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The Marginal Position Of The Jiva Soul

Neither a guru nor a disciple,
neither an ascetic nor a sense gratifier,
the soul of the devotee rises and falls
again and again until no distinction
is made between being
a Vaishnava, brahmin or simple street sweeper.

Once puffed up because of the tremendous
tremblings of a heart in ecstatic union,
humility is for the humble
and trance like love is for the
highly elevated street sweepers of Kali yuga.

Blessed by not being blessed by material creepers,
the Vaishnava soul is even greater
than Lord Brahma,
for the Vaishnava soul is born
from the nectar drops of Lord Vishnu’s
whirling lotus heart.

Granted more mercy than any living entity,
the three worlds begin to dance
in the sublime emotions
which are built into His swan like voice.

Though always riding the waves
which courses through
the spiritual atmospheres,
the Vaishnava soul is nonetheless
an eternal devotee of every other jiva soul;
no matter what their position, both spiritual and material.

Never foolish enough to
chastise the Lord,
the Lord makes the
Vaishnava soul aware of
His marginal position
as a servant of the whirling
galaxies of His love soaked mind.

As an ornament on
the Lord’s mystically bluish body,
I am the conch shell
which announces the arrival
of the Lord’s bumblebee entourage.

Blowing through the hole of my heart
with all of His might,
my spiritual body trembles
upon hearing such a great sight.

Whether in mantra form
or in the beloved lotus form of the guru,
the Vaishnava soul is meant
to be used by the Lord
for this large cosmic bubble’s
ultimate ecstatic deliverance.

Strolling on the streets
of this shiny planet
as a simple street sweeper,
nothing could be better
than just lovingly admiring
such a Vaishnava soul.

Through admiration alone,
the perfection of bhakti yoga is yours.

Playing on the single string
of vibrantly vibrant devotion,
the Lord’s voice is excitedly expressed
through such a simple and simplified heart.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

"What Do You See"

The world is as you see it. Whatever feeling you have within you is the feeling you will project onto the world. Therefore, according to you own vision, the world becomes good or bad, pleasurable or painful, a storehouse of happiness or a mine of sorrow. It is your own attitude that bears fruit for you and makes you who you are....


(To Marjolijn) -- This is your name: Ma Deva Marjolijn. Deva means divine. Marjolijn is a form of Mary: it means fragrance. Your full name will mean: Divine fragrance.

As long as man is man, he stinks. Only when he surpasses humanity fragrance arises in him because to be a man means to be an egoist, to be a man means to be separate from the whole. And to transcend humanity means to dissolve into the whole, to surpass the ego. The moment you are one with the whole there is grat fragrance, infinite fragrance, eternal fragrance.

Man is bound to remain in misery for the simple reason because he thinks in terms of his won identity,
he thinks in term of separation, and remember: No man is an island. The think oneself separate from the
whole is the only illusion. All other illusions arise out of it. We are part of the vast continent, we are not
islands. To remember it is the only way to be transformed. We have not really to drop anything because the
very idea of separation is false. It is just an idea, it is like somebody is calculating and goes on doing the
same mistake again and again: Two plus two and he puts five. All that is needed is to understand that two
plus two is not five; two plus two is four. Once it is understood everything becomes clear. This is just a
mathematical error, a mistake. It arises because of certain reasons: We have separate bodies that gives the
idea of separation. We have separate mind, that gives the idea of separation, but we are neither the body nor
the mind. We are consciousnesses. The moment you start feeling yourself as a consciousness, then there is
no separation , then two plus two is four; before that two plus two is everything except four. Sometimes it is
three, sometimes it is five, but it is never four.

And to live in this illusion is bound to create problems and all those problems go on and on accumulating. They cannot be solved unless we change our very approach from the beginning. A radical change is needed not some reformation and that radical change happens when we drop our personality into the ocean of the god, when the dewdrop of the ego disappears into the ocean. We don't lose anything, we gain. We simply lose our small boundaries and we become vast and infinite. In that vastness is fragrance.

To live in an ego is to live in a very small dark hole -- it is ugly, it stinks. To be initiated as a sannyasin
means taking the first step out of the cave of the ego into the open sky, under the stars. Suddenly you start
growing wings. They have always been there but there was not space enough to use them. Sannyas gives you space, it gives you the whole sky. It makes you the infinite available and just a small price has to be paid: The false ego has to be dropped.

Opinions versus Judgments

Did you know that when you walk around judging other people, you are really seeing the same qualities in yourself without realizing it. Because the focus is on the other person, you don’t even realize that your comments pertain to yourself. Judgments start in the invisible and are brought to life by thinking thoughts about somebody or some incident. It is necessary to have opinions, but judgments are usually something we “hold on’ to for a long period of time. Anything you hold onto takes space and when that space is filled there is no way anything else can enter. There is no room for the good coming your way. Did you notice there are some people who walk around saying they are sorry all the time? They are the ones that are the quickest to judge themselves as being wrong or at fault for something. These judgements keep them in bondage and block their good from getting in. Again, we do live in a world where it seems like we have to judge something to have an opinion, but an opinion does not get stuck in a "holding cell." It merely comes and goes. Observation is healthy but judgement comes from thinking you know best about a particular situation. You seem to have all the answers and you know how it "should be." You think you have the right recipe in life. But what you might not understand is there are many cooks out there that like to make their cake a little different than yours. Just because their ingredients are not the same as yours, doesn't mean their lives are less important in the big kitchen of the world. In other words, some people wear aprons and some do not but that apron or cover up doesn't make you who you are. It's not the appearance as much as it is the utensils you work with. Okay out of the kitchen and into the "living" room of life. You might look out your window and see a big oak tree. You might not realize that giant oak started out as a tiny acorn and transformed into a beautiful tree. This acorn had the ability to grow into something so magnificent because it didn't have any judgments placed upon it. It was able to become what it was suppose to be. We are the same as the acorn. Everything we need to grow into the magnificent being that we are is already placed within us. The only thing that hinders our growth is the judgements put upon us by ourselves and others. We have to learn how to be. I heard it once said that a seed would pray away the dirt if it could, but it is the dirt that is the necessary womb for the seed to grow. So don't think that some of the "dirt" you may encounter in your life is not for your growing experience. When you judge something or someone as "bad," you are covering that person with clouds instead of the necessary sunlight that would aid in their growth. I also want to include the judgements we place on movie stars, advanced athletes, super heros, entertainers, etc. These "super sized" judgements keep them in bondage. There will be a time when they come back to the place of just "being" and they won't know how to handle it. Their lives are all about judgements from other people and how many of you know, there's no such thing as being on the top of the mountain forever. You would miss out on all the wonderful activities at the base of the mountain and the fall from the top can be scary. There is nothing wrong with an opinion that someone is talented and very good at what they do. But like the acorn, you should appreciate the miracle that takes place without glorifying them needlessly. In that way, you can go on to the next miracle, and the next, as if life is set up for that to happen, which it is. But that's just my opinion.

Ask For Money

Many of us that work on the spiritual field find it very difficult to ask for money. The usual presumption is that money is the root of evil, that it changes people, and causes people to do bad things. Many wealthy people get bad looks when they drive around in their nice cars, or when they are dressed so debonair. Mostly because we think being rich is associated with being greedy and therefore a bad person. So sometimes we think that if we ask to get paid for our services that will make us money or even wealthy, it’s wrong because it will make us look greedy or like a bad person. Especially when we’re getting paid for something we love to do. We think, “Well I love to do it, I enjoy doing it, so why should I get paid?” And feel bad for getting paid for something that brings us joy.

Time to seriously break that mindset. Not only is this service bringing you joy, it’s providing someone else with joy. Money is a tool, only a tool, that if used right, and in the right hands, can help many people, and launch many dreams. I’m not saying we need money, so allowing yourself to get caught up in thinking you can’t start until you make money is also a negative outlook. I like to think of money as an energy that runs through us when we have good intentions with it.

Think of those people in your life that you didn’t want around, you would gossip about them to other friends, and you just couldn’t stand being around them. Well if you think of money in this way, then why would money want to be around you? So, if you think of money as a good energy rather than bad one, when you ask for money, it just becomes an energy exchange, rather than something you are taking away from others.

Think of Christmas when they say “giving is receiving”. We’ve all felt the great rush when we give someone a gift that they love. Or when you are at lunch with a friend and you say “I got it”, and spot the bill. Think of how good that feels. It’s a gift in itself. Did you ever think that if you let someone have the same opportunity to give you something, it is most rewarding for them? Most of us don’t realize that when we ask friends, family, clients, or whoever for money, we are “giving” them an opportunity to give. We are actually acting in an energy exchange. So when we don’t allow someone to pay for our services, we’re actually robbing them of the gift of giving. I understand money is a hard subject to bring up, but I like looking at it as an energy exchange. So, now you know that asking for money will be a lot easier, positive, and rewarding experience not only for you, but for the giver too.


Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Anticipating the Unexpected 12/31/12

What a great energy for the eve of a brand new year!
You can expect the unexpected today, as the energies are chameleon-like, shifting and changing.
One thing for sure, it’s foolish to think you can control the flow of today’s events.
Opposing Energies: controlling, narrow-minded
Better get in step and anticipate sudden inspiration to transform your last day of 2012.
Mystery prevails, wearing the cloak of enigma and inviting us to have inquiring spirits.
There will be clever people around, enticing you into conversations; being so attractive in their independence by not fitting in to any particular niche.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: attractions, openness, joy
Enjoy, admire and be playful.
Don’t take today seriously, just have fun!
Peace & Joy to you all.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.


December 30, 2012 an easy 26 mile meditative run, “when mind is weak, situation is problem. When mind is balanced, situation is a challenge. But, when mind is Strong, situation becomes Opportunity.”

Astro-Chakra reading for the week

31 Dec - 6 Jan

Pluto is reminding us to take care of ourselves
during this silly season....a but of R and R is in order!
Happy New Year and I am sending you all my healing light,
love and much happiness for a safe and magical 2013!

Pluto 1: 1st Chakra (root)
Pluto Keyword; Transformation
Colour: Red
Chakra Keywords: survival, physical needs
Card Keyword: 'RENEWAL'

*Corresponding crystal; Bloodstone

Renewal is all about regenerating, revitalizing and replenishing the areas of your life which call for it the most. As this is relating to the first chakra centre, it is now a survival issue that you restore balance to the areas in your life which have been overlooked or neglected for a while. Take steps to bring your physical body into balance through stepping back and placing more focus on a sense of deep renewal. Allow your life to come into equilibrium through taking a more balanced approach in the area of your basic physical needs. Rest, rest, rest!!!

A total revamp may be in order. Focus on the main things you would like to change about your life, body, immediate environment, diet or exercise routine. Make a plan to integrate these changes into your life on a daily basis. Focus on renewal and letting go everything (and everyone) which drains you. Then take some quality timeout for yourself and REST.

Unconditional Love

My personal view about unconditional love comes from God. As some of you may know about my spiritual experience when I first heard God's voice speak to me, he also taught me everything that is contained in my books. He had a place away from all distraction in the mountains for me to listen and learn. Through voice and automatic writing I was taught. At that time I wouldn't dare tell anyone about this, and now I am honored that he choose me as a tool or instrument. Beleive me, I am not any different than anyone else on this earth. This gift is available for all who seeks and I was beyond destine looking for answers.

It was a beautiful morning and drive to the mountains where I would park, walk up a steep hill and there was my special rock where I would sit and wait for him. On that particular day I felt that certain nudge to stop at a K-Mart so I pulled out my pad and pen and wrote out buy a stuff animal. Strange I thought, but knew not to question it. A cream colored bear looking stuffed anilaml caught my eye to buy.

Lying down on the rock looking at the clouds form I watched one form into a heart shape, but if one watch the clouds as I do could see many shapes of other things too, I thought. He ask me to hold the stuff animal in my arms as though to hug as one would with another person. I did, and was ask how does it feel? I replied in thought, it feels comfortable, cuddlie and some what nice. I was asked if I felt love and in some what respect yes, but no. He said, these are feeling along with lust that mankind confuse themselves with in relationships and is called false love. They not know any better, because of many reasons why they set themselves up through what they were taught from the beginning. Churches teach in a respect to fear love, traditional means teach in ways through a system of their own that holds no bond. There are too many reasons why one is forced to continuie to get their hearts torn apart for the sake of their meaning of love.

I wore a very special cross and was asked to look at it and I did, but nothing happen. Look at it again feel your heart and think of me, and when I did, that was the first time I felt a love that no words could ever explain!!! I experienced a tingle in my heart I've never known to do. (Don't confuse this with a first crush on someone) Through this love, he first taught me to forgive myself as we are all worthy of his forgiveness. Worthy enough to accept and love myself for who I am and what I stand for. Don't get me wrong, there are two ways to love yourself and I am not one with excessive pride in myself.

Without that part of God within myself, I cannot love, understand what I don't like about another nor forgive. Without his love, I'd be as I was without real love along with the 75 percent or better people who are corrupted and blind to this sort of reality. Yet, I must say, it is not easy to keep focused, now and then I loose my train of thought in the public!! But, I gather all the bits and pieces and get myself back together.

Bottom line: without God I am nothing but flesh living a dream through a negative system created by man, getting by like most and waiting my time to leave this earth. But with God I can move mountains and I don't fear anything from man, because he is real and I am but only flesh from the matters of the ground. My soul is what's important. Any of you who know this unconditional love I'm talking about is the most beautiful amongest any beauty, no words can match its feeling. Unconditional love over sees what we don't like in another through an understanding that this is a soul that God also loves. That love somehow reduces the effect to become more tolerate with that person. It only works with everything that God is within us that will make this connection. God or whosoever others call him is LOVE. Unconditional LOVE

PODCAST: Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Satsang Edition: on the Philosophy of Liberation: Various Readings Musically Accompanied by the Sitar

PODCAST: Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Satsang Edition: on the Philosophy of Liberation: Various Readings Musically Accompanied by the Sitar and other sounds: Mystic-Poetry of Namdev, Dadu Dayal, the Mandaean Gnostics, Rumi, Maharshi Mehi, Lao Tzu, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Judas, Kirpal Singh, Ibn Arabi, and Kabir. Program Length: 60 Minutes.

Click to Begin Streaming:

or Download MP3: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Nov2012/SPA103012_wma.mp3

"There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now." (Buddha)

All for the love of wisdom and radio,

Zero Point By Elaine Matos

Zero Point
By Elaine Matos ©

I'm aroused by your intangible radiance,
levitated in a ritual dance of clashing wavelengths

Let me inhale your sacred red flames
merge in swirling twists with the white stars of my universe
Pink ether fragments gracefully swaying in our core

Take me where linear time transcends
lifted into infinity inside this portal of love

Visit and Share Often

Observations Along the Path

We're back home after an eight day stay in Banff over Christmas. I love going to Banff at this time of year, it is incredibly beautiful.

Most of the days we were there John and I were helpers in Santa's Workshop at the Banff Springs so it isn't really a holiday but it most certainly is a change in pace and focus. I'm always amazed at the creativity that comes out when people are given the opportunity. I have also been the celebrant at the Banff Springs Christmas Eve service for the past 5 years which is a bit more my element.

It's all great fun and I admit a bit tiring so it's also good to come home again even though I hit the ground running starting with a meeting Friday night for a Celebration of Life service on Saturday before I could even unpack. Then I presided at a commitment ceremony as well on Saturday night in Leduc. I call it a celebration of love ceremony actually which is very much in alignment with the whole Celebrant thing that is the major direction my life has taken over the past year.

In 2011 I thought I was heading into a new career in coaching with a sideline of celebrant services but that has all shifted in 2012 and now I would say I am a celebrant with a coaching sideline. Works for me. I love the celebrant work and feel very blessed every time I am invited to serve families in this capacity.

I am in the process (ok, I've bought the hosting package and that's about it) of creating a new website for the life celebrations work which will include pet celebrations as well. That is my project for January and since I seem to work a lot better when I put things in writing and announce them to the world I'm going to say that I will have the new site up and running by January 15th. There, I've said it, now I know the universe is already creating the space and time for it to happen. Now it's time to go with the flow and see what evolves.

It's fun observing life and the way it unfolds rather than thinking I am the one who has to make things happen. I realize that even the desire to be, do or have things is not personal, it comes from far beyond this little idea I call me. That includes the desire to create a new website. It just showed up one day and I am the vehicle through which it is unfolding.

As much as decisions appear to be conscious choices, I really doubt that's the way it's actually happening. The more I observe life the more it is clear to me that the projector is not the originator of anything. What I call me is just that, the projector, through which the film of life is unfolding at this particular point in consciousness. And I do so love movies!


When did death and fear become synonyms?

I’m not a stranger to death. As a teen-ager the egg-shaped funeral home director was like family to us. Sometimes the deaths were expected and long-awaited, aunts and uncles who had been through long productive lives, a grandfather who was diagnosed with cancer after a car accident injured his liver. Then there was that series of deaths for which we weren’t prepared – a young cousin with cancer, another (older) cousin with a brain hemorrhage and my beloved uncle who died suddenly of a heart attack.

But in my very Catholic family, death was a natural rite of passage. We mourned, of course, but we also ordered Masses for them and lit candles in the chapel, and when someone remarked that this person or that person appeared in a dream or sent a song to remind them of their love, we nodded with understanding.

One Sunday, during a special Mass where I was being honored, I felt my cousin standing in the aisle next to me in support of what I was doing. Then my aunt and uncle, her parents, walked in across the church from us and my cousin rushed to their side. I mean, I didn’t see it. I just knew. Years later, because hindsight is 20/20, I realized her father died within the week.

So, just to make sure I’m being understood, my family had a very spiritual open relationship with the other side when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s. Then something happened to change that. (I'm still befuddled about that, so if anyone has a clue, please enlighten me! I think what happened was that the Catholic of my hispanic family melded with the American Catholicism and somehow acknowledged fear in the unknown.)

On Christmas morning 2012, as the family met to enjoy the holiday together, this fact was drilled into me. It’s not like anyone understood what I was learning. As the good reformed Catholic that I am, I kept my mouth shut, but family members who used to recount their favorite stories of dreams with their deceased loved ones were instead urging each other to remember that the dead pass on. The only ones who communicate with us are demons.

Dang it. Suddenly my beloved uncle, the one who sat at his drafting table bathed in white light in my dream just after his death, was not my uncle but instead the devil in disguise. Really? Am I a bad Catholic for saying it sucks that the Church is filling us with fear? (Actually, I think the boat has sailed on that bad-Catholic question.)

And I think that the problem with religion now is how much fear it instills in its flock. Before, our holy men and women were really holy. They prayed with us and for us. They had faith in us – think the Sisters in The Sound of Music and the priest in Les Miserables. There are still good people involved in churches who want to bring the light of God to us, but many times the message is getting lost in the business of managing a building.

And that is why I don’t feel guilty for searching for Spirit in other places. I found it not in organized religions or in religious literature. I found the Spirit of God within, through the prayers of my youth and solitary meditations. The spirits who watch over us are the same Guardian Angels we learned about in our youth. Those lessons worked with me then. I’m sticking with them now.

And since that day last year, my Guardian Angel has been an iridescent blue and purple dragonfly whom I love very much.

I see him every day in my heart.

Stay safe and loved, my friends,

The Dragonfly’s Student

Taming The Invisible Dragon™

Positive and encouraging information and insights on healing, happiness, and self-realization.

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing

Here is a fantastic opportunity to get great in depth useful information on Sound Healing! The instruction is on line, so it is accessible to us - no matter where we are!

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing with Jill Mattson

Sign up at http://www.karmafest.com/events/
January 8, 2013 • 7–9 pm
January 15, 2013 • 7–9 pm

Using Sound/Music for Enlightenment and Practical Uses.
• Develop Psychic and Spiritual Gifts through Ancient Sounds
• Ancient cultural secrets to improve your Health
• Increase your Energy
• Think more clearly, improve your Memory, use both halves of your brain simultaneously, improve your meditation abilities
• Increase your Spirituality, Power, Consciousness and Clarity
• Sollfeggio tones, Fibonocci tones, Binaural beats, star tones, channeled essences and other special frequency gifts
• Emotional clearing, clear Energy Blockages with sound energy
• Changing your personality with your vibrations of your voice
People’s brain waves, emotions and bodies are composed of vibratory energy and affected by sound and music. Patterns of energy that create music and sound affect our subconscious mind, thoughts, feelings and physicality.
Four hours – beginning course – $19.99


Vibratory Energy with Jill Mattson
A Tool to explore Past Lives, Future Energies, Time Travel,Contacting Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides

Starts Tuesday • January 29 • 7–9 pm ET
with calls Feb 5, Feb 12, Feb 19 (7 to 9 pm) • 8 hours total
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Ancient Mystical masters kept the methods of sound a secret, as they have a profound impact on people – their minds, emotions, consciousness and health. Learn their secrets, while having fun with hands-on-exercises! Use sound or music to:
• Explore your Past Lives
• Contact beneficial Spiritual Guides
• Release emotional blockages
• Improve chakra energy
• Increase your Psychic Abilities
• Improve your health in specific ways, like creating powerful frequencies associated with boosting your immune system, regulating digestion, improving energy flow to your organs, increasing oxygenation in your cells
• Learn about Special frequencies for healing and other gifts (Fibonacci numbers converted into tones, Solfeggio tones, binaural beats, star tones)
• Crystal sing to healing
• Use sound to obtain deep Meditation techniques
• Voice soul retrieval
• And much more!!
Cost: $120

Vibrational Healing and Raising Your Consciousness
with Jill Mattson
Starts March 5 • 7–9 pm ET
with calls March 12, 19, 26 (7-9 pm)• 8 hours total
Sign up here: http://www.karmafest.com/events/

Self Healing Techniques to uplift yourself on a holistic level – Mind, Body and Spirit and to amplify your healing practice (self healing, healing others, massage, reiki and so on)
• Grounding, clearing energy blockages and meridians with tones
• Techniques for healing others with tones (plus long distant healing)
• Sound and Sacred Geometry Healing
• Healing Sound Reiki
• Use Sound to Remove Pain
• Crystal Healing with Sound (Use sound to purify your crystals)
• Obtaining Deep Meditation States Quickly with Sound
• Using Sound to “Youthen” your Appearance
• Aura clearing with tuning forks and sounds
• Healing within Sounds of Silence
• BioAcoustics –Simple Math of Healing Frequencies
Cost: $120
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO