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Spiritual Practice and Its Prominence - Part 2 by Sri Sri Muralidhara swamiji

Radhe Krishna All,

The validity of an act decided through our mind can never be right. This is because it can justify or find fault with a person's act as the situation demands. Let us say that a wealthy man alighting from a train carries his luggage without getting any assistance. He is complimented on this act - 'Though very wealthy he is a very simple person who does all his work by himself without passing it on to others'.

The next time he alights from a train he gets a porter to carry his luggage. Now it is said, 'He is a very thoughtful person. He understands that the lives of porters depend on passengers. This is the reason for giving his baggage to a porter to carry!'

When we take up Shakespeare's play we find that Brutus's act is at first supported on the strength of the speech delivered by him. But the same crowd also finds him guilty moments later.

Yet another example can be taken up. Say, a person had been kept confined to a room for about fifteen years. On being let out he rushes about to different places. It would be said that since he had been confined for such a long period in a place it is only but natural for him to move about thus. Suppose this person remains within the confines of the room itself even after the doors being opened it will be said, “Since he has become used to being confined to that room it is but natural for him to remain there even after the doors have been opened!"

A man takes up vow of Ekadasi vrata(fasting) but does not speak about it to anyone. Why? He says, "If I make it known and I fail to observe it, people will question me and laugh at me. So it is better to play it low!"

There is yet another man who declares his observance of the 'vrata' to all and sundry. What is his outlook? He feels, "If I inform everybody I am under compulsion to observe it, for fear being laughed at!"

The working of the mind is unpredictable. Thus, the mind can justify or find fault with an act. Generally, all minds are quite weak. A mind has both strength and weakness. The percentage differs but commonly it tends to be weak. It is a relative concept. We should, therefore, try to deepen the stronger aspect and ignore the weaker aspect. Therefore, one must take the words of a Mahatma as the base ('pramanam') on any matter.

!!! Will continue !!!
Regards & Chant the Maha Mantra:
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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Multilethalead (Octoccata part 8)

Athletics tracks finish line by Petey21)

The eighth and final movement of « Octoccata » is entitled « Multilethalead » and starts on a ostinato-based progression that slowly morphs into a relentless string of offbeat melodies harmonized by an increasing number of voices, building up to a climactic reprise of the « Lethal Lead » theme introduced in the fourth movement.

The « Multi » part of the section's title comes from the markers identifying some of its passages, namely « Trilead, » « Quadlead, » and « Pentapercular, » that latter tag signaling the moment when the percussions forego their timekeeping role in order to join the other instruments in the joyous fun of underpinning the melody.

That being said, let me relinquish the pulpit to give our heroic hawker one last opportunity to reach you through his unmatched delivery, and to hopefully close a few lucrative distribution deals...

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And with that last octameter rhyming with eight ends this hopefully enjoyable series of posts dedicated to « Octoccata. » Please stay tuned for more unique poligrafic goodness coming soon to a blog near you !

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