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It's a New Year, But Old Wars and Occupations Continue

Phyllis Bennis

First, Afghanistan.  The war President Obama chose to escalate in the face of massive popular and significant military opposition – is back in the news as the countdown to the “draw-down” clicks on.

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The Great Oil Swindle: Scaling the Peak of Fossil Fuel Scarcity

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

Headlines about 2012’s World Energy Outlook (WEO) from the International Energy Agency (IEA), released mid-November, would lead you to think we are literally swimming in oil.

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Learning to Connect the Dots: Developing Children’s Systems Literacy

Linda Booth Sweeney

The road construction project around the local rotary had been going on for over a year. As a result, the whole town was cranky. One afternoon, my son and I drove the rotary just before 5:00 p.m., along with throngs of irritable commuters, anxious to get home. Tempers were short and the sound of car horns pierced the air.

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America, the Violent: Banning Semi-Automatic Weapons Is Not Enough

Matthew Rothschild

I’m all for Pres. Obama’s and Gov. Cuomo’s efforts to ban semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves that this is going to make much of a dent in the gruesome gun death toll in America.

Every year, about 31,000 people in the United States die from gun violence.

When you examine that shocking figure, a few surprising facts pop up.

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WalMart Empire Clashes with China

Michelle Chen

Typically when we hear “WalMart” and “China” in the same sentence, we picture the “made in” labels on our toys, gadgets, and the other mass-produced stuff that we grab off the shelves at low, low prices. But WalMart’s vast retail empire has a whole other wing in the Middle Kingdom. As the brand has expanded aggressively into the coveted China market, it has engendered a new wave of Chinese shoppers--and legions of workers to serve them.

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This Global Violence Against Women Will No Longer Be Tolerated

Eve Ensler

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Kashmir: The World's Most Dangerous Border

Eric Margolis

ISTANBUL -  Reports of fighting along Kashmir’s  cease-fire line don’t normally receive much attention in the western media.  Last week, for example, saw  a series of clashes on 8 and 10 January that killed both Pakistani and Indian troops.An Indian soldier stands guard on his side of the Line of Control near Jammu, Kashmir. (Photograph: Channi Anand/AP)

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The Inspiring Heroism of Aaron Swartz

Glenn Greenwald

Aaron Swartz, the computer programmer and internet freedom activist, committed suicide on Friday in New York at the age of 26.

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Farewell to Aaron Swartz, An Extraordinary Hacker and Activist

Peter Eckersley

Yesterday Aaron Swartz, a close friend and collaborator of ours, committed suicide. This is a tragic end to a brief and extraordinary life.

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A Tribute to Aaron Swartz

Tangerine Bolen

I met Aaron by phone one warm spring afternoon in 2011. I knew nothing about him then - just tracked him down from his bio at Demand Progress and bugged him by email until he agreed to get on a call with me to discuss how best to support WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning.

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