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The Ever-Present Here and Now

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Issue 24 | 23 January 2013


The ever-present here and now is the only true Reality.When we are free from thoughts of past and future, time disappears and we live moment by moment. Here, we are completely free to truly be present and all that arises is allowed to return to its source, freely and effortlessly. In this space of presence, is where pure thinking and desire arises in the form of inspiration. In this moment we can learn to discover what the essence of our being is wishing to express. We can look at things with perfect equanimity and love, without analyzing them against the backdrop of the past or future.


Therefore, let no moment be wasted and let each moment be sufficient unto itself.

The past is memory; the future is hope, usually with a projection of the past. The point of power is in the ever present here and now.


Quick practice to end each day:


Before going to sleep, relax the body and close the eyes. Take a few deep breaths and embrace the day, and as you breathe out release and bless the day. Let it go, otherwise you will miss the glory that the next day brings.


Also, if you find yourself entangled with mind chatter during the day, repeat the same exercise and begin anew.


To choose to be present is to choose to abide in peace.


Love and blessings,
Angelica & Terence Atman


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