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The Godman Effect

The Godman Effect

"A guru" is supposed to be a light, someone who guides you out of the darkness and fear.

Master Manipulators are brains who understand this.. and take advantage of the fear in your heart.

Professionally and Personally I have met hundreds of them... One guy always portrayed himself as a beacon of love... He targeted women in distress. Would get into their lives.. Show them big dreams of multiple carores.. 
Since he gave words to their fear, they taught he is the only one who can understand them.
He would teach them small things like operating the computer or motivate them to speak their voice out...which they would feel in-debited for. 
He created a false delusion that they where "super-humans"... and "humans" were a sub-species of people, who were loaded with negativity.
These women would become emotionally and physically dependent on him... Once such an dependency was created, he would never let them go away, he would always come into their life... So every rational thought was destroyed, before it could be generated. 
He never gave them time to think on their own.. As he made his presence felt all the time.
He would say we are in an "open relationship".. "we love each other unconditionally".. "we are just two souls touching each other and moving towards the light".
The women would become such big disciples, that they would leave their family and spend the entire day and night just taking care of him.
The same way the brain is effected by cocaine.. these women would feel the need of the euphoria of being next to him.. The euphoria of serving him.
They wouldn't care if their spouses left them, if their family was ill, if they themselves were destroying their beauty and health.
Just the "beauty" of his talk.. and his presence made them mad!!!

Like an emotional and sexual predator this person would move from one woman to other.. and only then would the previous one understand the pain she been subjected to.
Unfortunately by that time, she had caused huge damage to her personal and professional self. 

Same is the psychology that godman use to manipulate and hypnotize one's brain.
When you are sad or restless, you are the most vulnerable, and then they speak out those words which you are fearful of uttering... They show a path to salvation.. In return, they ask for complete dependency... They don't let you grow, they just grow onto yourself.

A few steps to battle a manipulator... 
a. Withdrawal effect - the manipulator effect is like a drug.. he/she is present in front of your mind all the time... When you leave him/her.. the first 20 days are horrendous..
Like a cocaine, you feel anger, guilt, depression and the need to run back to him.. The more you run back to him, the more your dependency.

Always have a withdrawal period.

b. Moral and Social Rule - anyone who asks you to break the barriers of morality that you believe in, means that he/she is trying to become to intimate with you.
Be careful.

c. The question trap - Most manipulators know how to use words.. They never answer a question directly.. In most cases the answer a question with a question.
The question puts you into the back-foot.

d. The sympathy trap - Most manipulators will always pose their sad stories. They will show as if they are "valiantly" battling it on their own. But will the "victims" shoulder to cry upon once a while. 
The victim will feel, he is such a enlightened person, and still needs my help.. I have so much positivity and power inside of me.
Victims don't realize its a trap to make them feel "powerful" and increase dependency.

e. USE ME - the manipulators are able to decrease their ego levels to such a way, that you feel that you are USING THEM to create PROSPERITY for yourself.. Unfortunately with each interaction they become more and more dominant on your thought process.

f. Hidden Past - most manipulators have a very shaddy past, which they try to cover up by finding faults in other. Typical dialogues like
"The basis of any relationship is trust... and trust is in the mind.. my wife never understood that"..
(unfortunately the "hypnotized" person feels this is right.. when actually trust as an emotion has to be expressed both mentally and physically")

"I was trying to help that girl come out of her problems... I was doing it for her.. Just because she was so sexually starved I had to have sex with her, so that her body and brain doesn't go wild"
( the hypnotized feels he is right.. when actually a male can have sexual intercourse only when he is willing to have, elsewise there will be no proper erection)

" I am here only to help you, then I will move away from your life" 
(the hypnotized feels this person is so dedicated to me.. with so much love.. when actually he is subconsciously telling you, I will make you so dependent that you will always need my help"



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Spiritual Practice and Its Prominence - Part 4 by Sri Sri Muralidhara swamiji

Radhe Krishna All,

Chandrasekhara Bharati used to say that this Kali Yuga is the Yuga of the wicked. Still in its infancy, it is only going to worsen. We do not know if in our next birth there will be a Satsang of this sort. Even if it did, we are not sure if we will be able to secure it.

Is this not true? We find wars being waged everywhere. Dropping bombs has become an everyday affair. Such a situation prevails all over the world. So, even if there be Satsang we may not be able to go over to attend if such a situation existed. Therefore, one should always realize that 'now' is the time. Choose any path and strive hard. Do anything but attain Lord that is the end purpose.

The sky exists and is also non-existent! We speak of time. Does time really exist? It is only to carry on our worldly duties we follow some time. Thus, time is existent and non-existent. Jiddu Krishnamurti has said, 'Truth is a pathless land.'

There are some spiritual institutions where the inmates have failed to make use of the spiritual atmosphere there. The head of the institution may be a great Sage but if you do not have the inclination to make the best use of it what can the Swamiji do? Once you have given up everything - your family, your job - and come to the ashram you must be able to do minimum of 8 hours sadhana everyday. Initially it need not be done at a stretch.

3 to 5 in the morning is best suited for dhyana. You may do for another two hours from 10 to 12; from 5 to 7 p.m and again another two hours in the night. Gradually you will be able to do it at a stretch.

Vedanta is the basis for everything. Bhakti should also be done with Vedanta as the base. But one should understand it properly before proceeding in the path. I find many who have taken to this path without proper understanding. I find them applying Vedanta only in abstaining themselves from performing the routine karmas ('nitya karmas') as ordained by the Shastras but not in their bodily/beauty care or other worldly pursuits! Ignorant as they are, if questioned they shoot back, "Is not everything Brahman? So why perform all these karmas?" This is a very dangerous situation. This will only lead them to hell.

One is answerable to all his actions/inaction's in Paraloka - the World you reach after death.

In Ramayana we find Rama moaning about the situation that he had been pushed to. Hearing this, Lakshmana says, "Brother! Why don't we go back to the Kingdom? You seem so upset!" But Rama says, “It is only two things that I fear -'To move away from dharma and Paraloka'. Till the final stage of Self-realisation is reached the world is seen and experienced by us. Is it not so? As long as the world exists for us, heaven, hell, papa (bad merits) and punya (good merits) do exist. It is only for those who have attained the highest state of Oneness with Lord such lokas/things do not exist. Therefore, if you do not conduct your life properly you have to face the repercussions. Thus, if you choose to do 'atma vichara'(self enquiry)learn the proper way and practise it regularly.

!!! Will continue !!!

Regards & Chant the Maha Mantra:
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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