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Moon Phases and Intention

This year began directly following the New Cancer Moon, emotions were on high. All of the expectations from 2012 yet to pan out, in the period after the full moon, the Waning Moon, it's time for letting go. 

For every vessel to become full, it must first be emptied. Perhaps all of our expectations for the past year were not met, or some of our determined dreams went unrealized. The Waning moon is the best time to let these things go. Let your worries be freed to the Universe to be handled accordingly, re-purposed. Sometimes, even with our best intentions there might be something higher and better for us than we had previously imagined.

 Let's take a look at our old places of comfort, direction, and wishes and spend some time reviewing them now. How many things no longer suit the 2013 you? How many relationships have seemingly run their course, habits turned dull,or previously passionate plans wavered to no longer hold your interest?

Grab your pencil and paper and send them off with gratitude. Thank the Universe for the lessons you've learned from these  experiences or lack of, and send them off with healing love. Ask for them to be guided to where they will serve the highest and the best according to the Universal Law of all good things. 

This year holds a lot of surprises, blessings, and prosperity for all of us. Let us free the space in our bodies, minds, spirits, and hearts to accept these things to us as they are rapidly approaching our higher vibrational mindsets!

Many Blessings to you on your Highest Path.

May Good things come to you always.


Teketa Shine

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