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Kisharblaze posted a blog post

Kisharblaze posted a blog post

Perspective of a Why (part 13)

MANAHAWANow that you understand Divinity's existence in all things, it is time to understand how this Divine energy flows in your life. All things are connected because all of Nature is Divine. To tap this energy you need only to find your connection to Divinity in the natural world.Manahawa is a word in the language of Divinity that basically means "make a way" or "make a life". It is the process of creating the reality you want. When you dream, you go to the middle astral plane. This is the plane where all thought manifests into reality. When magick is worked, it is the place of dreams where the energy is tapped to work the magick. This is raw Divine energy, the creator self within you. Remember, life is the dream. Reality is what you create. Manahawa is taking your dreams and making them reality, while taking the parts of your reality you want gone and sending them to the dreamworld. To understand the process, you need to understand the workings of nature and the flow of energy that binds all things.Standing barefoot on the ground, you feel beneath you the grass, rock, mud or sand. Close your eyes and feel beneath that sliver of ground upon which you stand. Feel the layers of solid foundation below you, but know that the foundation, like your life is still moving and changing. This is the Divine energy of Stability and Solid Form. From Her you find your center and grounding to keep you still and firm in your resolve. She gives you the strength to listen to the still, silent voice within. The rocks hold secrets from ages past and the crystals hold the charge to flow energy from deep within the core. To create any reality you first must be solidly grounded to the foundation upon which that reality is formed.Now that your feet are firmly grounded and you have found your center, fix your gazed skyward. Flocks of birds swim through the invisible currents of the sky like schools of fish swim through the currents of the sea. Both show you the flow of Motion. Motion is Air and He is the very Breath of Life. He sends the gently breeze to soothe and the gale force winds to blow change into your life. He is the artist who carves messages in the desert rock and the very essence of songs sung. The Hawks fly in kettles stirring the flow of energy and showing you the messages of Divinity floating upon the breezes. The winds dance through the trees singing Divine songs to call to your soul. When you speak words to call your reality into existence, it is the breath of Air and the flow of Motion that carries your will.Now that your spirit is soaring upon the breezes and you have found your voice upon the wind, let yourself fall like the drops of rain that cleanse the Earth. Feel yourself flow into streams and rivers and mighty oceans. Feel the way water can find the paths through even the most formidable roak. Water is Divine Intuition and He knows the way through any obstacle. He is patient in the quest and though He can be serene and calm and provide a still mirrored surface on which you can look and reflect upon what is within your soul, so also can He come crashing down in a deluge to cleanse or a tsunami to clear away all that needs to be changed within you. When you cry tears of joy or pain, it is your call to Intuition to guide you and show you the way out of pain, as well as your call to Him to send your joy back into the world that its energy rain down upon others in pain to give them hope. Like the water on land evaporates into the air and rains down on the drought stricken and thirsty lands, so do your tearn pool in sadness and evaporate in joy that the radiant energy rain down upon those drowning in sorrow. When you fail to understand Intuition and trust Him to guide you, it darkens your world and makes the path seem like those depths of the ocean that are too far out of reach and seem to hold mysteries too dark and intimidating to face. When you let His flow guide you, Intuition will lead you to the calm, clear waters where serenity overcomes you and you see the path before you as a gentle cleansing stream. He is the essence of life and the flow of destiny and fate.Now that you have ground yourself in Divine Stability, found Motion's Divine Current to carry your will and followed Intuitions flow to the Divine Source of Power; it is only the Fire of Divine Emotion that you need to add to your Manahawa. You must have the right intent driving you for your reality to manifest properly. Deep within the core of the Earth spin magnetic Fire tornadoes. There intense volatile dance is the very essence of Divine Fire and it shows the rawest, untamed fire of passion that burns inside you. To control what you manifest, you must learn to control the Fire Inside. You cannot smoulder as the embers of a dying fire, but you must not rage as the wildfire. You must find the balance between. You need to see your passion burn as a simple candle flame while allowing the energy to grow into a spectacular, controlled bonfire. Emotion is essential to creating the correct flow of Energy, but She is not easily contained and controlled. To know what you want to manifest is to know dep within yourself how to contain the Fire and release only what is necessary.It is Divine Fire and Emotion that provides the Energy to help Divine Water and Intuition manipulate reality to will your dreams to life. It is Divine Stability's strength that provides the firem hand needed to hold the magick together. It is Divine Motion's breath that carries the energy to the Astral. It is the Divine Light of Love that recieves your request and forms it into reality that is then sent back to manifest.But know this. Each one of these Divine Energies of Light has an opposite for balance, a twin of reverse polarity. When you find yourself staring through the eyes of doubt, it is Stability's twin that makes you stumble and lose your footing. When you begin to question Divine possibilites, the once firm ground upon which you stand becomes unstable and, like and earthquake of faith, will crumble and break apart leaving you debilatated and unable to find your center.When you stand in the vacuum, and panic and anxiety seem to take your breath away, when you are frozed in apprehension; it is Motion's twin that binds you in the shackles of uncertainty. You can find no voice here, no song to be sung, no wind upon which messages are carried. The sound of Divine songs of Light are muted by the deafening hollow of the expectation of your next heart beat.When you cannot seem to find the easy flow of Intuition, when the calm, reflective water seems to solidify into a trail of ice; it is Intuition's twin that stops you cold. Where the Light side of these twins is the Father of Wisdom to guide you to the path that leads you closer to spiritual understanding of the Light and ascension; the Dark side is the Father of Wisdom that leads you astray and keeps you bound to the lower vibration of the flesh. It is these set of balance twins that hold the most sway, for there is no fear or dout to overcome; no apprehension or lack of feeling; there is only choice. Free will is the only guide here.But where there is Water and Ice, there is always Fire and the Cold Flame, for eternally bound are both sides of Water and Fire. Where the Light side of Fire is Emotion, the Dark is Apathy. The Cold Flame, Apathy, finds you in despair and drowns you in the callous pit of indifference. She feeds your desire for isolation and helps you justify your detachment from love. She is the voice that says love and happiness are beyond your reach. She is the one who tells you to fall into the Darkness because there is no hope.Which side of Divinity is entirely your choice to follow. That is what free will is all about, but know that which side you follow will also be the energy behind your Manahawa.(to be continued)See More
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