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Akashic Record - James H Bloom

Akashic Records:

You are an infinite being. You have always been part of everything and everyone. You
came to experience the physical form to express the oneness as a unique signature that
has never been seen before. That signature is your true purpose not what you do. You
can do many different jobs through lifetimes, changing your body and your role each
time but the essence of you never changes. This report describes that essence of your
The energy of the planet is changing dramatically. In many cases it looks quite chaotic.
It's simply an expression of letting go of old thoughts, beliefs, that have limited many of
us and getting to your core blueprint.
You see when you came onto this planet you were downloaded the rules of this reality.
Many of you are not from here. The rules of this reality is that there is lack and you don't
have awareness of yourself. Does that make sense when there are millions of leaves on a
tree? You were given one gift that would always take you out of the limitation, that is
choice. You always can chose something different no matter what is happening. No
one can stop you, only you can using your thoughts, beliefs and emotions against
As you look through this report, realize that it's a picture of you and how you be. What
you do with it is your choice. If you chose things that make your mind and body feel at
ease and flow then you're on the right path. If you feel contracted, stuck, bad, limited
then those are not the truth of the infinite being. That's this reality trying to control you.
Remember ease is right. Contraction is a lie. This doesn't require you to tell others or
justify yourself to another. You have nothing to prove to anyone or youself. Even if you
tried it would not be understood as there is only one version of you. How can someone
else understand you if they're not like you? It's for you to acknowledge yourself and step
into that with no judgment.
Remember that you're telepathic and have been taking in others points of views as yours.
Your family's and your environments. Always ask these three questions when you're
feeling negative emotion, sick in your body or negative thoughts.
1-,, (781) 438-4078
Akashic Comprehensive Report
Is it mine? If yes, ask yourself what you're trying to understand and because you've
ignored your awareness your emotions and body has to tell you.
Is it someone else's? 98% of the time. If you get this answer, say “Return with
Is it the earths? The earth contributes to us by providing us food and a place to live. All
you have to do is contribute back by sending your energy to the earth.
This tool comes from Gary Douglas.
Do this practice for 5 days minimum for every thought, feeling or discomfort you have
in your body. You will realize how many points of view are not even yours that you've
adopted as your own.
You came here to play out different roles and experiences. Try not to take yourself to
seriously, you're just playing.

James Sidney Rutherford
12/7/1950 Louisville, KY
Soul Vibration:5.37
Soul Age:1011
Energy Temples:Love+ Light
Physical History: Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Australia + 30 other countries
Arch Angelic Realm:Michael + Raphael
Primary Life Class:Self Love
Secondary Life Class:Self Trust
Soul Group:Hadar + Mintaka
Soul Specialization:Melchizedek, Incubator Teacher, 3rd Order, 4th Order, Wizard
Light worker:Yes
White Lights:30
Soul Awareness of Creator:79%
# of Guides:4 (Michael, Raphael, Thoth, Assisi)
Animal Guide:Wolf
Spheres of Protection:4.63
God Spark Connection:in tact
Karmic Knots:24 after clearings 12
Your intuitive reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not
constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. The client receiving the intuitive reading
is responsible for all of his/her own choices and/or actions.

Consciousness Vibration or Soul Vibration:5.37
Vibration signifies how much your soul has grown over many lifetimes and how
consciousness it is. If you don't believe in past lives, it simply means that your soul has a
frequency of that number.
When we first came here we were all in the 1st dimension of the mind. You progressed
into the 3rd dimension which is the a physical shape like a crystal or a mineral. Then you
move into the plant, insect and animal frequency. Their vibration is 4.0-4.5 vibration. At
4.5 the vibration becomes human finally.
At 4.9-5.9 the soul starts pursuing their spiritual journey and growth with focus and
diligence. These souls will often be heard talking about connecting to their higher self,
desiring to learn more energy work, wanting to be in community with like minded
people. They work very hard and are very open to the higher energies. They tend to be
teachers, mentors, examples for others to follow.
Please understand that there is a difference between manifesting at the 3rd, 4th or 5th
dimension. Our planet vibrates at the 3rd dimension where manifestation is very slow.
Things here are quite dense. Once you hit the 4th and 5th dimensions, what you think you
manifest immediately. A soul's vibration does not refer to manifestation but reflection of
inner wisdom and growth through lifetimes.
When your soul reaches 5.99999 it becomes and Ascended Being at 6.0 and above. Most
beings never come into physical form at this vibration rate UNLESS there is some work
to be done. To reach this high vibration you are being of deep service. Think Jesus
Christ, Muhammad, Buddha.
Your guides, helpers, guardians, masters are between 6-8 vibrations rates. At 9-12.0
these are the vibrations of angels and higher dimensional beings. At 12.0 lives the Arch
Angels, Devis, Devas, Gods, Goddesses. When someone dies, they do not automatically
become angels. Please remember that most people are not “angelic” here on the planet
so they don't have that skill level. Angels are created and stay as angels till the end of
We can increase our vibration on the planet through the personal work we do. Higher
vibrations require us to let go of 3rd dimensional fears and blocks. The more
unconsciousness you let go of, the higher you vibrate. Remember that unconsciousness
are the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and experiences you hold onto that make you believe
that you're not a creator.

Most beings move 0.1-0.2 points each lifetime. This is a huge leap in consciousness as it
signifies that lessons have been learned and integrated. Remember, the goal isn't to
increase points quickly. Your soul will do this naturally as you continue to ascend.
We're all ascending at this point in history. How quickly or slowly we do is determined
by the CHOICES we make.
Soul Age (How many lifetimes):1011
Soul age refers to how many lifetimes you have been on the earth as planet, mineral,
animal and finally human. It does not refer to the lifetimes you may have had someplace
else. You can, of course, do a comprehensive reading on a non-human lifetime if you so
chose. Your Akashic library records your energy as a continuation through time and
space. It does not begin and end with birth and death.
Just because someone has reincarnated for thousands of lifetimes it does not mean
they're doing something wrong! The goal is not to be enlightened, which by the way is a
way to keep you distracted from ever feeling complete, but to experience as much
variety of life and living in different roles.
If you're a galactic being, which means you don't come from here, your soul age will be
more than 125. 125 average is for beings created on planet earth.
The newest of all souls are the Crystal Children or Indigo children. They began coming
onto the planet in the late 60's and early 70's. They are very psychic and lead the way in
the new age moment. After the year 2000, may of these souls were born with telepathic
abilities, heightened self awareness and felt uncomfortable in the human body. Quite a
few autistic kids are new souls on the planet. I feel for them as they're so much faster
than us and we don't know what to do with them.
The children born conceived in late 2012 and born after that will become the new
energies on the planet. They will hold the fifth dimension in their system from the time
of birth. They will have to learn how to be here where there are many dimensions
working at the same time. This could be challenging for them as it's much slower and
harder down here. Parents who are awakened already will assist these children the best.
5-,, (781) 438-4078
Energy Temples:Love + Light
Energy temples refers to the energy that you have signed up to work with the most this
lifetime. Because we constantly change roles and bodies, it's our energy that stays as a
signature. You of course can change it and add to it as many times as you'd like.
You are here to bring this wonderful energy and learning onto the planet. The people
around you benefit from this energy as it could be part of their life lesson. Let's say you
have the energy of power and your spouse has abundance. You are helping each other
learn about the others energy stream. In many cases, you are attracted to people who
have the same energy temple as you. If you're looking for good friends or a partner, what
really matters is their vibration. If your vibration (consciousness level) doesn't match,
you will notice the difference and it will make it harder to have a fun interaction.
Divine Love
When you think of divine love what or who do you think about? Mother Teresa, Budha,
someone you know? Many beings are taught that divine love is the love we give to
others. From childhood we're taught that we must share, be loving to others, kind and
compassionate. In the context of your soul blueprint it is the relationship that you have
with yourself. It is about self love. How do you treat yourself? Are you compassionate,
kind, caring to yourself? Or do you judge, criticize and reprimand yourself? The core
quality of this energy stream is loving yourself unconditionally. Forgiving your past
mistakes and realizing that you're a spiritual being having a human experience. You were
not taught how to do this before you came. Of course you'll make mistakes.
The energy stream of god, higher energy, universe is divine love. When I enter the
Akashic records I tell people that the love that is there for you is beyond mind blowing.
There is nothing that you can do wrong, it is all regarded as a learning experience. If you
have this energy stream, your focus is on healing your relationship with yourself.
Connecting to your heart energy. The more you do that, the more you will offer others.
Exercise:Take in a few deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth.
Relax your mind and body. Imagine yourself as a child. You might have a favorite
picture, or a snapshot of a memory. Focus on your heart and send this child loving
energy. Tell them how great they are, how proud you are, how great they turn out to be
when they grow up. Shower him or her with divine love.
6-,, (781) 438-4078
Divine Light
Divine light is the energy that brings forth spirit (spirituality) into your and others lives.
Beings like St. Francis of Assisi, Paramahansa Yogananda, yoga masters of the east are
examples of Divine Light. They made god energy more accessible and available to all
not matter what the path. In the last 100 years, divine light has opened up considerably
on the planet. Spiritual knowledge and wisdom is accessible to all.
With this energy you acknowledge that we are connected to everything and comprehend
that there is more to the human existence that what we see. You are open to the
messages, intuitive hits, wisdom that comes from your higher self. You might even be a
channel or teacher of these abilities.
When you're disconnected from this energy, you will not hear your intuition or higher
self. Life will be 2 dimensional with the primary focus on doing things instead of being.
Exercise: Take in a few deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth.
Relax your mind and body. Focus in on your breath. Let your mind wander if it needs to
but bring it back to observing your breath. Do this for 5-10 minutes. Meditation is one
way your connection to divine light will open up.
Past Life Influencing You The Most Now:Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt,
Australia + 30 other countries
Since we've lived many lifetimes on this planet, there are billions of experiences stored
in the records. Not each lifetime will affect us at this point in time or even this lifetime.
Depending on why you're here, what karma you're working on, what gifts and
contributions you're bringing forward to humanity at this time, those past lives will
come through the most. In this reading, your guide is coming forward with the most
important one for you to know about right now. Of course, other lives can come through
later on in your journey when you're ready for it or with other practitioners.
Symptoms of past lives coming forward. We may be attracted to that part of the world
through food, culture, marriage, friendship, desire to travel. We may want to participate
in their spirituality or feel the urge to live or visit there. This is how you know if you've
been there before. If for no reason you want to go to a particular part of the world. Or
when you see pictures of a certain place you feel emotional, this is a past life memory.
If nothing comes up that doesn't mean that the past life has no meaning to you. It maybe
that there is some important healing to be done in that past life!
7-,, (781) 438-4078
You can actually ask your soul to remind you of a past life by doing Hypnosis. Brian
Weiss is on the leading edge of research and practice about past lives. He has books and
CD's available on this subject. A very good book to read if you're interested is Many
Lives, Many Masters by Brian. Delores Cannon is another very famous author, teacher
lecturer who has done thousands of regressions.
You first came onto the planet during the time of Lemuria with the first wave of one of
your soul groups the Mintakans. Beings from many other galaxies came together for the
first time during the Lemurian time period. Please note that most Lemurians weren't in
full physical body yet so they didn't have job titles or roles. Lemuria was a time of
gathering and learning about each others gifts and abilities, an opportunity to see if we
could work together on this planet and create something different.
During the Atlantis time period that changed and we took on more roles and defined
female and male energies. You were in Atlantis for 4 lifetimes. 2 of them creating music
and art and 2 as a healer using your hands. Atlantis was a time of incredible
experimentation so the beings that initially came worked with everything that was
available to them in the area. Over a few centuries that joyful experimentation changed
to an energy of greed and lack of appreciation for the space around us. Many Atlanteans
came back into this lifetime to make sure that didn't happen again.
In Egypt you lived for 3 lifetimes. 2 as a mystery school practitioner and 1 as an
engineer for the pyramids. You were in the mystery school of Thoth and Black Isis.
Thoth was the god of the moon, god of wisdom, measure of time and the inventor of
writing and numbers. Thoth was believed to be the inventor of astronomy, astrology,
engineering, botany, geometry, land surveying, some of his identities later attributed to
roles he played in different civilizations. Thoth was the 'god of the equilibrium' and
considered depictions of him as the 'Master of the Balance' to indicate that he was
associated with the equinoxes- the time when the day and the night were balanced.
Thoth is also associated with the Akashic Records. If you were involved with this
mystery school, you would have spent time understanding the cosmos, the relationship
with the everything and how to do magic.
Black Isis: Is the duality of light and darkness from Egypt. She has positive and
negative polarities and the people who participated in her order's goal was to balance
that within themselves and the world.
In Australia you lived a very shamanic life. Close to the earth, healing using the natural
elements like herbs, plants and gemstones. If you haven't read the book Mutant Message
Down Under please do, it describes that life so perfectly.
8-,, (781) 438-4078
Energy Centers of Training:Michael + Raphael
We represent the energy of the angels, devas, goddesses here on earth. You can think of
it as we are their representatives grounding their energies here in physical form. Each
soul picks a primary realm to train in, a focus point. Throughout your life, this will stay
your realm of training. In between lifetimes, you may pick another realm. Once you've
made the decision of which center to study in, you gain expertise and strength in that
area of service. They are both positive and negative aspects of these realms.
There are 7 energy centers/gateway that represent these realms in our physical body.
They are referred to as Chakras. Chakras mean spinning vortex of energy and originated
in ancient India. Within our physical body resides 7 energetic gateways. These gateways
connect us to the physical, mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual realms. We work with
all realms of course but we chose to embody one or two.
Archangel Michael/Bast
Arch Angel Michael's realm is the center of intuition, protection, the spiritual
warrior and divine truth. It is the sixth chakra. When others are in your presence
they feel very safe to be themselves. You are honest, authentic and speak your
mind clearly without confusion. You cannot lie and if you do, it will be obvious!
Their energy is so clear that lying would disrupt it so much that it would bother
them incredibly. They are fairly black and white individuals and sometimes their
honesty and truth is not well received by society who speak in half-truths.
Examples of Michaelites are Paul Newman, Michael Moore, Michelangelo, Tom
The other aspect of this energy center is that they're so powerful they may become
shy about their intuitive abilities and power. It is part of their soul's journey to step
into that space safely. Because of their warrior nature others who are insecure
around them may have tried to control or put down that energy.
These beings are very protective of those they love – that is the warrior side that
comes with training in this particular energy center. They are equally protective of
Divine Truth as they are spiritual warriors who uphold truth. Being to protective
can create problems as they can wall themselves off from others.

Archangel Raphael/Aphrodite/Cupid/Ishtar
This is the energy center of Divine Love and Divine Healing, the 4th chakra, the
heart. These beings are here to show us all that there is plenty of love to go
around. When they see someone in pain, their heart opens up immediately and
they start giving. This is effective only if they take good care of themselves first.
Their job is to bring back the blueprint of divine love onto the planet.
Raphalites are loving, warm, sweet, generous to a fault, healers, incredible friends
and relatives. They can be sensitive because they wear their heart on their sleeve
and often get hurt when love isn't reciprocated. Their energy is soothing, projects
healing and love. They have a hard time saying no because they're so heart
centered. If they forget that the love energy is coming from source not them, they
become overly attached to a person. To stay in balance, they must take good care
of themselves first. To remember, that they're a vessel of love.
Primary Life Class:Self Love
Secondary Life Class:Self Trust
Your souls picks how many classes it wants to take. What subjects it's interested in
investing it's time in. These are ways to play with energy and shouldn't be made
significant. When you make them significant, they become stuck in your system as a
lesson. Lesson means that you have to keep learning something until you figure it out.
You're always stuck in it, like a naughty little kid who has to eat all their food first
before having desert.
This may be your first time doing this class or a you've done it a few times. It doesn't
mean you didn't get it right the first time. You might be learning different aspects of the
class. For example, if you picked love, love comes in many forms and ways. Love of
self, love of family, love of friends etc. You might not finish the class all in one lifetime
so you enroll over a few lifetimes. Remember an infinite being doesn't have understand
time. What is a 100 years when there are trillions of years available.
Our life classes show themselves in two ways. Positive and negative. Depending on how
we use our free will (choice) we can change it from negative to positive just by choosing
something different. We have heard and seen many examples of this. Someone who is
born under horrible circumstances and chooses out of it.
10-,, (781) 438-4078
Remember in this reality we are trained to believe in polarity. Good, bad, easy, hard,
light, dark. So every class, based on this belief, must have negative and positive. That
doesn't have to be true for you if you chose to create your reality.
Our primary life class can be related to what energy we'd like to share and teach others.
They are intertwined. If your class is about power (for example), you can chose to help
others attain power and confidence. Look for the patterns in your life that show you how
the class you're taking is leading you to make decisions to help you grow.
People often ask me what their purpose in life is. They're looking for a job title. It isn't a
job title that you're here to do. You're here to bring an energy, a lesson and share it with
others. I would suggest that you pay attention to your life class because this is a HUGE
part of what you're here to share with others.
You can have many secondary classes, degrees. They support your primary class or are
totally different. It's like taking a second major.
Self love and self trust are two HUGE life classes! To really love and trust self is
something that is very rare on the planet. How do you even learn it when no one knows
how to be it? You become the leader and the example of it through your life and
experiences. Sometimes that means you have to figure it out by yourself or with one or
two people. That can feel lonely yet know that these classes you've chosen change our
reality. You are the example and never forget that.
The Archetype & Shadow: Lover/Actor
When you're first created in the womb, you immediately look around this world and
your family to see how to fit in with a personality. Remember the above energies are
about who you are at the soul level (infinite being that never dies). The archetype is
about your personality and the role you decide to play.
The concept of the Archetype comes form Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung.
Archetypes are patterns of thoughts and action that are repeated throughout the planet.
Your archetype creates the foundation of your personality, drives, feelings, beliefs,
motivations and actions. It has both positive (light shadow) and dark (dark shadow)
aspects to it.
The shadow self is the negative manifestation of your major archetype. By noticing your
shadow self as a teaching tool, you can neutralize the affects of it by being aware when
you're doing it. Most humans find it unacceptable to have a shadow self so they
11-,, (781) 438-4078
unconsciously project it onto others. It becomes a wrongness. You are an infinite being
trying out lots of different things. Sometimes you're lovely and sometimes you're not.
Become aware when you're not and make a new choice to change it.
A quick way to see your shadow self is by noticing what in others irritates you. This is
the part of you that you're not accepting within yourself. Remember you've done
everything and been everything. If you're irritated in another, in some lifetime you were
that and you have a lot of judgment about it.
Connected to the archetype is the Chakra system. Chakras mean spinning vortexes of
energy and comes from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. When we lock down
through a role, we also lock down issues in our body. It can show itself in your aura.
Over time, traumas, negative influences can damage and tear the aura. When there is a
tear, our energy will leak through it depleting us. I have mentioned them here for you
because it will be part of your life's journey to keep your Chakras clear, and healthy.
You can buy and inexpensive Chakra mp3 CD at or buy
one from the internet. It is important to have a Chakra practice to keep your energy
flowing, clear and healthy. Below your archetype you will find the weaknesses in the
Chakra system.
The Fourth Chakra
The fourth chakra is related to the Actor archetype and the Lover Archetype.
The Lover Archetype (Strength): This archetype is all about love, life and spreading
positive energy. Their heart is open, they share laughter, happiness and connection. You
can hear them laughing loudly and their energy is often contagious. They love being
connected so relationships of all kinds are fun to have. Friends, family, acquaintances,
global connections. One of my close friends is this archetype and she'll talk about
experiencing everything through the eyes of love. She has so many friends and
amazingly keeps in touch with every single one of them! The lover is a person who not
only participates fully in life, but does so with love.
The Actor Archetype (Weakness)- This energy would like to have the benefits of love
but there is a wall prevalent. There is a constant inner struggle about being vunerable
and opening up fully. Trust is a huge issue here as well as being over powered by others
energies. They “feel” everything and are highly empathic. It becomes very hard for
them to seperate their energies from others energies. They often give love in hopes of
receiving love. They're overly supportive, give till exhaustion, their intentions
misunderstood. But because there is a wall, receiving love becomes the issue.
12-,, (781) 438-4078
GREEN: Heart, Fourth Chakra, Anahata: “I love.”
Heart Area
The Fourth Chakra is located in your heart center and represents relationships and love.
Spiritual and emotional issues that can block energy in the Fourth Chakra are emotional
expression; the capacity to fully express and resolve anger, hostility, joy, love, grief and
forgiveness; the balance of giving and receiving and nurturing of self verses nurturing of
Foods to Eat: Green teas, air vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, squash,
leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, dandelion greens, spices such as basil, sage,
thyme, cilantro and parsley.
Chakra Four - Associations
• Color - green, pink
• Sanskrit Name - anahata
• Physical Location - center of chest
• Purposes - emotional empowerment
• Spiritual Lesson - forgiveness, unconditional love, letting go, trust, compassion
• Physical Disfunctions- heart conditions, asthma, lung & breast cancers, thoracic
spine, pneumonia, upper back, shoulder problems
• Mental and Emotional Issues - love, compassion, confidence, inspiration, hope,
despair, hate, envy, fear, jealousy, anger, generosity
• Information Stored Inside Heart Chakra - connections or "heart strings" to
those whom we love
• Area of Body Governed - heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs, rib cage,
diaphragm, thymus, breasts, esophagus, shoulders, arms, hands
Gemstones and Flower Essences
Gemstones and Flower Essences that stimulate, cleanse and energize the heart chakra
• Gemstones- Malachite, Emerald, Rose Quartz
• Flower Essences – Holly, Poppy, California Wild Rose

BLUE: Throat, Fifth Chakra Visshuda: “I speak.”
The Fifth Chakra represents your faith and higher communication. Here is where you
discover your inner truth and use your voice to convey it to the world. Spiritual and
emotional issues that can block energy in the Fifth Chakra are the struggles between
speaking versus listening, pushing forward versus waiting, and being willful versus
Foods to eat: Liquids in general, tart or tangy fruits like lemon, lime, tree growing fruits
such as apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, spices such as salt, lemon grass.
To clear the Chakra: Gargle in warm salty water. Imagine sky blue light filling up your
throat and removing any blocks that are there.
Chakra Five - Associations
• Color - blue
• Sanskrit Name - Vishudha
• Physical Location - throat, neck region
• Purposes - learning to take responsibility for one's own needs
• Spiritual Lesson - confession, surrender personal will over to divine will, faith,
truthfulness over deceit
• Physical Dysfunctions- sore throat, mouth ulcers, scoliosis, swollen glands,
thyroid dysfunctions, laryngitis, voice problems, gum or tooth problems, TMJ
• Mental and Emotional Issues - personal expression, creativity, addiction,
criticism, faith, decision making (choices), will, lack of authority
• Information Stored Inside Throat Chakra - self-knowledge, truth, attitudes,
hearing, taste, smell
• Area of Body Governed - throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth,
gums, esophagus, parathyroid, hyperthalemus
Gemstones and Flower Essences
Gemstones and Flower Essences that stimulate, cleanse and energize the throat chakra
• Gemstones- Chrysocola, Lapis, Blue Opal
• Flower Essences- Cosmos, Trumpet Vine, Larch

Soul Group:Mintaka + Hadarian
The soul group is the first place your soul manifested into physical form. It is your
“home”. Think of this as your energetic birthplace. You came from pure source energy
as a spark. When you decided to participate in the universe you had to decide on a place
that you would start from. You of course had free will and could travel the universe as
you wished to. But home is always home. These soul travelers are referred to as star
travelers or star seeds.
Like the cultures around the planet, each group has defining soul traits, personalities and
ways of being. One group is not better than another, simply a place where we start.
If you don't believe that there might be other beings in the whole universe besides
humans, please ignore the soul group part and focus on the personality type that is
The Mintakan energy holds pure light. If you look deep within their energy system all
you see is light radiating from their very cells. They stand for light, fight for light and
share light, their purpose is light. Star System Location: Mintaka is the third star up in
Orion's belt. The planet you occupied is Artuvia. This group of beings came as long ago
as 250,000 BC. They were one of the first groups that arrived to assist this planet. When
earth was first created, it was designed with the consideration that it would hold pure
light, the Mintakans came to hold that energy. There are approximately 550,000
Mintakans on the planet now. When one Mintakan meets another they immediately
recognize each others light. They are non-competitive and have the ability to hold light
space for everyone and everything.
Mintakans only understand light. When darkness is offered to them, they will reject it.
Oftentimes negativity and judgment makes no sense to them. Dark forces, entities,
demons don't scare or interest them as that isn't even an option. Light is all there is so
they see the light energy in everything and everyone. Most Mintakans are highly
clairvoyant because of this.
Because they sense and know that light is all there is they understand choice very well.
Choice is about choosing what is light for your and not heavy. Remember light means
15-,, (781) 438-4078
truth, heaviness means a lie is attached. Because Mintakans will always chose light no
matter what is happening in the galaxy, they teach us that darkness is not needed or
required. They are the container of light which is very difficult on this planet to keep
maintained. Imagine that on a planet with judgments that always make you feel less
than, you are always light. That may sometimes feel like a lot of responsibility to keep
the original blueprint of light and choice. Quite often they will take it upon themselves
to fight battles for the underdog. They become healers of magnitude and oftentimes will
take their responsibility so seriously, that they lose themselves in it.
Mintakans must remember that they understand choices very well. Asking yourself
questions such as, Does this benefit me? Will this assist me in my life, living, health and
happiness? What can I do (you already be light) that will shed more light on this
situation, planet etc. Asking questions instead of going to conclusions is a Mintakan's
trump card always.
Mintakans home planet is very uptopian and so you long for those feelings of paradise
here on this planet. You miss it very much. Taking the soul journey that is part of this
sou clearing will help you to connect to it and bring that energy here. I always recognize
a Mintakan because they laugh very easily and believe that the cup is definitely half full.
Mintakans are warriors of light. Because they're always in warrior mode, they will
oftentimes go into fight or flight mode. Their cortisol levels and armygdala will function
at high rates. Adrenal gland failure is quite common as well. The remedy: remember to
become aware that everyone is making a choice on how they respond. They can respond
with a lower emotion like anger and judgment that separates them from themselves and
others, or they can chose something new. Their choice always, it's not your
responsibility to fix them or remind them of light. Remember, not everyone is Mintakan
and will understand what you're talking about! Don't expect that. You are mostly the
leader in the leader of light.
Mintakans are very open in their nature. They have fun, enjoy life, are optimistic and
express lightheartedness well. People might look at you as being too happy or to
cheerful. From one side they enjoy your company and from the other they will try and
steal it from you instead of doing the work themselves. Many Mintakans come across
this as an issue. People who try to steal from them. Because you can be very open, easy
going and a little naïve in that everyone is like you, you don't realize you're being taken
advantage of until it's to late. Remember, 550,000 of you on this planet. Not everyone is
as happy as you are!
Remember not to dim your light for anyone, EVER! You oftentimes won't let yourself

shine because you don't want to hurt anthers feelings. You try to fit in, be like others, not
stand out, belong. You bring the BEINGNESS of light to this planet. You go where most
people are scared to go. You are willing to make choices they aren't. Step into that being!
Remember light has your back, the sun shines every day to send you that light. Absorb it
into your very being and expand it out onto the planet.
The most effective way to be Mintakan is to just be light. You don't have to do anything.
People will naturally come towards you not knowing why. You be the light house but
they have to sail to get to you. Remember darkness cannot destroy you because light is
all there is.
Repeat for at least 21 days. If you enjoy it, you can continue it for as long as you
chose to. Remember as a Mintaka light energy is VERY important to you. So don't
forget to get some light 5 minutes a day. Or you can imagine the below filling each
and every cell of your body.
I am pure, unconditional light.
My original template holds all forms of light.
I call in the light of the sun and moon.
I call in the light of the stars and galaxy.
I call in the light of the source field deep within my every cell.
I call in the colors of blue, green, orange, red, pink, yellow, white, black,
purple, brown and gold all through my very being.
I integrate pure light energy into every pore of my beingness.
Hadarian: Love is the essence of life and creation.
The plant Hadar is the planet of pure love. Imagine a place where every single thing
loves you. The plants, the animals, the beings, the rocks. All of Hadar is like that. There
is nothing on Hadar that doesn't hold love energy.
Because of this, Hadar holds the energy and space for all the other planets in our galaxy.
On this beautiful planet everyone communed and interacted telepathically as there was
no need to hide from each other. When you love so unconditionally why would you need
17-,, (781) 438-4078
to hide anything from each other?
Love is like breathing to a Hadarian. They talk about it or express it in some way of
form. Quite often these beautiful beings are in the service industry, shining their happy
face to others no matter what. Imagine the person who smiles at you at a store
welcoming you in.
Hadarians have a hard time on this planet with the concept of I and me. Because
Hadarians are communal and are open all the time they are EXTREMELY porous. They
feel everything and everyone ALL the time. Because they're highly telepathic and in
their home planet there was no reason to hide, they don't realize that here the rules are
very different! By opening themselves up, they are taking in the energies of the other
person. Hadarians tend to walk away with the others energy and try to heal it. It can be
very overwhelming to them yet because they have the love energy inside of them,
they're willing to continue to give to the point of exhaustion and oftentimes death.
As a Hadarian remember that you are the only beings that hold this energy. If you “feel”
everything here, you're feeling all the different energy choices that have been made.
Many of them are dark and heavy. Take care your mind and especially your body!
Hadarians are incredible family people who bring others together. The emanate joy and
love from their heart. They love to interact with others, constantly co-creating new ways
of expression. They have lots of people they love to talk to as Love is their purpose!
Hadarians have traveled to the ends of all galaxies enjoying the experience and different
facets of how love shows itself. Remember that love has many different meanings
throughout the galaxy. Hadarians will explore this energy with enthusiasm and
dedication. After all, who doesn't want to learn more ways to love!
Hadarians are a lot of fun to be around. They play and create and just have loads of fun.
They inspire others to have joy in their heart. Imagine a few cute puppies frolicking and
having fun with each other.
When you came to this planet, you brought this expression of love with you. It's part of
what needs to be present here. On this planet there may be thousands of different energy
streams but love is the container that brings it all together. Love expresses itself in
millions of ways and you are here to show us how. That is your deepest energy stream
and if you don't share your love it hurts you immensely.
Hadarians connect with everything through love. Perhaps it's through a piece of

beautiful music, art, food, sunlight, joy, happiness, family, friends, nature etc. When
there is no heart connection, there is no connection at all.
Hadarians feel the disconnect when someone isn't coming from love. It breaks their
heart and they do everything they can to change and fix it. This is a heavy responsibility
and many Hadarians will have issues in their heart and reproductive organs. When
you're feeling that unconnected feeling remember that you can breathe love into your
very being. You're longing love yet you're already love. Look within yourself as the soul
memory lives within your very cells.
In the planet of Hadar the only energy that existed was love. They had no experiences
with negativity of any kind. This left their heart energy totally open. In the galaxy there
are choices of everything, love and darkness. All beings have choices on what they'd like
to explore.
There is a group of beings named the Draconians that desire to have the energies of
others but are not willing to do the work. They will travel across time and space looking
for beings that are open and manipulate them into giving them what they need.
When this group came across the Hadarians, they realized there was an opportunity to
try and steal the energy of love. Instead of being love they simply wanted to take it. The
innocent Hadarians who give openly didn't realize or understand what was happening.
They were enslaved and used as battery packs of love.
Hadarians often feel this constant drain in their energy systems and can't figure out what
is happening to them. These energetic cords are often stuck in the system and require
clearings. They will also attract to themselves beings on this planet who want to take
from them. This pattern is deep within the soul memory which makes Hadarians not
trust, experience a lot of heart ache and being taken advantage of. This is REAL please
don't ignore it.
Discernment is your trump card. Remember where YOU came from is DIFFERENT
than here. The rules don't apply. That's why you must ask yourself if you're getting
attracted to someone who will suck energy from you and STAY AWAY. Yes you're very
loving and caring but you can't keep allowing your energy to be used. Most beings here
will not give you what you're giving them. This planet is about learning about all
energies and the self. Many people don't have unconditional love like you do.
One of the coolest gifts Hadarians have are bending time and space. They arrive at their
meetings just in time although they left home late. You basically move time and just be
19-,, (781) 438-4078
space. You have brought that gift and ability to the beings of this planet.
Your mission here is to be the example of love. It doesn't require you to do it for others.
They're here to chose that for themselves.
Repeat for at least 21 days. If you enjoy it, you can continue it for as long as you
chose to. Remember as a Hadarian love and connection energy is VERY important
to you. Imagine the below filling each and every cell of your body.
I am pure, unconditional love and connection to all.
My original template holds all forms of love.
I call in the love of the sun and moon.
I call in the love of the stars and galaxy.
I call in the love of the source field deep within my every cell.
I call in the colors of blue, green, orange, red, pink, yellow, white, black,
purple, brown and gold all through my very being.
I integrate pure love energy into every pore of my beingness.
The 7 rays originated in Ancient Vedic literature of India but are part of every culture in
the world. They are the divine qualities of god consciousness. Every human being
works and develops one of the seven qualities in our lifetime. The rays are part of each
and every vibration in nature, space and form. They are part of all objects and all beings.
Knowing and working with your ray will strengthen your energy system and purpose in
Ray 4 Harmony Through Conflict
This is the ray of creativity and artistic expression. Through this ray harmony is
brought out of disharmony, order out of disorder. It has great influence over
society as whole and through problems we evolve.
Discipline Planet Day Center

Mercury Wednesday Base of spine
Negative Traits leading to Positive Traits
Confused combat, hiding intuition,
identification with being a human,
sensitive to that which is not self,
constant points of crisis.
Unity and harmony, opening up
intuition, right judgment and pure
reason, wisdom through presence on
This ray is about unity and bringing groups together. They are team players,
willing to go the extra mile so everyone is happy. Think of them as the glue that
holds everything. They are your best fried, care for you and your life, will sacrifice
for others willingly, salt of the earth, service job beings who love big groups. Their
purpose is to see the best in others and help them feel loved and supported.
When they're in their negative they can be passive aggressive, don't know how to
say no, get angry at themselves for being a doormat, can't put themselves first, and
have to have as many friends as possible. Archangel Garbriel works with the
energy of life purposes.
Archangel Gabriel, I ask with a sincere heart and mind for your assistance in
this situation. I am open to receiving all your guidance, support, healing and
contribution. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Soul Specialization: Melchizedek, Incubator Teacher, 3rd Order, 4th
Order, Wizard
When you transform from physical energy and if you decide to linger in the higher
vibrations, you might chose to have careers in between lifetimes. You of course have
free will and free choice on it. The skills that you learn in between these lifetimes
become part of your soul's blueprint, your gifts and natural talents. Quite often, when
you return into physical form those skills, traits are still used .
21-,, (781) 438-4078
There are other times where you chose not to take on a new career. You might want to
continue the lessons that you had on earth in the higher vibrations. For example, I was
doing a reading and the energy of a father came through. When I asked him what he was
doing, he answered that he was in “emotional” school. That he was horrible at emotions
when he was on earth and needed some training in it. When I asked the son if that meant
anything to him. He started laughing saying that his father was emotionally shut down.
The Melchizedek Priesthood
The Melchizedek Priesthood are very drawn to prayer work, spiritual and energy healing
modalities. They focus on prayers, blessings and healing energy for all of humanity.
Their desire is to serve by creating internal change. Melchizedek is only mentioned in
history once and that's in the bible as the King of Peace. He is not a angel, guide,
ascended master, rather an energy that wants us to connect with the healer within
This priesthood is also well known to help someone connect to the soul's essence
through teaching. When we connect to ourselves as our own source, we become that for
others. If you are from this specialization, it would be beneficial to you to learn some
form of energy work. Even if you don't use it as a profession, having it in your body will
help you remember how to heal and connect.
Incubator Teacher
Incubator teacher special job is to work with babies. Just before a baby is born, their
energy goes through a training and nurturing period. The Incubator souls are their
teachers. Often times, when these babies come down to earth they recognize their
teachers immediately. Perfect examples of incubator souls are people who children are
magnetized to such as teachers, social workers, mentors.
Even if you're not interested in interacting with children, if you notice them staring at
you, you're an incubator teacher!
The Third Order Healer
When a soul dies on this planet, a Third Order energy will assist them. They will make
sure that there aren't any negative energies that need to be bound and assist the dead
person in finding the right dimension they might go to. In ancient cultures such as
22-,, (781) 438-4078
Tibetan, Native American, Australian Aborigine death was a very important time to
make new choices. A trained practitioner, shaman, healer from the third order would
create rituals, ceremonies to clear out and cut cords to this world so the being who
crosses over does so clearly. If you were part of this order, you would have helped
people cross over at death and also birth.
The Fourth Order Reviewer
When humans die, a member of the fourth order sits down and reviews their life with
them. Think of yourself as a lifetime counselor. You discuss the ups and downs, the
improvements that can be made. You would determine together, what worked and what
didn't. This evaluation would then be taken to the council that helps you determine what
you'd like to do next.
The wizard realm is very special and unique. Beings who are trained in this realm carry
the knowledge and wisdom of magic. Think of Merlin the magician from the King
Arthur stories. When you spend time in this space, you have the imagination, fascination
and ability to work with magic. White witches (good) are an example of bringing this
energy onto the planet.
Wizards are very sensitive to energies and anything that feels out of place around them.
They also see magic where no one else can. If you are from this specialization, you may
consider looking into shamanism and witch craft. Remember, that both these forms of
energy work are NOT negative. It's the people who use them that makes it negative.
Light Worker:Yes
A light worker is a being who's here to do service on behalf of humanity. Before they do
that, they go on a journey of self exploration and spiritual growth. These beings are very
dedicated to clearing out the old conditioning that is within themselves and the planet.
Oftentimes they're hit the hardest emotionally, spiritually and financially because they're
so dedicated to assisting everyone else that they forget themselves.
White or blue colored lights:30
Every single thoughts, wish, prayer is heard by spirit. These intentions are carried by
multidimensional beings that look like baseball sized white, golden lights or blue
23-,, (781) 438-4078
colored lights. You can often see them in pictures as orbs. These special beings are part
of your team, there to assist you. They transport our intentions, thoughts, feelings,
prayers for ourselves or others to the oneness. The more you ask the more helpers you
get. I always encourage people that even if you don't believe in anything, ask for what
you'd like. If you don't ask, the universe doesn't know how to help you.
The more sincerely and with intention you pray without attachment the faster your
requests are answered. Whatever you ask for is answered. It is good to have a buffer of
time and practice and spirit knows this. Praying, asking, intending with sincerity and
love will make the difference in your actualization.
Soul Awareness of Creator:79%
Through the subconscious mind we have awareness of the oneness. (Please replace
oneness with any other word that means connection to the divine to you). The above
number represents how much you use your connection. At all times we have a
connection. It comes in the form of nature. Have you noticed that when you're in nature
that you are happy and relaxed? That's because nature doesn't judge you, it simply is
with you. The way you increase your awareness is by slowing down and having deep
levels of gratitude. You can start by having gratitude for what you do have in your life
right now all the time. You will be amazed to see how connected you feel. If you are in
an area that you can be in nature, take a few moments everyday to be present with it.
Guides/Team Players:4 guides
During out lifetime we have hundreds of guides or team players. They come and go
depending on the situation we're going through and what kind of help we need. Some
guides will come for minutes and others years. The guides I have mentioned are the ones
that are consistently there for you in this lifetime.
Guides refer to beings from our past lives who stay to support, ascended masters and
even helpers from our home planet. You can also have animal guides or totems. Because
we are so connected to the earth, we are given assistance by it. Please talk to them
because they can assist you in whatever you wish for. Be clear about what you're asking
for. Ask, Ask, Ask!!
Connect to them in prayer, through writing,meditation, walks, singing, reading. It doesn't

matter. You need to ask them to come forward and have patience while you wait for an
answer. It does take some practice and may not happen over night. You have to
remember you are in different dimensions and as it's hard for you to go to a higher
dimension it's hard for them to come to a lower one. It requires energy. Over time you
will notice that it'll become very easy and quick to interact with them.
Guides will answer questions by sending you blocks of thought, feelings, colors, in
dreams, automatic writing, music, coincidences. Your job is to figure out how each
guide interacts with you. Remember patience and practice.
Archangel Michael
“Who is like god”
Michael leads armies against evil forces and defeats Satan. His
energy is about protection, security and releasing negative
Archangel Raphael
“God Heals”
Raphael is the healing angel and protects and works with healers
and light workers. His energy is very soft, gentle and loving
almost like a soft breeze.
St. Francis
Saint Francis of Assisi was an Italian Catholic Friar and preacher
who founded the Franciscan order. He came from a wealthy
family and gave it all away to help the poor and sick. He is well
known for his love for all including plants and animals.
25-,, (781) 438-4078
A very important figure in the Egyptian culture, he had the head
of a ibis or baboon and the body of a man. Thoth maintained the
universe, he stood on either side of the god Ra's boat, worked
with magic, writing, developing Science and judging the dead.
He was credited with being the inventor of astronomy, astrology,
the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, land surveying,
medicine, botany, theology, government, the alphabet, reading,
writing and oratory.
Animal Guide:Wolf
Animal guides are powerful reflections of our inner-spiritual self. They are
an integral part of your whole life. There is always a primary and many
secondary that come and go based on the lessons you're learning. Please don't
judge what comes up as your animal life guide. They come to you based on
what kind of support you need and what personality type you have. A swan is
just an powerful as a panther.
The powers and gifts of an animal guide are a reflection of you. When you
read the description of these guides, see how you resonate with them. You of
course can call onto this guide when you need help. Another amazing gift a
animal guide can give you is it's energy. When you think of this guide, ask it
to fill you up with it's energy so you're not using yours. It can also protect
you, speak up for you. It supports you unconditionally.
Doing a shamanic journey with your animal guide is a great way to connect
to it. Sandra Ingerman has a great resource for books and CD's on
journeying. Steven D. Farmer has wonderful animal guide cards you can use
to get messages.
The wolf has been much misunderstood and maligned in history and is not
26-,, (781) 438-4078
the vicious intruder of western fairy tales. The wolf is a shy, yet very sociable
creature with strong rules of behavior. Fear of the wolf is perhaps born when
its eerie howl raises the hackles on our neck and in our souls. Maybe we do
not fear the wolf at all, but only the wild nature within ourselves. To
American Indians, the wolf is said to be "teacher" medicine. We study wolfs
ways of hunting and their social structure. The wolf is associated with the
Dog Star, Sirus and some cultures belief humans came from this distant star.
Wolf populations are threatened in the lower 48 states, but abundant in
Alaska and Canada. Wolf has much to teach us, if only we will listen.
• Wolves live in a communal structure like humans. The
Alpha male and female lead a strict social order. Next in
the order are Beta wolves who do not breed and serve as
nursemaids for pups of the pack. The Omega wolf is at the
bottom rung and is the 'scapegoat' in situations when the
pack is being attacked. Often the Omega wolf is forced not
to eat when food is scarce. If wolf has entered the forest of
your mind, it may be to teach you that all things in nature
have order amid chaos and to accept your duties in life,
whether they be leadership roles or otherwise, with
humility and strength.
• The wolf spirit teaches us to have balance between your
personal needs and those of the family and community.
Wolves are absolutely committed and loyal to the pack and
find their place within the group. If wolf exhibits these
traits, it may mean that you must examine your function
within the community and loyalty. It may also be a sign to
bring better balance to the varied interests of self, family
and community.
• The hunting techniques of wolves served as an example for
many tribes who copied them. Members of the pack form
'tag teams' who take turns chasing prey to exhaust the prey
before themselves. Packs are known to have run over thirty
miles a day in pursuit. Cooperation in achieving a common
goal is the message conveyed here.
• Wolves have developed many ways to communicate by

body language and vocally. Facial expressions, tail and ear
movements, body posture, teeth bearing, eye squinting and
scratching are part of their vocabulary. Vocally, a wide
variety of growls, yelps, whines and howls make up a
sophisticated system of communication. Wolf language
helps the pack to identify and locate its members, establish
territorial boundaries, give instruction, request assistance,
sound warnings, teach the young, and generally to bring
cohesion and unity to the pack. If a wolf or wolves have
entered your physic, you are fortunate to have an animal
spirit to knows the importance of communication and one
that will find many ways to make their messages know to
you. This ability to communicate may be a sign to hone
your own speaking skills to effectively relate your feelings
and ideas in a good way - to pray, sing and dance in praise
of the blessings of the Creator.
• When a lone wolf is seen the wild it symbolizes freedom.
When seen in a pack it represents community. If wolf
appears to you alone or in a pack it is asking you to acquire
the same within your own life.
• The primal and piercing howl of the wolf sometimes is
marking their territory boundaries. If you hear a wolf howl
it might be telling you to stand your ground and defend
your boundaries.
• Wolves have great stamina and strength. They do not fight
needlessly and often avoid fighting whenever possible.
Wolf teaches to know who you are and to develop strength
and confidence.
• Wolf is associated with the lunar influences and energies
that rule psychic perception. They teach us to respect our
emotions and face the darkness within.
• The wolf is ritualistic. It knows the importance of regular
lunar howling ceremonies and daily social rituals designed
to communicate needs and express feelings. The message
of your wolf spirit may be to honor the forces of spirituality
and connect with the life forces of Mother Earth.
28-,, (781) 438-4078
Spheres of Protection:4.63
There are two types of protection a soul can have. An internal sphere of protection and
an external. The internal protection is a gift from spirit. They are six 13 inch thick
shields that surround our body and soul and keep negative energies out. They don't need
our attention, energy or effort. They are there permanently as part of our soul blueprint.
It is quite normal that you might have 0 or 1 sphere. You might have used them up over
many lifetimes and haven't had an opportunity to reinstate them. In the clearing work, all
six spheres will be returned to you. Your job is to maintain their presence by
acknowledging them. You may visualize these sphere around you every morning.
Imagine a white or golden light covering your body like a bubble. Add 5 more bubbles,
each surrounding the one before. These shields will keep negative energy out and allow
the good stuff to enter.
The external form of protection is one that you can put on yourself. They are not
permanent but are very beneficial. You can imagine a wall, a shield surrounding you, a
bubble of golden or white light. Ask for Arch Angel Michael, Goddess Kali, Moses etc
to be your body guard. Don't hesitate to ask for protection when you feel you need it.
The God Spark Connection:in tact
Every single soul has a connection to the creator. Because of past life experiences or
even present day traumas, our connection may be weak and damaged. This is
NORMAL! In the clearing it will be healed. This Godspark connection looks like a
umbilical cord starting above your heart and going straight to source energy. Every night
we use this connection to travel back to source for 3 minutes. This helps us recharge our
batteries and remember who we are. In special cases the creator gifts us with a second
Godspark. We cannot ask for them, they are given to us if and when it's determined we
need in on our soul's path.
Karmic Knots:24 now 12
Because you are a being that has incarnated many times, you carry the story of your
soul's journey within your energy system. Each time you incarnate you bring the whole
(story) from the beginning of time with you. Every action, thought emotion and
movement of energy has a cause and effect, karma as it's fondly called. Now it's
important to note that your core is connected to all of oneness. You are the one and the
29-,, (781) 438-4078
individual. So the one that is part of everything has no karma. It is the personality of the
conditioning that does. Your conditioning comes from past life experiences, your
thoughts, emotions and beliefs now, genetics and what you're here to learn.
Karmic knots are located in your spine and can create drama (lessons) if they are not
processed. The good news is that you don't need to get rid of all your karma to awaken.
Being aware of it, is a HUGE step.
I have given you an idea of how many karmic knots (karmic baggage) you are clearing
in this lifetime. I have not stated what they are because you're here to awaken and find
out for yourself through your awareness. One clue is that karmic knots are tied to life
lessons. What situations, experiences, beliefs, feelings, thoughts keep repeating itself?
What is your drama and trauma?
The quickest way to clear all karmic knots is to notice what you keep repeating as a
story in your life and then chose something new. What would make you feel lighter?
What would make your life easier?
A person who has less karmic knots is not more evolved spiritually! We're all on
different plans, this is not a race, competition but a journey of awakening. Once we start
comparing ourselves to others, we create an energy of separateness which feeds the
karma. How do you clear karma? Awareness, continued healing work and meditation.
My goal with this work is to clear you of all the knots. I will tell you how many have
cleared or if there are any left. Your job is to get off the karmic wheel which keeps
bringing you back to this stuck reality.
REMEMBER, clearing karma doesn't mean you don't have issues in life. You have to
CHOSE something different than you are to change your life. This clearing work just
makes it easier.
Clearing Stuck Energy
Cutting Chords With Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael comes from a very powerful order of angels. He is the one you want
to call in when you want to remove negativity, fear or need protection. All you have to do
is call his name and he will show up happily.
30-,, (781) 438-4078
Another way to receive his help is when you feel that you've merged with someone else.
Basically you can feel their energy in you as part of your being. That means there are
chords of energy from them to you. These chords could be draining, confusing or
controlling your energy. By cutting the chords you're taking back your power as well as
returning the person's energy back to them.
1. Raise your hands up to the universe.
2. Ask Archangel Michael to give you his sword to cut chords.
3. You will feel him put his sword in your hand.
4. Using his sword, cut the chords in front of your body.
5. To your left hand side.
6. To your right hand side.
7. Above you, and below you.
8. Return the sword back to Archangel Michael and thank him.
9. Ask all your energy to come back to you.
10.Gather it from the front of your body, left side, right side, above and below you.
11. Send back any energy that belongs to someone else from the front of your body,
left side, right side, above and below you.
12.Thank everyone involved.
Keeping Yourself Centered and Clear
1. Salt and Soda Bath
Take a salt and soda bath once a day and your energy system will be clear and healthy.
During the day you pick up energies from different people. Majority of the time, it isn't
coming in your way. The recipe is equal parts sea salt and baking soda (not baking
powder!). Soak in a tub getting all your body wet including the top of your body. It's OK
to take a a shower and rinse your hair after if you desire.
2. Salt and Soda Shower

You can rub the paste all over your body. The same recipe applies. Equal parts sea salt
and baking soda. Epsom salts do not work as well.
3. Diet
Refined sugar and caffeine will come in the way of intuitive clarity. I would strongly
suggest using it less or not at all. If you're working with someone, drink a lot of water. It
will help push out the toxins.
4. Clear your energy field with Archangel Michael
Michael is a powerful source of energy who's main strength is removing negativity,
protecting and supporting. Simply call his name in your mind and imagine or think
about him clearing your energy field from negativity of the day.
32-,, (781) 438-4078
Akashic Records Relationship Reading
This reading is not limited to romantic relationships. It can be done for parent/child,
siblings, business partners, and close friends. It is always advisable to find out what kind
of relationship you're getting into while you have the chance! This is a also a great
reading to do clearing work on existing relationships.
You will understand from a soul level:
• Why you've attracted each other.
• If you have had past lives together.
• What your soul-level agreements are.
• What negative and positive learning experiences you've signed up for.
• If the relationship aligns with both soul's highest path and purpose
• What soul level lessons you're teaching and learning from each other.
• What blocks and restrictions need to be cleared.
Akashic Record Life Situation/Emergency Clearing & Reading
How are you doing after your comprehensive reading? If you're going through a specific
life situation or issue and need answers to what is blocking you this is a great reading for
you. This reading will focus in on what is really going on with the particular situation. If
there is an emergency in your life, this reading and clearing is what you need. You can
use this for business, health, relationships, money.
House/Condo/Office/Rental Property Clearings
Old houses, apartments, offices, condos hold both positive and negative energy. If you're
trying to sell your house/condo it's a great idea to clear the space so your prospective
buyer gets a good feeling when they enter. If you are sensitive to energy it's vital that
your space is sacred and clear. The more intuitive you are the more disruptive a negative
space is.
Negative spaces create chaos, disorganization and disorder, feel uncomfortable or unsafe
to be in, have a heaviness to them, a feeling of others present. They can cause problems
in your business keeping you stuck financially. Children and animals are the most
sensitive to these energies. Through the reading and clearing any negative energies,
influences, imprints are removed permanently.
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO