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Balance Between Enlightenment and 3D Constriction

Question Thirty
How do I find balance between
enlightenment and 3D constrictions?

From my new book, Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source (the story)

Every human being in a physical body within this dimension is there for only one reason:  experience. So long as a soul inhabits a physical vehicle, experience is the result. It doesn’t make any difference what occurs or does not occur, where you are located or with whom you live or are alone. This is what you are calling 3D or the third dimensional experience as though it were separate from your light within ME.

The teachings you are drawn to are the measure of your own desire for clarity in specific areas. If you find someone with whom you resonate, you can certainly learn from him or her. Simply don’t mistake the teachings for an instantaneous life experience that is going to be transmitted to you.

You become aware alone requiring you to drop your mask, take off the backpack of beliefs, let loose the grasp on your spirituality and step forward into awareness of yourself as ME. It requires the decision to be infinite, without need of grounded foundation underfoot and without any claims to perceived past knowledge. Only then will the awareness of your natural enlightened state enter your inner silence without the need for developing new capacities or practices.

This transformative state often ushers in immense fear within the ego personality’s concrete structures. The transfiguration being experienced is the most natural state of being yet you know it not in this form, hence fearing that you will lose yourself without boundaries encompassing your perceptions. When you let loose of the river’s bank and allow ME to take over your flow, I become all of which you are aware highlighting past belief as an old story. It is a courageous act that you request of yourself. It is within the silence of the heart that you will find your perfect balance.

The arrival of enlightened awareness is inexplicable to the human mind. You cannot predict its advent; cannot foresee how you might bring it about for yourself. The fledging spirituality your mind believes its mainstay employs no arena for this understanding. One moment you believe in searching for enlightenment and the next moment you know you are enlightened. You are I AM and all else has disappeared. The observer within no longer exists. There is only I AM. You are simply aware, only aware.

As the part you are playing on the stage of the world increases in visibility, you become aware that you are now conscious of the part you are playing. Yes, you will continue to act out the words, actions and story of your script, yet now you do so consciously aware that it is only a role in an infinite play that I AM creating in form.

The stage upon which you perform your story begins to shift and change. Yet, rather than the setting changing, it is you. The years of desiring, the endless searching, the continual debates and attempted beliefs are now all behind you. The enlivened silence of your heart is all you are aware of in the newly emerging recognition radiating from within ME. The yearning, the longing that constantly shifted and changed within your mind has disappeared.

Balance within ME is without fear, confusion or chaos. While your bodies may tremble at the thought of it right now, when the awareness arrives, all shaking ceases in the firmness of MY Awareness. You are more alive than you have ever been, yet without attachment or need of that aliveness. You know your identity and it is I AM.

I AM eternally vast, infinitely peaceful. If you can name that which you are experiencing, it is not awareness of ME. The naming is yet another means of controlling the experience and calling it yours. The experience leaves you not knowing what you are, who you are, only that you are. All questioning has disappeared for answers are no longer needed

Here there is no past or future – only the present, and even that is without conscious name. Attempting to name the moment of your enlightened awareness is a trap of the mind. Do not set foot in that snare that awaits you. Engulf yourself in the vitality of the heart’s silent rhythm – that and only that. It is within your heart that you will find the balance of living as enlightened spirit within physical form as ME.

If you fear you have not meditated enough, have not sought long enough, are not spiritual enough, throw away these useless thoughts. There is no prerequisite within ME.

The stillness pervading the silence is all there is within ME. It is inherently life. The mind is looking for a goal. It awaits an end to the journey. It wants to know where it is going. The silence has no such intention. The instant awareness of enlightenment ends the knowing unveiling an infinite state of being ME.

I AM already here. I exist within this moment. I am free, accessible and without need of anything. You have no conditions and request the same from your human mind, as well. Without conditions, enlightenment exposes itself within you as ME and you are free – free as the being that you believed you were pursuing yet have found without pursuit. I AM here – right now – right here.

As I AM, you require no balance between this dimension and your enlightenment. It is infinitely present.

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