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Songs that remove panties and who should be the next GOP candidate.

Glenn Beck

Jesus says , what is the one thing, you would have me do for you ?

Jesus says , what is the one thing you would have me do for you ?

Faith opens up a whole different realm, Jesus says what ever we ask according to Gods will in his name, believing we shall receive.

What is the one thing at this time you really need in your life, what life changing event, Miracle, the real cry of your heart. the one thing you really need.

Jesus is the real deal, Lord of Heaven and earth, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the spiritual realm.

you have not, because you ask not, ask and you shall receive.

Even with the Gentle animals, don't piss this one off!

*WARNING* Video is graphic

In this next vid, a pitbull is seen attacking a horse. It lunges for it's throat; attacking at all angles. A man tries using a thick stick to try to beat the pitbull off the horse.

But what happens next...remains to be seen...

Solar cells can stick to phones, windows


Business cards, cellphones and windows could all get a little boost from a sticky new invention. Researchers have created thin, flexible solar cells that can stick to paper, plastic, glass and many other materials, just by using double-sided tape.

"Now you can put them on helmets, cellphones, convex windows, portable electronic devices, curved roofs, clothing — virtually anything," Xiaolin Zheng, a mechanical engineer at Stanford University who led the development of the new solar cells, said in a statement.

The cells are a step toward turning more and more everyday items into either electronics or solar power-harvesting surfaces. Solar cells placed on windows could help a building absorb more solar power than roof installations alone, for example. And a combination of flexible solar panels and electronics could lead to products such as electrified "smart" clothes that control a connected smartphone.

Zheng and her team's creation may help smart clothes come a little sooner, too. The techniques they used could help engineers make flexible circuits, transistors, liquid crystal displays and other electronics, the researchers say.

Solar panels currently in use must have a glass or silicon backing, so they're necessarily rigid. But researchers in several labs are trying to change that. Other efforts TechNewsDaily has covered include solar cells printed on paper and a kind of solar power glitter.

Zheng and her team's invention, which they've called the peel-and-stick process, gets around one major difficulty in making flexible solar cells: manufacturing the solar cells onto a non-rigid surface. In the peel-and-stick process, thin-film solar cells are still manufactured on a stiff, silicon wafer. But, in a major difference, the wafer is covered in nickel, which makes Zhang's process possible.

Once the thin-film solar cell is ready, researchers soak it in room-temperature water. The water molecules get between the nickel and the silicon, so that, eventually, researchers can peel the solar cell away from the rigid wafer. Then it's just a matter of adding some double-sided tape or another adhesive to stick the thin-film solar cell anywhere users want.

The solar cells don't lose any of their 7.5-percent efficiency after being peeled from their silicon backing and stuck somewhere else, Zheng said. The silicon backing often may be reused to make more solar cells.

Zheng and her colleagues published a paper about their work Dec. 20 in the journal Scientific Reports.

Scientists halt quest for 'lost world' under Antarctic ice


An ambitious plan to drill through an Antarctic ice sheet two miles thick in order to search for microbial life in a sub-glacial lake had to be abandoned on Christmas Day because of a technical problem. But scientists have vowed to do everything they can to complete the mission if they can return to the site in two or three years’ time.

Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey announced that they had to call off their attempt to reach Lake Ellsworth using a hot-water drill because they had run out of both hot water and the fuel needed to create a borehole two-miles deep.

An unidentified technical problem meant that the scientists were unable to connect the main borehole to a cavity of melt-water they had deliberately created 300 metres under the surface of the ice sheet. The weight of the water in the cavity was supposed to balance the enormous pressures within the main borehole once it had penetrated the sub-glacial lake.

“A real point was reached when we had completely depleted our stocks of water which unfortunately we couldn’t replenish in time, and in addition we had depleted our fuel. It was not a difficult decision to take because it was made for us,” said Chris Hill, the expedition’s leader, in a satellite phone call to The Independent.

“Obviously everyone on the site is disappointed that we cannot do what we came here to complete. But we are being pragmatic about it and have to accept the situation. We are now concentrating on packing up and regrouping,” Dr Hill said.

Professor Martin Siegert of Bristol University, the principal investigator on the mission, had to make the difficult decision to abandon the attempt to reach Lake Ellsworth in the early hours of Christmas Day UK time. It came just a few days after receiving spare parts for the main boiler, which had broken down last week.

“Although circumstances have not worked out as we would have wished, I am confident that through the huge efforts of the field team, and our colleagues in the UK, we have done as much as we possibly could have done,” Professor Siegert said.

“Once back in the UK I will gather our consortium to seek ways in which our research efforts may continue. I remain confident that we will unlock the secrets of Lake Ellsworth in coming seasons,” he said.

The first borehole used to create the cavity of melt-water appeared to have worked well. A second, main borehole drilled just two metres away should have made a connection with the cavity, but this did not occur, Dr Hill said.

“Both boreholes reached a depth of 300 metres and there should have been an automatic connection between them but this didn’t happen. It is possible that the second borehole may have wandered of course but we won’t know what happened until we have chance to study it,” Dr Hill said.

The team had spent 20 hours trying to make connection between the boreholes and in doing so they used up all their store of melt-water at the surface. In addition, calculations showed that they did not have enough fuel to continue with a second borehole to reach the sub-glacial lake two miles below the surface of the ice sheet.

Dr Hill said that the drilling equipment will be taken back to the base campsite where much of it will be put into over-winter storage for use in another drilling attempt, probably in two or three years’ time. “We have every intention of coming back,” he said.

'Lost tribe' members migrate from India to Israel



'Lost tribe' members migrate from India to Israel
(AFP) – 3 days ago

TEL AVIV — Fifty members of an Indian community believed to be descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel arrived on Monday in the Jewish state, completing their immigration.
Linking up with family members who have already settled in Israel, they are among the first wave of the 7,200-strong Bnei Menashe community's mass immigration to the Jewish state.
The Indians say they are the descendants of the 10 tribes who lived in the kingdom of Israel in Biblical times and who were dispersed, according to the Bible, after the invasion of the Assyrians in 721 BC.
"After thousands of years of exile, we have returned home at last," said Nachshon Gangte, 47, waiting for an older sister he has not seen for 12 years.
After hours of patiently waiting in the arrival hall of Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport, he could no longer hold back his tears when she appeared. "It's great, God is great. He has allowed me to meet my family on holy land," he said.
His niece, Zimra, said he was "happy to see my family and my land".
Michael Freund of the Shavei Israel group (meaning "those who return to Israel" in Hebrew), which arranged their journey, said more than 7,000 people have sought help from the Israeli government to emigrate from India.
"The members of this tribe have never forgotten where they came from and we are excited to be able to help them come back," he told AFP, adding that hundreds of others were expected to arrive in coming weeks.
They were welcomed at the airport by dozens of family members, amid a festive atmosphere.
More than 1,700 members of the Bnei Menashe community already live in Israel, the majority of whom were already practising Judaism in India.
The Israeli government had approved in October the arrival of some 275 members of the tribe, for the first time since 2007.
Newcomers, who will also convert, will stay at an integration facility in central Israel for a period of three months, after which they will live in the north of the country.
They received temporary residency to be processed after conversion to Israeli identity cards.
The Bnei Menashe are members of the Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribe who live in the northeastern Indian states of Mizoram and Manipur near the border with Myanmar.
Their oral history tells of a centuries-long exodus through Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet and China, all the while adhering to certain Jewish religious practices, like circumcision.
In India, they were converted to Christianity by 19th-century missionaries and, in reading the Bible, recognised stories from their own traditions that convinced them they actually belonged to the Jewish faith.[/B][/SIZE]

Remember 2 PHILLY Legends passed in 2012: Andy Musser(1937-)& Steve Van Buren(1920-)

My #1 Celebrity Birthday Person for December 28th is
Two Philly Sports guys: Andy Musser (1937-2012) & Steve Van Buren (1920-2012):

Andy Musser (67) 1937
Born: Lemoyne, Pennsylvania / grew up in nearby Harrisburg.
He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Syracuse University in 1959.
Musser was married for 50 years to Eun Joo.
They had two children, Allan and Luanne, and four grandchildren.
Broadcast a variety of sports for many years,
best known for his work with the Philadelphia Phillies from 1976-2001.
Self: High Hopes: The Anatomy of a Winner (2003) (V) as Phillies broadcaster.
2012 Update: Died at age 74 on January 22, 2012.
Steve Van Buren (84) 1920
Born: La Ceiba, Honduras / Birth name: Stephen W. Van Buren / Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Played halfback for the National Football League's Philadelphia Eagles (1944-51).
First Philadelphia Eagle to rush for over 1,000 yards (1,008 in 1947).
Triple Threat (1948) as Professional Football Player.
Holds the Eagles record for TD’s in a season with 17 in 1945.
2008: Brian Westbrook has 14 thru game 13 and finished with 14.
2011: On Sunday December 11th 2011 66 years after 1945
* LeSean McCoy born July 12, 1988 in Harrisburg, PA (age 23 in 2011).
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy tied that record with 17 thru 13 games with 3 games to go.
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy broke his record at Jets game that Baltimore Bob attended.
1945 NFL Rushing: (age 25)
Rushing ----------- Rush - Yds - Avg - TD
Steve Van Buren, PHI 143 - 832 - 5.8 - 15
Fred Gehrke, CLE ---- 74 - 467 - 6.3 - 7
Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, 1965.
2012 Update: Died at age 91 on August 23, 2012 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Baltimore Bob’s Mom also passed away in Lancaster, PA at age 56 in October 1981.

1958: Sunday December 28th 1958 / 50th Anniversary in 2008
NFL Greatest Game Ever Played
The game was the 26th annual NFL championship game.
NFL Championship Game between The Baltimore Colts & the New York Giants
This was the only NFL Championship Game (almost 100 years in 2008) to go into SD Overtime.
The Coordinators for the New York Giants:
Offense: Vince Lombardi who won Super Bowls I & II (Super Bowl trophy named for him).
Defense: Tom Landry who went on to coach the Dallas Cowboys to 2 Super Bowl victories.
Offense: Vince Lombardi who won Super Bowls I & II (Super Bowl trophy named for him).
* Vincent Lombardi - Died age 57 (on the day of that game he was 45)
* Date of Birth 11 June 1913, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
* Date of Death 3 September 1970, Washington, District of Columbia, USA.
* Vince only lost 1 NFL Playoff game and that was to the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES in 1960.
Defense: Tom Landry who went on to coach the Dallas Cowboys to 2 Super Bowl victories.
* Tom Landry (I) - Died age 75 (on the day of that game he was 34)
* Date of Birth 11 September 1924, Mission, Texas, USA.
* Date of Death 12 February 2000, Dallas, Texas, USA.
The final score was Colt 23-17 Giants (no extra point after the sudden death overtime TD).
Baltimore receiver Raymond Berry recorded 12 receptions for 178 yards and a touchdown.
His 12 receptions are a championship record that stands to this day.
In overtime, New York received the opening kickoff but were forced to punt.
On their ensuing drive, Baltimore drove 80 yards in 13 plays
and scored on Ameche's 1-yard touchdown run to win the game, 23-17. (Golf),_1958

2010: 12/28/2010 Minnesota at Philadelphia & Game 15 in Week 16/17 of the 2010 NFL season.
Game attended by Baltimore Bob, his brother Andy, Andy’s son Kevin
and Baltimore Bob’s youngest brother Rick’s son Austin.
It was Kevin’s first NFL game and Austin’s 2nd NFL game attended.
Game was postponed from Sunday December 26th 2010 because of snow.
This will be the first NFL Tuesday game since 1946 when Baltimore Bob’s Mom was 21.
Oct. 1, 1946, the N.Y. Giants beat the Boston Yanks 17-0 at Fenway Park.
Giants first two games in 1946 season:
Week 1 Tuesday October 1 W 1-0 @ Boston Yanks 17-0
Week 2 Sunday October 6 W 2-0 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 17-14.
The Red Sox played their last game (#156) on 09-29-1946 vs Washington Senators.

The Red Sox lost the game 0-7 & finished with a 104-50-2 & headed to the World Series.
1946: World Series started Sunday, October 6, 1946 - Boston at St. Louis Cardinals.

The Eagles played their last Tuesday NFL game at that same stadium – two year earlier.
On Sept. 26, 1944, they beat the Boston Yanks, 28-7,
on rushing TDs by Roy Zimmerman, Jack Banta, Mel Bleeker and Ernie Steele.
Eagles first two games in 1944 season:
Week 1 Tuesday September 26 W 1-0 @ Boston Yanks 28-7
Week 2 Sunday October 8 T 1-0-1 Washington Redskins 31-31
The Red Sox played their last home game on September 10th in 1944.
& their regular season ended October 1st.
So the MLB Boston Red Sox really had nothing to do with these Tuesday games.

Naked Church Shitter Discusses the World Agenda




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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

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