How to Protect Yourself and Your Children from the Health Hazards Associated with Medical and Agricultural Antibiotics...

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How to Protect Yourself and Your Children from the Health Hazards Associated with Medical and Agricultural Antibiotics

'Antibiotic-resistant disease is not the only danger associated with the misuse of these drugs. Excessive exposure to antibiotics also takes a heavy toll on your gastrointestinal health, which can predispose you to virtually any disease. Abnormal gut flora may actually be a major contributing factor to the rise in a wide variety of childhood diseases and ailments.

For example, recent research4 from Denmark shows that children whose mothers took antibiotics during their pregnancy were more likely to develop asthma, compared to those whose mother did not take antibiotics. Taking other risk factors into account, the researchers estimated that children exposed to antibiotics were 17 percent more likely to be hospitalized for asthma before the age of five.

Children who were already predisposed to asthma (due to their mother having the condition) were twice as likely to develop asthma if their mother used antibiotics during the third trimester, compared to those whose mother did not use antibiotics.'


The Tamiflu Deception
Photo Credit:Constantine Report

'Tamiflu is chemotherapy that’s now given to babies. How can it be justified when it produces next-to-no benefit, produces and worsens symptoms it supposedly prevents, and even causes brain swelling and death? As David points out, its maker, Roche, hid Tamiflu’s adverse effects.'

'Drugs called Tamiflu are chemicals (ethyl (3R,4R,5S)-5-amino-4-acetamido-3-(pentan-3-yloxy)-cyclohex-1-ene-1-carboxylate) that are said to prevent flu or treat the flu. This CDC-approved and recommended-for-all chemotherapy has been shown to cause more vomiting and diarrhea.  Roche, the maker, has refused to release the data from studies on the effectiveness of Tamiflu to independent researchers for over three years.

Chemotherapy? Yes, according to the medical definition at (and others), chemotherapy is the treatment of disease by means of chemicals that have a specific toxic effect upon the disease-producing microorganisms or that selectively destroy cancerous tissue. So technically this is what Tamiflu therapy is.'


Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering – The Invisible Elephant in the Room

'Don’t hear, don’t see, don’t speak.

The subject of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails) and its impact on climate, health and life on this planet is undoubtedly one of the subjects avoided by the corporate controlled media in spite of being of utmost importance. But it is not only journalists who avoid discussing it and asking questions. The so called “science community” does the same. It is a taboo subject for our so called “representatives” in parliaments. The few who are trying to bring this subject to the attention of the public are attacked and ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists”. There is an eery silence that needs to be broken because this is an issue affecting all of us, the animals, the plants, the life on this planet in general.

More than 60 years and ongoing.'


Vegetarianism Can Reduce Your Risk of Death Over 30 Percent And Add 9 Years To Your Life

'According to two large studies, vegetarians are a third less likely to need hospital treatment for heart disease or die from it, and the diet could mean living nine additional years than you might consuming meat based diets according the the findings. 

The largest study of its kind found vegetarians have healthier hearts than those who eat meat or fish.
It is thought the benefits come from lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels through eating low-fat diets based on vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

In the first study of almost 45,000 volunteers included a high proportion of vegetarians -- 34 per cent -- and mostly women, which resulted in ‘clear findings’, said researchers.' 


Interview with John Virapen Author of the book Side Effects Death

Cacao Recipes Using Raw Chocolate for Superfood Desserts

raw chocolate cake
Photo Credit: Superfoods for SuperHealth

Editors Note: Do not use agave nectar. It's not really a healthy sugar substitute.

'Cacao recipes are a great way to eat unprocessed, raw chocolate that still has all of its nutrients, rich flavors, and superfood properties still intact.

There is nothing like homemade chocolate recipes, especially when they are raw and alive with superfood goodness! I was introduced to raw chocolate many years ago and I began using it in desserts. The taste is much richer than cooked chocolate powders, sometimes the aroma reminds me of fine wine.

These cacao recipes are a few of our favorites that we make on special occasions. I personally like to save my raw chocolate experiences for times of celebration as oppose to consuming it on a regular basis.' 

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