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merry christmas from achmed

is this the multicultural enrichment y'all been talking about?

thought so.....

Happy 75th Birthday a Woman with Courage actress Jane Fonda 12/21/1937

Jane Fonda (75) 1937
-------------- Born: NY, NY / Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
-------------- Birth name: Jane Seymour Fonda / Nickname: Hanoi Jane & Lady Jane (childhood)
-------------- Father legendary screen star Henry Fonda and NY socialite Frances Seymour Brokaw.
-------------- Although she initially showed little inclination to follow her father's trade, she
-------------- was prompted by Joshua Logan to appear with her father in the 1954 Omaha Community
-------------- Theatre production of 'The Country Girl'. Her interest in acting grew after meeting
-------------- Lee Strasberg in 1958 and joining the Actors Studio.
-------------- Her screen debut in 'Tall Story' (1960) marked the beginning of a highly successful
-------------- and respected acting career highlighted by 2 Academy Awards for her performance in
-------------- 'Klute' (1971) and 'Coming Home' (1978) and 4 Oscar nominations for Best Actress
-------------- with her Dad in 'On Golden Pond' (1981) which was only film she made with her father.
-------------- In the 80s Fonda started the aerobic exercise craze with the publication of the
-------------- "Jane Fonda's Workout Book". She remarried to broadcasting Czar Ted Turner in 1991.
-------------- The suicide of her socialite mother Frances Seymour Brokaw was kept from her as
-------------- a teenager, and she was told that she'd died of heart failure.
-------------- Household newspaper and magazine subscriptions were canceled, and the staff and
-------------- student body of Fonda's high school were instructed not to discuss the incident.
-------------- Fonda learned the truth months later while leafing through a movie magazine in art class.
-------------- Atttended Emma Willard School in Troy, NY.
-------------- Attended Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY.
-------------- Spouses: Ted Turner (21 December 1991 - 22 May 2001) (divorced)
-------------- Tom Hayden (21 January 1973 - 1990) 2 children
-------------- Roger Vadim (14 August 1965 - 16 January 1973) (divorced) 1 child
-------------- Mother of Vanessa Vadim with Roger Vadim. / Mother of Troy Garity
-------------- Sister of Peter Fonda. / Aunt of Bridget Fonda and Justin Fonda.
-------------- Retired from acting in 1992. / Was offered the role of Chris MacNeil in the 'Exorcist'.
-------------- Jane now openly admits that she suffered from bulimia from age 13 to age 37.
-------------- While modeling, she said she lived on cigarettes, coffee, speed, and strawberry yogurt.
-------------- Movie debut at age 23 in ‘Tall Story’ (1960) as June Ryder.
-------------- Won 2 Oscars: 1st the 1972 Oscar for ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ for: Klute (1971)
-------------- & 2nd Oscar in 1979 for ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ for: Coming Home (1978).
-------------- Only three movie roles last 20 years: ‘Georgia Rule (2007)’ as Georgia,
-------------- ‘Monster-in-Law’ (2005) as Viola Fields -gap- ‘Stanley & Iris’ (1990) as Iris Estelle King.
-------------- 2008: Latest movie role at age 70 in ‘Georgia Rule’ (2007) as Georgia.

-------------- Baltimore Bob considers Jane Fonda to be an American Hero & Legend
-------------- who protested the Hell out of the Vietnam War & was willing to sacrifice her life
-------------- when she went to North Vietnam.
-------------- Baltimore Bob considers sending KIDS to Vietnam between ages 16 & 21 as a form
-------------- of ‘Child Abuse’ practiced by the majority of Americans (3 in 4 are COWARDS).
-------------- With many more Jane Fonda’s the war would have come to an end much sooner.
-------------- Baltimore Bob served in Vietnam and considers himself a victim of this Child Abuse
-------------- as he entered Vietnam just after his 20 Birthday in March 1970.
-------------- Bob was forced (slavery being sent to Vietnam) by America to become an Adult.
-------------- Baltimore Bob believes he became an adult on his 21st Birthday in Vietnam in March 71.
-------------- Baltimore Bob estimates that Jane Fonda by her own actions saved the lives
-------------- of 1000+ (four figures) Honorable Men & Women of America.
-------------- Women are the biggest Cowards in America because most never protested Vietnam.
-------------- Reason most women would give (If they were telling the Truth)
-------------- That they just didn’t give a dam about the Men.
-------------- Baltimore Bob considers COWARDS to be those Americans born between 1900/1947.
-------------- that didn’t protest Vietnam and did not serve in Korea or Vietnam and of sound mind.
-------------- Those that were retarded or dropped out of high school are Not Cowards.
-------------- Henry Fonda should be very Proud of his Daughter.
-------------- When most Americans were acting like Retards during the Vietnam years
-------------- she was putting down the policy of two war mongers LBJ and Nixon.

-------------- Measurements: 33B-24-35 (during 'Barbarella' 1968), 32B-24-31 1/2 (in 1980),
-------------- 34C-25-36 (after ‘small’ implants 1987), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

The Original COWARD and ASSHOLE and he had a stupid name

The following was pulled from another site
I wrote this a number of years ago:

People here is your Main Coward guy
the guy your Parents & Grandparents took after
He is the Original Coward (not counting Adam's EVE)

Pontius Pilate
The fifth Prefect of the Roman province of Judaea from AD 26–36.
The fifth Prefect of Judaea, he is best known as
the judge at Jesus' trial and the man who authorized the Crucifixion.

( Can you believe it a Judge who are 99% Cowards
according to the Man of Courage as is all LAWYERS)

Pilate appears in all four canonical Christian Gospels.
In Matthew, Pilate washes his hands of Jesus and reluctantly
sends him to his death.
Mark, depicting Jesus as innocent of plotting against Rome,
portrays Pilate as extremely reluctant to execute Jesus,
blaming the Jewish priestly hierarchy for his death.
In Luke, Pilate not only agrees that Jesus did not conspire
against Rome, but Herod Antipas, the tetrarch,
also finds nothing treasonable in Jesus' actions.
In John, Jesus' claim to be the Son of Man or the Messiah
to Pilate and the Sanhedrin is not portrayed at all.

Americans ALL did what he did when it came to the Vietnam War.

He "washed his hands" of the Death of Jesus
What a ScumBag he was.
While wasing his hands he states "I am Not responsible
for the Death of this guy who has broken no rules."
The original WTF guy.

Righteous Robert
Baltimore Bob

Feds Raid Conneticut Gun Shop where Nancy Lanza

Strange: Feds Raid Conneticut Gun Shop where Nancy Lanza purchased one of her guns.

What I think is strange about it:

"All indications are Thursday’s raid was not directly related to the Newtown massacre investigation, but, as Besthoff reported, it was related to several other crimes committed at the store, including the recent theft of an AR-15 and the attempted theft of a .50-caliber long gun, both by a man with mental illness, Besthoff reported."

Meanwhile on mars

Attached Images

Gangnam Style Apocalypse

One day, and not the wisest here knows when, bots will scour www4.0 to instantaneously zap pirated content, even the most useless articles.

TIKAL, Guatemala (AFP) - A global day of lighthearted doom-themed celebration and superstitious scare-mongering culminated Friday in the jungle temples built by the Mayan people of Central America, whose calendar sparks fears of apocalypse.

December 21 marks the end of an era that lasted more than 5,000 years, according to the Mayan "Long Count" calendar. Some believe the date, which coincides with the December solstice, marks the end of the world as foretold by Mayan hieroglyphs.

Scholars scoff at the idea -- it just marks the end of the old Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new one, they say.

But that didn't stop some 3,000 people from gathering at this ancient Maya stone pyramid in the Guatemala jungle, where actors in costumes and head-dresses staged elaborate dances to a mournful pan-pipe tune. Native Maya priests then lit fires as the first rays of the new day's sun appeared through the jungle canopy.

The ceremony was held to mark a new 5,200-year era of the Maya calendar. Critics however complained that the event was to benefit tourists, and had little to do with the real Mayans, who reached their peak of power in modern-day Mexico and parts of Central America between the years 250 and 900 AD.

"For us this isn't a show and isn't about tourism, it is something spiritual and personal," said Sebastian Mejia, of the Conference of Maya Ministers, who was at Tikal with other Maya priests to celebrate a more serious parallel ceremony.

Another Maya indigenous leader, Alberto Marroquin, said that the Mayas felt they were marginalized at the official event.

"This is illogical," Marroquin told AFP. "This is like celebrating something when the main person has not been invited.

"We are not magicians or warlocks ... we are scientists with our own way of thinking," he said.

Forty percent of Guatemala's 14.3 million residents are indigenous Mayas, and most live in poverty.

The central American region where the Mayans lived, which include parts of Mexico and Honduras, saw a tourism bonanza in the run-up to the fateful December 21 date, with tourists snapping up all-inclusive excursions to Mayan holy sites.

Around the world, doomsayers hunkered down to prepare for The End, but most took a lighthearted view of the Mayan "prophecy" of the world's destruction.

"If you're in an underground bunker with a lifetime's supply of baked beans how stupid do you feel now?" asked one person on Twitter, which saw dozens of posts every minute joking about the failure of the world to end.

In the southern French village of Bugarach -- rumored to be one of the few places that will be spared when the end comes -- journalists from across the world were bitterly disappointed at the lack of New Age fanatics to interview.

Police however arrested two men who had gas masks and machetes in their car as they approached the Pic de Bugarach, a nearby mountain said to be one of the few places where people will survive when the world supposedly ends.

Police had wrongly anticipated a mass influx of visitors and blocked access to the village and the mountain, which some say will open on the last day and aliens will emerge with spaceships to save nearby humans.

Reporters also wandered aimlessly around the tiny village of Sirince in Turkey, hoping to grab a mystic taking refuge there.

Doomsayers identified Sirince -- said to be the site from which the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven -- as a safe haven that will be spared destruction thanks to the positive energy flowing through it.

In Serbia, a pyramid-shaped mountain believed by some to be a source of unusual electromagnetic waves that could shield it from catastrophe, attracted record numbers of visitors.

Australia was one of the first countries to see the sun rise on December 21, and Tourism Australia's Facebook page was bombarded with posts asking if anyone had survived Down Under.

"Yes, we're alive," the organization responded to fretting users.

There was also a darker side: in China, authorities arrested some 1,000 people in a crackdown on a Christian sect that spread doomsday rumors.

If the world does end, Chinese furniture maker Liu Qiyuan has his own safe haven, a fiber-glass pod he designed that can carry up to 30 people and withstand towering tsunamis and devastating earthquakes.

A Dutch Christian has meanwhile painstakingly prepared a lifeboat in his garden capable of saving 50 people ahead of the biblical floods he expected on Friday.

Thousands of worried people even contacted the US space agency NASA asking what to do. In a web page devoted to debunking the Mayan prophecies, it reassured them that the world will not end in 2012.

Some argued online that a milestone for the "Gangnam Style" video of South Korean rapper Psy -- one billion views on YouTube -- was itself a harbinger of doom, enlisting a fake Nostradamus verse in their cause.

So I bagged my first two zombies inthe post apocalypse

They came scraping around sometime this morning ringing my doorbell. I was holed up in my basement, of course, savoring my cold spam.

I opened the front door and capped them off quickly with a pair of head shots.

They were dressed in ties and shirts, still pretty fresh, and were clutching some pamphlets for the Church of Latter Day Saints in their hands, poor bastards. They even left their bicycles in my front yard. Who knew zombies could bicycle?

Anyway, I used a shovel to shove their bodies under the porch, and stashed the bikes in the garage.

Pretty grim, but it's not like they were human beings anymore, right? I guess this is the new reality we'll have to adapt to post Dec. 21.

Shhh, gotta go, I see another one. This one is a little one, wearing a paramilitary uniform. Damn its carrying a box of cookies......

I Give out Every Year at work 20 or more Gifts worth around $1

Why do people give out Christmas Cards ?
I get sometimes as many as 15 this year only 4.
They are a Waste.
My previous Idiot wife would give these cards to her
2 Children on Valentine's Day, Easter & a few other days.
Birthdays Cards are an acceptable card.
"But None of any Others" states this Intelligent Person.

This year I spend about $25 for 20 boxes of Swiss Miss
Chocolate 10 1 cup packages which cost me $1.09 each.

In previous years I gave out varied items likeboxes of Brillo pads,
flashlights, Revlon Nail clippers (R=Robert), the new low energy
funny looking bulbs (valued at about $5.00 each as I got them
for $1.06 each), old movies on DVD (some as low as $.53),
and a few others.
I gave this stuff out between 2001-2010 nothing in 2011
than I returned this year.

Why can't others do this same thing ???
Maybe I'm a GIVER and their a TAKER ?

Anyone have any suggestions what I could give next year ?
Anything between $.50 and $1.50.


21/12/2012 revised only Australia to disappear.


They have 100% perfect precision because they know at the very exact second when to do the exact movements because they can read minds!!!!!!

Please try to find more video’s that are any kind of proof that Asians can read minds!!!


the pope is against gay marriage...

...but has no problem with priests fucking kids. what is wrong with this picture?

Pope signals inter-faith alliance against gay marriage

Man Screammmmmed at Fort Lauderdale Children ARRESTED !!!

Man Screamed at Fort Lauderdale Children Who Were in "Heightened State of Fear" After Newtown Shooting: Judge
Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley revoked David Burch's bond
By Edward B. Colby | Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 | Updated 10:44 PM ESTView Comments (15) | Email | Print

After a public defender argued that the arrest of David Burch was not lawful, Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley explained why he found probable cause. He said the Fort Lauderdale children affected by Burch's screaming Wednesday were in "a heightened state of fear" following the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting.


School Security...

Teachers with Guns Not...
More Photos and Videos
A Broward judge ordered David Burch held without bond Thursday, saying he believed the 28-year-old man “intentionally terrorized” children at a Fort Lauderdale elementary school when he screamed and waved his arms at them.

Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley said he viewed Burch’s actions Wednesday near Bayview Elementary School against the backdrop of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting last week.

Twenty-two children ages 7 and 8 were playing kickball on the field just south of the school when Burch, who was wearing camouflage pants, “started screaming and jumping up and down,” Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Rick Rhodes said in court. “The physical education teacher had all the kids run back into the school for their safety.”

Hurley, reading from a police report, said the kids were playing when Burch approached the fence and began “screaming in a very aggressive manner. One of the teachers observed Burch create a high level of fear in the 22 children.”

Burch was later found by Rhodes in a wooded area near the school, Hurley added.

The judge noted that “the children and the teacher and the employee there, they were all in a heightened state of fear. And the backdrop to this is obviously what had just happened in Connecticut, where all those children were killed.

“So these children were in a unique position of emotional vulnerability, which never really probably ended until people knew that this man was apprehended,” Hurley said.

Rhodes said that Burch behaved uncooperatively, and denied his behavior in front of the children.

Referring to the gym teacher, the police officer reported, “She said he was kind of like a dancing bear but scared the heck out of the kids and her, and when she called the children back to the school, to all run back to the school, he started to run towards the opening in the fence.”

She kept herself between the children and Burch, who did not end up crossing the threshold of the fence, Rhodes said.

Burch was arrested for disorderly conduct, Hurley said.

NBC 6 Videos

A public defender argued that Burch should not have been arrested because police were not present for every element of the alleged disorderly conduct, and because police did not arrest him while in “fresh pursuit.”

But Hurley found probable cause based on several factors, saying that the Burch’s disorderly conduct did not cease until he was arrested.

A prosecutor said that Burch was previously arrested Dec. 3 when he was found sleeping on the beach and charged with carrying a concealed ax handle and resisting an officer without violence. He had bonded out of jail when the latest incident occurred.

Burch was also twice convicted of trespassing in North Carolina earlier this year, the prosecutor said.

Hurley said that Burch “intentionally terrorized the children of Bayview Elementary,” against the backdrop of Newtown.

He set his bond at $25,000, ordered Burch not to return to the elementary school or the adjacent park, and ordered him not to go within 50 feet of any school within the county.

But Hurley then revoked Burch’s bond for the December case, meaning he will stay in jail.

The public defender objected both to Burch’s arrest and to the amount of his bond.


Another school shooting planned and foiled!



PHOENIX - Officials in the U.S. say detectives have arrested a 16-year-old female student and foiled an Arizona school shooting plot with the help of Toronto police.
Not often is it a female.... but once again, another crazy person!


Police say they found three handguns at the teen's home, but the weapons were released to the girl's father for safe keeping.
Wonder if that was done so she could once again get her hands on them at a later date? :confused:

remembering top banana baltimorebob

he was found dead in his home last night after consuming too many horse tranquilizers. immediate cause of death was not clear as he had castrated himself and bled out all over the house. experts suspect he was under the impression the world was ending and only eunuchs went to heaven.

rest in peace my friend.

What If They Were One Day Off - Not Over Till Its Over

So we will see if we get thru Saturday
and what if they were One Week, One Month
or One Year off.
Got You Worried ?

MAD Magazine owner: What Me Worry ?
I was picked by my 8th grade Graduation class from
Our Mother of Perpetual Help to be the Future Owner
of MAD Magazine.

I like Playing with You.

Reparations for Vietnam Vets
Righteous Robert
Baltimore Bob
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

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