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12/30/12 Radio Interview!

On Sunday, 12/30/12, at 10pm ET/7pm PT, I will be interviewed by host Ericka Boussarhane on The Paranormal CSI Radio Show. We will discuss the subject matter from my book, How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. To listen to the show live, have your speakers on and go here:

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Dreaming Someone to You 12/29/12

Dreaming of your ideal love today.
Cooperate with the real circumstances, rather than what you wish for in a relationship.
Opposing Energies: disappointment, romantic delays, misunderstandings
The influences that affect your dream love may be more mystical and dreamy, and not ideal for a solid relationship.
So go slowly…
One more thing. Dreaming someone to you in some cultures is part of reality. Indigenous folk believe one can “Dream someone or something into being”. For some of us, this is possible, especially when this energy is present. (today).
Wide Awake Words™ for today: realism, romantic excitement, romantic pairing
Very good influences for success in business partnerships both at a distance and close to home.
Keep to your focus, and pay good attention to your gut regarding others and their intent, as deception through illusion is possible.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.


This is what I have to say: practice quiet. Stop chasing your tail and substituting dizziness for natural ecstasy. Also: discipline yourself to move slower and sometimes to be still. Look, listen, feel—then think about what you are gathering.

Practice silence, but as part of being alert. Be subtle and be sensitive. Then when you know it is time to give your soul expression, be as definite as rolling thunder. Do not fear the storm of compassion denouncement. Such is in quest of justice. Do not be ashamed of compassionate affirmation. From your acts of beauty and your embrace of what is good the spontaneities of peace grow abundant. Therein is your beatitude.

Be in pursuit of freedom, but do not be possessed by things.

Live in the dynamics of truth-force and the connectivity of dialogue.

It is late, but not too late. If in integrity you respect life and honor creation, it yet may be that life and creation will respect and honor you.

Become a mirror and when you search within, there in the depths of buried treasure, behold the angel your heart longs for and your soul is nurturing and shaping into light.

Time is rough and time is heavy. Now, as the angel of death continues devouring the world, turn outward and set free the angel of liberation, fierce love and salvation. Together these angels of personhood are myriad and they are filled with power.

Each must earth walk in this gentle way—and soon—healing, and to stop the epidemic of nothingness.

David Sparenberg
28 December 2012


On 20 December my friend & editor Thanos Kalamidas emailed from Helsinki telling me that the downloads for my free ebook LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS had topped 14,000: 14,000 downloads in three week, 14,000 in 21 days. Now the book has been named the OVI book of the month. It is up to others to decide how the number of downloads will grow. If you are one of those already reading—a BIG THANK YOU! If you have not claimed your copy of the book, remember it is free—A Gift Without A Price Tag—and you can download using the following link:


If the book speaks to you, please pay it forward and share this invitation and link with others.


Written by You, Me, and God

When I listen to your music, I feel the sensation of God come alive in every cell of my being. How amazing this sensation is as it fills me with a gratifying and direct connection with God! The miraculous combination of music and words synergistically melts away pain…..frustration….and built up agony of any given kind. As I continue to hear your messages, I allow myself the pleasure of savoring every word, every note and every beat as they travel through my essence. I open up to experience each sensation as if it were a fine meal served upon a golden plate.
You are as a mirror, reflecting every fragment of beauty I have ever misplaced.
I am awakened!

Make your year ahead positive

We're on this planet in transit, as we are all formless and limitless beings; each and every moment must be seen as sacred and should be blessed in its entirety. Each and every day we're alive is a gift, and we must be grateful and thankful for this beautiful opportunity.

Time is endless as we leave from one era into another and as we begin our path into 2013 I know we will face challenges as they stumble upon us, but never allow fear to creep in. Take charge/responsibility for your actions and know you can make this year the best year yet.

Here are some ideas you might consider putting into practice...

1. Positive affirmations all the time enriches the Soul and paints a beautiful and positive attitude for you and those around you.

2. Be the change you would love to see in the world, and demonstrate that in your actions.

3. Decide what you really care about and how you can make a different in helping to make the earth a better place.

4. Gratitude is the attitude build on that, and you can make he/she/they happier. Always begin your day with gratitude, allow that smile to bring freedom to your face, and always remember to say thank you, and allow it to resonate from your heart.

5. Do not allow small insignificant matters disturb your positive flow; rise above it with positive vibrations.

6. Don't allow money to take residents over your life, it is not the do all and ends all of earth’s experiences. Do not replace our supreme for the love of money, for you will forget your Soul and the love of the heart, and money will take up that residents allowing you to forget who you are – and your purpose on the earth.

8. Be courageous and take baby courageous steps to identify and define the real you. When you do the entire world will be seen from another prospective.

9. Surround yourself with positiveness for you will always get positive results. Always remember what you give out is what you receive. Surround your self with positive things and embrace the beauty of what you will uphold. Love is like a boomerang if you give love enough you will receive it in folds.

10. Time is endless and your time spent or experience on the earth is most valuable. Pursue and enrich self with love and Connect with nature, allow nature to be your law..

11. If you don’t already start to meditate, it one of the most achievable thing you can ever do, it takes you on a journey within and connects you with the ultimate visions you can never achieve on your experience on earth.

12. Always remember the less fortunate, the poor and the needy, never give to receive, give from the heart and allow your voice to speak through the heart, let only what you would love to hear come from your lips. Be nice to animals, treat them with respect, do you know plants communicate? Well they do, so be nice to them ask permission before you decide to damage, cut and ruin. Life is easy if you know how.

13. Do not allow cultural conditioning to separate us. Remember I Am Because We Are - We are Because I Am

14. My love for each and every one of you is endless. I am thankful, grateful and please to be here, Lots of love - beautiful vibrations coming your way. Peace and love to all x

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~ The New Year ~ Author Unknown ~ Posted By Agnes MacEachern ~

>>>*<<< The New Year >>>*<<<

I am the New Year!
I am unused, unspotted, without blemish.
I stretch before you 365 days.
I will present each one in its turn.
A new leaf in the Book of Life for
you to place upon it your imprint.
It remains for you to make of me what you will.
If you write with firm steady strokes, my
pages will be a joy to look upon, when the next New Year comes.
If the pen falters, if uncertainty or doubt or sin mar the page,
it will become a day to remember with pain.
During each hour of the 365, I will give you sixty minutes that have
never known the use of man. White and pure I present them, it
remains for you to fill them with sixty jewelled seconds of love, hope,
endeavour, patience and trust in God.
I am the New Year!
I am here, but once past, I can never be recalled.
Make me your best!


Just the opposite has been taught to you by all the traditions of the world, all the civilizations, all the cultures, all the churches. They say: Love others, don't love yourself. And there is a certain cunning strategy behind their teaching. Love is the nourishment for the soul. Just as food is to the body, so love is to the soul. Without food the body is weak, without love the soul is weak. And no state, no church, no vested interest, has ever wanted people to have strong souls, because a person with spiritual energy is bound to be rebellious. Love makes you rebellious, revolutionary. Love gives you wings to soar high. Love gives you insight into things, so that nobody can deceive you, exploit you, oppress you. And the priests and the politicians survive only on your blood -- they survive only on exploitation. They are parasites, all the priests and all the politicians.

Turn your light towards yourself first, become a light unto yourself first. Let the light dispel your inner darkness, your inner weakness. Let love make you a tremendous power, a spiritual force. And once your soul is powerful you know you are not going to die, you are immortal, you are eternal.
Love gives you the first insight into eternity; love is the only experience that transcends time. That's why lovers are not afraid of death: love knows no death. A single moment of love is more than a whole eternity. But love has to begin from the very beginning. Love has to start with this first step: LOVE YOURSELF....

He says: LOVE YOURSELF.... This can become the foundation of a radical transformation. Don't be afraid of loving yourself. Love totally, and you will be surprised: the day you can get rid of all self-condemnation, self-disrespect, the day you can get rid of the idea of original sin, the day you can think of yourself as worthy and loved by God, will be a day of great blessing. From that day onwards you will start seeing people in their true light, and you will have compassion. And it will not be a cultivated compassion; it will be a natural, spontaneous flow.

And a person who loves himself can easily become meditative, because meditation means being with yourself. If you hate yourself -- as you do, as you have been told to do, and you have been following it religiously -- if you hate yourself, how can you be with yourself? And meditation is nothing but enjoying your beautiful aloneness, celebrating yourself; that's what meditation is all about.
Meditation is not a relationship; the other is not needed at all, one is enough unto oneself. One is bathed in one's own glory, bathed in one's own light. One is simply joyous because one is alive, because one is.

LOVE YOURSELF..., says Buddha. And this can transform the whole world. It can destroy the whole ugly past. It can herald a new age, it can be the beginning of a new humanity. Hence my insistence on love -- but love begins with you yourself, then it can go on spreading. It goes on spreading of its own accord; you need not do anything to spread it.

Why The Son Of God Is Needed

How would the Father be known
if the Son had not revealed
the existence of the Father to the masses?

Planting seeds of faith around the world,
the Son is the sacred seed
of the universal manifestation.

Without watering and tending to
this sacred seed,
the infinite tree that is the Father
remains out of reach since its branches
begin extending upwards into the spiritual worlds.

Climbing this tree without receiving
the Son's permission,
all that will be seen will be the
opulences of the Father's many mansions.

Seeing many wonders
and many inexplainable surprises,
the Father remains as invisible as your faith.

Though there are many doors
within these jewel filled mansions,
picking the right door
is parallel to picking the right Son.

Since only the Son knows the Father,
only the Son can make the
Father favorable towards you.

By getting at the heart of the Son,
the Father's heart is softened
and made visible to all who inquire.

Pleased with His Son,
the Son of God makes the Father's
many mansions detestable to the soul of a man's faith.

Not quite satisfied with the jewels
that are stored within these many mansions,
the Son is the only real treasure
to marvel at and applaud as being worshipable.

Unable to even directly peer into
the hidden glories of the Son,
how can the Father's features and attributes
be approached unless initiated into these mysteries.

Hiding behind a bright cloud for millenia,
the Son of God is the
most merciful incarnation of the Word.

As the representative of the Word,
His words are reservoirs
for a Life that is beyond the
pale shadows of worldly peace.

Finding the Father through the Son's words,
the Son is indispensable to the search
for the God that is far beyond
the reach of heaven's gates.

Spoken of with reverence and hope,
the true search for God
does not begin until His Son
is sought after as the greatest of saviors.

Once the Father admits you into
His many mansions,
His Throne is made perceivable
to the kingdom within the heart.

His Throne being His Son,
make way for the coming
of Infinitely Charitable Love.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy



December 22 – January 19

It's a New Year, and your belief that things will turn out
well, brings this about. You will be in the right
place at the right time. The 14th is the moment

to start a new venture or relationship. Month's end
you will have no doubt you're on the right track.

January 20 – February 18

Your professional life is going to cast a
strong influence on your personal
life. Embrace the wonderful experiences
you meet in love and personal relationships. Spread this happiness around.

February 19 – March 20

You'll be riding high this year, lots of progress in
your every day work life. You excel in your career,
love life is surprisingly magical and your tolerance
of others is much to be admired. Children
prove inspirational.

March 21 – April 19

2013 will prove rewarding. Improved communication
at work help make better decisions.
You access your love life and strengthen existing
bonds . Bolster others flagging spirits,
as a little bit of charity will go a long way.

April 20 – May 20

You take the initiate to prove yourself. Your new
self confidence will drive you to aspire higher.
Showing patience and compassion with others
brings about t inner peace that is very

May 21 – June 20

2013 ushers in a whole new cycle Discover options
and consider upgrading your life in general.
Friends expect attention, showing goodwill to others
pays off in a big way. Ventures started
this year will be successful.CANCER
June 21 – July 22

Let your resolution be to trust your instincts and go
with your gut. You will receive the results of your own self
efforts. This renews your confidence.
Allowing space in your relationship makesfor
a better partnership.


July 23 – August 22

Resolve to keep to your goals, as your intuition will serve
you well to guide you in the upcoming months.
You meet some influential people that will further aid
your cause. Love is about practising patience .
Getting together and networking, reaps rich rewards.

August 23 – September 22

2013 is a year of soul searching. As you meditate or spend quiet time
by yourself you will excel in your day to day life. Your career will
receive recognition as your opinions are valued. Love relationships that
are peaceful, bloom.

September 23 – October 22

Your level headness this month will give you a clear vision. Listening to your heart
determines the way your life runs... Its all about asking for grace,
this helps you succeed in every area of your life. Love is there for the taking.

October 23 – November 21

You have to prove yourself. Its a busy year for career and relationships.
You find new avenues to express yourself. In romance look for ways
to reinforce an existing love bond. If single, a long term commitment
could be in the offering.

November 22 – December 21

It's a year that most obstacles disappear ..and you see tremendous
progress in your personal and professional life. You experiences success
in practicing the art of listening.
Being responsive towards loves ones is the key to a happy life.


December 28, 2012 an easy 18 mile meditative run,“We carry about us the burden of what thousands of people have said and the memories of all our misfortunes. To abandon all that is to be alone, and the mind that is alone is not only innocent but young -- not in time or age, but young, innocent, alive at whatever age -- and only such a mind can see that which is truth and that which is not measurable by words.”


''God Through Anne Terri With The Holy Spirit:

Remember Peace begins at home.

Help others who have not found this concept, to place it into practice, and to connect to the Good Word.

One can not live in a home with strife and anger.

One cannot be trained as a military soldier, and expect to keep Peace by carrying a weapon which kills.

Preaching to the choir as usual, but My choir consists of those who can help others to see.


The Butterfly Story

I found this very interesting story on various websites and thought of sharing it here. The story is given below:

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could, and it could go no further.

So the man decided to help the butterfly. He took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon.

The butterfly then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would contract in time.

Neither happened! In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.

What the man, in his kindness and haste, did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening were Life's way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. Remember nature needs no help, just no interference. There are processes of life, things we all go through. The struggles are a part of our journey and are preparing us for what awaits. They are preparing us to fly.



When we give
to fear

we have
to laugh

and to remember
that there IS
only LOVE

Five weeks to a fear-less life!

The New Year is upon us, how can we truly love ourselves? Take the five week challenge:

See you next year!

As Always changing the world! Smile

Michael Schuessler
Author of The Holy G-rail



Our desire
to have an experience
from GOD

the sum total
of what
we are experiencing
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO