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Truth Be Told

Truth be told my heart is broken, I feel it always was
The beat of a little girl, lost in love with magic and dancing in the rain
Ancient eyes, with the confident stride of a Goddess
Held together by shaking human limbs
Ancient eyes where demons lie
Truth be told I love them too

Age old tale
Down the rabbit hole
Leaving broken promises and angry tears like breadcrumbs as a trace
With only the looking glass to decree the royal obloquy

Such a peculiar state of being
Aware and watching oneself as a curious spectator in the stands
Watching as she runs eagerly into the firestorm
She is unafraid, wanting only to taste the flames and allow them to devour her wholly
Just to feel the blistering passion as deeply and intensely as she possibly can
Truth be told she loves that too

Watching as she tries to wake them, those she longs to take with her so badly
Watching as she tries to shake them
Only to be so profoundly saddened when the slumber persists
Kindred souls, beautiful and enchanting, lead her imagination astray
Bordering on obsession, living to bathe in even a single drop of plenary illumination
Back to equipoise, all foibles embraced
Truth be told she loves them most of all

Heidi Moore

Arms of Angels

Ok Its that time of year when most people remember their loved ones. Well for me its all year long . Everyday. Some say its not healthy to do that. However they are a part of my heart. With out them seems like an eternity here on earth but I feel them so close. Some send me signs. My closest sends me hearts. And yes even in my pancakes. The other day I was playing uno with my 9 year old daughter and this was a game Karen and I would play for hours. We would start about 9am break for lunch and dinner and play into the night. Never got bored we would play into the thousands. I would loose a hand and Id get so mad but she would just laugh and laugh and call me sweet cheeks. As Im playing with my daughter faith she slammed me with a draw four just as I was ready to go out and she looks at me smiles and says oh dont get mad sweet cheeks! I almost dropped my cards. I just looked at my little one and said oh punky I love you which was Karens nick name from me she just looked at me and said I love you to. I havent spoke a word about this till now but I felt her through my child and I was blessed to have a few minutes with her again. Karen has been around alot lately and I know its because im having such a hard time in life. She always was ready to tear someone limb to limb if they hurt me. She was my size 0 prector. How does a twig protect an oak tree well let me tell you with a lot of soul. I love you and rest easy my punky . Desiree I met you everyday at your locker at school. I know how much you loved yan. I remember all the fun times we had and that crazy pic I took with your mouth open with a huge blob of about 6 pieces of bubble yum. LMBO WOW! That was great. Everyday you dropped your books and Id laugh and pick them up then you tripped over me jeeeez! My heart broke when I found out and collapsed at your locker as I heard the announcements. I will never forget how it felt to see you and yan together in death but so alive in paradise. Jenny you had a life of challenges. We just started our friemdship and I realized how special you were the day we hugged and you asked me to be your friend. I was honored and still am. I love you. Joy you had such a hard hard hard life. A life of drugs and other unhealthy habits that took your soul to places it never should of went. God knew you couldnt go on and spared you from this hell you were in and now you shine. Still remembering that booty dance to "Rump shaker" and how you squealed when I did the splits! Yeah them were daisy dukes hahahahahaha and your ripped rolflmbo! The harley rides and the bar we had a blast at. Crazy chick I miss you. Amber God took your pain away the moment you took his hand and I love you and miss you and most of all you were my sisters bestfriend and she is having such a hard time without you as I worry for her too. I know she has a bad issue too. So Im having a moment remembering my girlz my angels. Thank you all for sharing with me! Love you all!

"Inner and Outer Knowledge"

There is everything in inner understanding. Acquire it.
.if you have understanding you can be Happy even in the midst of suffering.
Understanding is the eye, understanding is the light. Without it a man is worthless. Acquire inner understanding, there is nothing greater.
A man can acquire knowledge from books, but without understanding that knowledge is like a mirage in the desert. So seek "Truth", inner knowledge is the connection to the Soul...!

he who loved the world.

many centuries ago there lived a man who travelled this earth trying to help the human race,
where-ever and when-ever he could, he was a special ANGEL of LIGHT with special abilities of a spiritual nature.
there came times in his life when the physical emotions he had within him grew strong,
at these times he tried to over-come them with quite time in solitude.
this sometimes did not help as the vibrations of emotions were very strong, when he realised
he could not change certain emotions he surrendered these to his CREATOR, it was then that he
received the BLESSINGS that helped him to move away from physical emotions that disturbed his way of life.
thus we say to you and all SOULS who experience this happening, search your inner self and find the emotion
that is causing you to be in despair, then surrender this into your CREATORS capable hands.
given with love from the one's who are always near GOD BLESS.
with love & blessings to all from FLORA
(c) margaret 21-3-01

Promises, Promises....Help me, save me!


P.S. God does not need to destroy the Earth...we are doing a bang up job of it a

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Life after the Holiday 12/27/12

Life after the Holiday begins with being more aware.
Your awareness is focused on loving relationships.
Opposing Energies: fear, betrayal, distrust
Over-protectiveness with your heart and where to place your love can produce a coldness.
Maybe disappointments and mistrust from the past created this protective measure, and you continue to feel those feelings of betrayal.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: trust, openness, truth
The smart move now is to allow yourself to be a little more open to the possibilities, and refrain from adding your lack of trust to loving relationships.
The possibility of a loving relationship includes adding trust to your reality.
Why not be open to fulfillment?
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.


Man can live either by his own will or as part of god's will. The first is the way of the ignorant person,
and because of that the ignorant person suffers. His whole effort is futile because he is trying to do something which is impossible. We are part of the whole, we cannot exist as separate entities, not even for a single moment.

We can believe that we exist as separate entities, but that is only belief, not reality. And whenever belief
goes against reality it creates suffering because you live according to something which is not the cass; you
start going wrong. When you live according to the real there is no misery -- bliss is the outcome. The man who understands drops his ego for the simple reason that it is only a false notion. There is no way to materialise it; it will remain false. And to spin and weave your life around something false is a sheer wastage of energy... but that's what millions of people go on doing, hence they suffer. The suffering is caused because without understanding the reality they go on trying to do something against it. They are trying to go against the current. Their whole energy becomes a constant fight -- and they are bound to lose,
because how can the part win against the whole? It is like a leaf fighting with the tree itself.

If the leaf has consciousness it may start thinking it is separate, that it has nothing to do with the tree,
that it will have its own way. And then immediately there will be trouble, there will be conflict. It will
become more and more alienated from its own sources of energy. The tree is its mother, and the tree is not
only a tree, it is rooted in the earth; it represents the whole earth. It breathes the air, it represents the whole
atmosphere. It is connected with the sun and with the farthest star. To fight with the tree is to fight with the
universe. Just a poor, tiny leaf trying to fight with the universe -- the whole idea is stupid. But that's what
man goes on doing: he goes on pushing the river.

Sannyas means dropping the fight with the river, going with the river, allowing the river to take you, learning the art of let-go. Those two small, simple words 'let', 'go', define the very spirit of sannyas. Then one can say 'Let thy kingdom come, thy will be done.' Then one withdraws one's will, and the moment you withdraw your will your life becomes immensely rich. Suddenly the whole is with you, and we can be victorious only when the whole is with us.

Only Love Matters

This has been a perfect today to mediate, reflect and look at our world. The topic at the top of the list is LOVE: A Reminder of what it really is.

Is PATIENT, love is KIND, It does not ENVY, It does not BOAST, It is not PROUD, It is not RUDE, It is not SELF-SEEKING, It is not EASILY ANGERED, It keeps no Record of wrongs, Love does not DELIGHT in evil, but REJOICES with the TRUTH, It always PROTECTS, Always TRUSTS, Always HOPES, Always PERSEVERES. LOVE never FAILS and Now these three remain; FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, but the greatest of these is LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥

12/27/12 Radio Interview!

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December 26, 2012 an easy 18 mile meditative run, “Don’t wish me happiness - I don't expect to be happy it's gotten beyond that, somehow. Wish me courage and strength and a sense of humor - I will need them all.”

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Here is super video to help you move into a feel good vibration, using advanced hypnotic subliminals, silent subliminals. I have discovered over 8 months a way to combine billions of affirmation/ afformation, and new trance language, energy healing, aum, ho'oponopono messages... please freely share this video to others.



Yod is an astrological pattern that is referred to as the Finger of God. When a Yod astrological pattern shows up in the Heavens, change is bound to happen. The above Yod occurred on December 21 of this year.

Everything in the Heavens, or astrological patterns, effects our individual emotional focus. The natal chart we were born with indicates the emotional qualifications we have to direct creative energy through conscious focus. This conscious focus can be used for a good purpose, or it can be used for destructive purpose. The more consciously focused we are on understanding our OWN internal emotional integrity, the better we can consciously direct Universal Flow towards a desired outcome.

The reason we do not understand our connection to the Universe is because we learn to redefine this connection as we shift to a more intellectual approach to life. The shift to the intellectual approach has been impossible to avoid due to the error that began 6000 years ago. At that time, the purpose of time shifted in order to entertain a more intellectual way of understanding the purpose of life.

The intellectual approach to understanding is left up to the individual to explain their personal interpretation of reality. This is why one person can believe one thing, and someone else believe something totally different. This is also what accounts for the different forms of religion found in different sectors in our world.

It is not that beliefs have not had their purpose to help form a world. But some of them have become obsolete and are no longer necessary in a global society. Because of the past references that beliefs carry, and because the mind never forgets anything, many beliefs do not serve a global society, and in fact have become detrimental in nature to the world they at one time served.

All belief relies on the intellect first to explain reality, while the Heavens rely on emotional integrity first. The Finger of Yod, or God, in the planetary pattern above shows Saturn and Pluto at the top of the chart, which could be the fist. While Jupiter is at the bottom of the chart, which could be the finger.

Saturn and Pluto are stern, disciplinary planets. Saturn represents the past. It relies on the lessons learned in the past to determine the present. Pluto represents the underworld. Things unseen that are not necessarily beneficial until they are brought into the Light. The fist, which is controlled by Saturn and Pluto, are symbolic of hanging on, or the unwillingness to let go of fear of the past. These are the unconscious patterns that have governed our Planet for 6000 years. They are full of the fear of moving beyond what is intellectually understood. Because it is believed there is no other way, it is better to stay locked in fear than move out of the interpretations that have been offered by the intellect into something new. We mistakenly believe that if we do not have fear, we will not be able to function and we will not understand who we are. This is a lie.

Fear is the unmanageable and unnatural condition that emerged after the original error. It was this error that placed the intellect in control of collective global emotional integrity, which consciously connected the people in our world to the whole collective Universe before this error occurred. After the error, or the intellectual separation, the world became wicked and unrighteous according to Universal standards. The need to get by doing, instead of being because of having emotional integrity, established a new way of communicating, which is defined by the language of intellectual science. This is an upside down way of thinking that continues to separate our world from the emotional integrity necessary to communicate at a Universal level. The solution is to eliminate fear and restore the healthy collective memories that define our world in whole consciousness.

Jupiter, which is the finger of this Yod, offers the ability to consciously expand beyond the control of the dark unconscious emotional control of Saturn and Pluto, which controls through fear. These are represented by fear of doing something wrong, which that protects the physical laws assigned to intellectual need. Jupiter is a benevolent Planet that will expand consciousness beyond belief if it is given the opportunity.

Intellectually it is believed we need taxes. It is intellectually believed that we need laws to protect us from people who do not uphold intellectual laws. It is intellectually believed that we need paper to protect us our resources and assets. It is intellectually believed that we need paper to sustain the economy. It is intellectually believed that we need science to come up with a solution to save the ecology of our Planet. It is intellectually believed that we need corporations to keep us working so we can maintain our way of life. It is intellectually believed that we need to go to work to make money for our life to be meaningful. There is not one untruth that is defined that does not have an intellectual logical reason why we need any of this. Therefore, the question must be asked; what if none of this is true? What if we made it all up, and it is all just make believe?

Within the fist of the Yod between Pluto and Saturn is the Planet Venus. Venus is the Planet of Universal Love. She is being held captive there by the belief in the need for things that are not needed at all. What keeps here there is our personal fear of making a wrong move that would cause more fear.

The only question that we must ask ourselves is if we are willing to make a new choice. Are we willing to step beyond our personal belief that past fear can somehow protect us, or are we willing to consciously accept the Universal solution? This solution involves people collectively becoming involved in a Universal Project that will elevate the collective consciousness of our world to new heights of Universal awareness.Universal Innocent Love is waiting for us to release her from the dark empty space of false emotional need. Trapped in hell, we hear her cry, but we believe it is our own. She is the one whose tear runs down our face, from a belief in hell that is of our own making. We can change this. It is our responsibility to give Love a chance.

The Universe has given our world a Plan to release Love. The name of the Plan is called One Wholeness Now. The means to release our Love from the hell of fear is called a miracle. Miracles are Universal tools extended to our world from the Universe to teach us of our other reality. This is the one that links us to the whole Universe.

The choice is simple, but not easy. We can choose fear, or we can choose a miracle. Between these two there is nothing else.

Goddess Of The Crest

Goddess of the Crest
(for Duke Rivers by Tirza)

Endless Wisdom
Heavens abound
The beauty of life
Concentrated in a single crest
Of a single wave
In the infinite ocean
From whence the goddess was born

She rises to join the mortals
On their earthly plane
Her body
The disguise of a normal woman
Daughter of Eve
Yet her eyes give away
Divine eternity
In a single gaze
As she looks upon her god-lover
To determine
Whether he will see her true essence
In a fleeting moment
As small as a grain of sand

Her god-lover sees it
Yet fears of the flesh hold him back
From realizing his own divine potential
He is trapped in his human body
Taking on the codes of the cages
Demons set up
To enslave the human race

The goddess weeps
Weeps for her own longing
For the shining light of his soul
Squashed and slandered
And for all of humanity on this planet

She rises
Her mission fulfilled
To experience herself as a suffering mortal

With graceful gait
She walks into the sea
Her body dissolves
And becomes once more
ONE with the eternal crest
From whence she came

Her god-lover now recognizes her fully
He throws up his arms in lament
She is gone from him
He failed her
Failed to be her warrior and guardian
She needs to safely shine her light
On all the souls she touches

The god-lover had now seen the goddess's true beauty
As she ascended to a higher plane
He realized his own divinity
And with this
He sees through the illusion of time
He sheds his own iron cloak of fear
And follows the goddess to her realm
To unite in the true beauty of their love

Their lights shine
In divine unity
As the heavens glow
In the setting sun
Of their blissful union

He is her companion and protector
Her nurturer and guardian

When they descend once again
To the earthly realm
They allow their light to shine forth
Illuminating all
With their divine LOVE and WISDOM
Amongst the children of Adam and Eve
They help the planet ascend
Into the fifth dimension

(Tirza E. M. Schaefer)

~ Why Finland Has Best School System in World ~ Explained By Teacher ~ Posted By Agnes MacEachern ~

Finland spends 30 percent less per student than the United States, yet 96 percent of Finns graduate high school and 66 percent go to college.
26 amazing facts about Finland's school system: http://www.businessinsider.com/finland-education-school-2011-12?op=1

The Gift 12/26/12

Good Afternoon, everyone! I hope that your Christmas or the holiday you recognize was a beautiful one! Today, there isn’t going to be a message from the cards. There is going to be a message, but it is going to be one that has been inspired to me this morning. It is going to be a poll with a new outlook. I’m sure this question has been asked on many occasions, but there is something that has come through to re-examine it. It would have been set up as an official poll, but your reader isn’t quite versed in how to do it while adding an explanation afterwards. So here we go…

If a person has a gift should they provide its benefits to others without charge?

A.) Yes, it is a gift from the Creator and should be shared freely.
B.) No, the person is using their time and talents and should be compensated.
C.) There should be a healthy balance of giving away and receiving.
D.) Depends on the situation and gifting.

While the inspiration that caused the question to be used as the message today will remain with your reader, think about the question carefully. How did you respond? Did you immediately think of only gifts such as those that other people and myself use to assist people spiritually? We have been greatly blessed with guidance and awareness to assist others on their paths. Much like priests, pastors, and yogis of other religions we give of our time to help people spread their wings and accept the love that is from the Divine.

Are these the only gifts that come from Creator though? What about the actor who has trained his voice, movement, and breath to project lines from a stage for you to enjoy? Then there is the musician who has composed music for us to enjoy. Should they do these things for free and expect nothing in return? Many use these talents simply because they love what they do and it doesn’t affect what they are able to provide for themselves or their families. Let’s take this to an even broader level. What of the people who are gifted with the ability to give good customer service behind a register? Should they give that gift freely? There may not be people who have this gift that show they enjoy it, but their service is a necessity to keep your life going. There are those people who work through every night, every holiday to give you what you and your family need to keep going on in a day-to-day basis. We forget about their gifts until we have no gas, no electricity or packages in the mail. We also forget about those who lay down their lives until they are doing so for us.

Let’s, for the moment, use the daily messages that you’ve received on this page for nearly a year now. They are at your disposal just about everyday without any type of return expected. There are a couple questions you may want to consider. How many of you sign on just to see what the message is for the day and how it fits in your life at that very moment? How many times have you relied on the guidance and teaching that has come through? Now, what if all of a sudden they stopped being free and you had to pay for the guidance, would you continue reading them and has the same feeling of wanting to get the guidance as well as look forward to it. Countless hours have been put into this page and been done so completely free and clear of any expectation. You don’t even have to respond to what was written. Not everyone reads all of these or all the way through for that matter. But they are posted her as daily as possible for that opportunity. If there was the expectation of financial return how would that change?

Now, take it to another level. There are countless programs and technology available that people have taken countless hours to design. Should they receive a return for you using what they’ve created? Or should we be able to use their gifts and talents just because Creator gave them the knowledge and capability to provide them? There is so much that we feel that we should just be able to take because we need it. It is one of the greatest human flaws for us to expect to be able to take what we need when we need. But it is also a great human flaw for us to feel that we should have to pay for what someone else has been gifted to give us. There have been lessons on this page about expecting a return for what you’ve done for someone else. Or having expectations for the way a person should act or react. Let’s take a look at some of the giftings that people are given to share with others.

There are literally thousands of examples that could be given here, but let’s look at some of the most obvious. You have your doctors who have spent thousands of hours preparing to diagnose or operate on your ills. There are lawyers who have learned the law tirelessly to protect the justice that should be served. Don’t forget the men and women in the military who have trained their bodies and minds to exhaustion to protect the soil you walk on. Let’s not forget those who deliver messages from Spirit. It may seem like it “just happens,” but there is energy and time that is devoted to that study and allowance of the guidance that we are unaware of. Teachers in our schools work to educate our children and have had to use much of their own resources to do so, many times taking their work home with them to continue on into the night. If you drive a car, you know that there are times that it breaks down and you rely on the mechanic who has to stay on top of the latest moves in technology to provide you the service your vehicle needs. Should all of these people give of their gifts freely? Should they expect some type of financial return for everything they do? Or should they learn a healthy balance?

What gifts do you have that you could be using instead of being where you’re at? Are you currently using your gifts? Do you give of yourself to others without expecting a return? Are you able to give of your gifts and still be able to wear your own oxygen mask (taking care of yourself)? What would the world be like if we didn’t have to worry about the financial responsibilities that come with life? What if we were able to just be who we are and give of our talents freely? What if we were able to receive the gift givings of others without them expecting something in return? Will we ever be in this world? Not without some major changes in how we view things, we won’t. It would take a global awakening for us all to be able to give and take without the expectation (or need) of a payday.

If you’ve tuned this message out, that’s fine. It does seem a bit far-fetched to the way we’ve been raised to think or view the world. There is an underlying feeling of improbability as well as impossibility that we could ever make this shift. But we have to understand gratitude, expectation, reliance, and greed first. The day of celebrated global giving has just passed. How was it spent? The workers of the readers will appreciate that life doesn’t stop just because we want it to on a self-proclaimed holiday. If you were given the opportunity to stop and be with your family, then that is truly a gift that should not go unappreciated. There are millions around the world who were working behind the scenes to continue giving their gifts and talents to continue to give you the level of life you’re accustomed to.

Here are a few more examples of talents that you may overlook while you’re enjoying the holiday. And should their talents be given freely? The pilot who brought your family to you safely; the internet provider who ensures that your posts will make it to your favorite social networks; the radio dj’s who make sure there isn’t a hiccup in your flow of music; the firemen who either voluntarily or through state-paid means stop what they are doing to put out an oven fire; the short-order cook who makes the meal that you weren’t able to have because it was ruined in the fire. What about all of those who weren’t mentioned? Not to say that anything like this happened to you during your celebrations, but these are the people you would rely on for their gifts to help you through it. Should they do these things for free? Or should they be compensated for their time and talents?

Let’s be honest for a moment. In this day and age, we love it when we can get something for free. Whether we have figured out a way to beat the system or it is given to us, we hope for and sometimes count on what we receive. Next time you receive a gift from someone else, regardless of what kind it is, have a new outlook on it. Have a new appreciation for it. If it is something that you have taken by means of getting around the firewalls, be sure to do the same for someone else. Someone went to great lengths to provide that service, gifting, or talent for you. How can you give of yourself? What talent do you have that you could be using that you have been ignoring? What has the fear of financial failure been preventing you from stopping your current line of work to move into? If there is something you’ve been dreaming of doing, then do it. It was meant to be. May not come to you in YOUR timeline, but if you mean it and feel it and the call gets stronger every day DO IT! Do what you have to in order to gift the world YOUR gift!

Last thing…

What was your original answer? Has it changed? Has it stayed the same? Has it made you angry? Did it make you pensive and look at things differently? Has it caused you to want to make a difference in the reliability the world has on money? Whatever the outcome, I hope you gain a new insight in your life and what you are able to give to the world as well as a new appreciation for those who constantly provide to you what you can’t see. Please share your original answer as well as the new one (if it changed) in the comments. This was originally meant to be a poll, but alas, that is something your reader was not gifted with the knowledge (yet) on how to set up.

It’s almost 2013. We have another year approaching to make the world one of love, compassion, gratitude, appreciation and make the move away from control, greed, fear, and oppression. The transition train is boarding. Who’s ready for a ride?!

Je Vous Aime Tous!

~White Raven~
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