Revealing The Light

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The Crazies’ Manifesto

Via Andrea Balt

    “‘There’s a good kind of crazy…’ he insisted softly, reaching out to wrap his warm hand around mine. ‘It’s the kind that makes you think about things that make your head hurt, because not thinking about them is the coward’s way out. The kind that makes you touch people who bruise your soul, just because they need to be touched. This is the kind of crazy that lets you stare out into the darkness and rage at eternity, while it stares back at you, ready to swallow you whole.’” ~ Rachel Vincent

Dear Crazy,

If you’ve ever been swallowed by the same eternity—posing as darkness, posing as undomesticated, unscripted, messy you… or if you’re just the foolish kind that jumps off cliffs with no parachute, even though it hurts, because… well, because it’s the right and truthful thing to do…

And if, say you’re somewhat lonely—though not alone, somewhat sad—though not broken, and somewhat tired—though wide awake and restless, please stand up. Take a deep breath. Clear your throat. Look your Self in the eyes. Place your hand over your beaten heart. And let’s declare our independence from the norm.

1. I will remember what it was like to be born, and all the beautiful things I used to point at before I could speak them. I’ll reinvent curiosity and memorize delight.

2. I will forgive, because no one survives. I’ll keep the bruises but get rid of the blue. I’ll kiss my Judas back. (I have my own crosses to carry).

3. I will believe in ghosts and fairy tales. And elves and science fiction. I won’t declare a world impossible until I’ve tried to build it with my hands and when my pulse shakes like a leaf, I’ll say sure, let’s, why not.

4. I will fight with the sword of my tongue, not my fists. I’ll also fight with my silence and lips. And turn all my blood into metaphor and blossom my way into fierce cherry trees.

5. I will love like it’s the end of the world and the house is on fire. And if it’s not, I’ll bring the matches. I’ll love even when I don’t, or when I lose, or when love’s fleeting like sunsets or thick like bone or long or heavy or boring like the book I’m never done reading and writing.

6. I will live every day like it never happened before or like a tune to a song still unwritten. And I’ll record every hour on my face, and in this short-lived human dilemma, I’ll try to be in all my pictures, heartbeats, adventures and wrinkles.

7. I will dream up my reality. I will not be reasonable or realistic. I’ll write sideways on lined paper and I’ll always put heart over matter and imagination over knowledge.

8. I will create a thousand planets from scratch and then I’ll add them to the Milky Way so I can help expand the universe. I’ll make up a new language out of dust and come up with a hundred different ways to say your name.
9. I will be honest rather than loyal. Because to get through the dark forests of life you need a lamp, not a shadow, and trust is not a blind soldier but the soul’s one and only chief of staff.

10. I will be wild and untamed. I will believe in wolves. I’ll be insane, uncivilized, emotional and personal. And I will take the ring to Mordor even if I don’t know where Mordor is. I’ll be the child I left behind. I’ll be the door and key to me.

11. And when I come to die, the only thing I will regret is leaving all my stories, unfinished, on your chest. But I should hope to live in such a way, that time would breathe me out and back into your lungs, until there’s no more me or you or words or why.

Shifting, Revisiting the Past, Divine Feminine

by kara

Today is the New Moon (according to my Guidance and to the Kabbalists, when the first glimmer of light shines from our Moon); thus it is a perfect day to do Ceremony, if so guided, and for aligning with lunar energies to help us step further into the New. As we have been still in the Dark Moon, reviewing what shifts have been taking place in our lives and in our consciousness, we now have the lunar energy to move us forward again in our bigger vision of life; this is more than making an intention, as intentions are more of the intellect and visualizing is of the Heart. What are your visions for your New Life?

Since the beginning of the year, and perhaps since December 21, what shifts in your life have you noticed? Many are experiencing a revisiting back into things they might have thought were complete. Do know we release in layers, like peeling an onion, so as we release one layer, a deeper one emerges. Many are also experiencing some old physical manifestations as well. Know you’re not going backward; you’re merely releasing a deeper layer. Also, what we experience is not as intense as last year, for we’re also filled with more Light that fills us with Grace. Trust that however it is happening for you (not to you) is according to your Soul Plan. Just stay in the Flow and keep moving forward. Also notice just how many synchronicities you’re experiencing. When you are in the Flow, they become more and more present.

It is essential to stay grounded to Source and to the Earth Crystal Cluster at the core (Coeur: French for Heart) of Earth. This helps you integrate the New energies and New Life within you. We are moving along a continuum with no break between the old and the New, so our transformation is fluid and not separate. In this way, we are transforming/ascending with Grace and Love. And, as always, it does not have to be difficult unless you want it to be (because you’re used to life being hard, which is an old belief), or because you’re trying too hard or pushing to make things happen (all a part of the old life). Slowly and gently we are integrating Heaven and Earth as One.

Remember that this shift is guided and created by the Divine Feminine. And as we embrace and integrate our own Divine Feminine (men and women), we also create the New Life. The energy of the Divine Feminine has to do with all of the Soul Essences of Love, Allowing, Reception, Joy, Peace, Responsibility, etc. It is the shift from the old way of making things happen, pushing, doing, trying, striving, working hard, and following the intellect to opening the Heart, listening, being, feeling and being guided. She is Alcyone, our Mother Source. As we embrace Her, we embrace Gaia the Goddess and then we realize we are One with Her and all of life and that truly, there is no separation.

As part of the New, we are also guided to begin to drop labels and categories as we are led to. Labels tend to separate. One such label is the word “spiritual.” When we say we’re spiritual, does that mean that we separate ourselves out from all religions and cultures? For instance, many put “spiritual; not religious” on their Facebook profile. Is this not separate? The word spiritual was useful when we realized we were unique and didn’t want to be a part of the general population or world view. It served its purpose and now can we see that we’re all One, dropping how we describe ourselves, which keeps us in a box? We have come to a place where we don’t have to separate ourselves out from others, a place where we may embrace all. The New is more about walking our talk, living the New every day and realizing this is the new norm (of course, the norm will never be normal because we continue to shift and evolve infinitely). Take a look at all ways in which you describe yourself; do they unite or separate?

As we continue to shift into the Oneness of our Divine Souls, pay attention to things in the past that want a revisit. Be clear if it is to go back to the old comfort zone of predictable patterns, to complete an old pattern or to bring that energy to the New, transforming the old limitation to a new expansiveness with no borders. This could apply to jobs, relationships or old ways of being. You may discover that it is too uncomfortable to stay there for long or that there is a gift to bring forward or just to show you how much you’ve grown. You may discover a talent you left behind that now wants to come forward in a new form that more matches your current vibration or that it no longer belongs in your current space.

Lately I have revisited the desire to move elsewhere. I reviewed all the possible places that I’ve thought of in the past. There was one place I absolutely knew I didn’t want to be, even though so many marvel at its sacred energy. I went once and couldn’t stand it. So last night I asked for Clarity. And guess what came through this morning? The very place I vowed I’d never go to again. My energy completely shifted from resistance to Openness. And this is how it goes; our perceptions shift as we do. So be open to the past, forgive if necessary and step into the energy of miracles, for surely they are available to us in unexpected ways.

Many are also discovering talents they have had in other lifetimes being activated now. It is good to explore where you’re guided with an open Heart. It may be that you are not guided to bring the gifts forth or perhaps you’re guided to bring them forth in a New way. Be open to where you are guided by listening to your Heart Wisdom; your feeling-state.

As we continue to integrate the high dimensional energies of last year (and continue doing this year), be aware of where you place your attention, for where you place your attention is what is empowered and becomes manifest. Observe your words and thoughts. Are they in the Present or are they future-tensed? Anything in the Present-tense is empowered. Anything in future-tense never is manifest, because it always stays in the future. Some future nonsensical words are: hope, try, wish, intend, will, should, etc. Present-tense words create. They begin often with I AM. I AM taking responsibility; I AM meditating, I AM…(fill in the blank), as well as I choose. As Yoda wisely said, “Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.” Observing your words and thoughts takes being aware and present. They also show you where your consciousness is. Words are energy; they create; and what you create is solely your choice and responsibility, being a sovereignly Divine master. As you shift your words and thoughts, this affects your consciousness and thus shifts your life to reflect your consciousness. It truly is your choice. If life doesn’t seem to be changing, observe your words and thoughts and see if they are aligned with who you say you are.

As we move further into 2013, we also move further into our mastery. We continue to bring in higher dimensional Light and continue to release the old. Be aware of how you have and are releasing the hold the 3D has on you and you on it. Notice how much freer, joyful and loving you feel and are. We indeed have shifted so much and will continue on this beautiful Path of Love forever more.
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