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Venus Hierarchically Rules Capricorn

Astrology holds layers of mysteries. The subject at hand is Capricorn. When it its first decanate, its mystical power comes to mind. For me during these 10 days, this sign of the archetypal Father becomes completely about the Divine Mother: She who is the Mother of the World, the creator of all that Earth is designed to be, and the Mother of all the Sons and Daughters of Light including the one called God by all His names.

Glimpse_of_a_unicorn_by_IronshodThe unicorn is the highest mythic expression of Capricorn energy. Pure in its power, only the pure of heart and mind can approach it. That level of purity is always symbolized by the maiden.

Unicorns are rare like the pure in heart and mind. Equally rare is the awareness that this level of Capricorn is representing. It is an initiated consciousness, sharing in the mysteries of Life itself. Capricorn holds the secrets of time and karma, of the long winding road of experience, and the wisdom gained and offered through the process. The unicorn holds secrets as well: the horn of insight which is also the wand of magic, the ability to appear or disappear, and long life. Matter appears and disappears according to our whims. Desire is largely this level of human magic, but insight would change that forever. Creation would then be what we manifest through the purity of heart-mind as true co-creators. Our consciousness, through insight and realization, would be initiated into wider awareness symbolized by the location of the unicorn’s horn – above the ajna center on the brow and below the crown chakra. This point on the crest of the brow is the diamond point, an energy center that awakens along the Path of Awareness, and is used like the unicorn’s horn to heal, intuit, and direct energy.

culture-tanitWherever there is a virgin or maiden, there is Venus-Sophia. Venus rules Capricorn hierarchically. This means that the highest qualities of the planet and the sign are being expressed through this relation. Venus ruling is also reporting that the highest authority  is the Divine Feminine. Authority and power over are qualities of the four cardinal signs, Capricorn being one. In Capricorn that is expressed through father, government, bosses, and great overarching structures which either impose their will on or to which we have given our will away. These are Saturnian in nature, the traditional and exoteric ruler of Capricorn. But Venus offers a different kind of authority, one born from within. In esoteric astrology, Venus often represents the Soul in its glory, Sophia (Athena, Isis). Turn the spiral of spiritual expression higher and Venus can represent the universal awareness of buddhic realization and wisdom. On this level, we might superimpose the Pleiades’ Seven Sisters for Venus-Soul and locally the planet Neptune – beatific love and beauty from which, mythologically, Venus was born. On the highest turn of hierarchical expression, I believe Venus veils the Mother of the World – the highest authority of the land, sea, and sky – the Creator. Within that level of veiling is the Mother of the Buddhas (Prajnaparamita), Theotokos, Innana, and the Queen of the Dakinis.

In the view of the spiritual Path, Capricorn is said to represent initiation. Systems of initiation, initiatory rites, and initiated awareness have been part of human spiritual evolution in all cultures and traditions forever. With Unicorn, maiden, and Venus in mind it is interesting to consider:

  • that some initiations begin with a state of purity and complete with newfound wisdom,
  • that many initiations include harsh or outwardly cruel processes to “test” the candidate for his or her worthiness in order to be accepted into the mysteries of greater Truth and Responsibility,
  • that all initiations open one’s awareness to a wider Reality, inclusive of some measure of interconnectedness, Oneness (through dialogue and teaching and/or through direct internal, meditative, or required experiences).

The maiden or virgin stands for purity of heart and mind, and often of innocent youth correctly trusting in the goodness of human and Mother nature. The harshness, yes represents Saturn in its traditional role, but the transformation possible through the magical quality of “inner worth” speaks of the unicorn, its stately nature and horn of magic. And the interconnectedness and Oneness that is expanded initiated consciousness expresses Venus-Sophia Mother of All.

theotokos-the-inexhaustable-cup-julia-bridget-hayesIn the Greek icon, Theotokos, the Christ rises out of the holy chalice which rests in the fully open heart of the Divine Mother. Christ represents all creation – indeed the Earth itself in this earth sign. Divine Mother is the true grail, the only source-cup from which holy life and realization pour. Will-red robed Mother of Christ-world-creation appears in her contemplative form in the Greek icon and in her ecstatic dance as the red Queen of the Daikinis. Vajrayogini by Paul HeussenstammOne Mother. Highest Capricorn with Venus hierarchically ruling confers the unicorn horn-magic wand to those who, in awakening their virgin-pure selves, have awakened to Oneness.

Precious Earth

Christ consciousness? Maybe one definition is awe of what IS. Hail, Mother Gaia, spaceship Earth.

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

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