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Each moment
has been

by choices
in previous moments



is individual

is collective

"Blessed are the souls who in today's materialistic world have an inclination towards Spirituality." (Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj)

"Blessed are the souls who in today's materialistic world have an inclination towards Spirituality." (Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj)

God Is In The Detail

I don’t know how I got here.

One day, I was a teacher in a public high school, stressing over final exams and careless students. The next moment, it seems, I’m a graduate student at a school where my dragonfly is the teacher. The thing is, the gap in consciousness never bothered me until now. Actually, it doesn’t even bother me now. A classmate was asking me where I was before and it dawned on me like a nuclear bomb on a darkened shore.

Somehow, I got here. My days are filled with lessons from our teacher, who transforms into human form for many classes, adapting his colors into the clothing he wears. The lessons are supposed to help us understand the true meaning of life. They’re supposed to help us grow as humans so that we can bring a higher vibration to our own plane of existence.

Simple, right?

Teacher says one day soon I’ll be ready to graduate. I am his prized student; his teaching assistant, and I pride myself in that knowledge. Usually, his lessons are captivating. They amaze me because of how easy it is to learn under his tutelage. Today’s, however, is one of the more confounding ones.

“God is in the detail.” he says in the high-pitched hum of his dragonfly incarnation. He stops briefly over each student before heading toward the stage where his desk and lectern complete the picture of a highly-respected university.

I’ve heard this saying, but never understood it. I remember, one day after the dragonfly’s visit oh, so long ago. I was showered with random examples of missing details -- incomplete student assignments, road signs with unlit letters, graffiti stopped mid-stroke. So many examples that the minutiae are indeed crucial. The only thing I saw through the shattered glass of my existence was the imperfections that existed.

At that time, the phrase that represented my life most was Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff -- if it didn’t scream for attention, I didn’t bother with it. That existence was so much easier to handle. I didn’t have to deal with anything unless it started cutting into my comfort zone.

But not sweating the small stuff became meaningless. In my own, unique way, it kept me from experiencing anything substantial. Then it struck me like a two-ton truck -- if the details are so important in life, am I doomed to a life of failure if I can’t fathom that concept?

Teacher twirls like a ballerina, complete with blue and fuschia tutu and dark blue toe shoes. “Perfection can never be attained until all parts of the whole are in agreement.” He Grand Jetés across the stage, pliés and bows to a chorus of chuckles and guffaws from my classmates. “Even a master often finds he has a weakness. It takes a truly advanced soul to understand the importance of detail.”

His performance is nearly perfect, and yet I still don’t understand. He continues a beautiful rendition of Baryshnikov in White Nights, sliding across the stage toward us in prayer.

“But we are patient,” he says, scooting around to sit on the top step. “If it takes you hundreds of lives to learn one small lesson, we will wait.” He reaches for the tattooed arm of one of our classmates. “And sometimes we leave you reminders, just as this artwork has become for you.”

The man with the artwork arm nods slowly as the lesson sinks in. “So, true, dude,” he says. “So like this one here reminds me of my first ex. That part of my life taught me so much.”

He gets it. I’m still lost.

“Teacher,” but my question gets lost in the space of time. I don’t understand because I’m still not ready. That much is clear.

Our leader takes the steps slowly, balancing carefully on his toes as he approaches. “This life is a precarious game of chance,” he says. “Every hurdle cannot always be conquered and, instead of starting from scratch every time, we sometimes let you skip ahead, like a scene selection button on a DVD player.”

“Ohhh,” rolls around the classroom. I’m still clueless, and imperfect.

I am sorry I cannot help Teacher with the details of this lesson. I feel it is truly an important one.

Much love and understanding to you, dear classmates.


The Dragonfly's Student



If we
who we ARE

everyone IS



By ceasing
to strive

we create
the climate

where PEACE
can hear LOVE

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Changes Needed Are Within You 2-13-13

Move and change is in the air!
It may be connected with business and opportunities in the way you make money, or moving your business outright.
Opposing Energies: manipulating, miscommunications, procrastination
Because value is part of this influence, there might be some resistance to moving or changing your business or home due to unrealistic fears of financial losses in the future.
Sometimes a sense of dissatisfaction in the lack of progression for some people may promote the restless and impatient feelings toward change.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: enthusiasm, good fortune, significant meetings
Perhaps the changes needed are within you.
Maybe examining what you want from your relationships in and out of business will be more of the big reveal.
Remember that if you’re thinking in fear of the future, you’re no longer living in the moment.
Lastly, before moving or making big changes, focus on your attitudes, and open your expressions toward being inspired that you’re on the right path.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Color My World

Isn't color absolutely amazing? Our human vehicles perceive color only after Mother Earth feeds our eyes and brains with a cocktail of wavelengths and scientific properties emanating from light.
Color plays such an important role in our spiritual expression to one another that one wonders whether the depth of our beliefs would be the same without it. Color is that tie to the emotional aspect of Universal Oneness. Color keeps the bond tight between the physical and Spirit. Color is enlightenment and enlightenment is color. Color is "right side" brain thinking, as is love, peace, harmony, and gratitude.
So it stands to reason that color was intentionally, thoughtfully woven into our evolutionary fabric to enable spirit to reside comfortably within us, and to see, as well as feel the true splendor of all that is.
And...in case you were wondering..."yes"...most of our animal friends also see in color, with the exception of some who are nocturnal. Let gratitude fill the Universe and be thankful to Source for the gift of color!

Alphabetical I Am's

Forget counting sheep to invoke sleep. I would give them each a name beginning with A.

I see an actor and know their name, yet can't bring it to the forefront so I go through the alphabet until a letter "resonates" and then the name comes.

I finally realized that if I have a tendency to alphabetize, why not put it to good use? So, in my final moments before sleep, I begin with "I am... abundance or awareness or any "a" word that fits the moment. By the time I get to the z's I am zzzzzzzzzzing.

Could be an illness but I'm betting it's inspiration. ("i" words.)

Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and, Gnostic Book of Pistis Sophia

I look forward to the day when a more complete edition of the Gospel of Mary is found. What remains of it is quite fascinating. Online Translation of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene: http://gnosis.org/library/marygosp.htm

Pistis Sophia is another huge collection of writings from Egypt like Nag Hammadi. This is my favorite saying from it: "Seek, all of you, after the Light, so that the power of your soul that is in you may find Life. Do not cease seeking day or night until you find the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you, transform you into pure Light, and guide you into the Kingdom of the Light." (Yeshua, Gospel of Faith-Wisdom/Pistis Sophia) Pistis Sophia, Books One Through Six online: http://gnosis.org/library/pistis-sophia/index.htm

Joan Spahr - Soul Poetry

What Feeds You

“What feeds you dear, what makes you stand,
Holds you up and holds your hand?
Is it love? Is it grace? Is it the smile upon my face?
Is it pills of colored hue that numb the pain and see you through?
For pain in all its strength and kind
Has gripped you like a garden vine.
What magic keeps you going, dear?”
“Why would you guess? Would you not know?
It is my children’s perfect glow.”

Science & Social-Relativity


I have written this piece in an attempt to address the issue of our social relativity to Science and at the same time, examine the nature of present upheavals within the science arena. The main focus is on four separate fields of science and their influence on life.

The information presented here is of immense importance to present & future life on our planet; the dialectics of Intelligent Design & Quantum Physics are literally awesome when we begin to fully open our eyes to their social implications: Except we will never know if we are not prepared to learn about what is happening and what has happened – how else can we surmise what possibilities our present & future holds?

I have tried to keep the text simple as possible given the scope of the subject matter which has by necessity, amounted to 19 pages, separated into 9 parts for easier reading – I sincerely hope this work proves worthy of your time and attention.

Part 1

There has opened a rift in science and it is a four way split – a ‘crossroads’ - a point calling for a unified decision; we have knowledge, but do we fully understand our knowledge? What makes knowledge important? What is this ‘rift’ – why does it exist?

The rift is a general discord between one scientific field and another, there is conflict in the understanding between conventional physicists and quantum physicists and there is conflict in the understanding between creationists and evolutionists and yet, all four fields are valid scientific subjects founded on solid information, research, study and experimentation, they all present factual information based on objectively analyzed evidence.

The problem is that two of the sciences i.e. Evolution and Conventional Physics are long established sciences – they have an historically empowered perspective backed with the full corporate weight behind an equally historical academia; the ‘new-kids-on-the-block’ i.e. Quantum Physics and Creationist have caused something of a storm because the discoveries within these fields appear to contradict the fundamental principles of Conventional Physics and raise uncomfortable questions about the theory of Evolution.

Without getting into the full weight of science within each field, the basic problem between quantum and conventional physics is to do with gravity & uniformity – for example, Einstein’s theory of Relativity works perfectly in the uniform-universe where science can predict this or that i.e. the existence of Black Holes - the discovery of which, proved Einstein was correct in his calculations.

Unfortunately, E=MC2 falls apart in the world of quantum physics where one particle may be in many places simultaneously or may influence another particle far from its own vicinity – these quantum = subatomic particles e.g. electrons & photons, thrive on opportunity and possibility, they appear free from the constraints of gravity, they are unpredictable and they are infinitely small – they behave as a particle under observation and a wave when not observed (see image below).

It is believed that Black Holes have at their centre a ‘singularity’ = a quantum size particle packed with an unimaginable weight = mass, it is further believed that our entire universe was created when the singularity within a Black Hole suddenly exploded in a ‘Big Bang’ which produced the Universe we exist in today; does this mean Black Holes may one day explode in a series of Big Bangs – does it mean our universe might have been created by a multitude of ‘big-bangs’?

We do not know for sure because we have not yet observed an exploding Black Hole - we have observed exploding Super-Massive stars that leave a Black Hole behind as the weight of their inner core collapses in on itself at an immense speed; conventional physics claims nothing, not even light cannot escape the gravity of this collapse.

Quantum Physics however, has observed that within the power of a Black Hole, matter is pulled apart into its quantum components which are free from the laws of gravity: According to quantum physics, Black Holes are continually emitting quantum particles = photons & electrons = light-energy, into our Universe.

Before delving a little deeper into the conflict between quantum & regular physics, there remains also, the matter of conflict between Creationists & Evolutionists. There is however, a major disparity amongst ‘creationists’ – some for example, believe God created the planet in 6 days and Earth is just over 6,000 years old. Despite the fact that science, geology and a host of solid evidence disproves their belief, they nonetheless, cling doggedly to their faith – this ‘type’ of creationists are NOT the cause of the rift in science.

The scientific creationists are more accurately termed IDT = ‘Intelligent Design Theorist’: IDT’s propose that life is a result of intelligent design of such immense complexity, the theory of evolution falls apart in face of microscopic cellular reality i.e. the reality of DNA production and replication = a process involving a variety of biological ‘machines’ within every living cell, machines which unravel, copy, transport & replicate strands of DNA; how did these ‘machines’ evolve? How did DNA itself evolve?

It is calculated that human DNA could not possibly have evolved within the present time-frames for Evolution. This could mean that DNA developed elsewhere in our universe and arrived on Earth via comets etc. Or, it could mean that DNA was able to evolve at a quantum speed i.e. spontaneously? Maybe it was a combination of both?

Evolutionists believe that life on Earth has evolved through random interactions between various chemical strands in a primordial ‘soup’ from which the first single-celled organisms emerged. However, micro-biology (on which the science of Intelligent-Design is based) has shown that these single-celled organisms themselves are powered by means on a par with mechanical engineering for example, the Flagellum bacteria relies on an internal motor for movement, which any modern-day engineer would instantly recognize (see image below).

How was it possible for the Flagellum bacteria to ‘evolve’ its internal motor to drive its external rotating tail? Every part is necessary - without just one part, the organism would cease to function and suffer instant elimination via the process of ‘natural selection’ and ‘survival of the fittest’. Clearly, on a micro-biological level of existence, certain enzymes & proteins had received enough intelligent information to form together according to a genetic ‘code’ on ‘how to make a motor’ for the purpose of self-propelling life in the form of flagellum bacteria.

Conventional approaches to the notion of Evolution cannot account for the evolution of the flagellum bacteria motor i.e. how long it took for the organic design to evolve in the first place and indeed, how that very same design is now heralded as a major advancement in human technological ability - an achievement made long before our discovery of biology’s prehistoric motor – perhaps this is evidence that knowledge is internally held within DNA to the extent human powers of intellect can sub-consciously learn how to replicate those designs for functions in our external reality?

For example, it is likely that humans drew squares & hexagons without ever seeing the same within Nature i.e. a honeycomb or a ‘Snakes Head Fratilia’ flower. This ‘knowledge’ of geometry appears to be universal and is intrinsic to all natural life i.e. the Fibonacci numbers and the ‘golden section’ in nature (see images below).

Nature developed both an understanding and creative employment of complex mathematics and geometry, long before their comprehension within human intelligence.

Evolutionists, like the Newtonian-Einstein (conventional) physicists, prefer to believe in the principles of coincidence, chaos, random occurrences; evolution within life, just like evolution of our universe, is the result of random events and interactions between myriad elements within time, matter, energy & space – gravity is the basic law for regular physicists and for evolutionists, ‘gravity’ = the ‘law of attraction’ i.e. certain biological elements are naturally attracted to one another due to early chemical connections made within the primordial ‘soup’.

Life certainly has provided plenty of evidence to support the theory of Evolution – it is clear that life has adapted according to external circumstance i.e. climate, food-supply etc. However, it is not necessarily the fittest which have survived; extinction of the Dodo had nothing to do with ‘natural-selection’ – their demise was not due to their being ‘unfit’ but due entirely to another life-form deeming them edible. In much the same way, natural catastrophes can cause mass extinction of many species, sudden infiltration of Solar particles may cause genetic mutations allowing new species to emerge as others decline. In short, evidence proves that evolution is mostly about learning and luck in terms of being in the right place at the right time = opportunity.

‘Survival of the fittest’ is quite a ridiculous notion when applied to humanity as a species; problems begin around the judgement about what ‘fit’ actually means? Would we describe Stephen Hawkins as ‘fit’? In fact Stephen Hawkins is both fit & unfit = fit for the purpose of sharing intelligence & learning and unfit for purpose of playing physical football. In the same way, David Beckham is fit for purposes of playing football but unfit for purpose of bringing new insights into the realms of astro-physics.

We can only ever conclude that all universal matter has potential and that ‘potential’ is entirely dependent on possibility and resulting probability, until the point is reached where probability has become certainty to the extent of achieving inherent trust = solid interdependency between one particle and another, for purpose of transmuting chemical & physical material into biological lived-experience = life-creation founded on balanced judgement rooted in a fair and correct assessment of universal reality.

Part 2

The science of Evolution and the science of conventional physics are products of a patriarchal approach to life = the notion that man is divinely created as ruler of Earth, that the inferior ‘feminine’ must submit to his superior intelligence that is the gift of ‘God’ via the processes of ‘natural selection’ = eugenics = the unfounded belief that the rich are rich by force of a divine ‘will’ because they are genetically superior beings and the poor are poor by reason of that same divine ‘will’ that has judged the poor genetically inferior beings.

Within the realms of the above philosophy, we have all the seeds for racism, sexism, classicism = the ingredients for a Nazi or ‘Zionist’ agenda. Naturally, the concept of Human Rights and universal equality between all human beings is an outrage to the Eugenicist, who argue that life needs to be directed, redesigned and controlled by the richest few who consider themselves an ‘elite’ to live above the laws they have set for the bulk of humanity.

It is not that the patriarchy is completely wrong – man is not intrinsically ‘evil’ – human industry and scientific learning is regularly employed toward helping life on our planet, the problem is that the weight of what is accepted as ‘male’ rule is in reality, not truly male at all and as a result, the element of human consciousness granted most power is largely misdirected in terms of what is truly valuable and important; the men and women who stand up for human and animal rights, who struggle to spread love and understanding, they are politically & socially ignored – they are judged ‘hippies’ or ‘feminist’ or ‘effeminate’ because the issue of ‘care’ has been socially denigrated as a ‘feminine’ concern and so, of little importance to socially respected ‘masculine’ agendas = ‘true-reality’.

Scientific theories and developments do influence human society to the extent of imposing perceptions and judgements according to the intellectual preferences of our social ‘elites’. Evolution, to a great degree, advanced the cause of Eugenicists though it has to be said, Darwin himself was most alarmed by this divergence of his very wonderful and truly insightful theory - he fought strongly against slavery and used his knowledge of evolution to prove that Black Africans were every bit as human and every bit as fit as White English people.

Evolution disproves the concept of racial superiority and yet the principles behind that theory (only the fittest of the fittest shall survive), upheld the ideals of Nazi Germany = a power of thought that sought to strengthen its hand via deeper understanding of physics = the splitting of the atom = nuclear power = product of knowledge gained via Newtonian/Einstein physics.

Thus, we have clear evidence that politically-driven elements within the schools of regular physics and evolutionists have a joint interest in maintaining a division between themselves and the quantum physicists and the ID’s/’creationists’. The conflict permits scientific ignorance which is actually, very unscientific. Science is suffering an internal breakdown as the old orders are threatened by new knowledge: Once science has ceased to be objective it is no longer ethically subjective and therefore, cannot be trusted as either correct or intelligent, all of which means this rift within science is a very serious development.

We live in an intelligent universe because its very essence is derived from perfect and absolute harmony of an original ‘oneness’ = a mathematical musical ‘score’ – an original vibration forming strings of harmonies throughout time, resonating, interacting, learning, creating.

Certainly, science has proven a universal perfection that is literally awesome and yet, the conventional scientist prefers to separate him/herself from their observations as if they stand outside the universe instead of in it; they have seemingly failed to grasp the glaringly obvious fact that their own intelligent, biological consciousness is itself, a creation of this perfect universe and therefore, absolute proof that life is intelligent by naturally intelligent design: Can an unintelligent energy create a computer?

It takes experience and learning to build a computer and in exactly the same way, it took Nature eons of experience and learning, to create conscious, intelligent life that is capable of building a computer and also, of making a desert bloom: She has put herself at our mercy and it is perhaps only through our mercy and kindness to Nature that we may ultimately survive into Universal Being.

Scientific discovery regularly disturbs the peace and stability of established information i.e. the Black Hole; no one is comfortable with the Black-Hole – in many ways it represents a physical manifestation of Universal ‘Hell’: How is it created? How does it work? What does it mean? What has gone in? What will come out?

All of these questions were first asked in relation to the female reproductive system – man quickly surmised that control of the female amounted to control of life; disempowerment of female intelligence & experience = increased empowerment of male intelligence & experience. It is hardly surprising then to find that by the 21st century of our patriarchal experiment, the tail of patriarchal science has come smack-bang in the face of a NATURALLY created head = a quantum & microscopic Universe: Small it seems is BIG and the tiny ‘mound’ is actually a MOUNTAIN.

The ‘feminine’ has broken through in the form of Quantum Physics & Intelligent Design, she has shattered all the principles of order, she proclaims absolute freedom from the laws of gravity – she escapes even the constraints of a Black Hole – she is everywhere at once and she is nowhere to be seen, she is a wave, she is a particle, she is a form of energy that may or may not interact with other energy particles… She thrives on the opportunity and possibility within absolute freedom – a freedom granted to her because ‘she’ can do no wrong.

It transpires that life is intelligent by design via a continual process of learning through experience within the gravitational ethics of absolute freedom of possibility; life is founded NOT on the principles of force through ‘natural selection’ but on the principles of mutually advantageous and autonomous co-operation within the quantum universe; how could THIS translate into human society?

Quantum particles are very, very small – micro-biological cellular constructs are also, very, very small – easy to ignore, easy to brush aside, like women’s values, rights, concerns, knowledge etc were all easily brushed aside, like the poor and the labourers and the slaves are easily brushed aside – except there had to be an acceptable ‘reason’ for this ‘brushing aside’ – religion and science once provided those acceptable reasons until the ‘reasons’ were rightly judged false.
There are no acceptable reasons for brushing aside the reality of Intelligent Design or the reality of Quantum Particles – these have every right to exist in our consciousness, to influence our consciousness and guide us toward higher elements of being.

Science has an ethical duty to diversify and to simultaneously co-operate because all knowledge is precious; we need to accept that the universe is actually magical. We need to accept it is through our comprehension and accurate understanding of just HOW magical our universe IS, that humanity, as an intelligent species will actualize the true heights & dimensions of Love = the ultimate achievement and ambition of Universal-Being.

The quantum world is a universe within a universe, like the human mind is a universe within a universe - a universe creating TV’s, plutonium and genetically modified crops – a universe from which songs are born and wisdom flows like an eternal guiding light; ‘nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so’ is only true according to the original integrity of the original thought – was it founded on a correct and fair perception?

History explains how thoughts are not always based on accurate or fair perceptions but more often on individual desires and self-interests. We can see how human psychology has reflected our perceptions of Nature and divided itself into three forces = the carnivore, the omnivore and the herbivore.

Yes, it is true some humans are vegetarian and/or vegan, but the above allegory is not directly referring to diet, rather, it is reflecting an order of ‘class’ ideology i.e. the imposition of a hunter psychology on the human race = elitist association with lions, eagles etc. as ‘top-of-the-food-chain’ = populace representing sheep-dogs & sheep = the ‘farm-hands’ and the ‘livestock’ to be employed for purpose of satisfying corporate/elitist desire: Is this a correct or fair assessment of humanity – has it delivered the best of life to humanity – in what way has this perspective improved life on our planet?

Part 3

The quantum universe brings us the knowledge of our own quantum-energy ‘light-bodies’ and just as the Flagellum bacteria motor preceded by millennia the invention of a motor by man, so the concept of Light-Being was intuitively known and understood by life from the beginning of time and subsequently, is reflected in human consciousness and recorded throughout human history as ‘religious’ belief, a belief which has been fully exploited right down to various religious orders claiming to have direct access to and influence with God and thereby, finding power & wealth from those wishing to find favour:

How far will a man go to get gold to pay the priest to protect his beloved wife, children and palace from attack via a prayer and the resulting blessings from God? The man will do whatever he can if he genuinely believes a) there is a god who favours men with gold b) the priest is god’s servant c) god likes his priests to have lots of gold d) god will bless & protect him when the priest has prayed for him.

The above scenario is a perfect example of cause & effect and it also, exposes the importance of ‘relativity’ as an influential mechanism within the realms of human society i.e. Social-Relativity.

The materials, thoughts, relationships and actions we employ to build our worlds i.e. ‘gold, god, priest, church, protection…’, are all inter-related according to the values human thought/spirit has afforded them; Jesus for example, was an outrage to established religious orders because he threatened the foundations of a Hebrew world by claiming that God did not value gold above human life i.e. he effectively exposed the religious clergy as liars and hypocrites with no direct relation to God, except to collect their highly-prized gold via mystified religious belief.

This is a very similar scenario to the rift within science today; the ‘high priests’ may choose to persecute the ‘messengers’ and cling doggedly to their crumbling institutions, or they may reach out and embrace the new knowledge; without the reality of the quantum universe there would be no atomic universe – the two are interdependent; without intelligent design within micro-biology there would be no evolution – the two are interdependent – without woman there would be no man – the two are interdependent: INTERDEPENDENT = EQUAL VALUE = CO-OPERATIVE ACCORDING TO EACH OTHER’S UNIQUE NEEDS.

Woman’s unique needs are not being met in our techno-world which has arisen directly through denial of women’s needs - women are considered ‘liberated’ in Western societies where they are free to live like men in a woman’s body = they are thrown crumbs in ‘concessions’ i.e. maternity leave from 7 months pregnancy (try going to work for the first 3 months of pregnancy = feeling violently sick, tired, headaches etc.). Women put up with it because usually they have no choice and they know no different. For Western women, gaining financial freedom, the right to equal pay and jobs was a liberation from the Social restraints that gave women half-pay, refused them access to ‘men’s’ jobs and left them dependent on a husband’s wage for survival.

It is possible to live on bread & water when we have no choice – is that why life is created i.e. to live in constant starvation = misery? Hasn’t the cactus learned to conserve water in an arid region only so it may live HAPPILY = COMFORTABLY in the desert?

Female needs are important because ‘SHE’ is the gateway to human life and her consciousness is essentially the ‘nursery’ where the future psychology of humanity will develop. Maybe if the mother is happy and respected and autonomously competent, her children = HUMANITY, will reflect this?

If we trap a quantum particle, it will vibrate its way out – in a similar manner; men and women have employed scientific knowledge to break out of their ‘gender-traps’ – people employed scientific knowledge to end slavery – humans have used all manner of scientific knowledge to aid their living rights i.e. health & safety, Welfare, Social Security etc. Life is mostly about learning to be comfortable with what we have available = adapting to circumstance and opportunity = learning through life-experience.

Women’s rights and quantum physics may seem unrelated subjects yet within the realms of Social-Relativity, lack of women’s rights have not only facilitated the creation of the atomic & neutron bombs, it has also facilitated the present split within science. Yes, there was always Marie Curie = one woman studying according to ‘male’ constraints in a ‘male’ academia – nonetheless, she did not split the atom, her research was focused mainly on finding a cure for illness.

The point is, that the ‘mother-consciousness’ was oppressed and negatised resulting in generation after generation of weakened = under-confident human beings who are granted knowledge, wealth & power according to how well they emulate and imitate the orders and ambitions of their self-designated and gender-specific, social ‘superiors’ = someone has been missing – something is now missing = our social & scientific perspectives are incomplete and imbalanced; we live to compete in a human ‘race’; law and order about who may compete in which races and on what terms, reflect our judgements and beliefs around the concepts of ‘winners’ = success & ‘losers’ = failure. Is this a ‘natural’ selection?

Law & Order has broken down when a ruling, abusive and heavily blinkered psychology is deemed “too big to fail” after it has trashed all the ethics of our historically endorsed and hard-won rights within every valid concept of law & justice – but meanwhile, it’s okay for billions to suffer in order to maintain ‘balance’ for this extremely imbalanced crux of power?

Is it really that the ruling psychology is ‘too big to fail’ or is it that ‘he’ is so powerful, he’s got a big red button he can press at any moment and blow up our planet 1,000 times over? Is he ‘too big to fail’ because he has a gun at our children’s head? Is this situation based on any accurate perception of Universal reality? Does the Universe learn ONLY through physical-might and oppressive force?

Quantum Physics says NO. In the quantum world = the PHYSICAL reality of human conscious-thought, there is CHOICE = freedom to learn the most positive way and freedom to learn the most negative way and then, to make a choice on which ways suit best = which ways are nicest and produce the most pleasurable results? How can we know what is ethically satisfying if we do not know what is ethically unsatisfying? How can we know what we need if we have no idea about what we don’t need?

Ethics are important because ethics rely entirely on a detailed understanding of a correct procedure; for example, we could correctly surmise that DNA follows a code of ‘ethics’ = an intelligent comprehension of what is required for the most desirable results. Genetic Science would have us believe that DNA strands contain a multitude of what is termed ‘junk’ DNA = an excess – could it be that this ‘excess’ represents a kind of biological ‘super-market’ in which life may ‘shop’ for the ingredients it needs for a specific recipe? In that case is it really ‘junk’ – is it really an ‘excess’? Doesn’t the CHOICE allow possibility for future evolution?

The poor are deemed an ‘excess’ – a blight on the post-modern, neo-classical landscape and in exactly the same manner, quantum particles are equally judged an ‘excess’ blighting the landscape of conventional physics as Intelligent Design has ‘blighted’ the landscape of Evolution…

Part 4

Consider this, the intelligent flowers understood quantum physics and conventional physics and they learned how to explode into their chosen colour and their energies delight to do so: The concept of ‘God’ is rooted in this symbiotic, synergistic form of relativity = a gravity of ‘resonance’ and vibrational fields = empathic acknowledgement of a need to co-operate and share, a need to learn and care via truth = reality.

The Black Hole is a universal reality - an essential feature of our universe, they are the driving force behind all galaxy motion, which in turn, drives the gravity between stars and orbiting planets - the singularity, densely packed, spinning at a tremendous speed, creating a vortex at its poles – a vacuum sucking in material, except the force of the spin on the singularity, combined with its immense weight, prevents most material reaching the surface – matter instead, impacts against a kind of electro-magnetic, gravitational field and is pulverized into outer space.

Black Holes are a kind of universal ‘engine’ breaking down matter into their quantum components, releasing material into space, drawing-in and pushing out space, dictating the laws of motion, spin and gravity; quantum energies are free from those laws because they are entrusted with powers to create. The quantum world provides the material – micro-biology provides the thought and the purpose to evolve via intelligent-design:

Who do we think we are?

What is our purpose of being?

What is the most fair, balanced, reasonable = intelligent answer to these questions?

Is the answer to be founded on truth = objective study, tangible and substantiated evidence gained through experience, learning and balanced evaluation? If it is, then life explains;

We are hosts to Universal Conscious Being

Our purpose is to nurture and protect life

Quantum physics and intelligent design expose the mechanisms of an underlying story of success that exists beyond any externally-imposed ‘law’ = the successful co-operation of multiple, free elements that have united to create an oasis – a home in the darkness of Space for the Universal Consciousness to experience and express love = divine co-operation via obedience to an inner resonance that compels a collective of energies and elements to transform itself into a butterfly time and time again…

Can we say with any certainty that the delight of being a butterfly is not expressed directly through the delight butterflies deliver into human consciousness? Is this not the same delight experienced by a living tree?

Do people living in abject poverty instill ‘delight’? Is that because life is not delightful in poverty? Did the Universe not provide African people with a rich and resourceful land? Why are the people poor? Is this a ‘natural’ development in life i.e. a force of finance that depends on cannibalism? No, they don’t ‘eat’ the people, they eat up their resources = economic-cannibalism.

Indigenous peoples i.e. the Bakka give thanks to the forest for success of the hunt – they understand they have taken a life for purpose of sustaining their own and as a balanced, happy & co-operative culture, they surmise that those energies of the life they have taken, are rewarded by the greater sphere of happiness within Bakka-life-energy = this is the Bakka understanding = forgiveness is recognized as a right of way, because sometimes, to protect and nurture life, we need to cut down, prune and kill – the key is always to minimise WASTE because waste is an insult to the sacrifice of life; the Bakka treat their forest-home and the life within it, with respect i.e. they have not “paved paradise to put up a parking-lot”.

Culling a species is only necessary when natural predators are eliminated and the populace has grown too big to survive: Since humans are not wilder-beast with natural predators and plus, we have intelligence and ability to control reproduction – our present population levels appear to be naturally expected and provided for, any problems in those provisions are directly related to elitist control of land & resources = the idea that an individual may ‘buy’ a piece of earth and try his hand at being ‘god’/dictator:

Do the Bakka people have any concept of ‘owning’ their forest? Tribes like the Bakka firmly believe that their forest owns them = there is a symbiotic and empathic relationship with their natural environment – this spiritual connection with natural-life was once one of our most prized conscious attributes until it was judged ‘feminine’ = devalued.

On balance, there are just enough human beings on this planet to get our Earth cleaned UP. China, one of the filthiest nations is therefore, blessed with the biggest population – yes, this is ‘quantum thinking’ – it liberates thoughts from their regular ‘worldly’ agendas, it jumps in and out of the boxes, it is infectious, fun and attractive – it empowers a life that wants to be for love and not finance = the motive for work; how does this job profit life? Is this work good for life?

The very fact we can ask such questions means we are capable of understanding a positive and a negative approach to life = the difference between right and wrong; by feeding and caring for a few wild sheep, the human has access to wool - by letting all the sheep perish in one cruel winter, the selfish human has no future access to wool and therefore his/her children will one day, freeze; this is the give & receive principle of life = the fundamental principle within all biological and astro-physical interactions.

The ‘union’ of elements reflects & projects the true power of universal reality. It is a union of ‘human’ force that is rapidly shaping reality for life on our planet.

We are unified inasmuch as we drive cars, desire a home, clothes, work etc, we are united in our dependency on oil and finance to create jobs and products and food, we are united in our need for children to be at school or child-care while we work, we are united in our rights to vote and shop, we are united in our desires to play computer games, watch films, drink water from plastic bottles and so on…

Is this ‘unity’ by force or by choice?

Without doubt, history proves that the economically imposed ‘unity’ amongst Western populations, is not by choice but by force of intellectual gravity via those worth their weight in gold. The man with gold attracts the gold ‘lovers’ = people infected with a nonsensical belief that gold contains the power of ‘God’ – these psychologies ‘spin’ around the gold-owner, they create activity = gravity = motion = Social-Relativity, some are pulled up, others are pushed down and either way, it is not an easy life.

At the centre of the gold philosophy, much like the centre of the nucleus in an atom, there is nothing but empty space = a black-hole - a space that is filled with the lie that gold is godly. True value is not in the gold, but in the quantum reality and resulting intelligent design for life = sub-atomic gold particles are valued for their essential, practical uses and not for sake of a ‘belief’ in mystical = unsubstantiated, powers.

Part 5

Perhaps ultimately, the powers that be on Earth are afraid, maybe they are afraid that if humanity realizes Nature is intelligent then they will lose interest and faith in elitist values and influence? How will they live without social recognition as a VIP - their property, their oil & military investments, their gold, their uranium, their nuclear powers, their toxic medications, their twisted philosophies - all suddenly deemed worthless?

People with something to lose invariably conspire to protect their interests and that includes conspiring to ignore and/or belittle valid scientific discoveries.

The Theory of Relativity is a comfortable theory of natural-law for the big-shots, the professionally and politically acclaimed ‘stars’/celebrities of human being i.e. the biggest and heaviest objects exert the greatest influence…

Evolution has equally made itself comfortable in the financial processes of ‘natural-selection’ via ‘education’ and social background = a reality where ‘fitness’ translates directly to levels of personal wealth = possibility versus probability i.e. how likely is it the poor kid will end up at Oxford University?

If only one poor child gets through to Oxford every year, does that mean there are not THOUSANDS of poor children of equal intelligence but who had no possibility or chance of recognition? This kind of financial ‘gravity’ is a WASTE of human life – intelligence does not fare well on the social scrap-heap and it is for exactly this same reason that indigenous peoples have succumbed to alcoholism under colonial rule; poverty is not merely lack of wealth but lack of autonomous power = lack of self & social respect = loss of universal rights = loss of natural direction via their natural = quantum, intelligence.

The universe may have granted man the power to abuse life but ultimately, the man is abusing himself – it’s just that the consequences of his actions may not hit home until many decades or even centuries later i.e. the slow release of a poison that one day kills all his grandchildren… If only the man had grasped the concept of Universal Ethics of Compassion = universal-physics-for-thought; the more we live outside of these, the less connected we are to natural-intelligence and all the more likely are we to fall victim to the results of intellectual ignorance.

Quantum physics suggests that life has an intelligent right to disobey the constraints of imposed financial gravity, that we have an ethical duty to honour the new knowledge of our quantum-energy light-being, in much the same way as adolescents celebrate their coming-of-age: Is human-kind about to ‘come of age’ via the knowledge of our eternal light-being?
New knowledge brings new responsibilities, new considerations, new questions needing new answers: Quantum physics has given us an extra golden-energy SELF – an energy that can and does transcend even physical death = a universal concept of self that will live in life after life (see link below).

'Growing Up': http://spiritualnetworks.com/blog/91766/growing-up/

Evolution and Newtonian physics may substantiate the illegally-enriched ‘male’ right to dictate and control by sheer power of his might and ruthlessness but Intelligent Design and Quantum Physics put the illegally-enriched ‘male’ at the feet of Mother-Nature; it is HER knowledge he has exploited and dominated as his to ‘own’ but she cannot be captured nor contained, because when it comes to natural quantum and micro-biological reality, his laws do not apply – what applies is intuitive freedom of choice based on sound-reason = substantiated reality i.e. a quantum particle cannot connect to a fantasy and micro-biology depends on equally solid material and an intelligent = successful, design for life.

The quantum and micro reality threatens to liberate human consciousness into ever more positive dimensions = goodbye to social ‘elitism’ – goodbye fossil fuels – goodbye oil-based plastics – goodbye corrupt politicians – goodbye bribery and blackmail – goodbye gold worshipping – goodbye nuclear power – goodbye racism & sexism – goodbye wars; we have a more perfect intelligence to serve = one that serves US = NATURE and the Natural Universe = our beneficent creator.

All things are relative and that includes quantum particles and micro-biology – the sooner we learn to respect this FACT of life the sooner we will actually start LIVING as Nature intended i.e. HARMONIOUSLY = co-operatively: Perhaps the arena of science will be at the forefront of achieving this or will science stand rigid in its divisions and condemn life to the whims of intellectual oblivion?

Part 6

Disturbingly, Intelligent Design and to a large extent, Quantum Physics are kept out of the school curriculum – while there is little open hostility between the conventional and quantum physicists, the same cannot be said when it comes to Evolutionists and Intelligent Design – as mentioned earlier, the entire subject has been latched onto Biblical ‘Creationism’ i.e. Earth was created in six days etc. While on a scientific level, we might surmise that a ‘day’ might be considered one complete precession-cycle etc, this is mere conjecture for we have no direct evidence to link the Biblical ‘day’ to precession – it remains a matter of personal belief and is therefore, unfit for purpose of a school science class.

This development is not dissimilar to the divergence of Darwin’s Evolution theory into the realms of Eugenics – it is highly likely, that given today’s scientific technology and knowledge, Darwin himself would be fully supporting the notion of Intelligent Design, in much the same way as Einstein was hastily trying to unify quantum physics with Special Relativity even as he lay dying.

The Bible believers feel Intelligent Design proves the existence of a Biblical ‘God’, Eugenicists believe Evolution proves the existence of ‘God’ in the form of a ‘superior’ race of human i.e. “the black ants were created specifically to serve the red.” Darwin was commonly understood to be claiming that life created itself and there is no God i.e. we ‘evolved’ from Apes = we created ourselves within the dictates of our ‘randomly-created’ environment.

In reality, Intelligent Design as a science, has more in common with the science of Evolution than it does with the religious beliefs of Biblical ‘creationists’; faith is not blind belief in ‘facts’ we cannot prove – faith is belief in solid evidence based on solid fact and/or related probability e.g. Einstein’s prediction of the existence of Black Holes – faith is trusting implicitly the source of information i.e. a doctor has faith that his/her patient is truthfully describing real symptoms of a real illness.

Since the Bible is full of contradictions, misinterpretations and antiquated tenets reflecting a truly misogynist attitude toward women and even promotes the notion of racial superiority, we cannot fully trust that every word in the Bible is the ‘word of God’ – it was written by living men and therefore, the Bible is an interesting reflection of human psychological & lived experience through ancient history. The question is; if the Universe did create a ‘superior’ race of humans would they ‘naturally’ impose disease, pollution and poverty on life?

Are humans ‘superior’ because we can decide to wipe-out an entire race? Are we ‘superior’ because we know how to steal resources, universal rights and lands from natural life on our natural planet? Are we ‘superior’ because we can make a nuclear weapon and have the power to completely destroy Earth?

Why ARE genetic scientists studying the human genome? Why is the military funding this research? What is the purpose of being able to target a particular race of human with a particular disease i.e. a biological ‘gun’ whose ‘bullets’ are programmed to infect a particular genetic code? Is just ONE race responsible for all the problems in our human worlds? This ‘science’ does not make any sense except when placed in the context of a Eugenicist ‘philosophy’ = corrupt-psychology = a sickness/delusion.

It is a sick-psychology only because there is no valid reason for their belief – there is no evidence to suggest or prove that one race of humans is superior to another or that one race of humans is ‘evil’ – so, in that case, why invest huge sums of money, time, effort, energy into developing a ‘weapon’ that targets one race?

The ‘principles’ driving the ambitions for military power over the human genome are founded in paranoia and a schizophrenic severance of ‘self’/ego from any balanced or fair perception of reality. ‘Naturally’ this is so, since the claiming of power as a god-like ‘superior-breed’ of human, means any true/solid concepts of ‘balance’ and ‘fair’ may be obliterated by order of the ‘superior’ human’s command = a process of psychological-history whereby virtually every nation is subjugated to life within the ‘intelligent’ designs imposed by the ‘superior’ human’s blue-print/ego = the ‘code’ for what is termed ‘civilization’.

Man stands accused, but it is not a ‘man’ it is a gender-construct imposed on man and is directly related to the gender construct imposed on woman; why can’t men wear dresses and make-up without experiencing social ridicule? Why can women now wear trousers and suits freely? What is it about a man wearing a ‘woman’s’ clothes we find amusing or even offensive? Is it because the man is socially judged as ‘degrading’ himself by expressing those NATURAL aspects of his nature that were judged ‘feminine’ and therefore, inferior? Are women in suits socially respected because they have overcome their feminine ‘weaknesses’ and honoured their natural ‘masculinity’ and thereby, empowered themselves?

The old judgements linger deep in the collective consciousness, they are the psychological legacy bequeathed of our ancestors – we absorb those thoughts while we read comics, watch advertisements on TV, relate to the people around us… All those antiquated thoughts are fast-fading in the light of new knowledge and thoughts are like fishes, they fight to stay alive and in control of human consciousness i.e. the Universal Dream-Factory: Only the truth can set us free…

Part 7

Intelligent Design as a science, HAS revealed some exceptionally mind-blowing knowledge and this knowledge IS on a par with Darwin’s ground-shaking theory of Evolution – in a way, Intelligent Design provides a beginning and an end to Darwin’s story – a story that gave us one piece of the puzzle - Intelligent Design has given us a few more.

The danger is, that unless scientists actually BE scientists i.e. objective, conscientious seekers of altruistic knowledge, driven by altruistic purpose = strive for the IDEAL, then as a species, humanity is abandoned to the whims of a non-intelligent ‘elite’ who are not at all ‘superior’ who have funded and developed all manner of corruptions in science and who do not want the amazing FACTS of Intelligent Design to in any way discredit their twisted interpretations of Evolution and the Eugenicist psychology and economy, they have established on the strength of it.

For example, we have Sir David Attenborough travelling around schools specifically to ‘educate’ children AGAINST the ‘creationists’ and to bestow academic-favour on Evolution. It is no secret that David Attenborough supports the ‘need’ for a mass ‘cull’ of humanity – he claims ‘we’ are “destroying the planet”. In TRUTH, it is not ‘we’ but a mere handful of large corporations and their puppet-politicians, backed in turn by finance, law, police, and military etc. who are responsible for “destroying the planet”:

One corporation = BP, destroyed the Gulf of Mexico: ONE corporation TEPCO has destroyed a large area of Japan and is to this day contaminating the Pacific Ocean with excessively high levels of deadly radiation: Pacific Rim gold-mining corporation is SUING El Salvador Government for refusing to let that company displace a population of indigenous people, destroy thousands of acres of forest, demolish a sacred ‘mountain’ and in the process, pollute the entire area with mercury and arsenic – all for the sake of extracting gold.

The human global population has no CHOICE but to follow the dictates of their self-appointed ‘superiors’ and scientific knowledge is regularly used to expound their ideologies, to realize their ambitions, to create and impose their ‘will’ as the ‘legal’ heights of human intelligence.

The conventional laws of physics may determine the motion and direction of physical matter, but human thought is a Quantum-Energy; quantum energy particles = photons, electrons, literally power the human brain. In this sense, human consciousness = human intelligence, is not bound to the laws of conventional physics where the biggest and loudest and heaviest get the legal ‘right’ to throw their weight about; human intelligence is FREE to pop-up where ever and whenever it likes. Human intelligence may light up the same idea in many different brains all at the same time because quantum particles can do exactly that – they defy even the laws of special-relativity = speed and structure of light.

To exist in the realms of human thought is essentially, to work with light and we need to accept whatever the light reveals - to refuse reality is tantamount to refusing to ‘be’ i.e. what is the point of living if we can’t face reality? If we do not like reality what can we do to change it? What can we do to improve the lot of others? Isn’t that what science ETHICALLY needs to be about i.e. how to improve, how to create, how to make life easier, safer, more interesting, more ENJOYABLE?

Certainly, the present ruling powers have successfully achieved all of the above for themselves but directly through increasing severe hardship for billions of people whom they have enslaved to the social ‘gravity’ of finance. Science too is owned and controlled by finance.

It is easy to understand how this method of empowerment will attract the most severely compromised/ imbalanced psychologies into power time and time again – a psychology that will transform the knowledge of Evolution into Hitler – a psychology that will create Stalin from Engels & Marx and Margerate Thatcher from the ‘liberated’ woman.

These twisted interpretations of science were only granted any degree of success because they were supported by a few grains of scientific fact in much the same way, as paper money is now supported only by only a few grains of gold-dust. Once we had faith that a paper-pound was worth one gold sovereign = 1oz of gold. Once we had faith that Newton and Darwin were completely correct. But time has moved on and time teaches us new things = new facts bring new thoughts and new considerations into human social consciousness.

There is a DIRECT relationship between the loss of gold in relation to one English Pound and the loss of Intelligence governing our worlds; intelligence has slowly disintegrated because the gold that (supposedly) beats at the heart of finance was never truly valuable in the first place because it gives very little to back to life = it is largely unproductive in much the same way as an effigy of a stone ‘God’ proved unproductive in protecting humanity from harm or for providing in times of need – belief in the effigy only ever served the interests of its owners; gold never was the ‘truth’ of God; life can survive without it.

Part 8

Quantum physics and Intelligent Design prove that human consciousness is intelligently designed via the process of SELF-organised micro-biology and SELF-organised quantum energy particles; translating this knowledge into human society effectively sheds a bright shiny light on the errors of our ways as we stumbled forward in the dark under the dim lights of Newton & Darwin; we have valued that which is least intelligent, we have followed the guidance of bigots and fools simply because they had a loud mouth and a band of gold-worshipping thugs; no amount of scientific information has yet convinced either themselves or their minions, that they are fundamentally out-of-order and doomed to suffer a life of ‘angst’ whether they be rich or poor.

While ignorance, callousness and outright cruelty has afforded Western societies and the sciences they fund, immense wealth and power – the human consciousness is blighted with depression – the more ‘civilised’ a society is, so all the more incidents of severe psychological imbalance there will be.

This depression is due to ‘trapping’ the quantum thought-energy in a place it has not freely chosen to be – a place it feels unhappy in – a place where it has limited choice and limited connection. Since quantum particles are the solid power within human thoughts, it is clear that our present social structures of class, gender, racial division etc are oppressing naturally occurring human intelligence – basically, we’ve been throwing out the babies in favour of holding onto their bath-water = losing out.

If you keep pruning a bush, it will grow back thicker and stronger; present social structures were established via mass genocide and persecution of indigenous peoples of every land – it is no surprise to witness a population explosion when most of Earth’s women do not even have a say about when or even whom, they will marry: Imperially accepted ‘economic-culling’ insists that maximum suffering is inflicted on life to achieve the greatest financial profit = more cash to waste on largely useless gold.

Australian Aborigines lived in harmony with their land, they learned how to prevent mass wildfires, they developed a commonly-accepted Law and terms of social & environmental respect; their whole social structure revolved around the understanding that humanity existed to take care of the land: The science of Intelligent Design & Quantum Physics supports the Aboriginal RIGHT of true intelligence = the right to live co-operatively, the right to learn, the right to follow just and fair laws that are SO just and fair, they have brought an end to crime and conflict. Australia had lots of gold – did the Aborigines value it?

Where would Aboriginal culture be today had it not been rudely interrupted by Western ‘civilisation’? How might their collective consciousness have developed? Colonisation means indigenous peoples are effectively, psychologically arrested: There was a ‘civilised’ judgement against the Australian Aborigines i.e. they were ‘savages’ and that judgement has stuck.
Savagery occurs when a human being fundamentally ignores and/or actively oppresses the rights of others to live in peace; savages rob, rape and kill – they are all for the here and now because they believe they’re only here for a short time: Quantum Physics proves that the quantum energy of a man = the true power of his true life- consciousness is going to be around forever.

Instead of learning from Australian Aborigines, the White-Supremacist ridiculed their culture, made war with them and set them to slavery. The Empirical force of ‘gold-gravity’ was powerful enough to physically enslave physical bodies, to cause extinction of Australian creatures, but it could not trap Aboriginal Consciousness = exactly the reasons why Quantum Particles are a nightmare to the established ruling order because quantum particles cannot easily be rounded-up and set to task within our present sociological and scientific frameworks: The quantum particle knows it is imprisoned as surely as the Palestinian child knows s/he is imprisoned within an oppressive, unethical regime.

The field of Quantum physics along with the science of Intelligent Design, promotes the idea that human consciousness is naturally intelligent and capable of learning and creating regardless of social background, gender, race or physical ability – that no self-inflated, materialistic consciousness has a Universal right to catagorise, segregate, or command human intelligence according to the laws of conventional physics & twisted interpretations of Evolution; indeed, to do so, is to actively nurture unintelligence and therefore, to value and submit to sheer stupidity i.e. the seal that has been trained to balance a ball on its nose for sake of a fish to eat.

It looks ‘clever’ but for a seal, this ‘training’ has encouraged him to be stupid because in nature, balancing a ball on the end of his nose will NOT produce a fish, therefore, his seal-consciousness has been directed AWAY from his own innate and natural intelligence that has taught him exactly how to catch a fish in his natural environment – he has instead, had to learn how to EARN a fish by obeying the commands of a human ‘master’ who has placed him captive in an unnatural environment.

The question is; were seals created to ‘earn’ a living? Were humans created to live in sprawling cities, piled on top of one another? Is humanity best served by having a mere handful of global ‘leaders’ who have gained wealth and power via centuries of dire abuse or, are we best served by having lots of leaders from lots of small, informed communities?

The fundamental point is, that ALL life does follow a genetic-code = an intelligent design = life is directly dependent on accurate intelligence for survival. As humans we consider ourselves ‘intelligent’ and we recognize the need to live by intelligence i.e. understanding the laws of gravity governing the physical world = don’t physically step off a physical cliff = life-saving knowledge.

Science has now proven that the laws of gravity do not extend into the realms of human consciousness – here, in the quantum-energy world, I can float off the top of an imaginary cliff, I can redesign my bedroom, I can send loving thoughts to a close friend… In the quantum world, thoughts are free, they are an energy and they are empathic – in this sense, quantum physics perfectly explains the processes behind Jung’s ‘100th-Monkey’ phenomenon i.e. the seemingly magical process whereby a species of monkeys on one island, learn how to do something and then on another island, that same species suddenly learns to do the exact same thing.

The processes of quantum particles and their symbiotic relationship to one another also, explains many other ‘supernatural’ phenomenon experienced through human-consciousness i.e. telepathy, premonition perhaps even ghosts? Just because these things don’t happen every day, it doesn’t mean they have NEVER happened. In fact, these things happen more regularly than ‘civilised’ society cares to discuss and they DO warrant an explanation and that explanation is valuable KNOWLEDGE which has an ethical = natural right, to influence our present and future development.

The ruling powers may be happy with their worlds as they are, but their worlds remain largely disconnected from a fair portion of true intelligence and therefore, no matter what they do, death & destruction is a continual necessity for their power to remain in control; they most fear losing control but in trying to control, they have been compelled to create and depend on, greater and greater levels of intellectual anarchy to the extent, humanity is NOT living intelligently, there IS no integral = strong, ‘organisation’ – there IS no ‘order’ or ‘law’ – there are simply antiquated demands and desires from an intellectual consciousness enslaved to the gravity of finance: We need a new focal point to drive our ambitions and our ambitions need accurate information to guide their successful realization.

Part 9

Life, like the Quantum energy that created and feeds it, has shown conclusively, that all living creatures, are perfectly capable of organizing themselves – they do not often require our intervention; Elephants don’t need humans to tell them how to respect the Matriarchy – no, it is humans who need Elephants to teach us that! And that is the crux of the matter isn’t it? = Having to focus on actual reality instead of ‘earning’ a living by following orders from ‘above’ – we all want those ‘orders’ and we all want to reap rich rewards for following orders and we are all miserable when we follow the orders yet barely have enough to sustain our needs.

Do micro-biological particles and quantum energies merge because they are ‘ordered’ to? The evidence suggests that they merge because they have faith in that natural-intelligence = information via a strand of DNA, will lead them to life experience; to survive, ants will live like ants, bees will live like bees and simply in their living, each will sustain the other via a process of subliminal co-operation i.e. a natural synergy within an intelligent-vibrational-field = quantum-energy-consciousness.

There is no concept of a conscious ‘earning’ - life has earned the right to live simply because it lives because yes, the planet DOES owe life a ‘living’ because if it cannot provide that ‘living’ then what use is life to Universal Consciousness? Will birds continue to breed when there is no food? Will trees continue to grow and ripen fruit full of seeds when there is no water? Does nature say, “Sorry trees, you got to EARN your water”? Don’t trees actually earn their water simply by BEING? = chop the rainforest down and lose the rain because life actually encourages and creates the continual facilitation of its environmental needs as stars create both matter & energy for creating more stars.

Cancer is life too. It is a life-form gone renegade – it lives to feed and grow – nothing more – it cannot survive beyond its host and it is killing its host = exactly what our post-modern society is doing to our planet; the ‘cancer’ is the corrupt and misguided ruling ‘intelligence’ that has created the present ‘world-order’ – it thrives on the pollution that causes cancer; ‘the wages of sin is death’…

Quantum particles can be free from the laws of physics because they pose no threat to the order within conventional physics, indeed, quantum energies have created the material to be governed by those laws; however, when quantum energies are given direct access and power to physical reality via the human host, then quantum-consciousness in action is naturally subject to laws = an ethical code of conduct i.e. ignore the ‘law’ and suffer the consequences.

Without an allegiance to Universal Ethics of Compassion = PHYSICS FOR THOUGHT that are THE Law within the realms of human-conscious-intelligence, we cannot positively progress = we cannot experience on Earth the complete reality of our quantum-energy-being because we are continually engaged in suffering the hurt and the pain we casually inflict on life and each-other, because we continually and often unwittingly, disobey the universal laws for conscious-intelligent-being.

To ‘sin’ is to go against intelligence, to ignore fair and balanced guidance, to turn away from reality = to deny the truth or to manipulate the truth into supporting a lie or an error. We should know by now that without intelligence = quantum-light-energy to guide human-consciousness, we would literally be lost to all sense of sanity and reason.

The richest have used their wealth to avoid the consequences of ignoring universal-ethics and to be fair, for a long time, there was no actual proof of those laws, there was only the common concept of ‘karma’ i.e. what-goes-around-comes-around except when you own the ‘ball’ = the wealthiest humans have learned to dump their bad-karma on the poor and vulnerable and the innocent creatures who all are suffering through lack of faith and respect for Universal-Ethics.

The ideals of kindness, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, respect, integrity to truth, love, sharing, caring, giving, receiving, learning, co-operating, submitting to a higher, beneficent-intelligence, are found at the core of every religion – they are entrenched within the explosion of thoughts and experiences reflected through the brightest stars of our human history: How long has it taken for the light of their quantum energy to reach us and achieve full realization in human thought today?

Science has explained that all of the above ideals are representative of THE foundations for life itself = no one forced quantum particles to unite and create – they did everything of their own accord and in respect of freedom, their ‘accord’ was to operate sensitively and co-operatively = to develop as best they could with the available resources.

Has humanity done the best we could with what Nature has provided? Do we even know what we have?

True scientists seek true knowledge and true intelligence respects accurate knowledge as a guide for life = trusted/reliable information toward sustainable future design and development: Now life has proven the existence and reality of Universal-Love = Natural-Intelligence, what are we going to do with it?

Day 9 - 2013 Tapping World Summit - Vision of the Future

Day 9 - 2013 Tapping World Summit Topic Vision of the Future


It’s Day 9 of the 2013 Tapping World Summit

Tonight’s EFT Topic – Vision of the Future

Session #1:
Create and Crystallize Your Most Powerful Vision with EFT

Session #2:
Deeper Faith: Let Tapping Lead You to a More Profound Spirituality

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