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The Hubris of the Drones

Bill Moyers
Michael Winship

Last week, The New York Times published a chilling account of how indiscriminate killing in war remains bad policy even today.

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Touré: America May Have Committed War Crimes Via Drone—but Keep Up Strikes Anyway

Conor Friedersdorf


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Did the Republicans Shoot Down the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Tom Engelhardt

Think of it as a prospective irony: in a spirit of pure, blind partisanship, the drill-baby-drill folks in the Republican Party may have done themselves in.  After all, their obsession with the Benghazi incident led them to launch a preemptive strike against the president's choice for secretary of state, Susan Rice, for her statements on what happened when the U.S.

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Ready for President Obama to Lead on Climate Change

Frances Beinecke

As New England digs out from a storm that left record-breaking snow and ice in its wake, people along the Mississippi River are dealing with the opposite problem: drought. Months of parched conditions have left the river at historically low levels, and the sharp drop in river transit has hit the region’s economy hard.

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To Obama: Close the Deal with Iran

Ray McGovern

Dear Mr. President: As you put the final touches to your State of the Union Address, I urge you to avoid overstating the “threat” from Iran.

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty; Imminent Until Proven — Too Late!

Marcy Wheeler

Code Pink protesters disrupt the start of John Brennan's Senate confirmation hearing. (Image: Getty Images)Those defending the language on imminence in the white paper released last week are right on one count: it is not new language.

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Republicans Take Abusers’ Side on VAWA

Matthew Rothschild

(Image: Screenshot via TPM media)It’s amazing to me that some Republicans and rightwing groups are intent on holding up the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Doing so shows not only boorish insensitivity but also a startling tone-deafness, since Republicans turned women away in droves last November by their Neanderthal comments on rape.

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On BDS, Academic Freedom and Democracy at Brooklyn College

Judith Butler

Editors Note: Despite a campaign to silence them, philsophers Judith Butler and Omar Barghouti spoke at Brooklyn College last week. In an exclusive, The Nation presents the text of Butler's remarks.

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Should An Armed Drone Be Dispatched to Kill Christopher Dorner?

Glenn Greenwald

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The Real Debt Issue: It’s Not How Much We Will Owe, It’s Who Will Hold the Note

John Atcheson

There’s a dirty little secret lurking behind the Republican’s debt and deficit hysteria.

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