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Pleading For The Lord's Benedictions

Devoid of all knowledge and of all realizations,
may ananta sesha, that infinite serpent
of cosmic proportions,
bless me with unexpected anticipation
and unexpected eagerness for eternally participating
in the ongoing unravelling of the Lord’s
unlimited and unmanifest pastimes.

Devoid of all emotions and of all ecstatic symptoms,
may rupa gosvami, the most refined of rasik spiritual masters,
bless me with a burning desire to participate in the manifest pastimes
which are centered around making Sri Krishna Chaitanya
re-incarnate in the pleasurable hearts
of all who worship Him
and of all who do not even know of His Eternal Existence.

Devoid of all humility and of all spiritual pride,
may sanatana gosvami, the most favored
of liberated gopi disciples,
bless me with the courage to write
about the unfolding pastimes which are now
occurring in my manjari inspired heart.

Devoid of all relations with the empowered representatives
of the Lord, may all aspiring Vaishnavas,
who are all a part of the relishing of Sri Krishna Chaitanya’s mellows,
bless me with enough love to fill the world with
ecstatic devotion for the re-emergence
of spiritual tidal waves of pure suddha-nama.

Though destitute of appreciation for the holy names
and the benefits they confer upon the most
rigid of hearts, may Your holy name, o Mahaprabhu,
make my heart one day worthy of Your love.

Though full of eternal faults and primordial weaknesses,
only You, o Madhava, can make me sigh a breath
of relief; knowing that some day in some distant yuga
I will meet You in Your ever expanding rasa dance lila.

May all of the Vaishnavas be pleased with
this most insignificant of prayers
and most insignificant of fallen souls.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Feeling the Good Vibes 12/21/12

This is a brand new emotional phase that generates change to the positive.
Performers and artistic types are favored today.
It’s a highly vibrational day in the areas of friends and relationships.
Likely today you will feel rather sublime energetically.
Opposing Energies: distrust, lazy, unethical
Use caution when making purchases today, for impulsive purchases could hurt your pocketbook or your financial status.
Your worries and woes about finances relate more to overspending rather than on what’s in your budget.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: principles, expansive, philosophy
Today begins the process of experiencing new values, and believing in them with a new self-confidence; rather than overlooking something of value and moving on.
You’re learning that your values are not necessarily intended to be the same forever, and that as you grow the values you learned in the past no longer serve you.
The sense and feelings are subtle; however this time you’re wide awake and responding to the change in yourself.
Feel the good vibes.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.


Question : What's the difference between Normal sex & Tantric sex ?

Your sex act and the tantric sex act are basically different. Your sex act is to relieve; it is just like sneezing out a good sneeze. The energy is thrown out and you are unburdened. It is destructive, it is not creative. It is good -- therapeutic. It helps you to be relaxed, but nothing more. The tantric sex act is basically, diametrically opposite and different. It is not to relieve, it is not to throw energy out. It is to remain in the act without ejaculation, without throwing energy out; to remain in the act merged -- just at the beginning part of the act, not the end part.

This changes the quality; the complete quality is different then. Try to understand two things. There are two types of climaxes, two types of orgasm. One type of orgasm is known. You reach to a peak of excitement, then you cannot go further: the end has come. The excitement reaches to a point where it becomes non-voluntary. The
energy jumps into you and goes out. You are relieved of it, unburdened. The load is thrown; you can relax and sleep. You are using it like a tranquilizer.

It is a natural tranquilizer: a good sleep will follow -- if your mind is not burdened by religion. Otherwise even the tranquilizer is destroyed. If your mind is not burdened by religion, only then can sex be a tranquilizing thing. If you feel guilt, even your sleep will be disturbed. You will feel depression, you will start condemning yourself and you will begin to take oaths that now you won't indulge anymore. Then your sleep will become a nightmare afterwards.

If you are a natural being not too much burdened by religion and morality, only then can sex be used as a tranquilizer. This is one type of orgasm -- coming to the peak of excitement. Tantra is centered on another type of orgasm. If we call the first kind a peak orgasm, you can call the tantric orgasm a valley orgasm. In it you are not coming to the peak of excitement, but to the very deepest valley of relaxation. Excitement has to be used for both in the beginning. That is why I say that in the beginning both are the same, but the ends are totally different.

Excitement has to be used for both: either you are going toward the peak of excitement or to the valley of relaxation. For the first, excitement has to be intense -- more and more intense. You have to grow in it; you have to help it to grow towards the peak. In the second, excitement is just a beginning. And once the man has entered, both lover and beloved can relax. No movement is needed. They can relax in a loving embrace.

When the man feels or the woman feels that the erection is going to be lost, only then is a little movement and excitement required. But then again relax. You can prolong this deep embrace for hours with no ejaculation, and then both can fall into deep sleep together. This -- THIS -- is a valley orgasm. Both are relaxed, and they meet as two relaxed beings. In the ordinary sexual orgasm you meet as two excited beings -- tense, full of excitement, trying to unburden yourselves. The ordinary sexual orgasm looks like madness; the tantric orgasm is a deep, relaxing meditation.

You may not be aware of it, but this is a fact of biology, of bio-energy, that man and woman are opposite forces. Negative-positive, yin-yang, or whatsoever you call them, they are challenging to each other. And when they both meet in a deep relaxation, they revitalize each other. They both revitalize each other, they both become generators, they both feel livelier, they both become radiant with new energy, and nothing is lost. Just by meeting with the opposite pole energy is renewed.

The tantric love act can be done as much as you like. The ordinary sex act cannot be done as much as you like because you are losing energy in it, and your body will have to wait to regain it. And when you regain it, you will only lose it again. This looks absurd. The whole life is spent in gaining and losing, regaining and losing: it is just like an obsession. The second thing to be remembered: you may or may not have observed that when you look at animals you can never see them enjoying sex. In intercourse, they are not enjoying themselves.

Look at baboons, monkeys, dogs or any kind of animals. In their sex act you cannot see that they are feeling blissful or enjoying it -- you cannot! It seems to be just a mechanical act, a natural force pushing them towards it. If you have seen monkeys in intercourse, after the intercourse they will separate. Look at their faces: there is no ecstasy in them, it is as if nothing has happened. When the energy forces itself, when the energy is too much, they throw it. The ordinary sex act is just like this, but moralists have been saying quite the contrary.

They say, "Do not indulge, do not `enjoy'." They say, "This is as animals do." This is wrong! Animals never enjoy; only man can enjoy. And the deeper you can enjoy, the higher is the kind of humanity that is born. And if your sex act can become meditative, ecstatic, the highest is touched. But remember tantra: it is a valley orgasm, it is not a peak experience. It is a valley experience!

In the West, Abraham Maslow has made this term "peak experience" very famous. You go into excitement towards the peak, and then you fall. That is why, after every sex act, you feel a fall. And it is natural: you are falling from a peak. You will never feel that after a tantric sex experience. Then you are not falling. You cannot fall any further because you have been in the valley. Rather, you are rising.

When you come back after a tantric sex act, you have risen, not fallen. You feel filled with energy, more vital, more alive, radiant. And that ecstasy will last for hours, even for days. It depends on how deeply you were in it. If you move into it, sooner or later you will realize that ejaculation is wastage of energy. No need of it -- unless you need children. And with a tantric sex experience, you will feel a deep relaxation the whole day.

One tantric sex experience, and even for days you will feel relaxed -- at ease, at home, non-violent, nonangry, non-depressed. And this type of person is never a danger to others. If he can, he will help others to be happy. If he cannot, at least he will not make anyone unhappy. Only tantra can create a new man, and this man who can know timelessness, egolessness and deep non-duality with existence will grow.

Non-Local Consciousness = GOD

Science, through the study of Quantum Physics, is running into some tough questions about whether or not so-called "reality" is not in fact subjective. Raising this question causes certain types of Atheists to become rather upset - and insist that this type of science is being distorted to conveniently support the idea of a "god" or something that is Infinite.


From the meditative state however, it becomes self-evident that consciousness is infinite and is the ground of all being. Sages have known this for a very long time and it now seems as though science is coming around to either proving this outright or at the very least accepting the notion, the way that say, the theory of relativity is accepted, or the theory that the Universe came into being about 14 + billion years ago through a big bang.

So, does time exist in the mind or does the mind exist in time? Certain Atheists rather than say, "I don't know" would insist that the mind is just another word for the brain - and not something larger for which the organ called the brain is just a component. There are strong arguments to support the idea that time only exists in the mind (or in perception). From the quiet state of consciousness, it becomes self-evident that time does not exist in the mind, any more than the mind exists in time. Rather, both time and the mind exist in non-local consciousness which is the ground of all being.


However, "believing in" this only works as something of a placebo effect, for one to think they know God or are connected to Source.  There is really just no substitute for real knowing, for real direct perception.  And this can only occur, not by believing the words of gurus or memorizing lines from books, but rather through subjective, direct personal experience.  And such direct perception requires a clear state of consciousness. 


From a meditative, clear, illuminated state, it becomes self-evident that infinite consciousness, which is the ground of all being, is also that which looks out through your eyes.

- Eric Allen Bell


Eric Allen Bell is Founder of


Multimedia for Mystics



I feel it is a very good day. Some people may be having difficulty, perhaps just hiccups with high heart connections and being honestly real. maybe extra universal energy may have the body needing extra vit b's especially b6 and b12.
Its 21st in australia and no major catastrophies...just a few more snakes. lololol
Namaste and Karuna ox

Third Eye Door of Heaven -- True Peace Above the Eye-Center

Third Eye Door of Heaven -- True Peace Can Be Found Only in the Regions Above the Eye-centre.

"On the earth plane, our soul has three states of being -- wakefulness, dream and slumber. The tenth gateway, however, leads to a state of super-consciousness known as Turiya.* [*Turiyapad: another name for Sahansdal Kanwal. The state of superconsciousness, where the soul makes its first contact with the Real Shabd.] This lies beyond the experience and comprehension of ordinary mortals. So long as we are awake, the soul occupies a position in the middle of the forehead, between the two eyes. Thus even a blind man, if you call him, will answer by exerting pressure at this centre. In the dream state the soul lies at a point in the throat, while in slumber it falls to the navel. Just as the farther we are from light the darker does it appear, so also dreams, which come when the soul has fallen from its refulgent position in the forehead, are vague and incomplete. The spirit cannot function normally and our experiences are chaotic. One may see a head but no feet; or the feet may be visible and the head invisible. In the state of deep sleep, the soul drops still lower to the navel, and coarse covers envelop it. Those who practice pranayam (the science of breath control) do so at this low navel centre. True peace can be found only in the regions above the eye-centre. As you draw nearer this centre, you feel greater peace descending upon you, exactly as you begin to get a cooling sensation when you are climbing a mountain and begin to approach the summit. That is why the mind and soul must be fixed and made motionless at the eye centre. As soon as this is done, the current of consciousness in the entire physical body will withdraw and collect at that centre and the body will become senseless." (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh)

"Knock on yourself as upon a door, and walk upon yourself as on a straight road. For if you walk on the road, it is impossible for you to go astray. And if you knock with this one (Wisdom), you knock on hidden treasures..... My son, do not allow your mind to stare downward, but rather, let it look by means of the Light at things above. For the Light will always come from above. Even if it (the mind) is upon the earth, let it seek to pursue the things above. Enlighten your mind with the Light of heaven, so that you may turn to the Light of heaven." (The Teachings of Silvanus, in, The Nag Hammadi Library -- one of the Gnostic texts from Egypt)

Your Beloved is Awaiting You There, by Swami Ji Maharaj

O friend! Raise your Surat to Gagan [mystic sky], and be free from all fears, doubts and misgivings.

Leave this house and go to the mosque at higher regions. Hear the Bang [inner Sound], and meditate upon the One who is undecaying and unconquered.

Enjoy the bliss of Naam. This is the gist of Guru's teachings. Sing wondrous songs to the accompaniment of music of Shabd.

Let your mind remain absorbed, adopting the ways of Guru. Cultivate love for Him.

Conquer and disperse the forces of Kal and Karam, and cast off delusions.

Hear the Sound in Sunn, free from Maya. Receive Prashad from Sants.

Adopt the Saran of Radhasoami. Make elixir of Naam internally.

O Sakhi (friend)! Come and take your seat in the palace. Your Beloved is awaiting you there.

Enjoy bliss. Run away from the world. Sit on the throne and reign.

Join the assembly of Hansas, and accomplish your task.

Give up all other considerations, and seize Guru's Holy Feet. Clean the mirror of your heart.

Sift and winnow the grain of Dhun (Sound), in the winnowing basket of Surat and Nirat.

Thank your great good fortune that you have got all the accoutrements. Sat Guru has bestowed on you the Crown and the Throne.

All the three worlds stand exposed before you. You will rise to the fourth Lok and enjoy the happiness of sovereignty.

As you are a recipient of this gift of Radhasoami, nothing detrimental can happen to you anymore. (Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhaswami Poetry, Volume One)

When reading the Sar Bachan Poetry always consult with the Radhasoami Dictionary of Mystic Terms: http://rsfaith.org/l2ltywdlcy9zdg9yawvzl1jtrlberi9fbmdsaxnol0dsb3nzyxj5x29mx1jtx0zhaxrolnbkzg==/download

Ancient Love -- Anoushka Shankar:

Tibetan Monks -- Big OM of Tibet:

Song of The Heart

AD2012 – The thirteenth year of Ascension

Declarations and Message of the Heart
Lifting the veil on the Gates of Heaven.
Lifting the veil on the Gates of Heaven, upon earth.

Let it be known; I must be the spirit I am. Allowed to be who I am. Yet it is neither who I am nor what I am that is important. For to live as spirit on earth is to live truth, to live free,

Spirit is a way of being, a way of life
To deny this is to deny God
To deny God is to live a falsehood
To live a falsehood is to deny truth
To deny truth is to have no lasting foundations
To live truth is to face all adversity, Trials and tests in
Honor. For honor is truth in the moment

No matter how one may wish circumstances to be different
Attempting to change what is meant to be, is to go against God in what is meant to be. This is done for self-purpose
And that is to be selfish, unyielding to Gods plan,
To one’s growth of spirit. To ones life purpose.
It is having an attitude of being more than God.
Everything has purpose. Everything is a preparation for that which is to come. Know this then and be comforted
God has a plan and it is perfect.

I am Debra Ann Potroz, known as Te Manawa (the Heart) Born in the land of the Long White Cloud. I come forth from the mouth of the serpent covered by the Jaguar, in my right hand the seven stars, in my left the seven Waka of the Gods. Look not for the arrival of another for I am arrived. I claim the Waka of the Gods once more and have gathered my elect to me. I claim for the Gods invoking the great sacred Tapu of Te Manawa, of Tiki, and of Maui. I am who I am, here to stand and deliver once more on the winds the holy breath, the words upheld from the Great Tree of Life
12 years I have come forth from within the mouth of the serpent, raised words to the creator Great Spirit in Heaven and been heard, each time blessings have born fruit off the Great Tree for humanity. In this 13th year I deliver in part those declarations and a message to all.

Bless your environment
Be silent and listen
Follow your heart
Trust that you inner knowing is the intellect of all knowledge
Raise above the limitations set by others
Clear yourself of lower vibrations
Be open to receive
Expect what you receive to manifest into your world in the future
Ensure that what you ask for is not your will but Gods truth in your heart.
Allow yourself to be and give the gift of allowing others to be
Be responsible for your own outcomes

These things I say to you who come to pray and make offerings at the sacred sites.

Know this The true Cross of Christ is found
The office of the word made manifest is filled and thus the word made manifest is upheld.

The World Leaders and Churches must rectify what they have erronuosly placed misleading the worlds people into false belife

You may make your laws. Break your laws. Rise up in war or in peace. But there is a law at work here, higher than your own. A law that was before you and will be after you
Would you have your moment of glory? Or do on going good for all mankind

Unite the people, unite the Nations
For not one amongst you has had a hand in the higher laws, of the universe. Beyond the reach of mans ways. It will over ride all. You only hurt you and those around you
Better to choose to live by the higher law. For all you do will be as nothing until you do

This is the fate of mankind. To make the choice, walk the high road or the low road. Civilizations come and go yours is simply another.

Within the spirit is knowing let not another take from you the power to follow what you know and how to go about life. Let others do what they know within their own beings and in this judge not another or be judged. Follow your heart above all others for it is Gods Compass to you and shall always deliver to you the true bearing. Be thus responsible for your own outcomes. She holds to know the best and achieve the best. Limitless potential is her aim. Her awareness of the importance of each step unfolding this is the foundations that she comes from and to not have what has been created limited by others who can not see the full vision the limitless potential

Be silent and listen else the talk lessen the potential and change the vibration

She begins declaration

Let the elders be protected that the wisdom of the century remain for the sharing to those following behind. Let their wisdom speak out and be taken into the hearts of those listening that the knowledge the elders hold be not lost before it’s time.

Know this as Aeoterao receives the first light of the sun she has received the first rays of Gods light She stands at the beginning as she will stand at the end. From the distance of the road she looked back TeKaKaRa now was a veil This solstice would not happen again for another 11 years. Dense and dark The energies were flowing

She shakes her head The world is flat not round. Columbus discovered America. The English were entittled to lay claim by invasion to lands already occupied by people not their own. Aotearoa is only two hundred years young Christ was God incarnate and not an authority of office, The churches teachings are truth. Money is the false idol worshipped. Gods laws are replaced by man’s. Gods will ignored for man’s. 2000 years following false creed, mandates of mankind one against the other, causing war, slavery, genocide, poverty and disease.Where is the love taught by Christ to be found here. She sees this and she crys…..

To the Churches False Reflection; you spoke words of evil drama. Believed your own lies. Deceived the foolish to the powerful. Built a picture spreading poison as a river. Killing all truth before its flow. Those that drank upon these waters judging all said by you as honey potent wine. Served upon the platter of their own purpose, ate of this false reflection. Dined on a knowing yet misguided direction, swallowed their own defeat

To the churches of the world I know thy works and thy labour. You shall be no more false. For all people of earth shall be of spirit and go within to find their way
And no more shall you have the seat of power or authority
to suppress those that know the way.

Let it be known that all foundations of falsehood placed in the world by religions’ and religious leader’s founder and become no more, are to be replaced with truth of universal law that applies to all humanity.

All churches it is your responsibility as an authority as such within your buildings to teach your congregations to have direct communication with God. This is your authority; there is no more beyond this for you. Let a counsel of all religions come together and find the common links within each religion and sit therein.

Hold ceremony to Clear away the falsity, clear away the pain Pray for the good of the people and the highest good for all. I have made Declaration that you shall be self responsible living universal laws unto living by them.
I have made declaration that all the peoples of earth shall cleanse themselves of the pain and hurt from the histories and their life in ceremony that shall ensure a new beginning for all. Let the Nations come together and grieve for their losses and those of their ancestors. Let them release the pain of their past. Those that lived before them will rejoice for these ones will have healed their pain and suffering and taken steps towards the healing of their own. In this great healing they shall pass onto their descendants honour, wholeness and truth Those that inflict pain and sorrow upon another rise suffering, great trial, and is caught up in the nets of those that have laid such nets of despair upon their fellow man from agenda’s of self and not from truth in their hearts. Each trail travelled each trial experienced is a teaching, a lesson and all such experience carries within it the means to heal and to grow true and straight in the ways of heaven. All shall give love to those in need, all shall receive love when in need and all shall know that to harm another is to harm one self and all in the world. To truly be free one must allow, accept, and give love in all moments. Truth is the foundation of all existence and shall be the light bearing fruit from the Great Tree of Life. To cut down falsity is to burn away the dross leaving only purity. INRI
And she prays

Heavenly Father, I pray to you
That you bring the common good, of all religions to bear fruit. That God you are for all and we are of the same light, created in your love, created in your truth.

Unite the people, unite the Nations, and let us exalt in your glory. To do so brings eternal truth, love, life, and light to all.

As one we stand before you encompassed by your love
As one heart, one thought, one voice. Planting the seed of peace to manifest in the future throughout all your creation

God lift us up and lead us to your light, help us to win the battles within ourselves so we may stand in your truth. Deliver us from terror, fear and oppression from another. Help us face our fears, and overcome the conflict, and wars that surround us. Open the hearts and minds of our world leaders So that they see your Divine power and glory and become humble in the presence of your truth
So they can find the peaceful solution in true reflection of you that carries the perfect balance of Peace, harmony, and love. Let this be handed down as a legacy to the children. Shower us with love and light and may your blessed face shine upon us now and forever more Ameni

And she speaks

Peace within each will bring peace for all
Women are the heart of the world
Children are the blessing
The true Cross is in the Heavens and upon the Earth
Authority of office is God Made

Kaumatua, Kuia, Matriarchs, Patriarch, Tohunga take your people to the holy places. Connect their hearts to the old ways of Solstice so that they might know the past, the present, the future, and make good choice. Take responsibility for the seeds planted towards tomorrow for each thought cantered in the heart aligned to God flowing from the breath to form words is a seed scattered on the winds. Should the seed find fertile ground it shall take root and grow? And those so doing shall be held accountable for each seed sown.

Let it be known I have made declaration to return the tapu made noa by past elders that the pure and true tapu be restored to the world and the Gods once more come into the light of day. Guardians of creation stand again.

Man has lost the way. Given a reason to sustain, life sends some towards right order, Cease Fire certain, yet they come unstuck, as they enter the play grounds of those that beat upon the erronous door, so often in the name of Law, Politics, Wisdom. Vain more likely, for a moment of glory. The door is self destruction This then is the moment of truth. Valiant struggle to absolve wisdom by a man made King, Law Giver or Politician

Why is it that man believes he is so vital to the harmony of the forest, the land, the bird people, the river, the insect, fish and reptile.They exist along side of each other in the balance of nature.A law universal, made in Heaven long before man. When man was named to hold dominion over his world Law became the written word. Sin escalated - Why must this be so? Due only to be so, as no understanding remains of all given by God unto the journey of being

You his children, made in his own light, suffered no remorse as you went your own way, determined by power, so harnessed by the will, to give self property, one to the other, over each other. This was not how it was meant to be Children of God, all of the same light, begun to see differently. Not believing in the power above, stole they thought the power, making it possible to become as God - This can not be

Universal Law holds dominion over man, as strongly as man holds dominion over his world. Continually man has striven to over come himself, by over coming others. Seldom has it been realised, to overcome himself, he need be nothing more than Gods light, held within himself by his birth right
To claim dominion over his world is to claim his birth right and live amongst his brothers and sistes as one.For no man amongst you had a hand in the light, the Universal law of Gods name

You make your laws believing it possible to enforce them
Revolution comes, destruction rebounds on that of the law giver. All systems fail, no civilisation lasts as no other law than that of the universal will endure.Surrender to this statue. Unite the peoples, unite the nations. To do anything else brings failure eventually. To do so brings eternal truth, eternal life to all.Hope for peace brings no change. Look to your history books for this truth. Remarkable that so many intelligent one’s note it not

Universal adherence to the higher laws brings life eternal, peace, and right order.Civilisations last, endure. Would thee bring thy self to a moments self glory or do ongoing good for all man kind? Harm yourself is to harm another, to harm another is to harm yourself and the all To those that make the laws there is no other than the higher realms. Here before you, here long after you leave Learn the higher truths, the higher laws have spoken over time Lost civilisations did ignore them. It is man’s destiny to evolve, his fate to chose the path he takes. Walk the high road not the low road, else all you do is for nought Your choice to suffer on regardless of these laws or to live in accordance to them. For no man of earth can change what God has given to live by

All countries, peoples, lay down your arms, plant them beneath the Great Tree of Peace and pick up the weapons to fight the battles upon your soul and upon your survival existing. Your planet is dying and shall be reborn yet it is to be discovered if you shall be. Return back to basics and simplicity for world economies won’t exist if the planet or those upon it do not. Let the Great Tree of Peace be planted for all. Let all cultures sit therein. And let this be placed where it lives in the land of the Greatest Eagle among the Gods the place of the entry point of creation. Let all countries sit therein. Reward for doing so shall see a transformation as the tree planted takes on the role of war to save the world and all therein, of its plants and creatures, lands, waters and animals People of earth wait not for your Governments to cleanse your waters or nurture the creatures of your air, lands, and waters but go about doing what needs to be done. God gives you permission to save your world you do not need permission from man. Let the Rainbow warriors sit and deliver

I have made declaration that those thinking of themselves ruling the world be removed from their positions and authority and replaced with those in authority that think of bringing the world together. The greatest wealth of any Nation is its people and politics shall not save the world or the people it shall be saved by the people let all people unite in saving the world

World leaders make vow that No Country shall invade another Let the lands that belong to the indigenous peoples be returned to those tribes who are guardians of sacred things and covenants which protects creation. Let the invaders retreat back to their own place of origin while those settlers, now descendants be embraced and create a new tribe for their belonging in their country

Lawmakers and the Judges
To make your decision based on the letter of the law and the information provided. Is a law made by man a law used by man to continue the abuse long after the victim has removed self from further harms way. Having been placed so by another’s dishonor Abuse them no more for they live by a law far greater and higher than that placed by man

Honor all you do by higher law Recognize deceit among men
Until it is no longer. Be aware Woman will no longer abide by laws man made, self-serving to men. Woman and the children shall cease suffering for the falsity of men and mans law. Know the truth lives within all.

Self-serving justice may be the verdict today But tomorrow another volume will rise to show the truth and the error of mans ways. Laid upon the table for the entire world to view will out the laws man driven and then and only then will true justice be seen. Let no person dishonor woman the very essence of creation without creation dishonoring the person inflicting such dishonor.

Let all suffer no more fear of God nor own God but be Gods spirit and become love unconditional for themselves and for one another and God That all man made law be laid down and replaced by universal law That this be attained in full, embraced by all upon earth and lived by all upon earth in total harmony of Gods love peace and unity for all. In so saying, let all have self-responsibility and accountability. Let this be the start to attaining the individual freedom all are entitled too. Through these endeavors and in learning more ground is gained and more dead wood is cut away unto the honing of humanity and humanities survival in the universal worlds. INRI

I have made declaration that anyone who attempts to or takes a life respects not their own they respect nothing so the cause and person becomes no more for if you can not respect your life, are willing to take the life of another, then you have broken covenant with God who placed all upon earth and man has not the right to remove what God has placed.

Any judge passing judgment, which allows the abused to suffer more or the false to become as pure by mans eyes will bear the cost born by the innocent in his or her own life. Honor is truth in the moment you have been given notice.

That all disciplines will be founded on truth within the heart Know then that the symptom will perish
The sins of the fathers shall be no more passed on
That the sins will stay with the sinner And in this the sin will be held unto the person until the person makes restitution, admits to responsibility, and then comes good and delivers honor

I have made declaration world economy must be rebalanced with the wealth redistributed that all may have live and prosper. Leaders cry out against the pyramid system within business and call it illegal yet the world economy is founded on this very thing. Humanity is the only creature on earth required to pay for the privilege of being upon the earth only by mans law not that of Gods. Redistribute the wealth and work to all sharing in the blessings of Gods Creation without charge to exist For one to be whole all must be whole this is the law.

Those who fill positions of Authority will do so in divinity No more shall King or Queen sit upon a throne who has not come by divine authority.yet all Nations shall have King or Queen once more who so desire it. Each Sovereign take charge as before to lead the people of your Nations and have the servants of the people be responsible of your Declarations. For you shall have the power to Declare in authority once more for oyur people and your lands. But know this the word shall be held fast and you shall be held fast to the land and the people for of all servants you truly are serving thus shall be entirely accountable and bear consequence should you not pass Declaration as truth written within your heart in alignment to Gods laws and decree.

No more shall there be ownership of land for it shall return to the people of the land the custodians and care takers and you shall have permission from them to do upon the land for only they shall be able to be guardian of that which is to come. They are the Guardians of creation..

Let it be known that the Children of Light are required to unite not as a few small gatherings but as one to raise the voice of light in truth here upon the Earth for all to hear and live by. Children of light know you are to be the message not simply delivery of the message. Stand up and be the light upon Earth, conduct yourselves in the way of Heaven in all moments Let it be known Together they will form the mighty fist of peace. A mighty fist of ion. Let it be known that God has provided a means for this to happen and let it be recognised now rather than later for it began in earnest long ago and it is time that all were made aware of this fact. To unite as one force now shall cause victory. To cause victory shall win something all have had before upon the earth which was lost long ago. Peace in the light of God for all within these shores of Aoteroa and the world. Do this and your enemies shall bow down before you, for you shall have become the Creators truth upon the earth.
Mankind is no longer in the dark age. Rather, The Light Age is upon you all. No longer is the thought pattern of all Light Workers to be of darkness, rather, when one expresses upon the words and even upon the deeds that follow these words, light must be delivered and shown towards all mankind.

Let it be known that the Creator believes in you and would not have sent me to deliver this message otherwise. Sent from above not one you choose, a truth that can not be undone even though you might try. Challenge this and myself, you but challenge the all. You can not challenge something that has already been tested by the all. Many are called, few are chosen, higher council chooses this, not those upon earth. Let this be done upon earth as it is in heaven.

Let it be known that Gods hand is held up in front of you. You are the fingers upon which he joins you and thus when clenched in symbol of the life force becomes the Mighty Fist of Peace.

Let the Mighty Fist of Peace raise up and smash disharmony upon earth, not by violence towards your fellow man but by living the higher laws. They are but simple and common sense. All you need do is look within your own light to find them and thus your answers for all parts of your life shall be truth and your life become the higher good for all.

Now you know Gods hand now you see he delivers you and will also deliver your people Be certain and sure this is a great victory in Heaven God wishes you to know that many have failed to stop this. They fall and now the view is clear for all to see There shall be many gathered as the signs placed by us for the many shall now be delivered to the many so strongly that the chain reaction shall evoke great tidings and all shall come to see for themselves God has raised his hand upon earth

I vow before all light, divinity in all essence, that upon thy shoulder of thine light, I am as all to thee. In this I am Great Spirit. To you I bequeath eternal light, eternal truth, never to be alone, for I am with thee always. Never to be unloved for I love thee eternally. Never to be hurt by another for always I am thy shield and thy protector. Never to be unknown, for always thou art known to me. Never to be forgotten nor to be laid aside, for eternally thou shall have mine remberance. Never to be in discord, for always I am thy song and thou art my harmony. Never shall another put this asunder, for all light hath given of this and all light shall uphold this vow. One to another shall remain firm that this truth shall exist ever more, peace within each, peace with each other and so it shall be eternal truth

For thine garden is mine, as mine harvest is thou own one heart, one light, one truth, one song. Thus love sublime and ever lasting, thus strength and unity beyond all measure. I am sure and give as Great Spirit having reached thou shore and thou heart call. Perfect this love, long and enduring. Stronger by God than by all of mankind, thus the road becomes clear, never failing. Gods divine words on the wings of fate on the winds of thine life are his pure and true laws, his breath thy way, his wisdom thy gift, never to part from eternal bliss. Thou art mine life as mine own is thou light and thy issue be sure shall rain supreme. Thou heart has spoken, called forth from afar, seeker of truth, giver of life. Divine way is shown, Divine essence thine gold.Thus then shall arise the day upon earth, when duty is bound by the Golden girth. Heal thy brothers and sisters as one, thou life never over thy truth is then done. Brought forward to seek upon mans Golden rays the gift of Gods laws, Gods path Golden laid.

I was there in the beginning I am here at the end. This is what has been overlooked.

Now last warnings lay their hands upon you. I ask you this; are you selfish or are you true. For what you decide today is the victory or defeat of all humanity?


The New World
There is a new world being born. A training ground for the Gods. Birth a new world off world and let it be sought the permission for democracy from the ancestors that it may be blessed and the great tapu nui be invoked for all. That none shall go against Gods decisions which are Universal Law. These shall rule mankind and mankind shall learn these and abide by these. When man first sets foot upon this land, he must bring with him the holy man from the East of Aotearoa. The holy one has the karakia (Prayer) to take that in the past as he is in the present unto the future the Mana of this world unto the next. Know this making Mana is making good in all your words and deeds. Let only the Mana of the true take shape in the new world.
Peace be yours

I make declaration that no one may place another in the position of not being able to move forward in their life or life purpose or being by way of threat through intimidation, or consequence of ill intent, or harm, both spiritual or physical and thus any who so attempt shall cause consequence in their own spirit, gifts, and power having returned to them that which they have sent in this manner that they may learn the lessons in love light and healing

Let it be known I have torn the nets of the old mind. I have cut the nets of falsity and of the suppression humanity has been caught in. No more will there be suppression of the people. Let the age be of reason, let the age be of truth and bring forth purity of thought word and deed from within the heart into the world.
The thoughts of war creates war let the thoughts of humanity be of peace within and humanity shall have peace for all. Start with the individual and grow expediential to family, community, Nation, Nation’s, and globally.
Let all thoughts be of higher thought in co creation
Man put down your weapons of war put away childish things and thoughts of war. Nourish the Mother. Start by nourishing your woman providing protecting, treasuring, respecting, and honoring her.

Woman are the heart of family, community, Nation and the world, in this she will be recognised and her authority now returned into the world acknowledged. Care of all children will be handed back to her and Man shall honour all that she will do. All came from woman She is the beginning of all things and from her all must pass in the end.

Where there is light there is love
Where there is light there is truth
When love light and truth live together
There is a true heart
When a true heart lives there is life for all
When a true heart is lit there is creation born
On the breath of the divine

Should you be lucky to be touched by a true heart aflame
And not respond in kind Know you are darkness to all of life and life's creatures you shall lose yourself, your own, and all that is dear to your heart fail for you can not see the way and shall not be the way nor place upon another to be these things. God places light love truth which you have not the power to remove, yet God has the power to remove you. Embrace the true heart for it is your savior. God has the victory already beat not futile wings at the flame. Inri
Humanity is destroying all life and can only be saved now by choice. That choice is the inner compass that delivers truth that all can hear no matter the culture, creed, religion, and age. It is the very gateway God gave to humanity to the Kingdom of Heaven and now on it is written the commandments. For which I declare that these tablets of God be inscribed for all time upon the hearts of mankind. This truth is Universal Law and can not be altered by humanity. True liberty for all for no man woman or child can put this asunder. It is obtainable for all and holds the same truth for all.
The Tablet of the law
Let the truth written within the hearts of humanity be the guiding light for all things in all moments.
Let the thoughts of humanity co join with the truth written within their hearts to become the creative means to produce a New Dawn for all humanity to live in harmony one with the other and all those upon Mother earth. And let this be aligned to Gods creation else fail to take root.
Let it be known No one can attack truth and live to be victorious
Let no person shy away from the truth that is written in their heart.
Let no person Live falsely to the truth written in their heart.
Let no person alter for their own sake or will truth that is written within their hearts
If your words are not of truth they shall not reach the heart nor plant the seed.

Let all be held to their words of good and positive no matter if meant or not that all learn to be honest and to honor, that all learn to read the law written on their hearts.

Free will is simply choice of soul in how it will react to Gods will in circumstance the choice to be of good and light or neigh creates and in this way Universal law is bound to operate that the spirit can grow and find its way back home.
Let no person put against another for following the truth written within his or her own heart
Let all Nations reinstate laws of the heart for all to live upon
Let all Nations create through the truth within the heart the New Dawn in purity that all humanity shall be restored and the balance upon earth and in Heaven be restored.
Know this; No life exists in a Nation without heart. No life exists but for the heartbeat of our Mother. Without the heart no love exists in the world and nothing exists in the world, the engines of creation cease to be.

How brave the heart that stands to be true to be free. No greater leader shall there be no matter what others do. No matter how hard it is to follow it is the only path to be free. Mock the heart and its truth is to walk the destructive path of falsity. You test the heart at every turn yet God is testing you. Deny not the truth of the heart no greater sin can there be for this is the very seed of God’s commandments and all upon Earth and in Heaven must abide by the truth of the heart it is the law

Let all be connected within directly to their higher self learn to read what is written on the tablet of their heart and Gods higher laws that all awaken and follow this as a new way of being. Let the inner heart of the spirit on earth lead over the current status of mind over spirit on earth that all upon earth respond to this making for a new world that brings true change, understanding, wisdom, love, and peace for all that all may be liberated and live free

Let all good win the battles of inner conflict within, that all on earth be given access to the information, confirmation, synchronicity, and manifestation, the sign posts of their path. Let all allow, accept, and enter the flow, awake to Gods sign posts. In this way manifest through co operation with Gods Higher laws.

Support all Mothers, nurture them, and hold them sacred, for they are the creators of humanity, creators of the future generations. Do this and all the children will be living limitless potential.

You cannot escape what you are born into. It is always there yet the aid of those around you can be the difference to your outcome and to theirs. Even to those who seem too hard and are let alone to continue suffering by those who will make no effort realizing not that one day this could be their own or even themselves. Miss not the chance to say a kind word, do a kind deed. Listen to their pain try not to solve it for them but hear the sorrow out for in their words shall be the truth in their hearts thus give the gift of tools to bring them away from all that lays so heavy in their hearts. Turn not away from your fellow man. Give only that which is true in your own heart and you shall be giving all asked of you.

Share one another, Share Mother earth
Let there are no more imbalance between the peoples of earth that all people of earth share in the abundance of the world and all that is in and upon it

Let it be known there will be no more peer pressure to be the same as another for all are unique and wear their own true colours

Diversity is the colors on the brush God uses to paint a master piece. Recognize the “you” in your children they have come to be with you for a purpose and a reason. What you imprint onto their being is the book of life you leave behind for all ages.

Share the beauty of each culture one to the other for it is the very diversity that paints the creators hues upon the fabric of life. In this sharing, knowledge is brought to the fore and those things feared due to fear of the unknown will disperse in the bond of spirit for each being is that and this is what unites humanity bringing forth the very best from each spirit being In these common links the Universal Laws operate the same and this is the foundation upon which to build the New World for it is a foundation created by God for all. Learning to operate these will ignite the very soul to be all that it is possible to be in any given moment. It will bring forth the limitless potential and the spirit shall in these things be free. .

Know this all you need is right there, within you, all that you have sought. All universal laws are truth that can not be undone by man and all mankind can find them in this way for these laws and the truth of them can not be changed You are all free, each and every one of you.

In this the return of the Gods shall raise the miraculous once more as Universal Law operates in wondrous ways. Go back to your self, bring forth that from your heart which is true it shall cut away all obstacles and bless you with the wealth of your inner being which shall be displayed into the world. Inri

The Divine Mother –
Let the call go out that the Mother has returned. Let it be known that mine enemies are Gods enemies and one need only look in the right place for that evidence. Let it be known that there is a vast difference between those that stand in ego and those that stand in the Authority of God. Let it also be known that it is over for those that threaten that which is to come and that they have been warned. No more shall people take in greed for their own use and self glory. Let it be known that to serve God is selfless service and Authority is given by entitlement Let it be known that the Golden arrow of truth flies and has reached its target.

Let it be known That she has come to bear witness to falsehoods and to decide that which is Gods question. Are the people upon this day ready to advance into the Age of Light in truth of his laws that peace can begin for all or shall they still be as children playing at the game of life?. For the Age of Maturity is required to be upon man. For the truth of man is seen with mine eyes and man falters even unto those that speak as though authority of office is existing. When I come let it be known that authority is existing for I shall speak the word and it shall be upheld Let those that hear hear and those that see see. Let those that do not, hold no power nor rank amongst the people of Aotearoa or the world.

Let it be known she returns with her insignia which is the cross within a circle. In the center of the cross the heart thus she bears the sign of Tula, the sign of balance, and the symbol of the Peacemaker. Her Authority, Mana, and her children are sealed forever, never to be broken by anyone on earth or in heaven. A second circle round the outside of the one she stands was drawn with these words sprung forth from the child “The circle of light is now in your propulsion. The circle of light is now in your life”.

And she speaks

Hear the children for they are closer to Gods throne having just come from it. Out of their mouths shall spring forth the announcement of signs, out of their mouths shall come the laws, and out of their mouths shall come the truth of universal ways for she has written it on the heart of the child.

Know her then, for she has been called by many names Hotumatuea, Mekeda, Belsa, Sheba, Mother of the Nations Queen of Queens she carries the royal isigmia of Astarte, Isis, Dame Notre Dam Goddess of wisdom. Know this the Pyramids including the Sphinx belong to her, the Divine Mother And you will find her heart at Te Meringa TeKaKaRa The pyramid is all about the balance holding gate ways open aligned with heaven that the stair way to Heaven can be travelled through both ways. It is the sail upon Earth as in Heaven. A Symbol of creation and the Divine Mother. Know this she has walked the Gates of Heaven on Earth and in spirit for humanities redemption and liberty.

Know that each master comes to earth with a mission of their own. He came to teach of love yet all Masters must walk the same. He you called the son of God and now must come the Mother. Her mission is to teach truth and set the spirit free To open up the way through the Gates of Heaven, restoring the balance between Heaven and Earth and take up the Divine throne upon earth again that the covenant between God the creator and the peoples of earth once more be tied, balanced and restored.

An Ascended Master knows their past lives and shall see this validated upon each earth born existence that no false claim shall be made or upheld in the world. An Ascended Master must walk the path as she has done to be recognized and validated before office shall be announced to the world.

Opening the new world gate

I am the one known as the Heart
By Gods light I am the beacon, the light, and the way. By Gods Love I am the true and pure heart. By Gods winds I am the word, the Breath, and blow the seeds of creation to be planted By Gods will I am life and live, manifest and am manifest. By Gods being I am protection, protected, keep and am kept safe. By Gods power I am upheld and overcome my enemies which are Gods enemies. By Gods Truth I am Truth, Understanding, and wisdom. I am chosen and remain thus eternally. By Gods Authority I am authority in both worlds physical and spiritual. By God I seal and am sealed
By Gods laws I am liberty

Know this I have absorbed mine enemies drawn them in. Let it be known that while they were testing me God was testing them and now I close the gate behind that they can not undo what has been done. They must transform. Let the veil be lifted and the Gates of Heaven be shown for all to see

Aotearoa and the heart of this land is the entry point of creation. It is imperative that only good and positive be placed that it may go out in the world thus I declare that only good and positive declarations be placed here. Only that which is filled with Divine light, love, truth, and wisdom take root here through the word of God and the Authority of God

Aotearoa holds the Gates of Heaven and XXXXXXXX now is the creation gate and creation entry point that flows out to the rest of the world.

Blessed is the sea for it is the water of life upon earth. Blessed is the Isle of White that receives the blessings of Gods love and light through these waters. Where the oceans meet female male to spiritual shores the triangle of unity balanced and sure ever long lasting now seek out the door count on the stars that guide the way. Blessed is the union as night to day. God be with you all

Thought is the creation process thus all must change their thinking. To do this is to have true liberty in the world that true thought be made possible to live and breathe amongst all. Thus Let it be known that true thought be upon the people and should a false thought be seeded it die with the intervention of truth this shall be the way as a thought upon them.

How brave the heart that stands to be true that stands to be pure and is both, that stands to create in purity, peace, love, in truth, wisdom, and liberty. No greater leader shall there be no matter what others say or do. No matter how hard it is to follow it is the only path to liberty and for humanity to be truly free.

God’s way is the only way and listening to God, following God is the perfection all seek. I make declaration that all seek within to connect directly with God thus let all unite and raise up the people, lead the people, and unite the people, and the Nations as never before. Let all move forward and be the destiny all are to be for the higher good of the all and the Nations and the world

I have made declaration that the patriarchal time make way for the matriarchal cycle that the Mother energy is upon earth and pours forth from Universal Law and Heavens realms unto mankind made manifest on Earth that this is so and so it is.

Let all selfishness become non existent and selfless service become the flame of family unity, love, and abundance Inri

The Gods, Eternal immortals, upon earth and in heaven guide humanity to balance, harmony, love, and peace within Let all sacred centers align (the matrix, and Serpent lines) let these be ignited in full and fully activated that all religions unite find the common ground and that all the Indigenous Nations be inclusive that in this unity all release the truth in its fullness That mankind may build on foundations of truth thus have lasting foundations based upon spirit not mind that all know spirit within is love, is perfect, is God within all. Let all those with office and authority of God take up their roles now and unite thus leading the people of the Nations upon earth into the fullness of the ways of spirit, God, universal Law, harmony, love and peace that this leadership be the shining light upon humanity on earth as it is in heaven for even in heaven there is hierarchy thus the balance between heaven and earth be upheld now and forever more.

Let these declarations open the way for all to embrace learn experience and understand spirit of God and their own spirit that the world become spirit on earth both as it is in Heaven and is on Earth

Let mankind set aside mind stepping this aside that it is put out of the way of its self vacating the rein over the spirit within and allow its spirit within to rein in true freedom that all may live to the heights for the highest good of all. And in this way God I declare set my people free

Let no man woman or child set this asunder that no restraints be placed upon those of attuning to their spirit within and attaining the fullness of spirit within, which is of God.

Let mankind fill up with the spirit of God not the mind. For man is spirit upon earth. I declare that all mankind remembers this while on earth as they do in heaven.
The mind has not the room of the spirit which may receive any answer to any question at any given moment while the mind simply stores a small amount of information and eventually if filled will strain its capacity and break down. The spirit within is endless in its abilities, ceaseless in its endeavors, and limitless, therefore I make these declarations that mankind may rise up and stand in its true essence of being as a whole, as part of the whole, and as spirit on earth return to the full functioning as such of Universal Laws and in this way bring FORWARD THE NEW WORLD where all can be safe, honor God, the God within and Gods glory for all time thus once more create Eden upon Earth.

Blessed are the winds upon which the eternal waters of life flow

The 24 who have gone out into the world, and the twenty four, who have remained within Aotearoa. Take your stations. Declarations follow for the raising up of the people. Beside me stand the scales of justice to weigh the heart of myself and man. Beside me stand those witnesses gathered

Cast asunder the nets of mankind’s evil mindsets and sins of selfishness, violation, and violence in preparation for the new mind. The new mind of sharing, and upholding one another, of living in harmony with Gods creation.

I would remind all the people have spoken and they have been heard. God has heard their cries. I have been sent in answer to them. Do not ignore them anymore.
The power of the people is the power of the tribes upon earth. The most important thing in a Nation is the wealth of the Nation and the true wealth of any Nation is its people.
And now Gods light is upon all and all in this are safe I make declaration to cast out the darkness of the lower self and life
Oh Mighty God Satan’s work is here upon the earth, vast in depth and breath it is spread through out society at every turn. No one dares to tell the truth here for fear of being persecuted. To be honest and sincere is an invitation to be treated with dishonour and cruelty. To trust is to be betrayed at every turn Those that carry truth within are thought to be abnormal if they live it in the open society determine it to be a form of insanity ostracise those standing true and call this alternative and contemporary . Every thought contaminated with the seeds of fear for mankind to be true self. Thus humanity has gone away from the precepts and the laws Universal which once more now must be reclaimed. Mankind kills in the name of God deceived by thoughts of Heaven while Gods command thou shalt not kill is a universal law and God needs not the power of man to move the heavens and earth it is those caught in Satan’s clutch who drown in such evil thoughts. Once again the depth of despair causes deeds of kind thus I make Declaration clearing the world of negative thought word and deed cutting the nets of lower energy and vibration that negative thoughts can no longer be sustained upon the mind or in the heart of humanity. All those spirits that carry such negativity shall vacate earth and influence over those beings called humanity I cast out the devil Satan that lower vibration and frequency be gone. and bind you in chains 1000 years I cut the nets of humanity caught in the lower vibrations and frequencies and release them from the bondage while casting out the followers of Satan Clear away the spirit which is on you humanity, clear away the state of being a slave The storm rages, this clears it. The force upon you that makes you rubbish is cleared off. You are Tiki formed in Hawaiiki, That life force brought is the manifold life force of the Tapu, A great Tapu, an important tapu it is the life force of Rongo leading to the dawn, Breath living spirit your bones are cleared. The forces over you made noa. 'Fly together chips and shavings, stick fast together, and hold fast together. Fly together bits of branches, stick fast together, hold fast together. Stretch straight upwards! Look the young green trees stand. Now be gone from this world lower frequency and vibration this world and all upon it is no longer yours but Gods and Gods own.
I invoke the great tapu Mana of Tiki for all humanity and free them from this slavery blowing Manawa ora upon all on earth. I invoke from Te Manawa Roa the beginning creating mankind clean once more and through the three day s of darkness I lay upon humanity the foundation stone upon which to build, Te Manawa. The origin and seat of all knowledge, of all knowing, power, intellectuality. Imparting strength and vigour to the emotions and thinking-power of man. It is the origin of strength, physical and mental. And I invoke the eight Pu Manawa of man to emerge upon the dawn humanity free and liberated clean and pure Te hei mauri ora.
God’s and guardians, people of earth, return to who you are live in limitless potential.
I invoke the people of my Nations in the waka’s of the Gods stand tall to be the Gods once more. Be gone those of Satan I close this off to you and yours be gone back whence you came from. The world and all upon are yours no more. As I declare it so it is and so it shall be now forever more.
Rise up now humanity and ascend the higher path is yours.
I declare The matrix is now activated in full let it be known the kingdom of God is found upon earth and once more is full of Gods light

I claim the divine throne of God upon earth once more as. The word made manifest I claim the Waka of the Gods as I stand and deliver in the land of Aotearoa known as The land of the long white cloud for the Gods and say unto you all I am returned here at the beginning here at the end The heart of the world. 13 shall come and be given the heart beat, the people of earth, and of the Mother together once more.

Let the Great Tree of Peace bloom upon the earth born in the times of the ancients sheltering all seeking peace. Like the Great Tree of Life I am the link that binds these things once more that God may bring the message to all those upon earth. Live as you were given to live by the laws of God and those made by God universal.

Let it be known; To walk as I have done one must walk through the door of light and face each following door thereafter as the trial, the test that grows and shows the vibration and true heart of the spirit. Each door is significant in its duty to discover the truth of the being. These doors bring forth true attributes dedication, commitment, sincerity, humility, and finally the word made manifest tried and true. Upon the earth gates then are travelled, these gates already subscribed to the vibration of the authority. Whence that Authority arrives they deliver up all required for the word upheld and the authority to once more stand and deliver to humanity at the mouth of the serpent in the circle of creation from the Great tree of Life this one is born and shall in turn grow fruits of the new age for humanity to pick. It is from the judgment of this authority that these 12 fruits are grown from seed. It is in this circle which is the true cross upon earth that the office of the word made manifest are resurrected thus reborn.

To humanity these doors are found within and each must travel these entering into the Kingdom of heaven. All have this ability to travel the realms in spirit. All may discover the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth for the existence of the sacred sites reflects this Kingdom in Heaven.

Every religion bears record of the star maps and the sojourn the spirit must travel to find its way home. Every sacred site a reflection of the Heavens and the way home. These gate ways are at the sacred sites upon earth and together are the matrix (womb).

Let it be known Many Children of Light came to and or went forth from the Land of the Long White Cloud carrying sacred stone named Poenamo, stone of the Gods, stone of peace, these stones are connected to Te tapu Manawanui the sacred Poenamo of the Mother, and when the Matrix is activated the Mother stone. And all Poenamo, placed around the world will be active in the world to balance the serpent lines within the people, of earth. And those of Heaven. Let humanity tune in that words wide spoken containing all elements of truth, wisdom, peace, harmony, Universal Law, and love be spread that the word of peace and harmony upon the Mother be open to all and be held fast.

On this day 21st December Ad2012 I declare the matrix is ignited to restore the balance and on the four winds once more the decrees go out. Seeds of the future humanity are to found. Plant and Harvest them well Children of the four winds, Children of the light. Birth your new dawn with wisdom with love with peace let these things spring forth from your inner heart to transform your world once more into the beauty of the creator and leave behind the childish things of man.

Long ago, the mother had children
They came in many forms
But dear to her heart were the children of light?
For they lived amongst all that she had created
In perfect harmony

These children were taught to understand the beat of her heart in the cycles of her seasons
They were attuned to the flow of her bloods in the waters of her oceans, in the dragon energies below and on high.

They lived upon her in a garden, you call Eden
She tended her children through out their years
She watched them grow and answered their prayers
She knew where they walked as each footstep they placed
Was full of her light was full of her grace

These children knew nothing of pain. Their bellies were full. Hunger amongst them not known
They understood the laws of their mother
And tended and cared one to the other

The light placed peace in their heart
They trusted each other in this garden at night
Each free to be the truth of themselves
They honored each other. Inflicting no wounds
They did not understand, what it was to suffer

And now it is time to harvest the plan
For it comes again to the children of man
And you are the light the ones have returned
The suffering is over. Your freedom you’ve earned

As you go towards the age of peace return to the ways of our Mother. For you came at this time to prosper and there are many. The guardians on high have sheltered you. And in your training, you have been true. And the time now comes for you to be the children of light. Your destiny

To bring back the days under the Mothers rays
Where abundance is there for all to share
Where love surrounds all and each can walk tall
Were the love, in the heart plays a tune that all can hear

Oh special ones your lights a flame and the truth of you
Will bring it through so sing the Age of Peace into being and burn as bright as your planets sun for the Age of Peace has now begun. And you of the light must show the way Help each other every day for your Mother needs you

Grow true and straight in the ways of heaven
God bless all.

Stand up all you spiritual leaders and announce to the world the gates have been opened, the hall of records released. Let the veil drop and heaven upon earth be seen.
I reaffirm all declarations I have made. May truth liberty and love remain in the world until it can once more flow through to all and peace be restored to humanity. God be with you.

The signs Let it be known that the elders in upholding the restoration and commitments made to the heart shall affirm the sign signaling humanity has chosen to progress in peace and thus humanities progress into the New Dawn shall be upheld at the beginning in the Land of the long White cloud

Let Geronimo return home to his people release his bones to his family returned in homage to the great journey he has taken by my side let this be the sign for all that humanity has entered the door of the journey to the new dawn proper

Knowledge is one thing, knowing another. To experience, understand, and apply that knowing is to have true wisdom. Know this God has a plan and it is perfect. Knowledge or neigh, co-creation or neigh, mass consciousness or neigh, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

And so be it.


About TeManawa (The Heart)
Born 29 April 1957 Taurus

Debra Aldebaran Mountain Bee

Aldebaran the ISIS star also known as the heart, the diamond is found in the golden Arrow or face of the Bull and is also known as the bulls eye. The V represents the face of the Whanau (ISIS) as represented on the Sphinx)
Ann (An) Orion’s Belt middle star
Potroz (Pot) Orion’s Belt
(Po) Underworld
(T) Tree Air wind divine Breath
(R) Beginning First (oz) Tula Balance

Named TeManawa by the elders in 2007

(Te) Taurus Sacred Tree
(Manawa) Heart Balance Foundation

ISIS protector of the Universe
Mother of Mothers
7 is the number of creation
13 reveals the location of Tula and the gate of Tula
Tula=vessel of the soul of Tula
Tula=balance Tula=twin mountains
Tula=doorways portals
Tula = void
13 heart beats of mother earth thus reveals the gate to Tula
13th zodiac innhotep/ophichuis=keeper of the serpent
13 God and man
The 13th letter of the English alphabet is M, which finds its roots in the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “mem” (meaning mother), which was the ancient Phoenician word for water. The ancient Egyptian word for water was “moo.” M is the most sacred of all the letters, for it symbolizes water, where all life began. It is the root of the word “mother,”

Taurus; Mesopotamians being the first to call this part of the sky Gud.Anna., 'Bull of Heaven'. In Egypt where Taurus the sky representative of Isis
As the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran is called the Eye of Revelation. It is referred to by astronomers and cosmologists as the Eastern Royal Star, one of the four Royal Stars considered the sentinels watching over other stars. It is also known as the Buddha‘s star, the Star of Illumination, and God’s Eye.
The Cross of the Disciple. The “eye of the bull” in Taurus, the magnificent fixed star, Aldebaran, is one of the reasons why this constellation is regarded as conferring illumination. In ancient days it was called the leading star of the heavens, and Taurus has always been connected with light and, therefore, with Christ, who proclaimed himself as the Light of the World. Light, illumination and sound, as expressed of the creative force: these are the three basic ideas connected with this constellation. The “interpreter of the divine voice”, as Taurus was called in ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into Christian terminology and called “the Word made flesh.

Taurus one of the ancient names given to this sign was Te, meaning foundation, which is interesting from the fact that it was in this sign period that the foundations of the two Jewish temples were laid.

Tula in the sign of Libra Rachel Hayvice
Libra the scale of justice
The balance
Weighs the heart of man
Taurus and Libra are the only two sign ruled by Venus


For those of you are believe in the 2012 21 end of the world scare, i am sorry to disappointing but that is only a trick the SYSTEM uses to get people into the worse state of consciousness-fear. The Mayan calendar might have ended but it doesn't mean our life ends. The Earth is cleansing for thousands of years of nuclear abuse, violence in nature and negative dark energies. It is coming fourth into a new energy field and the planets have aligned to help make it happen. This energy field is meant to cleanse the earth with the new coming divine light, and enlighten the humankind towards the good. It will bring new awareness, self discovery creativity to those who are open to it, not going to lie it may also banish the negative forces and those who are attached to them off the Earth's surface....mass increase of natural disasters will progress, but if you listen to your intuition, your God within...it will take a different turn. From here on and for years and years to come, I encourage everyone to focus on finding the love within even though life might be difficult, turn around and make a choice today to feel better about yourself and to take action towards personal and public improvement. We all love to live here, this is our home, so let's make it better and brighter as we turn our heads and hearts towards welcoming the Earth entrance into an Golden Age! Focus on the good in life instead of the bad....your bf dumped you? Great focus on your career and believe in love! Troubles with family and friends? Have a conversation heart to heart, and open up. Feeling sick, tired, unhealthy? Start an alkaline lifestyle (NOT A DIET) for diets do not work, make it your life to eat healthier to smile more, repeat your morning affirmations on the daily basis? Feeling hurt, betrayed, numb from past experiences? Meditate on it, face the hurt or pain or fear, then forgive those who are involved, forgive yourself..and let it go,Find a person, a healer, a Reiki specialist, a Channeler/healer/hypnotherapist to help you heal your old wounds because we do not want to repeat the mistakes of hurt or violence..LET IT ALL OUT AND HEAL!Let the knowledge of a better life ahead be your healer. Make this year all about letting go of the old patters, habits, relationships, hurts....and you will not only feel better but this feeling will last.
The Church of God is within, no matter what religion you are..you are an extension of God...why? because you are here on Earth, and you exist.....good or bad...happy or sad....you are alive, and that is the ultimate gift!
Happy 12/21/2012!


December 20, 2012 an easy 21 mile meditative run,“Don’t confuse your path with your destination, just because it is storming now, doesn't mean you are not ahead for sunshine.”

Thank You!

Listening to the rain fall as I am aware of the real me that's sitting inside myself. I begin to renovate the interior of my world by thinking, feeling and being on purpose in this moment. Focused on feeling love within me; not just to see it manifest in the physical plane, but focused on love because feeling good is the only way for me to be free. I need nothing from you and you need nothing from me. And at first glance, that may seem rude, but if you understand this message, you will know how it truly feels to have you all on this spiritual awakening companionship. From darkness to light, here I AM.

In some cases many of us are the first ones from our families that are embracing this outside the box new thought spiritual oneness movement). So the fact that you are hear reading this message is enough evidence for you to know that you are creator! Because people who let life happen to them don't look for their truth, they base their truth on the truths of those that know nothing about blissful truth. Many have lived and died; going their whole life not knowing who they truly were while in physical form. So we are the history makers, because everybody after us will benefit from the new thoughts of empowerment that we set forth today. So here we are open minded in the 5th dimension. Not so much a place, but a state of mind. And when you live in that state of mind and from that place of being; every place you touch on earth will feel like a room inside soft gold walls of heaven.


Surrendering – Epilogue (Part 5)

It is not always easy for us to surrender living in a culture that teaches us the opposite. Surrendering is easier, as stated earlier when you are clear for yourself, as to what or whom you are surrendering to. It is also easier when you are clear what it is you are surrendering. We have an easier time surrendering some things but not others, and it is essential that we surrender all, otherwise we are fooling ourselves into believing that we have really surrendered. Although it is important as well to let go of the outcome, it is a good idea to be clear about what we want for our lives as (God, Your Source, Love) works through our hearts and minds. For example, if you want to have a good relationship, it is important to know what that would be and look like for you. Does it mean time together, time apart, open communication, mutual respect, interests and values, etc.? If it is a new job, what kind of job? Do you want to work in a large or small company, with people or by yourself, for profit or not-for-profit, etc.? We then surrender our relationship / job and let go of the outcome. It is important to leave the end result to your “Source”. It is also important that you believe in your own worth to be able to receive the good that is coming to you. And since you are a beloved child of (God, Source, Love) and your “Source” has a wider / higher / larger view than you, get ready to receive something even better / bigger / larger than you could have imagined. So therefore, we see that in surrendering, we gain much more than we ever give up.


Person. I become the mask. I have no idea what I am. I attach my thoughts to anything which seems solid & intellectually sound, yet i have no idea if it is. I follow any route which seems real, with the expectation of it being so. It isn't. I am lost in a universal sea & will die in the same state, forever unknowing, because I was never me at all.


One day the dream of God became a living word. The words of the voice bringing light out of power became the prophetic promise. And the words entered the flesh of the world. The field of the world longed with profound longing to become again garden. And the heart of the world longed to become again freedom. Those who remembered whispered together. And from that whispering a wind arose. From that wind, life! And an awakening spread out to water the Earth.

There at dawn: fertility and a tree. Upon this tree the fruit of maturity and the name of the fruit was called Democracy. And the truth spoke, saying “I am the shape transhuman; I am the eternal vision. In seeds of my soul is soul-making; that here, unknown becomes known. And the one you most need is the one you must live. Living as one is the glory of love!”

Then the sword of the cherub was broken. And those who remembered went in. Those who watched rejoiced in “Amen.” And the voice of God like a daydream of flowers rested over the lands.
And the place of that peace is now named. And the name of that place is Eden.

I say, “Look! Here is where we are—and with the map of choices between us. Now, who among the generations chooses the way of Eden—and to dwell in freedom beneath the Tree of Life?”

from LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS: Episodes of a Sentient Soul, volume one; free download: http://www.ovimagazine.com/cat/56. There have been over 14,000 downloads in the first 21 days of publication! Please claim a copy, share the link. The book is a gift without a price tag…

"All = One"

"I believe in the fundamental Truth of all the great religions of the world. I believe that they are all God-given...
I came to the conclusion long ago...that all religions were true, and also that all had some error in them."
~Mahatma Gandhi

Falling Into Wonderland - Musings on Grace, Spirituality, Life as Art and Life in General

My latest post on my blog, Falling Into Wonderland, Wise Up can be found at http://fallingintowonderland.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/wise-up/

In it, I reflect on the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, from a spiritual perspective.
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

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