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The Bride Of Mysticism

Mourning over her Beloved's passing,
the bride of mystic wonder
solemnly contemplates His
passing in the silence of chastity.

Sometimes seeing Him in dreams
and in lonely faces,
her Beloved speaks to her
while she is most in need of Him.

Sunken in her own misery,
what will save her from such a dilemma
is to constantly reflect upon what
made her into His one and only bride.

Angelic in her faith,
she still carries the flowers
of her redemption with her
as she walks in the forests of her former graces.

Having her prayer beads by her side,
she prostrates herself before the image of the cross.

Pulling out her wedding ring that she used to wear,
it bears the insignia of her Beloved's name.

Wanting to re-marry Jesus Christ,
her heart burns in the passions of Christ.

Reliving each moment as if it were her last,
the bride of mystic wonder keeps the spirit
of her Beloved alive by saving and memorizing
everything that He said to her.

Experiencing a similar dissolution
of body and mind as her Husband,
caesar's hold over her internal consciousness is no more.

Unimpressed by the politicians and soothsayers
of her day, she is the dove
of the future generations of Christed disciples.

Sustaining the love of her Beloved
in the lands that are dominated
by imitation caesars,
everyone believes that they can inherit
eternal life through the economic boons of a dollar bill.

Serving the compassionate heart of her Beloved,
she will not stop her own personalized
and passionate mission
until everyone is a newly wed soul of faith and charity.

Beholding her Beloved in each newly wed soul,
she performs a wedding ceremony
on behalf of the miracle that is Christ.

Putting a wedding ring on the finger
of every Christed disciple,
the covenant of universal devotion
is flamed into action whenever a bride
of mystic wonder blissfully wonders about
the greatest purpose of loving dealings.

Wedded to a Cosmic Husband,
I Am the bride of eternal life.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

What is Truth in Silence

What is meant by Truth in Silence

by Kamalah McCauley

"Silence" is the only true state of awareness, consciousness or the waking state of the mind it is ego-less without focus or attention given to white noise thought, time or the current condition of the corporeal body. It is a meditative state in which that which you are is purely aware, it is the source of the "I" or "I-ness" it is the perceiver of the ego it is omniscient (infinite knowledge), omnipotent (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), omnibenevolence (perfect goodness) and eternal.

"Truth" is all that is, ever has been and ever will be without judgment, interpretation and labels it is the ONLY reality. To be truly absorbed in silence is the only way to perceive ABSOLUTE truth.

"In reality, there are no separate 'objects' or 'individuals'. No 'inside' separate from 'outside'. No 'me' separate from 'you'. No 'seeker' separate from what is sought."

"You are the master that makes the grass green"

You were born into the silence of truth and were raised to be insane by the insane. While that may sound silly it is however none the less true. When we were born we were perfect and without defect or disillusion there was no egoic mind only blissful awareness and rudimentary sense perceptions, everything was an extension of self and everything was perfect. Then a short time later we were taught that we had a name by the interaction with the insane, all of the sudden the mind collapsed into a singularity, the "I" and everything else slowly became external and separate from the "I" suddenly there was "I", and you and the paradigm ended and the path of ignorance and suffering began.

I like to compare the "I" to a bucket that we are given a short time after birth, that we carry throughout our lives. On this bucket, which has unlimited capacity, is written your name, and as you travel through life you put your interactions with other people in it (metaphorically speaking), your trials and tribulations, your good and bad experiences, this happened to me, that happened to me, if afraid of that, this makes me happy, I have an ex named such and such and this is why he or she made me unhappy, I had a bad experience with that, when I was 19 I was traumatized by that, anyway you get the idea, the bucket summarizes the sum of all your experiences. Truth will never be found in the bucket or as the bucket, truth will only be found by realizing that the bucket is false and untrue, you are not the contents of the bucket, you are the awareness that see's the bucket as the egoic mind. To truly be established in "truth" and "silence" you must empty the bucket and discard it, Be still and know that you are "That".

Holding on..

Life can get messy sometimes.
We all can get caught up in worldly materialistic things.. We then slide from spiritual lite..
Areas of our lives begin to suffer.
Mentally, emotionally, physically, relationships.
We start to notice unbalancement.
Our whole attitude & outlook on life begins to change.
It effects our daily performance at work, play,
Family, friends & social activities..
We find ourselves more & more in the wrong
Places at the wrong times.
Misfortune, bad luck, hardship, what ever you
Wish to call it. I like to call it Stubborn Selfishness..
We are a society in America trained to deal with
The results of the problems, instead of the problem.
Instant gradifications, sex, addiction, chemicals, doctors & pills & false beliefs..
Messy Messy MESSY..!!
My experience is that when I chase a God of
My understanding, there's little room to chase anything else. Things just fall into place.
A God of my understanding is understanding
What he is all about & what is expected
Of me..knowing that He's got it all under control.
He wants me to experience all that there is
To experience just as long as I am willing to go
Along with the plan..
Do I get it rite .? NO, hardly ever.
And I'm glad that I don't have to live up to that
Kind of rightiousness.. I'm only a spiritual being
Having a human experience. I'm bound to make
Mistakes. And I do my fair share, believe me..
When I chase that higher power the rest of my
Life begins to smell better.. New opportunities arise. New friends come into my life.new jobs, Every bodies got a purpose. I must learn from everyone.
Or I begin to make them same mistakes over & over again. Except they hurt more & more..
That Allmighty universal presence heals my heart, my bones, my mind, my messes. My healings happen sometimes in minits & sometimes in days.
But they do happen.. He never fails me..
Instead I fail him.
and all he asks in return is to love him only..
So goes my lil pity pot story, tomarrow is another day to try & get it rite again.
Maybe tomarrow I will learn to kneel before I run.. Through the day again..

Holding on..

Life can get messy sometimes.
We all can get caught up in worldly materialistic things.. We then slide from spiritual lite..
Areas of our lives begin to suffer.
Mentally, emotionally, physically, relationships.
We start to notice unbalancement.
Our whole attitude & outlook on life begins to change.
It effects our daily performance at work, play,
Family, friends & social activities..
We find ourselves more & more in the wrong
Places at the wrong times.
Misfortune, bad luck, hardship, what ever you
Wish to call it. I like to call it Stubborn Selfishness..
We are a society in America trained to deal with
The results of the problems, instead of the problem.
Instant gradifications, sex, addiction, chemicals, doctors & pills & false beliefs..
Messy Messy MESSY..!!
My experience is that when I chase a God of
My understanding, there's little room to chase anything else. Things just fall into place.
A God of my understanding is understanding
What he is all about & what is expected
Of me..knowing that He's got it all under control.
He wants me to experience all that there is
To experience just as long as I am willing to go
Along with the plan..
Do I get it rite .? NO, hardly ever.
And I'm glad that I don't have to live up to that
Kind of rightiousness.. I'm only a spiritual being
Having a human experience. I'm bound to make
Mistakes. And I do my fair share, believe me..
When I chase that higher power the rest of my
Life begins to smell better.. New opportunities arise. New friends come into my life.new jobs, Every bodies got a purpose. I must learn from everyone.
Or I begin to make them same mistakes over & over again. Except they hurt more & more..
That Allmighty universal presence heals my heart, my bones, my mind, my messes. My healings happen sometimes in minits & sometimes in days.
But they do happen.. He never fails me..
Instead I fail him.
and all he asks in return is to love him only..
So goes my lil pity pot story, tomarrow is another day to try & get it rite again.
Maybe tomarrow I will learn to kneel before I run.. Through the day again..

left over yesterday

From the secret hidden depths where one wanders in flights of abandon with whispers of your name, not a moment could cross my countenance, like this, without you; where are you hidden? (I know, yet,) I look for you in the passion places of my heart, the blood deeds of my mind, where the wingless angels grey the mist in the hope of time; is the night a wine I can't remove? Or a place to thrive? I don’t have any dust thoughts for this, that near perfect where I wander in it all. What can I say? I want to go home, past those tides that pull too much their desire to sway. Through all these long corridors of stuff I have walked down through all these long years, so many years, with you following behind. You throw me a bone of love, a note in the road, by a table, in some another country I pass thru, to read you: that wind to sway the trees asleep in rustic dreams of passion’s purpose in the sleeping blackness beneath your glory; let not the night escape in lack then where the charming stars in their splendour beseech to rise once more. But what can I read? I have left so much behind, so much lost. I have swum in so many oceans of you. I want to drown in you. I am covered in your dust, so much dust to love you now. And then there was more love in that place I cannot remember, but I know you were there too. And the hole I was lost in for so long; and the flights through all those dark nights of abandon. But, so many flights to some another place, so many places to find your love; and now I have found the answer was in me all the time. But, so many decades to find you, I am tired. You must help me now, I need you. I ache, I hurt, I am so lost unless you are with me. There is only you. Don’t hide from me anymore, come to me now. I hear your song of joy. I don’t know if I can make it without your comforting grace. Lost all in this all of it all. Help, I need you now. Yet: I have a yearning to write something lovely, something that feels good to read, and good to write. I faintly hear the music of the memories of all the smiling faces of friends, gathered, under all those moons in black skies of stars. Many good memories of all those beautiful places that I have left behind. And so many images to remind me of things to cherish: a suitcase of dreams with angel feathers caught from the winds, shooting stars in my mind forever. Times of beaches ‘n’ sunsets, remarkable places, and people that have come and exchanged time and graces of magical moments I can never forget. Boat rides into such mystical sundowns. I have seen things I can never say, heard such wondrous sounds that have mesmerised me. I have been enthralled and lost in timeless places. I have met people in their lives that have welcomed me with warmth and shared what they are. Many temples I have been to and sat and listened to the chanting monks for hours; and mosques of prayer where I put my head to the floor and felt my heart speak; and little churches on hilltops close to the stars where silence is eternal; cathedrals so huge and solid in stone and time that I wondered; and little driftwood temples where a lone one sits to pray and be still and listen to the waves on the sands; moments in time, so many moments in time, protected by angels, guided by masters, nurtured by loving care that comes, always when most needed. How can I ever say so much of these travels? So many loving faces smiling, smiling just for me with a wave of love to see me on my way. The moments of love that sway in the breeze of the wind that blows through my life; the travelling on, always on, to carry the bittersweet love and sorrow of too many partings. So many beautiful moments. Thank you, for all the love you have sent me, and those feathers of whispers and silences and dancing on rooftops for the ghost ship to carry on along that splendid rout of love with prayers that held such promise; and not a moment too soon those visions that came of where I was not and where I could be; and in these fleeting shadows where the dust has no name I will tell you all my secrets until I go home again.
©dean moriarty

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Motivated by Knowledge for Financial Change 1-19-13

Impatience and drive may have motivated you in the right direction!
You are in the right place at the right time today and you fare much better financially.
Opposing Energies: Impatience, carelessness, greed
It’s all about what you know, and how you use that knowledge to change your current financial position.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: loyalty, rewards, returns, serendipity, perseverance
Primary considerations should be given to those that contribute toward your causes or business, as new loyalties will pay off in the future.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Divine New Year

{Connie Huebner facilities the presence of Divine Mother by putting her attention on the deepest level within her heart. She experiences the vibration of Divine Mother's name at the quiet inner most subtle level of life and is then able to have an intimate, inner conversation with Her. The following is an excerpt from the immense wisdom of Divine Mother on the topic of Awareness and New Year.}

Divine Mother: Let go. Enter this New Year clean, clear, without baggage.
The Divine You is coming forth now, fully, powerfully. You are constantly letting go, always softening, going deeper, expanding more. This is the Truth of who you are, infinite, Whole.

We are being purified and prepared to enter this New Year, this Divine Year. We are letting go of all of the old as we step into the new life, the Divine life. Trust as you let go, trusting that you are safe, trusting that something so powerful is holding you that you can never fail. Let go. Allow the Divine Trust, trusting your infinite life, letting go more, falling, free falling, letting go of anything that could bind you or constrict you. Heal on all the levels of your life.

Divine Grace is here. Let go of the past, all of the karma of the past is collapsing around you. Let it go. As you move into the New Year, don’t hang on to anything, let it go. The New Year has greater gifts to give and your hands must be open to receive. Don’t hold on to anything from the past. Let go. Receive. Embrace the life that is being given to you now by the great Mother of the Universe who loves you so deeply, who wants every good thing for you.

Divine Mother is emptying her heart into your lap, healing you with her love. She says, “Offer me everything you want to have healed in your life, offer it all, now. I want it. Don’t hoard it. Give it to me. I am transforming you. Divine Mother is here for you. I see you, I love you, you can relax, you can let me handle everything. Don’t try to do it alone. Let me. The beautiful New Year is coming, a year of Light. You won’t even know, a year from now, the person that you are right now. That is how fully my transformation is coming on to this planet.

So let go. Don’t fight it. Peel off the layers. Jump into my heart. This is the Divine Mother’s way. I am the Mother of the Universe. I know how to keep you safe. Turn to me. Let me hold you. Don’t try to be separate from me, just unite and let go. Merge with me. That’s my love calling to you, drawing you in like a magnet, pulling you into my heart, freeing you from the pain of separation, the pain of isolation, the pain of fear. I am pulling you in with my love so that you will let go of all this pain of separation and recognize our union.

You must accept your hugeness, you must accept how expansive you are and not pull into the small physical form, but expand into your larger field, being bigger. You are remembering that you are infinite, you are connecting to the real you, and that is the real you that I want you to bring into 2013 – the year of the Real You.

It means you have to change your awareness, you have to engage with your grandness and not pull in to the physical body, but expand into the infinite body and beyond. You can do much more that way and you will be happier because it is not comfortable pulling that infinite you into that small, finite body. You have been extremely uncomfortable.

I am getting you used to using your awareness rather than your small mind. I am preparing you for 2013. I am preparing you to be grand in 2013, huge. You have the think differently now. It is going to be painful to think small. You must think big, large, huge. It’s a new way of thinking that you must embrace if you want to be comfortable in the coming year. Smallness is over. We have to think for the whole earth, for all the people of the earth.

This is important. I want you to think for all the people of the planet now. The thinking has been too small. I know most people are only concerned for themselves – but you must be concerned for everyone. We have to expand. The Divine Mother is here. We have to think for the whole planet now and think with expansion. That means, don’t limit when you come up with a plan or idea, don’t set boundaries on it. Let it grow beyond even what you have thought of. That way, it will connect to others who will expand on your plan, your idea. We have to keep it expanding now. No small limits, no small thinking “This is my idea. You can’t have it”. We give it away to get a better, more expansive plan. The small-mind thinking is finished, done.

I want you to know you are evolving your physical body, the human body – not just yours, everyone’s. The human race has to step into its Divine destiny. The physical human body has to step into its Divine template. We can’t think small any more. The beauty of this time on Mother Earth is that the Light necessary to activate the DNA in the human form is available.

The attention needed to guide the expansion of the heart is being freed now in you. Some people are leaders. Leaders are concerned for everyone. Leaders must always think about everyone, the whole world and I believe that you all here fit into that category of leadership. So you have to know these things. You have to practice compassion for those who do not know. And then you must demonstrate in your own life the kindness, the generosity, the peace that creates a new humanity.

So step into 2013 fully aware and alert, clear about who you are and what this world can be. Don’t shrink back, please. You must continue to lead. Do not let those who are afraid influence you in any way. Keep expanding. Become bigger than fear. I am giving you this year to mold. You are the Master Artists of this new time for Mother Earth, the Masters. You can mold the planet with your expansive awareness, with your unconditional compassion.

Don’t let these people who still remain in ignorance intimate you – expand, transform them with your heart. You have help. There is more Divine help on this planet now than we have ever had in the past. It’s there for you, it’s available to you. Request it, use it. Change Mother Earth.

I am thrilled to be entering this new year with so many great leaders, alive and well on this planet. And believe me, when I say alive and well, I mean that literally, because you are the hope of Mother Earth and the Divine Grace of all the love in the kingdom of heaven is flooding your lives right now. I am Divine Mother and I command the Divine Grace to assist you in this next year, to aid you, to fill you, to give to you, teach you, guide you, pave your path.

Please receive this right now, put yourself in receptive state, opening all the cells, the heart, the brain, all the organs, receive my Divine Grace. Open the auric field, open the etheric field, receive my Grace.

I am Mother God, I come in the name of Light. I am illuminating you now.

Alive in the Universe's Museum of Beauty

“Life is a passage through a museum of beauty.” Robert Geen, Artist

I read this quote in Geen's Twice-Weekly newsletter today, and it made me remember a visit to the Philadelphia Art Museum many years ago. I wandered the galleries in amazement of the talent and in awe of the beauty captured on the canvases. Then I came to a room where the paintings were dark and horrifying. I didn't want to stay in that room, yet even tho the subject matter was gruesome, it was terrifyingly beautiful.

This made me think of other things I don't like looking at, whether they be films with murder and mayhem, the news, or even my own pain. Can I now choose to see it all as rooms in the Universe's Museum of Beauty? I still get to choose which galleries to walk in, and how to react when I'm in the one's I've judged fearful. Perhaps I will stop avoiding various parts of life, and see that all of it is art. Perhaps I'll remember I'm the one holding the brushes.

How about you?


Consciously bringing myself to the place within me where all is still, I remember The Core of my being is Life and Beauty. I celebrate my conscious awareness of The Artist that has created all, including me.

I now choose to walk through that part of the Universe's Museum of Beauty that is my expression of Life. I realize that everything I see, whether I have judged it negative or positive, is important. As I bring Light into the spaces I find that, yes, everything is beautiful in its own way. In seeing the beauty, I am healed of the pain of my past and relieved of my emotional attachments. I am now able to be even more in the present moment, full of grace.

How grateful I am to have these realizations. How grateful I am to be walking this Path called Life.
I release these words into spiritual Law, knowing they are so. And so it is.

Can emotions be trapped in your cells...(video)

Hi fellow travelers,

Is it possible that when you have
emotional trauma, ongoing stress,
or just regular negative emotions,
it can all be trapped in your cells?

And that it can actually severely
limit your health and cause chronic

What we're coming to find is that
that is exactly what is happening
to so many people...

A revealing new video was just released
where Tapping expert Nick Ortner sits
down for a discussion with Dr Mark Hyman,
a 5 times New York Times Best-Selling
Author, to discuss this fundamental
understanding of our entire mind-body

This is a must-see video that reveals
some startling truths about how to
achieve optimal health...


In this interview, Dr. Hyman shares some
pretty amazing information... things that you
won't want to miss, such as...

- The monkey study that revealed the
importance of one particular thing that
many take for granted.

- One of the leading causes of chronic
illness that people don't know about, and
that goes all the way back to childhood.

- Why many of the patients who come to
him are in fact doctors who are looking for
solutions that work

- And much more...

Watch the video.  It could provide a radical
shift in your understanding of how to create
real long-term health.


Wishing you peace and joy on your journey,

Nancy Rohrman

Crystal Egg Report with Shae

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Love to You friends
and keep stepping!

Shae xo
Your Intuitive Artist

Still Untitled...another of my works

The constant drumming resonating

The rising smoke of inferno

Burning bright, leaving one in trance.

The rising smell of charred remains

Startle the senses, fixation of the eyes

Watching deeply the flames

What do those eyes see within burnt orange?

The constant thrumming of

A racing heart, churned and dancing

With the endless pounding of beats

Into the darkest hour at hand, pulsing

Heated blood through shivering veins

Lost people this very night, held

Captive to souls flight, drifting

In shadows cast against towering trees.

Whispers heard upon the winds, sweet

Embers burn casting themselves upon

The breathe flying in spirals, turning to ash.

The dance of the ensorcelled begins

Gyrating hips, loosened shoulders, hands

Reaching, searching pulling in the power.

Felt thick upon the air, lingering and waiting

Rising from beneath, soaring up above

Surrounding, falling upon all things.

Creatures scatter while the owl watches from

Highest limb, the show of forms moving

Nocturnal souls rejoice in dance, swaying

To that constant drumming, filling

Calling, crashing, ancient secrets

Eyes, reflecting flame, reach my own

Lost……within the mysteries, drowning

In the freedom felt, spirit lifting eyes

Of its own to the darkened skies, I fall in place

Dancing to the enchanted thrumming

Breathe……….I have joined the dance of souls.

As Your KUNDALINI Rises so does Your Spiritual Awareness

As Your KUNDALINI Rises so does Your Spiritual Awareness
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ January 18 – 25, 2013
Received by, Julie Miller
January 18, 2013

Each person has this incredible and sacred energy, it is your life force and for many it is dormant and closed up – this energy we speak of today is your precious Kundalini energy. By those dear souls that have been successful to tap into this energy understands that it is an astounding powerhouse of divine planetary energy that lives within each of you and has the profound ability to access the entire universe. Your coiled energy rests within your Base Chakra and it is this chakra and energy that will join you with the energy of your Earth. To some people, this energy is also described as the Serpent’s Light, this sacred light cleanses your entire inner body as it rises and it is clearly understood by those that have accessed this powerhouse as a natural healing energy that is most beneficial. The energy of your awareness dear ones is due to the energy of the Kundalini that is waiting to be uncoiled. Of all the metaphysical energies you are able to utilize this one is one of the most powerful.

This sacred universal energy is opened to everyone but when you look for information regarding this powerful energy you will be directed to the wisdom of the East, mainly India. Even within some yogic practices this energy is not fully understood, but it has gained the interest of some medical scientists. Kundalini dear ones is a Sanskrit word that defines as meaning “she who is coiled”. There is much to be learned in regards of this energy and how it is understood by the earliest people of India. It is treated with respect and admiration.

Why we encourage the Kundalini energy to be respected is mainly due to its ability to not choose of what is good or bad – it does not discern. Many dear souls that are beginning to evolve within their spirituality may feel a rise of Kundalini energy as this energy is released from your Base Chakra and as it moves throughout your inner body, it working to open all your chakras. This curled up preternatural energy will rise upwards and through its movement it will energize each chakra it moves through and bringing them to their full operating potential.

The Kundalini energy has deep rooted connections with the Sun and has been described as a Solar Energy. This sacred energy does not only aid and increase your life energy and sexual energy but its healing energy improves the overall function of your mind, body and soul.

Not everyone is aware when their Kundalini awakens, but understand this dear ones, when it does awaken it brings great change into your life that is both uplifting and positive that empowers you to live to your own highest potential within your insight, creativity and personal energy. The Kundalini energy is well known to being the main source for all creative intellect and psychic abilities. When this sacred energy awakens and begins to uncoil you will experience new opportunities become available and they are presented to assist you with your life, to flourish and express who you truly are.

Some dear souls when experiencing the rise of their Kundalini often undergo various feelings and vibrations which may often feel like a stinging or crawling sensation under one’s skin, as well as itching, and other similar sensory perceptions. Many dear souls have noticed cramping, sometimes muscular twitching and disorientation. This is the time you may be able to hear your guides speaking to you; you will feel a tingling surrounding your Crown Chakra. Kundalini energy is also associated with heat, this means dear ones you will feel greatly over-heated from the inside as a results nausea may be a result. Even with us providing you with the possible symptoms of your rising Kundalini it is always a wise choice to know your body well from the inside out. Some of the symptoms to this awakening energy could easily be from something else that is not related to your Kundalini rising. Always be aware of your body, it is your body and you are to know it better than anyone. As your Kundalini rises so your will your level of consciousness and your connection to the Divine will be more secure.

Understand dear ones once this sacred energy has uncurled itself and is rising you will eventually discover an increase of spiritual awareness as your Crown Chakra unfolds and opens. Realize dear ones this can take many months or years before your Kundalini has its full rising awareness and potential.

You can begin working on your Kundalini energy when you commit to working on your chakras and to balance them, by removing any and all obstacles that may be the cause of the natural flow of your own energy. This will require you to do some soul searching; reflecting on what could be the reasons that are causing your energy to be stagnant and unmoving. Being more involved with your chakras will help you to gain a newer level of spiritual, emotional and physical happiness and comfort.

What can also occur dear ones is your Kundalini rising when you are also going through high levels of stress and trials in your life, sometimes during meditation, fasting, even while practicing yoga. It is important to be aware that even though this sacred energy is extremely healing, depending on your sensitivity this energy may also affect you in a few disagreeable ways that will dissolve over an unprecedented amount of time. During the times you set aside to pray, meditate or for yoga this energy very likely may be released. Embrace this energy as uncurls and moves up through your chakras until it reaches its destination within the Crown Chakra which will cause incredible vibrations of energy to move throughout your entire body.

Fully realize dear ones; your precious soul has the ability to reach its ultimate potential when the sacred Kundalini energy rises up through your chakras towards the Divine Masculinity of the Crown Chakra. Kundalini is understood as a feminine energy and the union of the Crown Chakra and the Kundalini is also known as the connection of the creative and sexual energies – it is basis of your own evolution.

Let us guide you to some deeper understanding of the Kundalini energy force. This energy as you understand rises from the Base Chakra. It moves at its own pace depending on you and the work you have done in regards of clearing and balancing not only your chakras but any obstacles that may have caused stagnation. The Kundalini energy rises up through each chakra, activating each one until it reaches its prime destination in the Crown Chakra. This sacred healing energy ascends through a canal within your spinal cord. This canal delivers a dominant connection that links with your inner electrical system from where your peripheral spinal nerves of your body connect and relate with your brain.

Your Kundalini energy will rise along two distinct paths, a male and female path. Consider your Kundalini base energy connecting and including the incoming flow of Divine energy that is provided by the most esteemed Divine Spirit otherwise known as God. This current of energy builds pressure which will create the forces of energy to move and rotate. As the energies in the masculine and feminine cross over and rise within each positive and negative junction passing will create a Chakra that many relate as a flower.

Understand dear ones that the Kundalini energy will combine and bring together the male and female polarizations within each of you and this energy in infinite; it has no inhibiting restraints inside or outside of yourself. Once this energy has uncurled itself and has risen, it will create an opening of your Crown Chakra and this will be the result of an increase of your own spiritual awareness.

The rising of your Kundalini may easily happen suddenly. You may feel very much as if a snake is indeed unwrapping itself from your Base Chakra and you may feel each chakra become activated as it rises. Embrace and rejoice in these feelings, do not fear them, allow the energy to move through you naturally. Once your Kundalini begins to rise you are not to rush this process. Allow yourself to feel each stage knowing the completion of the Kundalini journey may take several months to several years.

When you are completely aware that your Kundalini is rising we encourage you to refrain from caffeinated beverages, reducing cigarette smoking or any other form of self-indulgence that you know can create blockages within your body. Make a point to reduce any stress that accompanies you through your journey by meditating, massage and other healing remedies that work best for you. Allow your heart to guide you to what will most effective for you. Understand dear ones this is your journey. Each of you may experience some similarities but truthfully each one is different. But what is essential for all journeyers is your thirst for knowledge. Become your own Kundalini expert through your tenacious spirit to learn all you can in regards to this area and how it will benefit each part of your life. Embrace the courage to speak to others that may have experienced their own Kundalini rising. You are not comparing notes; you are sharing, learning and ultimately growing.

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Yellow Jasper helps Capricorns (and others) cope well under pressure

Yellow Jasper helps Capricorns Cope with Pressure.

Yellow jasper is very common and is considered an easily available stone, however I am having trouble getting it. And I am very much drawn to this opaque, mustard yellow colored tumbled stone with its smooth and silky feel. By the way, it is primarily limonite that makes it yellow.

With their serious, steadfast, disciplined, responsible and reliable nature, Capricorns can suffer from insecurity. Even if they have a good paying job and money in the bank, they may be overly concerned about what the future may bring regarding their finances. Capricorns can lack self esteem and are beings who truly need to feel valued, especially at work.

By and large, Capricorns are reasonable, however they have also been known to have hot tempers. Their innate “wisdom” tends to make these “goats” act old at a young age. As the years go by, Capricorns usually become more at ease and comfortable with themselves, their families and their jobs.

They are reliable, dependable and competent folks who others find easy to lean on. As a result, Capricorns often end up taking on the responsibility of caring for family members. Eventually, the pressure and responsibilities of being at others beck and call becomes too overwhelming.

This is where yellow jasper comes to the rescue.

A piece of yellow jasper should be when held in the hand or placed on top of the solar plexus chakra. It’s always a good idea to first focus on the balance that you need in your life. Then, allow the supportive and nurturing vibration of yellow jasper to raise your energy and stamina.

When you’re not working with your yellow jasper, don’t put it in a drawer. Place it on your desk, in your pocket or let it grace a table or two in your home. When placed around the home, yellow jasper will cleanse and purify the areas.

Overall properties of yellow jasper:

Calms the nerves and eases stress, brings balance, removes and protects from negative energies, quick thinking and organizational skills

Health benefits: grounds energies, eases nausea, benefits stomach, abdomen and bladder issues, circulation, releases toxins, energizes the solar plexus chakra, fortifies the body, especially after an illness

Provides psychic protection when several pieces are placed in a circle around the body

Where is it found: All over the world, especially prevalent in Brazil, France, Germany and Russia. Not part of the “Gemsheal” inventory, though. Unhappy

Here are a few other stones that are particularly beneficial for Capricorns:

Onyx - increases self confidence for those serious, hard working and ambitious Capricorns

Amethyst – balances extremes of the emotions, removes anxiety

Chrysoprase – brings positive thinking, solutions to situations

Celestite – mental clarity, eases worries

Osho – Only by giving do you become the possessor. If you cannot give, then you are not in possession

Whenever you are unable to share, whenever you are unable to practise charity, note down — you must be poor. You may have much in the eyes of others, but deep down you must be poor if you cannot share. You possess only that which you can give. Only by giving do you become the possessor. If you cannot give, then you are not in possession, you are not the master. Then the thing that you think you possess, is possessing you. Then you are possessed by your possession.

Charity is a beautiful flowering of one who has, one who is in possession of his being; one who is not poor, one who is rich. This man may be a beggar on the streets. It has nothing to do with your bank balance. The rich man may be a beggar, but if he has his being, authentic being, if he can love, if he can sing, if he can dance, if he can see poetry in the world, he is rich. He may not have anything at all. As far as material things go, he may not have anything. But he has something of the spiritual… something which cannot be taken away from him.

Observe this fact: that which you really possess cannot be taken away from you. You can only give it — if you want — but nobody can take it away. That which you don’t possess, and by which you are possessed, you can never give — it can only be stolen or taken away, robbed.

Your love cannot be robbed. There is no way to rob it. You can give it voluntarily, you can give it freely, but nobody can rob it. You can be killed, but your love cannot be killed. There exists no way to murder love. Love seems to be more eternal than your so-called life. Your life can be destroyed very easily… just a hit on the head, just a bullet through the heart; very simple… but nothing can destroy love. Love seems to be the only eternal thing; something not belonging to the world of time. You can give it, but nobody can take it.

Your money, your respectability, your power, your prestige — they all can be taken away from you. That which can be taken away from you creates a clinging in the mind. You become poorer and poorer, because you have to cling more and more, you have to protect more and more, and you are always afraid and trembling.

The so-called rich people are continuously trembling… trembling. Deep down they are always afraid because they know that that which they have can be taken away. They can never be certain about it. The very uncertainty goes on eating their heart like a worm. You possess only that which grows out of you, which belongs to you, which is rooted in you. A rich man is one who has poetry in life, dance in life, celebration in life, silence in life, centeredness in life, rootedness in life… who blooms into his inner sky. The rich man is one who is so full, like clouds in the rainy season… ready to shower on anybody who becomes available. Or like an opening bud… ready to share its fragrance with any wind that passes by, or any traveller that comes by. Sharing is overflowing.

Buddha says this is one of the most difficult things — to try to share that which you don’t have — and that’s what people are doing. They go on trying to love without ever considering the fact that love has not yet grown in their heart. In fact, you don’t love yourself — how can you love others? The basic is missing, the very basic is missing.

You are not happy alone — how can you be happy together with somebody else? If you are unhappy alone, when you come together with somebody, you will bring your unhappiness to be shared. That’s all you have — your poverty, your rottenness, your misery, your depression, your sadness, your angst, anxiety, anguish… your disease.

Try to possess something — that which cannot be taken away by anybody, not even by death. Difficult, but possible. It looks impossible. How to be loving without finding a lover? Our whole mind has been conditioned in a wrong way. You can dance without the audience; why can’t you love without there being somebody? You can sing without a listener; why can’t you love without a lover? Your mind has been conditioned wrongly. You think you can love only when there is somebody to love.

Practise love. Sitting alone in your room, be loving. Radiate love. Fill the whole room with your love energy. Feel vibrating with a new frequency, feel swaying as if you are in the ocean of love. Create vibrations of love energy around you. And you will start feeling immediately that something is happening — something in your aura is changing, something around your body is changing; a warmth is arising around your body… a warmth like deep orgasm. You are becoming more alive. Something like sleep is disappearing. Something like awareness is arising. Sway into this ocean. Dance, sing, and let your whole room be filled with love.

In the beginning it feels very weird. When for the first time you can fill your room with love energy, your own energy, which goes on falling and rebouncing on you and makes you so happy, one starts feeling, ‘Am I hypnotising myself? Am I deluded? What is happening?’ Because you have always thought that love comes from somebody else. A mother is needed to love you, a father, a brother, a husband, a wife, a child — but somebody.

Love that depends on somebody is a poor love. Love that is created within you, love that you create out of your own being, is real energy. Then move anywhere with that ocean surrounding you and you will feel that everybody who comes close to you is suddenly under a different kind of energy. People will look at you with more open eyes. You will be passing them and they will feel that a breeze of some unknown energy has passed them; they will feel fresher. Hold somebody’s hand and his whole body will start throbbing. Just be close to somebody and that man will start feeling very happy for no reason at all. You can watch it. Then you are becoming ready to share. Then find a lover, then find a right receptivity for you.


I am not so easily attainable by Yoga, Sankhya or discrimination, Dharma, study of the Vedas, Tapas, renunciation, liberal gifts, charitable acts, rites such as Agnihotra, fasts, vows, Yajnas, secret Mantras, resort to pilgrimages, Yamas, Niyamas (moral rules), as Satsanga (company of Sadhus) which puts an end to all attachments.

This is said by Lord Krishna in Gita.

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Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO