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Having Trouble Waiting to Die? Take a Pharmaceutical Drug!


'Dr. David Brownstein titled his blog post, How To Increase Your Risk of Dying? Take a Statin Drug. “If you are elderly, how can you increase your risk of dying? The answer is simple: Take a statin drug.” He concludes, “Cholesterol-lowering medications should be pulled from the market place. I predict that within five to ten years, we will have learned our lessons about the statin drugs and they will fall out of favor. It is not the first time conventional medicine has been wrong—just look at the disastrous story of DES, which was prescribed to millions of women in the 1950s.”

What prompted him to make these statements?'


Study Finds that the Average Child Is Now Chronically Sick

Sick Boy, by Justus Thane

'Many of us have known, simply because of observation, that children are no longer healthy. Now, a scientific study documents what we’re seeing. The average child is now sick, chronically ill. It doesn’t bode well for the future of the United States, and is almost certainly true of other developed nations.

The nature of illness now isn’t the sort of thing that once brought temporary discontinuation of play for a minor childhood disease. Now, the illnesses plaguing children are ones that will likely dog them for the rest of their lives, making their lives both poorer and shorter. This is the gift that modern medicine has brought us—and this is the issue on which it needs to be judged.

The big question is why hasn’t this been headline news? Wouldn’t people want to know? But the fact is that the study isn’t new. It was published in 2010. Everything about it is clearly intended to hide the truth.'


Soft Kill Toxic Agenda

Fear of Tyranny Is Now Treated As A Psychiatric Disorder In The West

'The mad man in the White House needs you to believe in his magic, and that those who question the U.S. government’s narrative of the war on terror are mentally ill deviants.

The modern totalitarian state is the psychotherapist for the whole of society. It acts on the elitist principle that it knows everything and the people deserve to be mind controlled and brainwashed for their own good.


Categories: Help Traditional Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis gains favour

Photo Credit:David Gray/Reuters

'Holly Fennell sees about 50 tongues a week. The first thing the naturopath looks at is the colour. A “nice pinky-red” is normal, but many of her patients have a dark purple hue, which is her first clue that there is something off with their energy, or ch’i. A yellowish coating may indicate the flu or a cold. If the outside edge is bumpy, it could be a sign of anxiety. And Fennell, who has been practising Chinese medicine in Toronto’s tony Summerhill neighbourhood for 10 years, has a very deep line down the middle of hers, which she says points to her asthma. Patients think she is psychic, the way she reads their tongues.'


Video: How to Pickle Cucumbers

Photo Credit: Foodie With Family

'When my Australian husband first moved to the United States some years ago after we first got engaged, he commented that Americans must really love pickles because no matter where you go in the US, deli sandwiches are almost invariably served with some sort of pickle on the side.
It’s true.  Americans do love pickles.  Sweet pickles, sour pickles, dill pickles, it doesn’t seem to really matter what type – Americans consider them an essential condiment, and the wide variety of pickles at the supermarket is a strong testament to this fact.

The problem with store pickles is that they are for the most part a nutritionless addition to a meal.'

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