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Hold The Vision

uesday, 12 February 2013

  • Hold the Vision :)


    Among all the turmoil that currently surrounds us. Everyone scrambling for the position that they wish for you to adhere to and repeat and tell others ..... I ask of you only this..

    Hold Your Own Vision and make it sensible and positive and pure....
    I will share with you mine.

    Since I was very small I knew and understood how different I was from other children. That did not make me special or entitled... No one told me I simply knew. I used to talk to the trees and plants and I would dance around the little brick garden my mom had created in the side yard. My mom is connected too .. very much so to mother earth. I learned from her later on and admired how deeply she cared for the plants she grew in the garden and her flower gardens.
    Back then I used to spend a lot of time daydreaming. I had a few favorite things to do on a sunny day. I used to lay in my belly in the grass and search for four leaf clovers. I used to lay in the grass on my back and look for shapes in the clouds, and I used to love to smell all the different kinds of flowers in the gardens. We had a huge crab apple tree in the front yard that became the back drop for many family pictures I wish I could find LOL.. I would love the smell of the beautiful soft pink petals of the blossoms each spring. I used to love to sit in them and lay in them and just inhale their beauty and energy and scent.


    As I grew older, I would walk - back in the day it was pretty much safe to walk and I would just talk to everything. I am sure to some I seemed nutty but I did not care at all. I still talk to everything , birds, raccoons, the local stray cats. plants, trees etc. I began to take long bike rides as I got older and same thing then it evolved into singing to everything .. loud LOL !!

    Where am I going with all of this... simple. I have always held the Vision of a Beautiful Earth to surround me and everyone in my little world. Now being much older and having lived a longer life, I realize how important it has become for ALL of us to Hold the Vision.


    It is not easy. We are bombarded on such a incredibly overwhelming basis by the internet the mainstream media, you tube videos by the thousands with every one's agendas and yes cell phones.... to strangers in the store. Everyone has an opinion and they want to make it Yours. There is a lot to be parlayed here. We are aware enough to know that change has got to come because the human race is not going to make it the way things are right now.

    Each day sleeping people simply roll over when yet another law is pushed through unobtrusively taking away more and more of our freedoms. Everything, it seems is corrupt, pur government, our banking systems, some religions, our school systems .. the way overall we operate is all - as Carlin would say "going to hell in a handbasket....what's a handbasket ?" 
    LOL !


    SO I am writing to simply ask everyone to think of the most Beautiful way you see this world. Delve into the most lush and colorful corner of your imagination and just picture what your favorite and most beautiful place in your world looks like. Add more color, add interesting birds and butterflies and creatures of nature to surround you. Add the plants you love and make them expressive and warm and sheltering and filled with vitality and healing energy. Hear the sounds of love and nature envelope you into the limitless beating heart of your planet.


    That is right I said Your Planet... it is yours and mine it it ours. I am writing this to remind us all that we need to envision something incredible and pure and beautiful and supportive of our world if we wish to be here much longer. Nevermore should you focus on the negative, I am not saying to ignore obvious problems, but I am saying to really focus on all the positive aspects of the world to come.

    A world where no money is necessary, helping one another all our needs are met and we share everything. We help those who need help and we accept help if we need help and we create wonderful pockets of abundance for all everywhere so that no one ever goes hungry or without ever again.

    Sounds incredible - if you thought - sounds Impossible - Erase that and pronounce out loud to yourself and who ever is near - It sounds Incredible! The vibratory status of the planet has changed in such an amazing way that we manifest at a much quicker and profound rate than we have in ages. If you are going to create make it positive and make it for the greater good of Everyone.

    Until you learn to naturally be positive as much as possible with your Vision, turn up your personal thought filter ... turn it up to remind you to stay to the side that serves us all as humans who share this planet. Horror and War and Blood and Guts and Murder and Lies no longer serve anyone here, they Never did ! So we need to hold the Vision of Positive and Beautiful and Productive and Harmless thoughts.



    We are turning this around, we are surrounded with people who really do Get this. There are many movements afoot , one of them being Oppt Out, look into it and learn.. Another is the people involved in the Off Grid movements, people who are learning to once again live off the land and utilize the gifts nature has blessed us with .. using our birthright. Another of my favorites is the Tiny House Movement. Letting go of large expensive homes that just waste space and resources and living in a more sensible space that benefits all. There are many movements out there that foster people making their decisions based on true and reasonable needs.



    I am not saying that people should not have riches, I once had a very large house that I miss very much, but given the choice of having something so big you are a slave to it and then having the time so sit and watch a bumbee .. to me there is no comparison. I prefer the beauty now, I prefer the softness and supportive qualities of nature and using the earth's resources in a wise manner. I am all for a clearer vision of all we have here and now, and all we are preserving and keeping close to our hearts.


    So today, if you just read this, go out and look for your Vision and make it one of beauty and sharing and a brilliant and bright future for all we are and have. See colors in ways you might never have. Hear the music of nature in ways you once forgot to. If you see someone that needs a smile or some help, offer a hand. If you feel like laying on your back and looking at clouds, just do it and Create your own vision for living in harmony on our beautiful planet .. 
    Now more than ever, the words I was once taught many years ago by a loving and wise Reiki teacher, ring with incredible truth.

    "If You Can Imagine It..... It Is Real ....
    and so it is ...

    Hold the Vision :) 
    Love and Light and Hugs and all the Good Stuff in our New World .. xooxox C xoxooxo

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