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A New Temple For My Heart

Building a new temple for My heart,
My soul invites everyone for a feast
that lasts eternally.

Like when Jesus broke His mystical body
into twelve pieces for His twelve disciples,
twelve years of continuous God Consciousness
is enough to make any soul into a
resplendent image of the Consciousness of Christ.

Drinking from His fountain like mouth of purity,
every word which is smoothly digested
soaks the soul in the passions of a Higher Calling.

Tired of being a wage slave for the
wealthy slave drivers of corporate establishments,
the time is now to overthrow the tables
of the master money makers
who are protected by an entourage
of vain and idolatrous followers.

Trying to trick the many
out of their redeeming qualities and virtues,
the landlords of various lands are salivating
at the mouth for the alluring benefits
of matter driven hearts.

Driving away the devil from your homes
and television sets, the Christ calls on you
to spread the Truth of Eternal Beatitude far and wide.

Removing His crown of thorned roses from His head,
the path of martyrdom is not as appealing
as a newly transformed temple for a heart.

Burning and bleeding with a passion
for the kingdom of God,
not one authoritative figure can stop me
from fulfilling My mission except
for the wicked henchmen of temporal realities.

Dying every day when meeting the Father,
the Cross is not all that important when the heart
sings with the purity of an Angel.

Master of the four directions of north, east, south, and west,
all of My enemies want to barricade Me within
a doctrine for clever theologians.

Resurrected in order to demonstrate that I Am
inconceivable for the dogmatic,
why does everyone want to define
what is beyond the pale shadows of rhetorical creeds.

A gnostic Christ for a gnostic generation,
open the door that leads to your glorified temple
and you shall most assuredly find Me there.

Flying with the grace of a dove, I Am Everywhere.
Within the pope, the bishop, and the beggar,
how dare they who label Me as a sinner.

Come unto Me, o Children of the Masses,
and enter into this revelatory revolution
while I Am at peace with the Father.

Broken and dismissed as being empty and vacant,
the lies of the masters of this economic world
will never come to pass.

Whether as poor as a beggar or as rich as a pope,
our God is within our Faith in Him.
Praise be to they who follow Me,
for I Am the lamp that leads out of Hades.

A devil for a moment and an angel for eternity,
whatever sin thou hast committed is
insignificant compared to My own.

Causing many to revolt and to abandon
their families, whatever miseries which I
have caused have freed you from your own.

Dying not for the priests to light a candle on My behalf,
I Am the Light which sustains the ecstatic dove of countless aeons.

Some try to whip Me into submission, while others try
to indoctrinate Me into believing in them.

Lowly and mean hearted are they who try
to be above the rightness and righteousness of Christ.

Having no veil to hide My facial features and faculties,
My Purity is in the degree of the intensity of My revelations.

For those of you who doubt who I Am, that very doubt
which turns any heart into gold is the doubt which transforms
any sinner into a glorified saint.

Doubting the Immanence of Divinity,
the Sophia or Hidden Wisdom of the Logos
is for your soul to Discover.

Doubtful are they who are greedy for control
and doubtless are they who are freedom fighters
for the Father’s Son.

Pagan or Christian, the Soul is the Same.
Blessed is that God of gods who is
neither admired in temples or in mountains,
but in the Soul of Mankind’s Meditations.

The Blessed One is blessed not because
He has been blessed, but because
He generously blessed others.
Blessed Be He who is a temple for a heart.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Human evolution and humility

My take on evolutionary path and humility

Oft we are confronted with a feeling that we are highly or less evolved in our growth as human beings in comparison to others. While it is true that comparisons are odious, yet, they do make us reflect on the path we are treading and carry a modicum of truth in their convictions. Human evolution revolves around what is our all encompassing being. It starts with the type of our thoughts that we entertain and harbour. Flow of thoughts is defined as mind, hence, the relative content of positive or negative thoughts define our level of inner evolution. Invariably, thoughts have their origin in our vasanas. Vasanas are our addictions or predilections for sense objects which reside within us, emerging periodically or in a particular environment. Spiritual practices help us transcend the inception or surfacing of dormant vasanas. The spiritual efforts required to quell our vasanas have to be persistant and committed. Overcoming vasanas helps us to master our senses bestowing us the capacity for sense control. Sense control is not sense denial, it is allowing ourselves to have only appropriate sense pleasures. Without hankering for any sense object and rather let it happen naturally with the flow, within the precincts of appropriateness. However, there are times that we cannot control the type of thoughts that flow within ourselves. Eventually what is important is whether we permit the negative thoughts to propel us into a negative action. So, the type of actions – the way we speak, our intentions behind our behavior and speech, the way we use our expressions, hands, legs, sense organs and the entire body to enact our thoughts would ascertain our level of evolution. How do we classify good or bad? Well, anything which assists us in our evolution (primarily the spiritual evolution) is good and everything which impedes or distances us from our evolution as human being is bad. For eg while a person doing charity and social service is doing good deeds and, another killing fellow beings becomes a terrorist.

I am convinced that with our actions we commit deeds – good or bad. Over a period of time, our deeds lead us to form habits, again good or bad. Bad habits revolve around amassing wealth, indulging in inappropriate sensual pleasures, dishonesty, lack of integrity etc. Good or bad habits shape our character. Hence, the character of a human being is the biggest indicator of his evolution in the spiritual realm. Men steeped in honesty and sound integrity are more evolved then those who are deceitful and dishonest irrespective of their stature or wealth they possess. A man’s accomplishments in amassing wealth, power, rank or position is not an indicator of his evolutionary growth. Instead, I say with conviction that the quality of man's thoughts, actions, deeds, habits and finally his character indicates his real growth on an evolutionary scale.

Further, evolution is relative, just like all five fingers are not the same. The interesting part is that nobody is completely evolved to a level that he has no negativities. Everyone has some vasana in varying degrees, contingent on his past and present spiritual efforts towards overcoming them. Another quality of evolved beings is their penchant for humility. So, for any individual to bask in the glory of his being superior on a scale of evolution is a major folly. A feeling of superiority breeds vanity with the hubris falling apart sooner than later. Avoid letting the feeling of superiority take birth in you, even if you know you are more evolved, for there is no requirement to display your closeness to atman. Be content that you are on the right path and refrain from being pedantic. In a manner of relativity – we have a vegetarian, a non vegetarian, a person who kills himself to eat animals and a person who kills human beings. So, even the supposedly highly evolved person will have a few negativities albeit significantly lesser than the ones who are less evolved. It is said that its only the enlightened, or the self realized who doesn’t have any negativities. So all of us are either babies, toddlers, adolescents, adults or middle aged on the evolutionary path.

I believe that evolution for mankind is borne out of our efforts in past or present spiritual practices. The level of our evolution is reflected in the quality of our thoughts, actions, deeds, habits and character. It has no correlation to the wealth or status a man achieves in the society. Having scaled a certain level of evolution, each one of us has inherent negative traits, which transcend with our spiritual practices. At no stage should our elevated status make us look down on men who are following our steps of evolution. Its only the tree which is full of fruits that bends the most, so be like a tree, endow yourself with spirituality with humility. Its only the enlightened being who transcends all vasanas and negativities and is completely evolved, the rest of us (including this nacheez!) are treading the evolutionary path at various levels.

I must thank Swami Parthasarathy's discourses for giving me a reason to think and pen down this article..

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Message From Archangel Ariel ~ 2-6-2013 #6

Hello dear ones as the angel of manifestation I would like to share with you today how to manifest a job or a better job than the one you have. Manifestation is not as difficult as many of you think it is. However, it takes time, patience and practice. You can have anything your heart desires but that does not mean you can snap your fingers and poof it will appear it is a process. If it was that easy imagine how different your life and lives of everyone around you would be there would be no poverty, homeless, unemployment as everyone would already have everything they wanted then some. The reason why manifestation is not a common practice is because most people do not believe they can manifest what they want whether it be a job, a new car, a new home, a garage filled with “toys”, vacations and world travel, weight loss, breaking a bad habit such as tobacco abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and any number of other things that people would like to obtain or get rid of. The first and most important step in manifesting anything is you have to want it on a soul level and it has to be for the greater good and coincide with your life contract. Most of the things people desire can be manifested remembering that free will plays a role in your human life. If you were rich in a past life and did not share and watched your neighbors suffer and go without you can still manifest money in this lifetime however, if it is written in your life contract that you will experience poverty regardless of how much money you manifest that money is likely to bring you what humans call bad luck or you will have to repeat that lesson you did not learn in a another lifetime if you follow the same path in this life time. How to manifest a job or a better job. Just like with anything else you may want in your life you have to not only want the job/better job you have to do the work that comes with receiving a job. Dear ones that work involves believing without a doubt that you not only want a job/better job but you must feel it with every fiber of your being. Repeating a simple phrase such as “I want and I deserve a job/better job so I shall have one. “You will want to customize your statement to fill in the type of job, hourly pay, location, and anything else you desire. Repeat and think the phrase you customized often every day. Visualize yourself in the job, doing the job… Also meditation is a powerful manifestation tool. Before you begin to manifest your job/better job call upon me to assist you this will speed up the process.

Be Blessed dear ones you are loved

First Hand Experience With Gurus, Miracles, Kundalini, Sai Baba and Love

First Hand Experience With Gurus, Miracles, Kundalini, Sai Baba and Love

As you progress spiritually, you will find that in the beginning you may go in and out of high states of awareness and profound abilities, like a kid falling off his bicycle. Don’t invalidate yourself because even a professional biker may fall off his bike. The naysayers or those looking for someone to worship, rather than transcend themselves, will want you to do it “on cue”. Don’t fall into that trap. You are not here to transform skeptics or impress the spiritually lazy who do not want to go within and transform their own hearts and minds. Why cast your pearls before swine only to be lost in their swill?

Jesus said, “follow me”. He didn’t say “hop on my back”. He said “what I can do, ye can do also and even greater than these”! Yes, it’s unfortunate that we have false gurus and gurus that “fall from grace”. When one does any act that most can’t, it does not serve him for us to put him on a pedestal or ask him to do it “on cue” like it’s some sort of circus act. That is inviting his ego in to devour him. He is simply showing us what is possible for each of us to stretch and grow.

Oral Roberts healed a few people – then the world wanted him to do it “on cue” and one thing led to another, fraud was set up to drive in followers “in the name of Jesus” and it became a revival show for money. Oral lost his gift as a result because the end does not justify the means. The same thing happened to Sai Baba. High states of awareness cannot be maintained if ego sets in.

Even a great photographer or artist tosses out much of his work and keeps the masterpiece. He is not like a singer. We don’t go to him and say: “Oh wow! Paint the Mona Lisa for us again!”. We don’t go to an old athlete or (even a young one out of training for that matter) and say: “Oh, wow! Run a 4 minute mile for me!” Were either one try to repeat it and fail would that mean his first masterpiece or Miracle Mile did not happen?

Jesus did not heal everybody and there is a good reason for that. Not every sick person wants to be healed. “What? That could not be!” you say. If you are a healer, you will soon find out. Some are using their illness to punish those who they refuse to forgive. Some are using their illness to manipulate others. Some are using their illness as self-importance and so on. It is their choice to do so. They will do it until they recognize their own game and not before. There is no freedom without responsibility.

Jesus healed those who were ready. No one can take away your choice. God Himself will not do that “even for your own good”. You always have the choice whether or not to wake up. You can go to the best Guru in town and remain asleep. He’s wise enough to know this. He will smile lovingly as you “saw logs” because after all, he was allowed to sleep until he was ready to wake up. He and God and your own Higher Self love you too much to take away your choice. It is not a matter of time. It is a matter of choice. Until you choose, no one can help you; after you choose, no one can stop you.

“Well, if there really is a God, why doesn’t he_________?” That is the age old question that is never truly answered until you choose to EXPERIENCE God. Many say they believe in Him but it is not a matter of belief. Some may feel a flash of adrenalin or fear as they rush down the aisle to get saved and baptized. They may get their “insurance policy” issued by the church and even get blessed by the Pope. That is no difficult feat. After all, what would one have to lose in doing so? It could get some people off his back. His friends and could breathe a sigh of relief with the idea that this act will save him from Hell. So many still suffer because they buy into the idea that they will “get their reward” in Heaven after they die. Unfortunately, none of that is ritual or scenario is experiencing God.

A lot of us buy insurance policies in case the house burns down. It can be comforting. If it never burns down, very few would say: “Look at all this money I wasted and I never got to cash in”. We don’t do this but neither do we put the insurance company on a pedestal. Insurance policies lessen our fears but have nothing to do with whether or not our house burns down. Experiencing God is not a material transaction like saving your skin or saving your house. It is not an act for the hereafter. It is an act for now. It can only be done in the “now”.

Anyone who has truly experienced God can tell you that such an experience is so profound that initially it will “knock you out of present time”. OMG! What just happened?!! They often stop the experience and review it in the “now that follows” as a past “fluke”. While in their first experience they may even experience an additional miracle as well. Those that do may never “go back in to finish the job” but instead spend the rest of their lives telling their story. For example, some may even get pictures of their x-rays as proof to themselves and others that the cancer is now gone and consider that to be God’s idea of their life’s work. Actually this is somewhat unfortunate because many never “go back in”. They do not realize that there is more where that came from. For others it may take some time before they get the courage to experience God again in the now. After it is done a few more times it may finally dawn on them that the key is staying in the present and co-creating with God. These waters are for the most part uncharted. That is why it can be helpful if there is someone who has been there, such as a guru who can tell them to not look back, whether to regret the past or to romance it. If you want more miracles then -“All eyes ahead”!

Being a spiritual teacher or guru is an altruistic act, for he risks losing the state of being he has attained to “reach down to you”. He risks lowering his vibration to yours, rather than you reaching for his. If he talks about his past failed attempts in order to encourage or inspire you, he risks getting caught up in the past again. There is danger in getting his ego stroked, buying into it and losing his way after lifetimes of preparation. In spite of all this he is willing to offer you the gift of a “leg up”.

There have been countless firemen who have lost their lives going back into a burning building just one last time to save just one more body. Do we ever scathe even one of them with loathing statements or claim he was never physically fit in the first place? If someone falls off his bicycle do we scorn him and deny that he could ever ride it at all? Do we get out the rotten eggs and humiliate or laugh at him?

How can we judge whether someone was ever a master when we have “no eyes to see or ears to hear”? …and this goes for Sai Baba and even Oral Roberts. Yes, there are actors who are convincing in any role you could think of, including playing False Guru. There are those who lose their physical fitness and those who lose their spiritual fitness, but that does not mean it was never attained.

In 1989 I had no training or experience in meditation. I had only seen photos of guys with their legs folded looking like maybe they had been smoking some fine weed. I was confused by all the religions. Which one, if any, was right? For some reason I decided to settle it for myself, just for me alone. Was there even a God? I sat down to meditate for the first time. God, if you are there, I want to experience you NOW. Every “moment of now” that he was not there, I simply put my desire to experience Him in the next “moment of now”. Other than eat, sleep, drink coffee and smoke cigarettes between, this is all I did 24/7 for weeks.

What finally occurred in one of those “moments of now” was a kundalini awakening. I will not detail the whole experience again here, because I describe it elsewhere. With this spiritual awakening came miracles, one after another. It was a challenge to keep my equilibrium (I’m not talking physically). There was no one I knew of to call. I called out into the ether for help and wow, did help arrive! The way it came was loving but equally as unnerving. Someone came who was alive on the planet at that time, but he was also someone I had never even heard of before. Why? Because, let’s just say, that prior to that I did not exactly travel in “spiritual circles”. (smile). He manifested and spoke audible words to me about what had occurred and gave me some pointers. He said that he himself had nothing to do with my awakening, but was a messenger of temporary guidance.

His style of dress was strange to me because I had been what one might describe as a somewhat snooty “Corporate America, Dress for Success” kind of individual, complete with the business suits and attaché. Someone dressed in “sheets” with strange hairdo would not have been the kind of person that I would have been drawn to for information, you see. I am amused by that former self now as I write this. The man who came only appeared once, but his brief help was vital. His name was Sai Baba, a name so weird I wrote it down after he left. There was no internet back then to google but a few years later I came across his picture and he was one in the same.

Sai Baba may have fallen from grace, but to him I will always be grateful. Older and wiser now, I will tell you that on this journey “Coming Home” that I, myself, have fallen in and out of grace countless times. On each occasion, some lasting years, I ultimately had to just forgive myself and come home. I never professed to be a guru and did not want to be one. From time to time compassion for a suffering sick person would spontaneously rise out of me and my right hand would rise up as if it had a mind of its own and that person, no matter how far gone, would be healed. He or she would look at me as if I was some sort of “Jesus” and I would definitely make it clear that I was not. I was as surprised each time as they were!

Imagine going from business suits to running around in a sheet saying: “Bless you, my son.” No, I just wanted to “be normal” – you know, hip, cool, modern and all that? In fact, after a period of time I eventually ran from it all for years because I thought that it what God had that “Guru Thing” in mind for me. Each miracle astounded me and humbled me. I did not want a pedestal. Neither did I want to stick out like a sore thumb. At the same time it was lonely not being able to share the most awesome event of my life with. Most of my friends and family that I finally did confide in got very uncomfortable. Some were intimidated by me, like I might start reading their minds! Ha! Like the “Woman at the Well” story in the Bible – Are you kidding?!...But some confessed this fear. I got warned, avoided, scoffed at and my best friend since childhood swore it could be of the devil, that the Anti-Christ may have possessed me and begged me to quit meditating. Some accounts of these events were quite amusing to me while others broke my heart. The successful businessman type I was accustomed to dating didn’t go for it either. I guess it did not make for the best “pillow-talk”. Strangers were grateful to have their miracle but not always equally grateful were that significant someone in their life who was preparing what to do with the insurance money. Nope, being an Urban Guru had no appeal and I was not inclined to tote water or chop wood at some ashram either. Believe me, there are more people like me than you know.

After years of running, I finally realized that God does not really dictate nor demand I do anything in particular. He just wants to love me and hopes I will learn to live in joy, peace and love. Just because you can fix a sink doesn’t mean God wants you to be a plumber and that you should now run down the street with a plunger in your hand! Man might expect you to be this or that, but not God. It’s all choice, your choice. Once I really let that in, with a big sigh of relief, I headed on back “Home”. I highly recommend you do so as well. This is exactly what the story of the Prodical Son story in the Bible was all about.

Yes, if your eyes fall on what I have written, no matter how lowly you may think you are, I am talking to you. “Ah, hell! Come on Home!” That’s what I say! – (and I never say it in a wispy voice so that I sound the part of a Mystical Goddess who is going to charm you right into heaven,either). I have come out of my shell but I don’t fit anyone’s stereotype as a metaphysician. I’m from Texas so I call what I do “TruckStop Metaphysics”. Around here I tell it like it is – I call it “layin’ the cow chip on the table” and that is not always popular with the other folks who like the incense to flare their nostrils!

If you want to experience God, you do not have to die to do so. I was one of the most unlikely candidates, myself so I can relate to how you might feel about it! It won’t “kill you” to experience a miracle, either and I say that with a smile as big as Dallas! What we label as “miracles” now will be common place in the not too distant future. Why be the last in line to get on the band wagon - just so you can be considered “normal” for a little while longer? The only way you will go insane is if you run from it afterward, like I did. Come on in, the water’s fine. There are a lot more beings now getting the gumption to go AWOL on their former Limited Self!

You’ll have more company now than I did back in 1989. Sure, there will be those who scoff at your words about your experience, just as some may be doing right now as they read mine. If you happen to be one of the ones who engaged in guru bashing, Jim Baker bashing, whatever - don’t beat yourself up about it, either. You have not hurt your chances in the least! Your first discovery will be that God does not judge, only man does that. Why not? Judging would be “ungodly” and believe me, if it is “ungodly” – God doesn’t do it! So relax.

Before I sat down to experience God that first time, I talked to him as if he were no more than a bartender at “Joes Bar and Grill”. I told him, (as if he did not already know), that I had told a lot of Jesus jokes over the years, that I had become agnostic, leaning atheist and that “Oh, by the way” I was pissed at him for war, poverty and for not intervening in this or that. I told Him I realized that, for all this blasphemy and more, that if He WAS real, I was well aware that by sitting down to experience Him that – if the Bible was true – if he was really a punishing God - that after he and I had our little “Judgment Day” - that I knew that the next step would be that He would “push a button” and send me on off too Hell! I told him I was not scared, and I can honestly tell you I absolutely was not afraid to meet my maker. Fed up with life, yes – Fear – no! With that little speech I sat down in the lotus position for the first time and closed my eyes. With all the intention I could muster I shot the desire into my forehead to “experience God now”. In the beginning, on breaks between my “failed attempts”, I drank coffee smoked cigarettes and even cussed out loud about it. Any yogi will probably tell you that any of these practices will do nothing but ensure you never make it. In that case I am very grateful there were no yogis around to instruct me at that point. Any of their words about “God is love” would have fallen on deaf ears and a closed heart. I was tired of hearing that “crap”, trying to be a good person and getting the short end of the stick – not really from God - I had dumped him long ago – but from other humans! Someone once said, “I love humanity – it’s just Humans I can’t stand”! and that about summed it up for me at that time in my life.

I would come back from the restroom and sit back down, undaunted once more, willing and determined to experience God in the “here and now” – that is the key. I had unwavering intention and desire. I fully expected him –not in the future sometime, some day, but in each and every “moment of now!” Astonishingly, after only a few weeks of this process, it happened. There were some stages to it which you can read at another time if you are interested in it. Ultimately, what did happen was not the “Judgment Day” where I was fully expecting God to rub my nose into every little rotten thing that I had ever said or done.

What happened next was that “tough Limited Me” – you know, the one that wasn’t the least bit scared? - had a major reaction to the God experience. I did NOT feel fear – nope, that would had been wonderful, even welcomed over what followed. Terror! The worst terror in my life, magnified times twelve, was my reaction! Terror that would shake you harder than an earth quake or Mohamed Ali! Why? – because “Tough Girl” was not prepared for the love. “Love? Come on! You’re kidding!” some told me since. No, this was not love like anyone would typically experience from a human. It was totally unconditional love with no holes barred!

I immediately knew, I had been lied to. God had been given a bad wrap. There was no Punishing God, no Judgmental God, not even a little! I knew at that moment that God loved a murderer just as much as he did me and that there was nothing any of us could do to fall from his graces or his love! I was in an ocean of the most gentle caressing love you could imagine but in a higher vibration one cannot describe! His love vibrated me into a state of ecstasy -so much so - that my reaction was terror. It’s like comparing an ant to an elephant in magnitude. One feels minuscule an undeserving of that much love. Remember those stories in the Bible where some angel appeared and the little guy wanted to roll up in a little ball in the corner like a trapped spider -But the angel said “Fear not!?” – well that was me! The kundalini energy rose up my body, made changes and produced abilities I had never even thought of and that astounded me. But of all the miracles that followed, His/Her love was the most difficult to cope with! In truth there is nothing like the love of God/Goddess All That Is. It is futile for me to try to describe His love and why someone might cower under it and why one might be changed or why miracles can then occur. I understand now why the Buddhists have a saying: “The finger pointing to the Moon is not the Moon.” Man is not going to “see the moon” until he is ready, and some that hear of it, turn right around and start worshiping the finger pointing to the moon rather than “Beholding the moon” in all it’s glory!

Belief, worship and fifty cents buys you a cup of coffee - but it doesn’t get you any closer to God. Society and so many religions teach us to feel shame and guilt. Do you really think pictures of Jesus, bloody on the cross is really what he had in mind? Sadly, the bloody cross is scattered all over the planet and is like directing our attention to the finger that merely pointed to the moon, but in a sad way. Instilling shame, blame an regret into the congregations may be a great manipulation tools for filling the offering plates around the world - but it is not preparing anyone for His/Her love! Yes, if you believe He rose from the dead, then a cross could be the reminder of the miracle, but then so could a fish! Did he not feed the multitudes with only three? One might as well string a gold finger around his neck and a Tee Shirt that reads “I’ve been Misdirected.” I prefer the fish symbol, if any. If you can’t have something or experience something, go on out and buy a symbol of the thing and if you can’t afford the symbol - get a bumper sticker that reads: “My other car is a Mercedes.” Just don’t delude yourself. You really need not settle for the “Consolation Prize” when you can have the real thing. If one were to go ahead and experience God, they would not need a token of a miracle, such as the cross or a fish as if a miracle was a rare anomaly. They would know that the miracles keep coming if one stays in the experience of God and the co-creation of it all. That is not to say you will never fall off your bike and bang your knee or wobble a little bit on a bumpy road along the way. I hope you don’t, but I have. All you need to do in that case is forgive yourself and hop back on.

We are often taught to love others, which I did and was accustomed to – but not encouraged to love Self. Why? –“ well that might just make you egotistical!” some say. No it won’t. “Ah, how about a little dose of shame and self-pity or guilt instead? Don’t you need that to stay in line and be a moral person?” No, in my opinion, when they had the Council of Nicea over 500 years ago where they threw a raft of books out of the Bible, they should have gone ahead and tossed out Leviticus and some of the others while they were at it! It’s given people so much shame around, just sex alone, that I am surprised that anyone can barely thrust, let alone enjoy it! If you haven’t noticed - let me point out that every secretion of the body has had some suppression upon it by Church or society: Don’t sweat, don’t cry, don’t have earwax, don’t let your nose run, don’t drool…Did I leave any orifices out? ….oh well,… you know the rest! Honestly if someone landed here from another planet, they would surely see the humor in some of the practices we engage in daily, but never stop and analyze! (I can’t help but stop and smile as some of these words I have been suppressing come down on the paper!)

Back to love. If you love yourself, you are miles ahead of where I was before my experience with God. Had it ever occurred to me to love myself it would have been much easier to embrace God’s love and the miracles. If you scoff at God, miracles or anything that I have said here today, fine. God is not offended. God is not insecure or jealous as reported, and does not need your validation to exist, and a miracle does not require your witness nor testimony in order to occur in the lives of those who were ready to have them. If you weren’t there to experience one of these, then that tells you where you were at that time on the “readiness scale”. But you can re-choose at any time. No one is going to throw a flag down and cry “foul” if you change your mind! Conversely, work as hard as you want to explain away any and all of this I say today. But may I suggest that you at least start loving yourself just a little more?…you know, just in case you slip up! There is a whole universe out there that loves itself and is in total harmony! Each day there are more and more people becoming willing to break free of the Limited Self and embrace God and love. You may last a while longer, maybe even a few more lifetimes, but you are going to lose this “war”. You are going to slip up, not be diligent enough, not pay attention for a little bit, allow your mind to wander, let your finger slip out of that dike and the dam is going to break! You are going to fall smack dab into the middle of all this love and all this joy that is going to rock you, Baby! It’s going to rock you right into the arms of love on the other side! We are going to be right there to catch you when you fall…in love with yourself – with God – with us!
With love,
Linn Garrison
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The latest lessons...

I haven't been writing much, well publishing at least, lately. I have been writing several pieces but never actually felt they were ready for the world. That, is a cop-out, they are ready, to a degree, but I have not been sure I want to put them out. Some are extremely personal, others are kind of dark, seeing the horizon is not always a happy-joy-joy thing.

So, with a little editing, I will likely put them out eventually, but lets start with this one from September 2nd, as I think it sums up a lot of what has been happening with me as of late.

Blessed Be!
Robert's Signature

As a general rule, I am a pretty happy person, I let things roll off and do not really allow things to get to me. Of course, like everyone I have my bad days when I hold onto every little slight as if it were the biggest insult ever handed out since fish-to-face slapping.

There are areas in my life where this is completely reversed, "go there and die" would be an appropriate warning sign for the unwary and then on days like today, everything falls into this category.

I do not really like being in that space, it sucks at best and sometimes turns into a personal Hell that can feel inescapable. Before you go there, I am not suffering from depression and I do not need to up my meds, but I might if they gave me a decent high! ;-)

I wonder where these feelings come from and why they happen more and more as of late. In other areas of my life, I would assume they were symptoms of something I need to deal with, a lesson that I have been avoiding, so I thought I might approach them from this place. What a can of worms I opened up!

Human thought, feelings and emotions are in many ways like an onion, you think you know what you are looking at, but once you touch it the wrong way, the surface gives way and you find a completely new world to explore that is not as known as you might have thought.

We live in a realm of fear most of the time, anything not "me" is separate and out to harm me, "it's a dog eat dog world" and such statements really are what the majority of the people in this world live in, even when they try to wrap themselves in a cloak of spirituality or religion. Before you get all pissy and think I'm accusing you, only you can know the truth of that perceived slight, I freely admit to having my days where my attempts to take refuge in my sādhanā is complete bullshit and I'm just hiding from the truth.

As if the fact that I am a human with all that entails were not enough, being a "sensitive" (I hate that word but cannot think of a good alternative) there are days when the outright pain of this realm comes through and I feel as if Atlas stepped out and dropped the weight of the world on my shoulders.

During these times, I want to love and allow the growth of those around me to continue, but I sometimes want to run around and slap the living piss out of the world.

I used to be ashamed of feeling this way, I thought it was hate for the often sheer stupidity of the masses and more-so for those who intentionally manipulate those masses for their own greed and empowerment at the expense of everyone and everything around them.

Eventually I came to realize that it was not really hate, but compassion. I can often see the eventual outcome of the path the masses are on and I do not want to see them have to go through the pain and suffering waiting there. No truly "human" individual wants to see other creatures suffer.

It has recently become apparent to me that I have two major lessons to learn from this:
  1. Do not fight what the world has chosen for itself, consciously or otherwise.

    All entities choose the time and places of their lives for their own growth, to interfere with those choices would be more cruel than the witnessing of them. Thea Alexander in her book "2150AD" gives an excellent analogy of this.

    Jon, our central character, has been going through hospitals and healing the patients, but eventually he becomes aware of their Spirits and they start to stop him from healing them. One is an old lady with debilitating arthritis who has lost the use of her hands due to the condition. When asked, she pleads for Jon not to heal her as she has chosen this methodology to learn from and to heal her in this moment is to condemn her to going through the lesson again.

  2. Experience the moment of the pain and then let it go, as with all things, it will pass.

    Often I find the world around me to be like a horror/slasher film. If you are thinking about what is happening, you know the killer is behind the door and hiding in the dark and waiting for the victim to stumble into the trap. You are sitting in your seat at the theater and everyone is thinking the same thing, "don't do that, the killer is going to get you," you start crawling up your seat and when the killer pops up, you jump even though you KNEW what was about to happen.

    Afterwards, you might think what a stupid S.O.B. the character was, but you release and get ready for the next episode. It is a collection of moments and experiences, it is not the totality of the existence.

Between these two lessons, I cause myself a large amount of pain at times. I fight what I pick-up from the world around me, it is painful and who wants to experience that? The ironic aspect of it is that in fighting it, I increase the level of pain.

    Eternal Flame

    I wrote this a few years back after a dream. I knew it was powerful at the time. Looking back now I feel it was a soul memory and yeah a pretty powerful one heart
    Sun Moon Stars

    Once upon a time there was a girl who thought all she could see, feel, hear was real. Then one day her eyes were opened when the mirror revealed her true reflection through the eyes of the other half of her soul. She slowly came to realize that her eyes were truly blind, her ears were being told lies, and everything she could touch turned into sand slowly dripping down the funnel of the hourglass. She needed to fall, lose it all, so that her eyes could be truly opened to the reality, the truth. One day she woke up from a dream completely changed. During the dream she was skipping along a sandy shore of a place she somehow knew. The sunsetting slowly over in the horizon. She stood there silent and suddenly she felt the sand in between her toes, the warm waves splashed her body a small droplet hit her lips and she was aware that the salty water tasted so alive so invigorating. She shouted to the top of the skies so quietly loud that it resounded as though thunder was roaring in the distance, We are all matter, people, animals, birds,bugs trees all of it, one pulse, one heartbeat, DNA alive awakened you are here, I can't see you, I can't touch you, I can't hear you, she was hollow again with the pain of his absence, then suddenly, she heard a heartbeat pounding as though eminating from the moon as it was coming into view. You your here, you live in me. Our reflections are now one. Always....

    Into the mystic

    Sun Moon Stars

    Window to the soul
    mirroring my own reflection
    She nor he but both are we
    Alone I lay and breathe you in deep
    Electrified as you course to the very soul of me
    Wordless Wonder you are
    breathless words unspoken
    heavy with the deepest devotion
    echo in this parallel universe of us

    For your worth exceeds the
    greatest treasure this planet has
    ever brought forth

    GO? NEVER!
    Together or apart we were eachothers from the start
    For evermore my love my always forever true

    ~ Me (Your other you)



    We are
    in TRUTH
    in need
    of nothing

    is already



    To choose
    that is
    to LOVE

    is to choose
    that is
    to GOD

    The Wonders of Inner Space

    "To explore the far reaches of the inner realms one must understand one's true nature. Perhaps it is not entirely the fault of modern man that he does not understand his own inner universe. He has achieved much, and if such concepts escape his own consciousness it is because he has no flaming falcon of the spirit on his fist to soar beyond the confining reaches of the intellect. Men have journeyed to the physical moon, but they know nothing of the regions of the blissful music within themselves -- regions which lie beyond the moon, beyond the sun, beyond the most distant stars and galaxies." (George Arnsby Jones, "The Pilgrimage of James -- An Odyssey of Inner Space")



    We are not
    in a process
    of doing

    but we are
    in a process
    of being willing



    If the point
    of TRUTH
    escapes us

    then it has
    gotten away

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    The Nature of the Self

    The Nature of the Self
    by Swami Krishnananda

    Inadequate Apparatus Used to Investigate the Self Conditions the Result
    The nature of the instrument used conditions the result of the investigation. The more sensitive and accurate the instrument, the more accurate is the observation, and, thus, the result. This is a well-known scientific fact. The world appears to be something to the naked eye, but it seems entirely different with the use of a microscope. The scientist seems to be approaching the truth of the object of his observation with the help of instruments. But the object, somehow, recedes further from his ken. There remains a chasm between the knower and the known. There is a gulf of difference between the subject and the object, between consciousness and matter. Consciousness cannot know matter; mind cannot know any object; the scientist cannot know anything. The scientist has to fail in the end on account of the very method and apparatus that he employs to investigate the nature of things.

    The Senses Are Unreliable
    One is likely to think that knowing the self is a simple matter. Everyone knows one's own self. Man refers to his own self by his name, by his designation, by his characteristics, by height, weight, width, and social relations. But this is a description of certain phenomena rather than the essentiality. Man, as a part of Nature, forms a content of space and time. Thus, his usual notion of his own self as a human being, as a man or a woman, as a relative of So-and-so, with such physical dimensions, etc., would be to know the self as he knows any other object in the world. Man, when he appears to himself as a physical body, is an object rather than a subject. Nobody looks upon himself as a subject, but sees himself as an object, as he sees a brick or a tree outside, because everyone can 'see' oneself and not just 'be' a pure subject. Everyone can see his body as he can see a building 'outside' 'in space'. So, from the point of view of mere observation through the sense organs, one's own self does not differ much from other objects of sense. The human body is as much an object of the senses as any other object. Thus, to say, "I am So-and-so" in a sociological or a merely physical sense would not be a correct definition of one's personality. When it was said that one has to know one's own self, it was not meant that one has to know it through the sense organs. The knowledge obtained through the senses, gathered through perception, is limited to the structure of the sense organs. If the organs were to be constituted in a different way, the picture that they would present would be quite a different thing altogether.

    If the knowledge gained through the light rays impinging on the eyeballs is to be believed, it would be really a precarious knowledge indeed. The eyeballs are like lenses, and whatever be the nature of the lens that is used, to that extent the observation is conditioned. Man has been made in one way. He has got human eyes, and therefore he sees everything as human. Every human being has a similar set of eyes. But, if he had x-ray eyes, he would see a different world altogether. If it can be imagined that the eyes are made like microscopes, would anyone be able to live in this world? And yet, can anyone say that it would be a wrong perception? Perhaps, that would be a better and more reliable information. But the better perception would make one's life itself impossible as it is lived. In a way, it appears that ignorance keeps one happy. It is evident that it would be futile to depend upon the sense organs to supply correct knowledge. The sense organs include not merely the eyes, but also the ears, the sense of touch, the sense of taste, etc. None of these can be relied upon totally, because they are conditioned. Nothing can be known by examining the objects through the relative activities of the senses which change according to the spatio-temporal structure within which they function.

    The Mind Is Conditioned by Space-Time
    Space and time are supposed to be one complex whole. They are proved to be not two different things in the end. The objects, including human bodies, being placed in the context of space-time, are conditioned by the nature of the space-time complex. If man were to be living in a different order of space-time, he would certainly not be a human being as he is now.

    But, man is a greater mystery and secret than can be observed on the outer surface. The analysis that Indian philosophers have made here is astounding. The study of philosophy in India began by a study of the nature of man. However, philosophy in the West, in its empirical meanderings, was confined to the study of the human individual as a subject from the point of view of experiences available in the waking life. Everyone, in the waking condition, is aware of the presence of the world outside, through the operation of the sense organs. What does man learn when he is awake? He sees a world. But how does he see a world? He is aware of the existence of the world by means of various factors that work together in bringing about this knowledge. Space and time are the primary factors. If space and time were not to be there to distinguish objects from one another, it would not be known that things exist at all. The conditioning influence of space and time is such that nothing can be known except as being present in space and time. Even if one closes the eyes and imagines the existence of an object, it would be a presence conceived in space and in time. Even if one tries to abolish the notion of space and time in imagination, one would be doing this act of abolishing the concept of space and time by being in space and time only. One cannot go out of this circle. It means that the mind is involved in the notion of space and time. All objects are spatio-temporal, including one's own self as an observed subject. Inasmuch as the mind is conditioned in this manner, one cannot hope to have an unconditioned knowledge of anything. The instruments of perception are restricted by the operation of space and time.

    The Mind Is Conditioned by Logical Limitations
    Not merely that; man is limited in many other ways. One's own reason itself is a limited faculty. There are certain mathematical and set ways of thinking which go by the name of logical affirmations. Logic is an instrument that the mind has manufactured out of the mathematical compulsion inflicted upon it by the operation of space and time. Two and two have to make four, and no one can think this in any other way. But one cannot rationally explain as to why two and two should make four. It has to be taken for granted that it must be like that, and no question can be raised about it. This is to give an example of how the mind functions peremptorily. It is such a type of conditioning that any question about it cannot be raised by the mind. The mind will regard any further question in regard to mathematical laws as absurd. The three angles of a triangle have to make two right angles; they cannot make more or less. Arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are fixed sciences. They are born out of certain intuitions cast in the mould of the operation of space and time in a given manner. Therefore, no one can gain insight into the nature of space-time or of the world which is conditioned by space and time. The logical approach, whether inductive or deductive, assumes certain premises which are incapable of logical demonstration. It does not carry one very far. An able and reliable guide in the world of space-time that it certainly is, it cries a halt and says, "Thus far, and no further."

    The Self Overcomes all Conditioning
    There is something in man which rises above the limitations of mathematics and logic. One knows one's own self in a way that cannot be explained in terms of logic. Everyone knows that he exists. The fact, "I exist," need not be known by seeing with the eyes. Even if the eyes are closed, the ears are plugged, and the other natural senses do not operate, one can know that one exists. How does one know that he exists? This knowledge arises not by logic, nor by mathematics. It is not by a philosophical calculation that man comes to know that he is. The "I exist", or "I am", seems to be the only indubitable knowledge that can finally survive all tests and conclusions. The only infallible knowledge announces itself as the knowledge of the self, and every other knowledge is liable to further amendation, as, for example, in the advancement of the methods of science. Nature has been defined in hundreds of ways by scientific observations. What today is an infallible truth for science becomes tomorrow an outgrown, outmoded knowledge, to be supplanted by another observation altogether. Science goes on repeating its experiments and discovering newer and newer phenomena. What was truth yesterday is not necessarily so today. Science has not yet come to a conclusion as to what the ultimate truth is.

    These questions relating to the nature of externally observed truths do not arise in regard to one's own self, because there is a faculty within man which cannot be identified with mental operation, or rational study, or sense activity. "I know that I am," is a revelation rather than a logical deduction. Intuitively one knows that one exists. Man's knowledge of his own self is indisputable, inviolable, and certainly true, and no one doubts one's own existence.

    Doubt Cannot Be Raised Concerning the Self
    The great philosopher of India, Acharya Sankara, and another reputed philosopher of the West, Rene Descartes, thought on equal terms at different times in regard to the nature of the self. The doubting of the existence of one's own self has been regarded as impossible, because scepticism, while it can be applied to the nature of things outside, cannot be applied to the conclusions arrived at by the sceptic himself. The doubting of everything is an acceptance of the doubtless position which the sceptic maintains. The conclusions of a sceptical argument are not subject to the very same scepticism to which other things are subject. "I cannot doubt that I am doubting." This is the basic conclusion one finally lands upon. One can doubt everything but cannot doubt that one is doubting, because if one doubts the doubting, such doubting would have no sense. There is some peculiarity in man which defies the grasp at ordinary logical analysis. And this was the stand taken finally by most of the Indian philosophers. This mystery, this secret, may form the key to unlock the secrets of all Nature.

    This "I am," or "I exist" is uncontradictable, undeniable, and is infallible knowledge. Everything else is liable and prone to modification, or even contradiction. But, the knowledge of "I am" is mystical; it needs the support of nothing else.

    Is this the Reality that man is searching for? Does this stand the test of truth?

    Human existence is characterised by a series of experiences, all of which may be classified into the state of waking, dream and deep sleep. The conclusion, or knowledge of "I am" is obtained in the waking state. Does man, the "I", exist in the other states? Can one conclusively say "I am", with reference to all these states? The question appears superfluous, and the answer is self evident, because, if these states are states of experience, as mentioned, there must be an experiencer, the self, the "I". So, the answer is "I exist". Thus, if the "I exist" can be emphatically said to be true for all states of experience, how does the "I" exist in these states? What is the true nature of the self which affirms "I am" and which passes through these states?

    The Self in Dream
    There are occasions when man passes through states which are different from the waking one. Man is not always waking; he is in other conditions also, when he still exists. Dream is one instance. Man exists even in dream; he is not dead. But here the waking consciousness does not operate; the senses are not active. One does not see with the eyes, does not hear with the ears. If a sound is made near the ears when one is dreaming, he may not hear it; if a particle of sugar is placed on the tongue, he may not taste it. A mechanism operates even in the state of dream. And, "I dreamt yesterday," is what everyone generally says when one wakes up from dream. Did "I" exist in dream? Yes, "I" did exist. In what condition did "I" exist? Not as the body, for the body was inactive. One was not aware of the existence of the body. One could not identify oneself with the body. Man was not the body at all, for all practical purposes, in his dream. What was he, then? Well, one may say, "I was only the mind." The mind was operating; the mind was existing; the mind was functioning; the mind was experiencing the whole phenomena of what could be regarded as a dream life.

    So, man can exist even without the body. This is strange. Did he not exist in dream without association with the body? Though it is true that in the waking condition an association with the physical body is absolutely essential, in other conditions, like dream, one does exist without the body. There are, then, states of consciousness when one can exist without association with the body. If man can exist without the body, his real essence cannot be the body. Dream is an example, numbness is an example, and swoon is an example, to prove this fact.

    The Self in Sleep
    Deeper still, there is a state called sleep. What happens in sleep? Even the mind does not operate here. This is important to note. The intellect, feelings, volitions, and sense organs all cease to operate. But does man exist in sleep? Yes, he does exist. In what capacity? What is man then? "I am" is the assertion that everyone generally makes on waking. But in what way was one existing? In what state was this "I", the self? In the state of deep sleep the "I" did not exist as the body. lt did not exist as the intellect which was then not functioning. There was no psychic operation of any kind in the state of sleep. When there is no body, no mind. what remains in man? Nothing remains; it is a vacuum, as it were. Man was in an inexplicable darkness, which is identified with sleep. No one knows anything in sleep.

    What does everyone say about sleep when one wakes up in the morning? "I knew nothing; I had a good sleep." But when one says, "I knew nothing, I had good sleep," one is making a self-contradictory statement. If nothing was known, how could one know that one slept well? It is not true that one does not know anything, though it appears there is no object of consciousness in sleep.

    One does not know anything in sleep, because there is no external object there. Whenever one speaks of knowledge, one always refers to a relationship between the subject and the object. One connects one's mind with a content which is outside it. As there was no object outside the mind in the state of sleep, one says, "I had no knowledge." But, it is not true that there was no knowledge of any kind. There was some kind of knowledge. The Vedanta analysis is interesting. It asks, "My dear friend, you said that you slept yesterday. How did you know that you slept yesterday? Who told you this?" Everyone makes this statement for himself. Again, one says, "I knew nothing." If he knew nothing, how could he know that he slept?

    Here is a subtle point on which one has to bestow some thought. It is impossible to remember that one slept, unless one had an experience. Memory, remembrance, is a function which follows as a result of an experience that one had earlier. If one did not have an experience before, one cannot have a memory thereof later. The memory of having slept is a necessary consequence of one's having had an experience of sleep.

    Now, again, let us go a little deeper into this point. Does one have a memory of having slept'? Yes. Now, if memory is a result of an experience that one had, would that experience have been an unconscious experience? A stone does not remember anything. The stone does not say, "I slept yesterday." The memory of a past experience – here, in this case, memory of sleep – should imply the presence of some sort of a consciousness. If the consciousness was completely obliterated in sleep. one would not remember that one slept. One would be like a stone, and a stone says nothing.

    There is a strange mystery within us. Man is a miracle. He is not an ordinary individual as he thinks he is. Man is not a Tom, Dick, or Harry, as he appears. Every human being is a wonder in himself, or herself, and it is the study of deep sleep that unravels the mysteries of man. In other conditions, man knows very little about himself.

    Most of the philosophers of the West confine themselves to the waking experience. Thus. there were agnosticism, scepticism, empiricism, and other "isms", which cropped up as a consequence of the study merely of the waking condition, as if man is only in the waking state and nothing else is in him. The Vedanta tells us that in the state of deep sleep one does not die, one lives. one exists, and this fact is known by the memory that follows subsequently. Memory is not possible without a previous experience, and that experience has no sense if it is not attended with a kind of awareness. So, in the state of deep sleep there was consciousness. It was covered over with some peculiar obstacle. Like a cloud covering the sun, one's consciousness in sleep was covered by certain impressions of desires unfulfilled. When the sun is hidden by the thick clouds, no one says that the sun is non-existent. Sometimes, there is an eclipse of the sun, or there are dark clouds covering the sun in the rainy season. It would then look as if midday is like midnight. But nevertheless the sun is there.

    This analysis would reveal that the essence of the self, the "I", in the state of deep sleep is not one of a total abolition of existence, but an existence pure and simple, a featureless transparency, consciousness proper. The "I" had no body, no mind, no psychic functions, no relationships, no friends. no enemies. The "I" was neither a father, nor a mother, nor a man nor a woman, nor a king, nor a beggar; nothing of the kind was the "I" in the state of deep sleep.

    What a wonderful state! Anyone can imagine what one was. Nothing conceivable was man; but he did exist. He was levelled down to the condition of that in which everything exists finally. Man was in a state of pure existence wholly, and nothing else. One was not even a human being, not rich, not poor, not healthy, not unhealthy, not thirsty, not hungry; nothing could apply to that state of being. But one existed, still.

    The Self Is Sat-Chit-Ananda
    Everyone was in the state of deep sleep, in a condition of pure being – impersonal, featureless, indeterminate awareness associated with existence. What was everyone in the state of deep sleep? Only existence which is associated with consciousness in an integral manner. It was not existence and consciousness. It was existence which was consciousness, Sat-Chit. The Vedanta philosophy uses the word "Sat-Chit", which means Existence-Consciousness. The difficulty of language is such that no word can be used at all to designate what Sat-Chit means. They are not two different things or states. It is Being which is Consciousness, or Consciousness which is Being. Being is Consciousness, and Consciousness is Being. So the hyphen is used, Existence-Consciousness, because no other way is known to write it down. Everyone is only Existence-Consciousness in the state of deep sleep.

    If the Self is Consciousness, naturally it cannot be divisible. It is not partite, it is impartite. If one imagines a division of Consciousness, theoretically at least, or academically, one has to imagine a space between two parts of Consciousness, because what distinguishes one thing from another thing is space, or time. Now, can one imagine that there is space between two parts of Consciousness? If there is space, who is to be aware of this space? The Consciousness itself has to be aware of the space that is imagined, as if existing between two of its parts. Consciousness should be present even in that middle, the so-called imagined space. It is impossible, therefore, to imagine a division in Consciousness. It is indivisible; hence, it is not finite; therefore, it is infinite.

    Existence which is Consciousness is of the character of Bliss. Why is it Bliss? Because, all suffering and finitude, every difficulty and penury of any kind, is the result of the finitude of one's nature. When one has become the infinite, all desires are fulfilled. The desires are not abolished or destroyed in the infinite, as people may imagine. All wishes are totally fulfilled in their reality. We enjoy at present dream objects, a shadow of the substance, as it were. But there, one becomes the archetype or the original of things, as if one in dream rises into the waking life and beholds the reality of things as they are. Even this Bliss is not separate from Existence-Consciousness. Existence, which is Consciousness, itself is bliss.

    If the Self is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss in deep sleep, can it be otherwise in the waking and dream states? No, because it is indivisible, thus, infinite; it would be the same always. Thus, essentially, the Self is Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. Here Infinity and Eternity get blended into All-Being.

    But, no one wakes up from sleep as infinite being. The waking experience is always the same story of finitude and all its resultant sorrow. The glory discovered by a probe into sleep vanishes in mortal waking. Where is the solution to this elusive problem?

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