baseboards and walls. This helps the paint stick to the wall better, and may also reduce the amount of paint required. It can also save you from having to re-apply paint later.

If you are unsure of how to start a home improvement project, you may need some help from a professional designer. They can help you get the most for your money to get the look you are after. Hire a professional to help you get on track in deciding which projects you are willing to tackle first.

Home improvements are a part of owning a home. The only real issue is whether they are successful projects. Many homes suffer with sub-par improvements because the homeowner didn't gain the correct knowledge. Don't be someone in the status quo. Use the tips you've learned here to make great improvements.

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If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound is a well known philosophical concept but I don't think the answer is as black and white as it is often interpreted. There is no rational doubt that the action of the tree falling would make a vibration but it 'does not' make an actual sound that has any kind of meaning until it is processed within some living thing with some level of consciousness. It is not to say that this vibration does not exist externally from the, lets say person, hearing it but before someone does it is simply a vibration and nothing more. However, even this vibration is conditional to its environment as it is a pressure wave that exists on earth due to our atmosphere. If we were in space there would be no sound at all to be heard due to the fact sound needs a medium to travel and cannot do that in space. So in nearly every way you look at it the tree falling in the woods would be subjective to the observer and the environment it occurred within. I'm not sure that this philosophical question has a clear answer that does not spawn, or should spawn, many more questions.

Using this example, of the falling tree, how can we ever really ever know what really exists beyond our consciousness when we are seeing the world through the limitations of our senses and our minds ability to interpret the information and experience. That tree falling does not become anything to 'us' until some vibration or sensation related to it moves through our senses, is heavily filtered within our minds via expectations, memories, etc and is then 'projected' as a form of reality that only exists within our heads. As another example we feel like we hear with our ears, or see with our eyes, but this is all an illusion. Your eyes and ears are nothing more then tools to bring in information that is then later interpreted. However, it certainly feels like we see with our eyes and hear with our ears but this is an illusion that is created by the mind.

Reality is no doubt a very stubborn illusion but what we do know is that the way we experience reality is NOT the way reality exists. As an another example, if you look a color of, lets say an orange, the color does not exist anywhere but strictly within your mind. It is subjective to the way we see colors and how our brains interpret the color but all colors are not 'things'. If someone who is color blind sees an orange they clearly do not see the same thing that you and I will. However, is their experience any less real? Clearly, it is just as real but the experience is different based upon the limitations and nature of the way we see and experience reality.

So when we hear the tree falling we don't hear it with our ears but out minds. The experience of that vibration does not leave the mind but stays within. If we happen to see the tree and notice its colors this too is not 'real' but an interpretation of the vibrations that are reflecting off of the tree. If you go up and touch the tree you do not 'feel' it with your hands but sensations are sent to your mind that are then projected to 'feel' like the sensation is in your hands.

All this being said it leads to the question that begs to be asked about how 'real' anything outside of our minds can actually be. In the end the only thing you can fundamentally know is that you exist; but even that is much more an illusion then real. Another well known philosophical concept revolves around what would happen if you had a brain in a vat, of whatever, and it was hooked up to a computer that sent signals into the brain via the same routes we use now to experience our world. Would that person ever be able to know the truth and would they actually want to? Would they actually even be a person? No matter how we look at it our entire universe does exist within the three pound mass of neurons within our heads.

I am not suggesting that the universe external from ourselves does not exist. It certainly does seem to be something but there is no doubt that there is much more to reality then we can conceive of and what we don't know we simply don't know. Like the color of an orange, to the color blind guy, is just as externally real to him but like him we may not even know what questions to ask. If it wasn't for others to tell a colored blind person that there was more to reality then they are experiencing would he even ask the question? I do feel it is worthy to note that physical matter is scientifically proven to be at least 99.999999% empty space and many scientists believe, via string theory, it is all nothing 'but' vibration.

In so many ways it is easy to prove that reality isn't even close to being limited to what and how we experience it. It is a stubborn illusion but one that should spawn more questions then it does but instead we are submerged within our constant sea of sensations, thoughts and feelings that I wonder how much, if at all, we ever can experience anything that is fundamentally real. If so, it would seem that the philosophical saying of looking within for answers may be the only way to discover the truth since nothing else can be proven to be fundamentally true.

I would like your opinion on this topic.

For over a year I have been diving into this spiritual pool day after day, through reading and studying, through meditation and most of all through living and feeling. And now; I find myself very sensitive to other people's energy and body language. I can tell when someone is giving off negative energy, even when they might not be aware that they are. Or at least most don't admit that something is in fact low about their vibration. I've evolved so much in a year that I hardly relate to anyone I once knew, including loved ones that I still know. For heaven’s sake, I don't even recognize the me that I once thought I was anymore; so I could understand how others may feel about or not feel about who I AM now.

Anyway; the girl I have been seeing for quite some time, is somebody that I love dearly. But I think we see life completely different and I feel it’s stunting my spiritual growth to a point. It's almost as if I'm babysitting her emotions by holding myself back from expressing who I truly am, in fear that she may be upset with me if I fully went after my dreams and express my true self on all levels of my being. I know I Am a powerful being, but sometimes I find myself compressing my happiness and power when I notice her; and others I love, not being happy. It could just be my perception, but it appears that when I’m super happy and excited about life, talking about living my life to the fullest, I notice some negativity in her emotions and body language. Or when I’m talking about spirituality and my understanding of God and life, it seems as if I lose her all together.

I'm really looking at life in a whole different way, and I'm very serious about living life from the inside out. So when I'm around those I love, I find myself being quiet mostly, because I don't want to bore them with my open-minded outlook on life, and I find their conversations about what other people are doing and thinking far from stimulating. I don’t desire to talk about how bad the world is, I want to live and explore the possibilities of now. So often I find myself drifting away from them, not for good, but for soul expansion. And when I do speak, I often catch myself being kind of snappy with people and this is not my intentions at all. I really wish to live in harmony with those I love, but I pick up on energies so well that I sometimes respond in ways that may make me appear to be cocky, or self-centered. But I must admit that I am self-centered. Because I know that I am a vibrational being, and the way I feel determines what I attract into my life. So with that said, how I feel is my number one priority. I find myself downplaying people when they speak of sickness, poverty and lack. I tell them how powerful they are or either I simply walk away in the middle of the conversation. I don't want to seem as if I don't care for their troubles, but I son't want to be a soundboard either. Especially if you don't want a solution. I find it hilarious at times when I change the directions on them, but when I think of how they may feel, it gets me down. I don’t want to offend anybody but I don’t want to face their reality either. And maybe I'm too dreamy for them... So my question to you is, how does one be true to ones inner being, stay in harmony with those he love, while expressing himself freely without any restrictions, while respecting the consciousness of those you love that don’t now see life from your enlightened point of view?

Becoming More Savvy With Your Financial Goals

You and your money are long-term partners in life. This is why you need to focus on keeping your finances in order. The purpose of this article is to offer you numerous suggestions and some enlightening advice on how to optimize your financial well being.

If you are making a budget, it must be based in reality in regards to your income and spending needs. Be sure that you look at extra jobs as well. You should account for your income based on your net income, which is what is left after taxes and other deductions. With these values in hand you can make a budget that is within your income. Your expenses should never exceed your income if you want to be successful.

You need to find out how much money you spend every month. You should also include what you pay for insurance, fixing your car, and gas. Your food expenditures should be represented as well, including restaurant spending and grocery bills. Don't forget to include other expenses, like your entertainment and childcare budgets. You really need to very thorough when creating this list.

After you know where your finances stand, it will be easy to create a budget. You can start by getting rid of spending habits that you can do without such as buying drinks at a coffee shop during your daily commute. Try to make things like coffee at home. Continue to reassess your budget to find ways to decrease your expenses.

You should save money wherever you can. A few small steps can easily lower those awful utility bills. An easy way to improve your home's efficiency is to repair or replace an old hot water heater. You can also hire a plumber to check your pipes for small leaks. Avoid using the dishwasher if you don't have a full load of dishes to be washed. Dishwashers can run up your utility bill.

Consider replacing old appliances with newer energy efficient models. If you have an appliance that has a light indicating it is plugged in, unplug it. This can save you on energy costs.

Try too use your roof as a way to upgrade your home. It can be incredibly expensive to heat and cool your home if your roof and insulation are ineffective. Spending money on this issue now can save a lot in the future through lower utility bills.

Lowering your utility bills makes it easier for you to stay on top of them. By buying updated versions of your outdated appliances, you will end up saving money over time with lower electric and water bills. This puts you more in charge of your finances going forward.

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Excellent Strategies For Someone Planning To Get Surgical Treatment

40 is the new 22. Twenty will be the new 40, so it moves! By using a touch of plastic surgery, impressive results may be accomplished! Well before contacting a cosmetic surgeon, check this out write-up to successfully are effectively knowledgeable on each and every aspect of this determination.

Anyone that is getting ready for an upcoming component of plastic surgery job will discover it best if you collect a lot of information beforehand. Studying the length of time is essential for sleep and healing subsequent the procedure is an important reality to understand. By being confident you understand your process along with the recovery time, it's much easier to integrate the surgical procedure into your life.

There is lots of various info of many different types that you need to collect up once you go ahead and take plunge into cosmetic surgery and choose to get some function done. Make sure you do not overlook the expense of the operations. Once you have produced a decision in regards to a certain surgical procedure, find out the actual charge. Don't overlook to feature any other charges, for example soon after-care as well as follow-up visits.

Always examine different funding options. The surgeon frequently understands that a lot of everyone is not equipped to create the funds without delay, for them to put monthly payments in position. If a repayment schedule is just not offered, it is possible to consider other available choices in order to prevent breaking the bank!

Constantly request the operating specialist if she or he has any special offers. You can find medical doctors and amenities which may have some versatility inside their rates. Some might even have bargains for brand new people for people who come back. One never knows up until you ask, so make an inquiry and see if you can't protected yourself a lower price.

In case the cost worries you, look for discounts on the web. Groupon is really a internet site which offers these sorts of discount rates, which will save you lots of money. Examine the coupon before you purchase it, nonetheless. This will be significant to enable you to understand when you be entitled to it, in addition to if you can use it to the complete cost of the method you desire. You can find often constraints for savings, for example only being available for first time guests only.

Plastic surgery is very frequently not low-cost, and also the rehabilitation period typically implies lacking some job time. These are typically motives you need to have a bit of money protected to help you deal with any expenditures soon after your surgery. This would minimize tension during your healing and help you focus on your health.

Speak with your physician and ask them about earlier procedures they have been involved with. Ask about his expertise in the particular surgical treatment you want to have, and request to discover some before and after pictures of prior processes. You can never make certain you may have the outcome you want, but once you know your items and pick the right operating specialist it will probably be more likely.

Men and women of all ages are often very happy with the results off their aesthetic surgery. Using the info with this article, you is usually one of them. Make sure you turn out to be well-informed and weigh your alternatives prior to going by way of with any surgical treatment.

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How to Be Oneself Without

Over the past year of diving into this spiritual pool, I find myself very sensitive to other people's energy and body language after I've meditated. I've evolved so much in a year that I hardly relate to anyone I once knew, including loved ones that I still know. For heavens sake, I don't even relate to the old me anymore, so I could understand how others may feel about who I AM now.

Anyway, the person I have been seeing for quite sometime, is somebody that I love dearly. But I think we see life completely different,and it's almost as if I'm babysitting her emotions by holding myself back from expressing who I truly am, in fear that she may be upset with me if I fully went after my dreams and express my true self on all levels. Sometimes I find myself compressing my happiness when I notice her and others I love not being happy. I guess it's because I want everyone to be happy and when their not it makes me feel as if I've done something wrong. It almost makes feel guilty for being happy.

I'm really looking at life in a whole different way, and I'm very serious about living life from the inside out. So when I'm around those I love, I find myself being quiet mostly, because I don't want to bore them with my open-minded outlook on life, and I find their conversations about what other people are doing and thinking far from stimulating. So often I find myself drifting away from them, not for good, but for soul. And when I do speak, I often catch myself being kind of snappy with people and this is not my intentions at all. I really wish to live in harmony with those I love, but I pick up on energies so well that I sometimes react in ways that may make me appear to be cocky, or self-centered. But I must admit that I am. Because I know that I am a vibrational being, and the way I feel determines what I attract into my life. So with that said, how I feel is my number one priority. Question is, how does one be true to ones inner being, and stay in harmony with those he love, while expressing himself freely without any restrictions, while respecting the consciousness of those you love that do now see life from your enlightened way?

The Appearance Of The Lord

By attentively hearing, sharing and remembering
the transcendental pastimes of His most intimate of
spiritually liberated associates, the pastimes of the Lord
begins to truly live in our hearts more so than
the strict and ritualized authoritarianism of the deceased Vedas.

Looking for more than flowery words and concepts
that are pleasing to the mind of the false and fossilized ego,
the Spirit of Sri Krishna's Companionship is
the Real Essence of the Vedic injunctions.

The false spirit of hatred must give way
to the True Spirit of Loving Sentiments
for the Most Holy of Supreme Relationships.

Lover and Beloved in One Holy Name,
the Rasa Dance of Sri Krishna's Flutes
and Associates sets the whole world on fire
with the Passion of Devotion.

Tending to the Garden of Loving Devotion,
may I dance my heart out when
the Appearance of Sri Krishna
descends into my soul of souls.

When understanding the appearance of devotion,
the soul simultaneously understands the appearance of Sri Krishna
in this world of sorrow.

Having the Lord appear in my heart,
the Essence of Love
is understood and appreciated
with a fulfilled mind and an ecstatic soul of a heart.

Sri Krishna is my only companion
since He takes up all of the space
that pervades my love for Him and His Associates.

The Lord plays the notes of ecstasy
only on those souls who have faith
in being committed flutes and in
the devotional power of confidently loving the Lord
without a desire to be better than the Lord.

Only Sri Krishna can save me from my desire
for the nectar of material pleasures
which are devoid of the real pleasures of devotional ecstasy.

May pure love appear in the hearts
of the sincere and in the insincere,
for whoever is a part of God
is a part of Love.

How can we blame Love for our problems?

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Buy Used Bucket Trucks From A Dealer Near You Or Online

Boom trucks are significant utility trucks which are used in countless functions. They've lengthy arms that could be placed at an appropriate angle to fold back over a rooftop. Bucket trucks are commonly used by telephone and cable organizations. They are also used on a common basis by firefighters.

Other boom trucks for sale are developed for the purpose of transporting concrete. Such models usually have nozzles and pipes and can be used to pump concrete into designated locations. Typically, such places are either complicated or impossible to access, but booms on concrete boom trucks normally increase as high as 230 feet. Concrete material is then transported from the truck's pipes by way of the use of the boom & poured into a certain space. Size, designs & features of concrete booms differ depending on the purpose for which the automobile is used. For that reason, it's critical to decide one's demands before shopping for boom trucks for sale.

It is particularly necessary to follow all guidelines for operating a boom truck safely. Never exceed the weight limit of the bucket and do not place ladders against the bucket. The major types of accidents that could occur include electrocution, collision, & tipping over.

Transportation vehicles carry cut trees from one location to a different, most often for further processing. Producers improve these forestry trucks for reliability and versatility, as they often are obliged to carry heavy & abnormal loads. While there are a large number of sorts of transportation trucks, such as a flatbed truck & forwarder, their function remains the same.

Each truck is designed for a distinctive kind of work. The forestry bucket truck demands an insulated boom and comes with a single bucket that will go to different heights based how high you will need to do most of your work.

Timber harvesting activities primarily include felling, skidding, picking, bucking, trimming, delimbing, chipping, loading, & transporting. Dependent on the activity, loggers could require a specific sort of forestry vehicle. Forestry companies rely significantly on these heavy-duty trucks as they normally use them in extreme conditions.

Forestry trucks are available in quite a few variations, as each one has its own purpose. The kind of tree, for instance, will ascertain the truck's size and capacity, along with the arm length necessary for sufficient elevation. Even though they can be costly, these vehicles offer a number of advantages to logging organisations & are well worth the investment.

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Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Audio file is available at http://www.akashahealingstudio.com/channeled-message-ascension-countdown-day-23/
Live channeled event teleseminar Tuesday, Dec 4th 7:00pm - 8:30pm http://store.akashahealingstudio.com/Live-Channeling-Akasha-Healing-Studio-p/0070.htm


“Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.
Once again we are ever so pleased to be spending this time with you. For know that whenever you listen to this, whenever you read this, whether it is in this current timeline, or at some point out in the future, we are connected with you and you are connected with us. For we live in a world outside of time and space and so, therefore, our remoteness and the time in which you connect with this information is irrelevant to the energy within the transmission.

Today we're going to be a little more practical, for many of you who are on the planet at this time are feeling uneasy. Some of you may feel uneasy because you know the cause of it. For some of you there may be insecurities in your job or financial situation. For some of you you are seeing relationship shifts. For some of you you are experiencing unexpected illness, or you have unexpected illness and perhaps even passing with those who you love. For some of you you might be having strife in relationships outside of your significant one that is uncharacteristic and what you would say is “out of left field.” And we can go on with these examples but you understand what we mean. There are also some of you who look at the world around you and say, “Well, my world really hasn't changed but my relationship to it feels significantly different. I don’t feel the same. I feel different. I feel a restlessness. I feel unease that I've never experienced before but I have no reason based on the things in my world to feel uneasy, yet I do.” And sometimes that uneasiness can start to feel a little uncomfortable and you feel a little bit short or snippy, impatient with yourself or with those around you.

The practical part of our message today is about again self-support, which is our recurring theme about how you are taking care of yourself, and how you are paying attention to yourself. But today it's very practical. The reality is that the energetic texture, the fabric of the place that your body resides and we are not solely talking about the physical planet were talking about the physical planet and everything in and on and around it, for all is in transition. So, of course, you would be feeling the effects of that transition, and so in support of your physical body, your emotional perspective, and your mental acuity at navigating these uncertain waters, we are going to give you a few practical tips.

First of all it is absolutely essential to be drinking plenty of water at this time. This means good water. We’re not going to tell you what kind of water as some of you are probably waiting for right now we ask that you go within and decide what good water is for you, for if we say “Never drink tap water” because perhaps tap water in some cities isn't worth drinking isn't healthy, some of you live in places where the tap water is better than any bottled or processed water could ever be. So you decide what's good water for you, but what we ask is that you drink plenty of it. Life around you demonstrates the need for water, and your bodies are processing more and more energies these days and need more water. The humans, the plants, the planet all require water; all has a greater percentage of water than anything else. So in looking at nature informing your reality, please increase the amount of water you drink. We would recommend that the water be in the form of water and not the water inside of a soda or inside of a sugar drink. For the body does not process the water inside processed drinks the same way as it does on its own. Along with changing plenty of water, we want you to think about what's happening with the water as you drink it. What it's doing is allowing an easier flow within the nutrients in your body which includes the removal of toxins and many of your bodies, through these changes, are producing a greater level of toxins. It allows the nutrients that you are taking in in the food to nourish your body, to be distributed and more easily assimilated and used, and just as water flows, it assists your energy flowing on all levels.

In addition to water we ask that you examine the rest and sleep you are experiencing at this point in your life. For many of you may have had years and years of perfect sleep and may not have such beautiful sleep right now. You might have dreams or feel like you are busy or have worked all night long. Which is a very reasonable side effect of this energetic transformation, but it's imperative at this time to be getting enough rest. For while many of us think it's good to transcend the physical body the truth is that your soul is housed in the physical body and you want it to be the best vehicle possible for you. These times do require more rest. If you're used to getting five and six hours of sleep and pushing yourself through the day drinking coffee or caffeinated drinks to allow your body to push through it and say “Yeah! I did it!” That's an old model. A newer model can be in a place of allowing and not efforting your way through the day and allowing yourself times to sit and rest, if your day allows it to lie down for a few moments. If nothing else slow your day down earlier or sleep later, whatever your life allows for. We ask that you rest your body and honor your body for all the changes and transformation that it is willingly saying yes to at this time, yet it needs support. More is being asked of your body than it ever has in your current timeline regardless of whether you're in your 20s or whether you're in your 80s or anywhere in between.

Another thing we'll ask of you at this time is to become very acutely aware of your breathing. Slow down during the day and just become aware of your breathing. Are you breathing into your stomach, so you have nice deep relaxed belly breaths, which are the belly breaths you see in a sleeping baby? If you notice yourself with your shoulders lifted up towards your ears, tension across your shoulders that you might not have even been aware of, and a lot of chest breathing, drop your shoulders, pull them back a little bit to open up a space in your chest and breathe deeply to allow greater levels of oxygen to flow into your system. For, as you know, oxygen is an important element that we all need to live and thrive on the planet. In your body’s transformational experiences that are occurring in your body right now, as they’ve heightened, you require more oxygen and have it flowing in in a relaxed manner into your body.

The final practical piece that we will ask you to analyze today is the other source of fuel that you're putting into your body, which would be your food. While we will make no judgment around diet, and no we will not say one form of eating is better than another, for we honor each individual body and soul to be unique. So, therefore, the dietary requirements are equally unique. There is no one system of putting nutrients in the body such as meat-eater, non-meat-eater, plant-eater, non-plant-eater, and cooked food versus raw food. There is no one system that is best for every single body on this planet. As we keep saying, the answers lie within you, but what we ask is, no matter how you are eating, we ask you to evaluate whether it is the food that is most uplifting and nourishing and nurturing for your body.
• Are you eating the foods that make it easy for your body to digest?
• Are you eating the foods that you know your body is really happy with, versus the ones that create the congestion or the allergic reaction, or the stomach or intestinal upsets?
Now is the time to really tune into your body and bring the nutrients in that again support this body vehicle that has chosen to be here at this time and go through these tremendous changes on the cellular level. These changes are happening whether you are outwardly experiencing them or not. For your body could not be on the planet at this time and not be going through change and transition.

We are not asking you to make a dogma about this. We’re asking you to just lovingly, always lovingly, evaluate what you are doing in this current timeframe regardless of what you've done the rest of your life. See if it's uplifting and supporting you at the optimal level. For many of you say, “yes I've made lots of changes, and I feel great” or “I feel better, or I know this is right for my body.” And for some of you might say, “Hmm, this isn't working out so well for me, I'm not feeling as good as I could, or as good as I would like to be.” So in that case were asking you to incorporate some or all of these suggestions with water, rest, breath and food nutrients into your body. This is a very loving, honoring way to support your physical vehicle who said “yes” to this beautiful time of transition on the planet.

Be blessed!

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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© 2012 Copyright Holly Hawkins Family Trust www.AkashaHealingStudio.com
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and website clearly included.

It is time.

The scent of forever
wafts over Carnival Queens in ancient lace
elbows jugglers and
tickles bright taffeta angels

In this fractured conglomerate landscape
paradigms groan and nurse pangs
of birth delayed

Chaos is a heavy burden
the eyes of the seer are sand scoured
the two spirited have become our guide
Linking worlds without and within

Eternity remains resolute
patient while eagle
speaks of honor

It is time says the wind,
It is time.

copyright meriel barber. aka Seraphim Angel

A Vessel

An Imperfect Vessel

Just a little dirt and some water,
A Formless mass of clay
Given knowing formed
In misery by joy
Frozen by fire
A Vessel
Essence of life
Dimly reflecting
A perfect fragile reality
Immutable and Opaque veiling
For Secrets sheltered within
Fractured rainbows
Splintered Light
My Soul

copyright meriel Barber. aka Seraphim Angel

Wise Innocence

An inherent factor that attributes the greatest of wisdom in the very soul of who you are ...  and to be able to go to that place in your very soul where you become the innocence completely and beam such  loving energy outward as your expression of self becomes one with all and everything  .... and the  healing's for all ...  begins .... wise innocence is the greatest healer ... it has been my greatest teacher ....

Working through dreams

In January 2010 my daughter died at full term pregnancy. Not suprisingly i was left incredibly shocked and traumatised.

I had always been a spiritual person, but after my daughters death, every part of my being, was with spirit. It was like being in heaven on earth. If that makes any sense to anyone.

Anyway, i had been to spiritualist church and circle for many years. Not during pregnancy, but i returned after my daughter died. It was helpful to see my daughter in meditation. I think because I was spiritual and because of my beliefs, I just accepted her death and that she had gone back to spirit. I would see her in meditation.

I returned to work 16 weeks after she died. Which was tough, as i worked with homeless people. Supporting other people was difficult, when i felt I needed support myself. They knew in the circle that my daughter had died. The following week I went, and I couldnt believe it. I just couldn't believe what i was seeing. There was a man, stood there with a live baby girl.

I left in floods of tears. Came home and called my mother, and sobbed down the phone, Maya is dead, Maya is dead. I couldn't believe how thoughtless this man had been, when he knew that my daughter had died.

I didn't return for a few weeks, and when i did, i broke down. The person who took the class took me to the back, and we talked. I said how i thought that this person was thoughtless, and how much it had upset me. She looked at me, and paused, and said 'one day you will thank him for agreeing to use his daughter to help you' i looked at her as if she was mad. 'what do you mean' I said slightly confused, but also annoyed. She said that we meet up in dreams and agree to help each other on the earth plane. He had obviously seen that i hadn't grieved, and had agreed to bring his daughter to help me to grieve. I thought that she was mad, but listened, then i went home.

She was right, after that i started to grieve. I realised that seeing my daughter in meditation, wasnt actually having my daughter, my daughter was dead. Seeing a real life baby girl in the place where i saw my daughter in meditation made me grieve. It made me wake up, and see that my daughter wasn't here. She was dead. There is a difference between a live baby girl and a dead one. My daughter was not here on the earth plane. He did help me to grieve.

Story 2 - Magpies and dreams

6 days after my daughter died, her father left. I was so upset. I met a man, who said he was spiritual. HE became a friend and we saw each other regularly. I didnt want a relationship, but after 3/4 months of friendship, I decided to try a relationship. Almost as soon as i became involved with him, he became abusive. Like a different man. I was so shocked. So upset, i made up my mind to never speak to him again. That night i sat on my bed, in my three story house, and began to text a goodbye message. He had gone to a party, and didn't want me there. I decided to have nothing more to do with him. He wasn't good. That night i sat on my bed, and began to write a goodbye text, i was there for hours, and day turned to night. I then heard 'tap tap tap' on the window. I jumped, as I was on the third floor, i looked and was amazed to see a single magpie tapping its beak on the window. I looked at the clock it was 4am, seeing the single magpie as a bad omen, i didnt send the text, and instead, i threw the phone down and went to sleep. Whilst i was asleep, I had the most vivid dream. One i can still remember so clearly today. He was stood right in front of me, smiling, holding out his hand - saying 'trust me, just trust me, it will be ok'. That dream was so vivid. I woke in the morning it was 8am.

I was sure from what the person at the spiritualist church had said (see previous story), that it must have been him meeting up with me in my dream. Then i heard that he hadn't got back from the party until 11am. Ah, i thought, well it couldn't have been him then, as he was out whilst i was asleep. I later mentioned this to a friend, and I went cold when she said 'Oh yeah he was there, but he went to sleep in the van between around 4 - 8am. We were tapping on the van window but couldn't wake him up' He later confirmed this was true.

Story 3

Because of the last dream, despite early reservations, i decided to continue with the relationship. At the time i was spiritual and believed that nothing would happen, I was too vulnerable, my child had just died, as i said i felt like i was living in heaven on earth. However, this man continued to be abusive. Really abusive. Again the relationship ended, and i was devastated. I sat in my bed and sat on the internet, reading and researching about dreams. I needed to understand. I could find nothing to explain what had happened. I couldnt sleep and talked to a friend until 5am. Before i went to sleep, not being able to find anything on the internet, i said 'dear angels, if this is real about dreams, then please take me to him in my dreams, so that he see's me'. I fell asleep.

Next morning i woke at 8.30am, and i looked at my phone, i was absolutely stunned to see around 10 messages and two missed calls. It was from the guy who i was in the relationship with, who i asked the angels about the night before. I couldnt believe my eyes, as i read text after text, they read;

I know you are the one for me, i had the most amazing dream last night. We were together, you and me, walking through a beautiful place until we came to a church, there we getting married, it was so beautiful. And then afterwards we were in a beautiful house. Me and you, and in the garden was so many flowers, and your little girl who died. I knew that you were the woman i was meant to be with, I am going to be with you for the rest of my life.

I read the texts open mouthed. He had no idea what had happened the night before. He had no idea i had asked the angels to take me to him in his dreams if I was the woman he was meant to be with..... there it was text after text... I couldn't believe what i was reading and when he called me he was so enthusiastic, so passionate so full of love.

I wonder what happens in dreams. i used to wake at around 4am every single morning. I would wake, then look at the clock and it was 4am. Then go back to sleep.... which is what i am going to do now... goodnight

The Power of Automatic Writing

As I was digging through boxes today, I came across this paper that was given to me by Margaret Taylor. Margaret was an outstanding individual who took me under her wing at the beginning of my own spiritual quest. Can't say enough about her knowledge and how she applied it to teach me. I was ready and eager to learn all that she could teach me. Soon after my spiritual experience is when I met her. She was getting close to 80 and look great for her age. You would have loved her as I do had you had the opportunity as I did to know her. This is her writings as follow:

It is written, the Temple of the living God dwells within each and every human being. There are many guilty of defiling God's Temple by making it a "Den of Thieves". There are many who literally rob their birthright by setting up a bargaining table at the very gates of the Temple. This bargaining table is used as a medium of exchange. Wholesome thoughts and pure thoughts are exchanged for thoughts that are unclean.

Thoughts of peace, love, health, happiness and contentment are exchanged for thoughts of fear, anxiety, revenge, hatred, malace and jealousy. It is true, "as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is". Let the winds of destruction blow away only those forces of mind that keep you chained to darkness which is ignorance of truth. As the useless chaff is scattered, the tempestous sea of conflict will subside. Meditate on the "still waters" of tranquility that follows. Sweep aside any remaining debris that litters the steps leading into the Temple, then enter it. Break the fetters that keep you in bondage and enter the Kingdom of Heaven which is peace on earth (mind). Right now you can claim your birthright of perfect health and all other things whatsoever you desire. The only prerequisite is believing. "All things are possible to him that believeth, and "according to your faith (belief) be it unto you.

Within the recesses of your being exists the Holu of Holies...the true Temple of the living God. Defile it not! Seek and you shall find. Decent into the depths leaving all fear and earthly anxieties outside the Temple gates. Then, you may ask what you will and you shall receive. Only from within will the answers come, for the wellspring of all knowledge, all wisdom, all prosperity flows in a never ending stream, and is fed and nourished by the river of life within, which is exhaustless. Go you within...let the pure Light of Truth cleanse, purify, and make you every whit whole.

On the morning of Oct. 6, 1976, Margaret wrote...I sat meditating..the seeing futility of life with all its complexities and frustrations. I wanted the answer to many questions, but there seemed to be no answers. At the end of this period of quest without hardly realizing what I was doing, I rreached for a pad and pencil. To my amazement my pencil moved at a very rapid pace upon the pad. When it come to a halt the above had been written without any conscious effort on my part. It had been written at such a rate of speed I had difficulty making out some of the words. From whence it came from I know not, except that it is my belief that it came from somewhere in the realm of the unknown:

Angels come in many forms and Margaret was mine sent from God. Automatic writing easily came to me and I didn't know how to deal with it. I threw my pen in the air, it scared me! Until Margaret came into my life I had no idea this was a blessed gift. In addtion, so was she and I miss her. Hope you all enjoy her story she had many to share.

Holiday 2012

Chanukah is a week and a half away (Dec.8-16,) Christmas less than a month away, and shopping has begun in earnest. I pause at this time to reflect on what happiness is all about and what do we do with life’s disappointments.

In this season of giving and receiving, it may seem that if we had as much material wealth as we desire, life would be wonderful, however this is not a reality nor is it true. Many lottery winners are much more unhappy and regret their win after a major lottery winning. See: http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/01/07/lottery.winning.psychology/index.html Although there is a correlation to happiness level and household income up to a certain level (combined household income of $75,000 brings a greater sense of happiness, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), after that level, the happiness level tapers off. Moreover, lottery winners sometimes experience “high-profile misfortune” according to the article website link above.

Children are also not necessarily happy receiving their hearts desire of things or receiving whatever they want in the long run. Young children who have temper tantrums to get what they want are often more unhappy and unsettled, when continuously reaping the rewards of their tantrum efforts. The world may seem safer when we are not in control of everything.

The comforting knowledge that we are not in control is true for both children and adults. We may live with more peace when we accept the fact that we life is out of our control in some areas and we don’t always get what we want. We may choose our thoughts, choose our actions, and make life choices in a variety of areas in our life; but God, fate, karma, and random acts of nature can affect us at any moment.

Although happiness may be a choice of thought and perception, we live with more peace when we accept that we are not in total control. Moreover, I believe we learn how to deal with life disappointments as part of growing up. When children are rescued and do not learn to face disappointments in their early years, they will typically have a more difficult time overcoming disappointments as they mature. I believe those children who are rescued and their tantrums given into, often feel they are the source of power, and have a harder time accepting life’s disappointments later on, when they cannot be rescued or receive what they want.

So where does that leave us in this holiday season? I believe it should leave us feeling less stressed. We do not need to provide the “perfect” holiday for our children. We should not expect the perfect gift to receive. Nor should we expect to find or purchase the perfect gift to make everything wonderful for some loved one. We do choose our thoughts and our perceptions can create our happiness and unhappiness; so I’m hoping your holiday thoughts and perceptions create happiness for you.

Thank-you for reading.
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