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We Need Your Love Donations Towards Ana's Healing journey

We Need Your Love Donations Towards Ana's Healing journey

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Ana's Healing Journey

Ana is a dear sweet spiritual young woman. All of us would like a daughter just like Ana. She's in school full time studying for her Bachelors in International Business. She's been with us at 6th Sense Connection for a couple of years now as an intern. She's well on her way to spiritual enlightenment.                        

You've probably seen her smiling face if you've been to our store on Saturdays. Her parents live in Romania and her Mom has health issues too. They haven't got the financial resources to help with Ana's treatments. Ana has become one of our, "Adopted daughters". We are very proud of her and all that know Ana love her.

Ana found lumps in her breast. Straight away she started on her healing journey. Mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies and pet scans confirmed the presence of tumors. Often with spiritual people, conventional treatments are ineffective for a complete recovery. Faith, Reki , a raw vegan diet and holistic healing are often more effective.

Fund Raising For Ana's Holistic Treatments

                      We need help in raising funds to support Ana on her healing journey. The Hypocrites Institute in West Palm Beach has an outstanding program that works well and has been proven over and over again by people in recovery.

The cost of this treatment is $6995. This covers her treatment, room and board for three weeks.

We are hoping that she gets a scholarship for this
program, but we can't take any chances. They have over 200 applicants and only
30 places. Plus she has living expenses and on going treatment costs for six

Join Our Cause and Enter Our Complimentary Raffle!

Please donate what you can. For each $1 you donate. We will provide you with a raffle ticket in our complimentary raffle which All proceeds are purely for the purpose of healing Ana. This raffle will be draw on March 7th and winners will be notified via email. Please forward this to anyone you know and help us raise funds and spread the word about Ana's healing journey. Plus the chance to win some awesome items.

Please Donate

Great Merchandise with 100% of Proceeds Donated!

Please forward this email to all your friends so they have the chance to donate
and be entered into our raffle.

Thank you for your kindness in helping Ana's healing
Journey. We will be updating you weekly with how much we've raised and how much
more we need.

This contents of this display cabinet are being sold
to help Ana's healing Journey priced from $5-$15 there is something for

Sending, love, light, blessings and joy to all

Anne-Marie & Your 6th Sense Connection Team 386-228-2471

1234 Main Street, Awesomeville, MA · 555.555.5555

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