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Daniel needs help!

Arizona Health Plan AHCCCS REFORM: Diabetic's in Trouble!

Arizona Health Plan AHCCCS REFORM: Diabetic's in Trouble!

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My son Daniel is diabetic, insulin dependent since the age of 7. Today my son is 27 years old, and unemployed. The state has not approved his unemployment benefits, and to make matters worse, he no longer has state health insurance since the beginning of 2013. 

The state health services also known as AHCCCS (Arizona Heath Care Cost Containment System) was denied because of a new law passed two years ago where it is a requirement that any individual regardless of health condition cannot receive health insurance until he/she has a existing child under his/her care. He need's to have at least one child, a requirement by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. In order for him to recieve health insurance. 

The problem is the price of the medication! 

He has to use up to four bottles a month, with that, he also requires two bottles of test strips for blood glucose monitoring, and injection needles. the monthly cost for him to stay alive ranges from 359 to 410 dollars a month. Th... more

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