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So, the Astroid went by us without a hitch?


That was the CLOSEST I've ever heard (so far?) of an asteroid coming between....not only the earth and moon, but between our satellites and earth.

nuckin futs

(edit to add) - YES, I spelled Asteroid wrong in the title. Sue me.

Do GAY Men - Manscape - I the Perfect Straight Man DO

Just curious.
I use my electric razor to cut my pubic hair completely off.
Then cut the hair off my nuts with a pair of scissors.

Yesterday on Two and a Half Men (2003– )
Jon Cryer ... Alan Harper (217 episodes, 2003-2013)

cut himself Manscaping and had to go to the Hospital.

I always worry about cutting myself.


Face It People - It's other People Like You that Make All the Rules

And 75% of Everyone are Practicing Cowards.
And thats why there is as much Violence in America and the World.
Thats why there is a $16 Trillion Dollar Debt in America.

I keep asking for People to Identify How they Earned Courage
as I already Earned Double Courage but no one says anything
to discount my Main Idea that 75% of Everyone haven't earned
any Form ot Courage and if America had Courage in the late
1930's then it would haven't taken a Staged Attack on
Pearl Harbor in December 1941
as President FDR should have just forced us
(Your Coward Parents and Grandparents) into WWII.
And all the President needed to do was
shoot the Guys that avoided WWII.
A People of Courage would have went to War in September 1939
when Germany attacked Poland.

But We all know what those born between 1900 and 1947
( WWII days 1875-1925 ) were sniviling Cowards.
As they are the same people that allowed Vietnam.

A Good People would eliminate the Use of Lawyers
especially in Divorce/Custody cases.

Women that divorce Men - Hate those Men
and they already have another Man or Woman in their Life
prior to filing for Divorce.

When it comes to Rules the 25% lose out to the Cowards.
So then we end up with Lousy Rules.
As I would Tax the Hell out of the Rich
and the Rich is only like 10% of Society.


So God Made A Gay Man

Farmers are so last week.

There have been quite a few silly YouTube spoofs of the Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercial "So God Made a Farmer," in which we hear a reverent speech extolling the virtues of farming folk, but Crew Magazine has surprised us by producing a genuinely touching, inspirational tribute to the creativity, strength, and fabulousness of gay men titled "So God Made a Gay Man."

Watch the video and then find the complete transcript below.

Here's the complete video transcript:

And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need creation to continue.” So God made a gay man.

God said, “I need somebody willing to look deep into himself and question who he truly is. To challenge convention, to wrestle and ache on his journey of self-discovery, to consider, fleetingly, cutting it short, only to realize that it really does get better.” So God made a gay man.

"I need someone with a will strong enough to rustle rejection from those who love him, to repel the abuse from those who condemn him, wish him ill, call him 'fairy,' and 'flamer,’ and 'freak,' and 'faggot.' And yet, someone forgiving enough to open his arms when they finally understand his heart and soul are no different from their own.” So God made a gay man.

God said, “I need someone willing to sit up all night with a plague-stricken friend and watch him waste away and die. Then dry his eyes and say, ‘This sacrifice will not be in vain.’ I need somebody who can draw hope from loss and be inspired.”

“Inspired,” God said, “by the ugliness in the world, to conceive of a more beautiful one, and with a passion to make it so. I need someone, generation after generation, to reimagine my world. To speak words that make others dream, don disguises to make them laugh, fashion costumes, design spaces, sing songs, paint pictures, and mold monuments that overwhelm the world with beauty and wonder.” So God made a gay man.

And then God said, “I need someone who grasps that not all love is the same, but that all love is equal, and who understands that while creating life is special, creating an exquisite world where life can be truly lived is, well, spectacular.” So God made a gay man.

And God looked upon everything he created, and he was filled with pride.

Revisit the clip's original inspiration, the Dodge Ram Super Bowl "So God Made a Farmer" commercial, below.

So just putting this out there...

I know that most of you know this...but this is for the few that are still stuck in the ignorance of your self delusion.

I am not Eyeforalie...nor is he me...i am sure mojo can back this up with ip get your shits straight. we are two completely different people...yea we may seem alike...we even may post alike (i do not think so) but he is not me.

Pope Betty the First

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