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Happy New Year everyone!

Now that the celebrations have come and gone, and we are making the transition toward a new phase of human and planetary evolution, what’s the New Year have in store for us?

If we truly want to grow in love, then we must remember that where we have been and what we have done previously no longer matters. The point of power to choose which way we will go is ‘Now’ in the present.

Our ability to move forward, hinges on our willingness to recognize and forgive all that is out of accord with love and to adopt a new way of living which is in alignment with love. 

Labeling ourselves as victim, perpetrator, survivor, or anything else would mean keeping ourselves in a much dis-empowered state. Also, maintaining the label ‘active’ within the consciousness greatly increases the likelihood that the same energy will arise in other situations that trigger the old emotions.

Hence, until we can look beyond each situation with an open heart and relinquish the labels we’ve attached to it, we will not awaken to the greater truth and we will not be in a place where true forgiveness and change can occur.
This year, let love be your guiding light– love toward yourself, toward others and toward our planet.

Blessings and Love,

Reaching Beyond the Dream


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Authors of 'Reaching Beyond the Dream'

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