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A Thriving Environment by Tara Mary

                   When we have the fundamentals to support Life, our environment thrives.

               An animal lives its life in constant search for these basics to support its daily life.

          Its instincts are its guide and its genes may dictate how strong or weak its constitution is.

         Through evolution - physical and spiritual - humans have left the animalistic way of living.

   From once living in nature and using its resources wholly for the supply of food, shelter, clothing, etc., we have expanded the use of our brain and intellect to invent and create many, many different modalities in order to express ourselves as 'more than just animal beings.'

  Our needs went from the basics of life to embrace a technological  'tsunami'  of gadgets that are taking us away from communal beings to solitary creatures who now walk with ear-plugs and talk incessantly on mobile phones.

                    Humans are at the top of the evolutionary physical manifestation.  

                    We have a more superior brain and intellect than our animal cousins.   

                    We can work things out,  and we can live a more evolved existence.

       In Religious and Spiritual Teachings, it is the human that has been gifted with the opportunity of realizing his or her connection with Divinity.  We have a more advanced spiritual essence.

We can experience many life situations in order to bring out the 'best'  and the 'worst' in us so that we can learn more about the person we have become.    An animal does not have that opportunity.

              Another difference is that the human relies heavily on the emotional side of life.   

                       Love is paramount in the human's life in order to thrive and grow.   

         As love is the basis of God/Divinity, it explains how we thrive to have love in our lives.    

A child who is raised without love has a very poor foundation to develop nurturing skills and understand the needs of others. Unless there is intervention from suitable adults through their growing years, they will struggle with relationships and find it difficult to fulfill another's needs through adult life.

  For humans - love, harmony, compassion, peace, gratitude and service to others are all spiritual attributes for recognizing the connection to God/Divinity within.  Even people who have had tumultuous lives can find peace and gratitude for the lessons learned. Strength and humility and compassion often follows a life of struggle and degradation.  This is very similar to the life of the Lotus flower which symbolizes enlightenment. It starts its life in the depths of a pond, in the mud, and as it grows it fights its way through the muck to blossom  into an exquisite bloom to finally see the sunshine.   

                                         *~*         Embracing  the  Light        *~*     

                                              *~*       Thriving  in  Love      *~*      

                            *~*     Living  in  Gratitude  for  the  Lessons  Learned       *~*


                                                    *~*   Love and Blessings  ~  Tara    *~*

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