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True love is not to lose remembrance even for an instant.

A million speak of love, yet how few know; true love is not to lose remembrance even for an instant. It can only be called love, if you yearn for the Lord in the same way as a man is yearning for air, when he is drowning and fighting for his life under the water. You can only be said to have a thirsty heart if you can drink the whole ocean and your lips will remain dry like a desert. Only such blessed soul will reach the highest goal of life.

When the soul begins to awake from its deep slumber, no worldly forces can undo with the tears and yearning of the heart. At that blessed moment the life takes a turning point and the search for the Lord starts. It is the Lord from within our own heart calling us back home. From that very moment the destination of the soul is fixed. The cry of the heart will not stop until the goal of the heart is reached and the union with the Lord is accomplished.

-- Lars Jensen, from, "With Cries from the Heart, the Search for a True Guru Begins": http://santmat.tumblr.com/post/40581423394/with-cries-from-the-heart-the-search-for-a-true

Bringing The Pastimes Back To Life

Having an omniscient perception of the Lord’s pastimes,
each pastime is never limited to a certain time and circumstance.

The esoteric nature of the pastime is continuously enacted by
any heart that has bhakti.

Sometimes lamenting over not being able to directly participate
in the Lord’s pastimes with the Lord,
faith in the non-difference of the Lord’s names is
all that is needed for ascending into the living reality of each pastime.

Lifeless without being always engaged in one or more of the pastimes,
the Lord in my heart screams to be admitted into the
pure realms of devotional service.

Placing a straw between my teeth,
may each pastime have a renewed meaning in relation
to each aspect of my life and the greater life of the universal manifestation.

Lasting for an undetermined amount of time,
a pastime can flash before your eyes for a moment
or for millions of lifetimes; depending on
your favorability for the Lord of each pastime.

Aspiring for eternal service in the mandala of the holy names,
every pastime is expressed through every facet of a devotee’s happiness.

Perfect in the beginning and perfect in the end,
the holy name is our eternal link to the reservoir
of all of the ecstatic pastimes.

Circling around my japa mala, the Lord’s lotus arms
circles around my devoted and impassioned heart.

Reaching Goloka Vrindavana with one repetition of His name,
the purest of pastimes consists of calling out to the Lord
and responding to the vision of the Lord’s ecstatic form.

Formed by the syllables of His name,
the Lord is self manifest to all who believe in
the efficacy of spontaneous prayer.

O Syamasundara, bless this fallen soul with unprecedented love
for the Vaishnava saints and their stupendous realizations
on the Absolute nature of the holy names.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Challenging Your Negative Thoughts 1-15-13

Relationships with money are the focus today: excessive spending and money-making ideas.
Opposing Energies: impulsive, irresponsible, willful
You have an opportunity to turn negative financial behaviors into more transformed patterns.
More importantly, you’re learning to challenge your negative thoughts and impulses into positive change.
Spend time reflecting on yourself, your thoughts, feelings and worries.
Fear has no positive outcome.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: thoughtful, practical, composed
Attend to the details of your spending and money-making habits, and create a balance with more organized thinking for your future prosperity.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

morning coffee

In this place, that’s the other place for those that are interested, not the same if you don’t know; anyway, slapjack and poppu in 10,000 words of awhile, and if not, then just imagine them...
The black dog is asleep in words mixed with birdsong: it’s all ABC easy; bright hot sun breathes our shadows of delight, an essence of time where energy is a movement of difference, not hurried but an effervescence of abundance to savour where nothing is captured, breakfast, time to wake up and begin the new day.
Would I if I could I trade an ounce of it? Never for a moment; take that and smoke it in your pipe ‘cos there’s no tobacco left; and later we shall not play the violin thank you very much; and thank god for all the mosquitoes that have gone on holiday. 2 coffees later an x of non doing arrives watching fish swim, waves not forming on the still pond, reflections perfectly given, deep stillness; an excitement of breeze sends it all shimmering as a 40 minute wink beckons; a man walks through it all escorting an umbrella to some far place of abandon only he knows of.
From a place of concealment a wanting prepares to expand, but it expounded and expunged instead.
Step right this way for the new electric dream of fruition came the voice far away from reality to be noticed. Just then beautiful optical came to tea and I was much rushed with a most perfect imbalance. A miracle came close, carried by 2 angels with lots of money, while discarding feathers everywhere. The 40 minute wink smiled from that place of abandon again. Involvement was calling too, as it does, so I was quite busy between the sleep and the not asleep.
I don’t like sugar in coffee, and yes 3rd one in the soup of a morning so full of life and busy. Random choice brought the gang to Namaste in the same coffee house to chat of Thai buttons n maps as the blue bling eyed lady sold lottery stamps behind the backs of ants the size of crocodiles; 8 and one neck and shoulder later the ole sea dog came and went still drinking his grog, as the mysterious ladies unfolded their mystery beside him; and his gratitude knew no bounds; and nobody but me saw him do his little 2 step and jig just for himself. The essence of his spirit guiding him ever onwards.
An army of girls marched past, all 3 of them out of step but synchronised in their wonderful direction; good to have direction I think.
Hipster and his mobile were proceeding south due east from west, but that’s another old story, so we won’t go there.
So needeep was a rivet corrigible through a double window of ecstasy and wanting, turning lovely alone into the art form of 40 winks and peace be with you.
Corns of a scorpion but it’s hot here.
Bloodlust cantaloupe set his wily on fire with a jamwich sandwich of beauty n lust, one of them had to give with the thrust of that fire.
Inspector high bone and 5 was a glorious wonder in the harem. Amen hop hop don’t-worry in Denver was salutatious.
As you trace the world of love with your fingers upon the dew of the life you want, in that surrender you are wonderful; so never lose your wanting for a pocket full of snake.
This was synthesized from synesis and symmetry of expression; I am not averse to give a nod to the foundations of the past that brought us all to here.
And on the morning after the day before two days before Sunday, the fourth of the month, eleven and sixpence was given for jimmy’s logic machine to be used most frequently after sundown and before breakfast; this was the news today sixty years ago for tomorrow's yesterdays that came before, after, and in between; and in that moment with coffee therefore, let us not forget all we can remember of all we have forgotten. How now said the brown cow really!
A wind is picking up pickles from the pickle factory and blowing them all the way to Wisconsin by steam train and there was a time I could jump out of a caravan and land on my feet on the ground like doomsday but I think THEY moored the ground away too far from anywhere I can find it these days in the sundown light but there is an ant on my toast running really fast, too fast to catch and a big black mosquito comes sniffing around my soup, oh and how many husbands do you have and ladies in waiting?


HARRY and mustard
Harry the pepper mustard on Sunday who had changed his name from Harry the Spider whose real name was Harry Baba became enlightened on the 15th day of Wednesday in the 4th month at the 33rd minute before the stroke of midnight at the “It’s alright now” show in Denver with the spotlight on him too, and just as he was about to give his discourse on how to be fulfilled on fried beans n stew while sitting on your hands, it happened. Then Harry didn’t care anymore so he flew off as you do when enlightened. Up in the clouds at 90000 feet he reached into his duffel bag and pulled out an apple pie with custard and ice cream and munched on it as he flew along. “Good in-flight sustenance” he thought. Far below, in “the ole coffee shoppe for angels,” Dot the spot just finished brewing up strong coffee, so she rang the bell and immediately the place filled up with hovering angels playing harps and singing; and a Q formed up outside by ascended masters all wanting to get in for her coffee. Time was “now” so the sun decided to rise and get in the Q2. Harry zoomed down full of joy n bliss n peace n happiness n grace n beaming smiles at everyone and landed right next to the coffee pot; Dot poured him a coffee black and tranquil with gratitude and blessings. Harry grabbed a table with both hands and hung on for dear life as a huge wind of change came. “Quiet down,” said Dot to the wind, “drink your coffee in peace n tranquillity n harmony sniggered from the shadows the sun was casting runes for Samadhi the dharma bum who was dancing the whirling dervish out of control munching a bagel. The troupe of fairies flit in formation here and there immaculately around an elephant sounding it’s horn on the blue stage, the one that no one could see at that time of day; but that’s for later when night falls. Moose the moose staggered in from an all nighter so everyone forgave him. 3 gurus drove by and grabbed their coffees then vanished. Time sped up but no one paid any mind to that as the friend put in an appearance of contentment and no more searching for coffee. All hearts were content and sipping coffee, tapping away to the hit of the moment: All is well. The universe looking on said to god: “This is a good joint, everyone is happy. We should open up more.” God surrendered to that idea and let go all his plans for world domination and he too flew down for coffee. With all the flowing in and out, up and down, here and there, traffic control gave up and they too went for coffee. Synchronicity and serendipity made love on a table of one covered in feathers upstairs, oblivious to anything but their passion and for them their existence was love. Compassion, with shaking, beautiful hands, took one sip too many of a third coffee and exploded into white light and purple breezes that covered everyone from their lowest chakra to their highest. Buddha looked in through an open window and spoke to Jesus words of wisdom, and Krishna nodded nearby. And then the dancing girls came on and everyone clapped in appreciation for their lovely appearance. Harry finished his coffee and didn’t think about mysticism or spirituality because he didn’t want the law of attraction to listen in just then as he had an appointment with source through meditation, and all he wanted to do was go inside and feel that which no words can explain, to go past ideas and concepts to the real freedom.

"The 3 'G's' -- Guru, Gyan* and God"

"Unless you do meditation how are you going to awakening yourself to that which is within you? ....... If you want to take yourself to God, you'll do meditation."

A Satsang Talk: "The 3 'G's' -- Guru, Gyan* and God": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtFLqbiya_0

*Note: "Gyan" or Gnosis: knowledge in the sense of personal, direct acquaintance; meditation; mysticism;

Spirituality Is Not In A Place

My spiritual place was full of famous people and people that are so called successful and great. My friend went through her transition and boom I can't get any info on her memorial at the spiritual center. I can't believe the run around. I have to say this I'm through with famous spiritual places. I told them I'm done. So, I thank them for the lesson I learned and that is spirituality doesn't come in a place but in a child's eyes, the sun, a beautiful park and a wonderful meeting of good people. I don't need to be in an environment where I got to kiss a$$$$ to feel at peace and at home. It served it's purpose for me when I first went there but now it's over. Peace and Blessings to this place for my spirit is free. Ase


Deva means divine, amito means limitless, infinity, unbounded – divine unboundedness. And that’s how existence is. All limitations are our imagination, because things are not separate; things are parts of each other. You see the tree – it seems so separate standing there alone in the field; it is not. Its roots are in the earth, it is part of the earth. Its roots are joined with all the oceans; that’s its nourishment, its life. Its leaves are connected with the faraway sun; without the sun it will not live even for a single moment... and so on, so forth. If you look deep into a small tree, you will find the whole existence involved in it.

So the separation is just our concept. Nothing is separate, neither is man separate. You cannot exist alone, not even for a single moment. If one meditates deeply on it, then one will not say ’I am.’ Only god can say ’I am’, only the whole can say ’I am.’ No part has the right to use the word ’I’. If you cannot exist alone, what claim have you ? If you are joined together and you exist only
in relationship, then you are not an entity but a relationship; you are not you. Your wife is involved
in it, your child is involved in it; your mother is involved in it, your father is involved in it. The earth,
the moon, the sun, the sky, and all the past, the whole past – not only yours but that of the whole existence – is involved in you... and not only the past but the whole of the future too. You are just a crossroad; millions of lines are crossing on you. Because so many lines are criss-crossing on you, you look like a centre. Take those lines away and you will disappear, evaporate.

That’s how Buddha came to see nothingness in himself, no-self in himself. And that’s the ultimate
understanding: to see ’I am not. I am only a relationship. I am a father to somebody, I am a son to somebody, I am a husband to somebody, a lover to somebody, a friend, this and that – all these relationships criss-crossing giving me an illusion that I am.’ Take relationships away one by one and you start disappearing.

Man is like an onion: go on peeling his layers and ultimately nothing is left in your hand. But that nothing is you, and that nothing is all, and that nothing is unboundedness, the infinity. That zero contains all – all the cosmoses that have been, and all the worlds that will be.

That is the meaning of amito and this is going to be your meditation: look into things but always try to find the infinite in them. Slowly slowly the idea of things disappears and there are only events, processes; you are also an event, a process, and interdependent.

That interdependence is freedom – freedom from the self, freedom from the ego, and once the ego is gone one is unburdened. Then there is no death, because there is nobody to die, there is no failure, because there is nobody to fail; there is no frustration because there is nobody to be frustrated. All anguish is a shadow of the ego.

Chrysoprase - One of my 4 most favorite crystals...

Wait until you read about this green darling of a gem. You are in for a real treat.


Hardness: 6 – 7

Chakras: Heart (4th) and Solar Plexus ( 3rd)

Crystal Structure: Trigonal

Conchoidal Fracture (Similar to Flint)

Astrological Association: Melody says that chrysoprase is the stone associated with Libra. I saw where it also benefits Cancerians, providing them with a balance between the conscious and unconscious mind and Geminis too. I can attest that this Gemini loves it. I personally believe that lovely chrysoprase can benefit everyone on this planet. Probably other galaxies too. Smile

Birthstone: Not a traditional birthstone for any month

Element: I have seen it classified as both Water and Earth

Energy: Receptive. I sure am receptive to it. Wink

Key Words: Happiness, Luck, Success, Growth, Friendship, Compassion, Forgiveness, Altruism, Connection with Nature, Protection, Healing, Money

Planetary Association: Venus (I guess that’s why Melody says it is for Libras.)

Vibration number: 3 (The number for communication)

Chrysoprase is a POWERFUL HEALING stone. Buckle up your mineral belt and enjoy its accolades and PRAiSE.

Most chrysoprase these days is a beautiful, desirable, somewhat rare and valuable green form of chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline (or cryptocrystalline) form of quartz. (Microcrystalline and cryptocrystalline are terms that refer to crystal structures that are composed of crystals so fine that they cannot be seen as distinct particles under normal magnification). Other cryptocrystalline quartz are agate, carnelian and onyx. This is in contrast to other crystalline quartz (clear quartz, smokey quartz, rose quartz, citrine and amethyst) where the crystals are transparent or translucent and their six sided formations are easily seen.

Chrysoprase can also be spelled chrysophrase and chrysoprasus.

Most people describe natural chrysoprase’s coloring as a Granny Smith Apple-ish green while others call it sea foam green. Polished pieces of chrysoprase have an opalescent look to them. Whatever green you choose to call it, I think super powerful healing stone is simply GORGIST!

With its grainy green and brown matrixy (Earth) texture, natural chrysoprase resembles a coconut with “green meat.” Last year, I spotted 2 light green powdery looking” au natural” chrysoprase pieces. OMG! One piece took up residency in N.Y. and the other became a permanent fixture in my bra.

Many green crystals get their coloring from chromium (emeralds and chrome chalcedony) iron (peridot) fuschite mica (aventurine) or vanadium, however, chrysoprase gets its gorgeous green coloring and patterns from varying amounts of nickel (a metal) which form as very small inclusions. Lesser amounts of nickel create a paler (more yellowish) shade of green while greater amounts of nickel causes a darker deep green chrysopase. Darker green chrysoprase is sometimes referred to as “prase.” In the mineral kingdom, the term “prase” also refers to quartz with chlorite. Now, that is a powerful healing combination which I’ll be glad to address another time.


“Chrys” means gold or golden yellow in Greek. The “chrys” part of its name is due to it having an appearance of golden drops within the stone. This was more common many years ago when ancient chrysoprase was more goldish yellow green. Today’s chrysoprase looks more like apple green.

If chrysoprase were a more recent discovery, Gail thinks it could have been named GrannySmithPrase or PraseGranny Smith Wink

“Prase” comes from Latin (prasius/prassius), French (prasius) and Greek (prasios, prason). It refers to the green vegetable “leek” which is part of the “amaryllidaceae” family which includes onions and garlic. (Now, where else on Facebook would you learn that?)


Green is a combination of blue and yellow. Blue’s energy is soothing, peaceful, tranquil, full of clarity, certainty and tenderness. It represents communication, truth, loyalty and spiritual awareness. Yellow’s energy is sunny, happy, brilliant, effortless, energizing and expansive. It represents mental clarity, keen observation, cleansing and detoxifying. Together, blue and yellow make up our Earthly green, the color I most associate with OVERALL HEALING.

Green represents growth, healing, peace, change and movement. By and large, green stones are associated with self-image, giving, abundance and nature.

Speaking of nature, chrysoprase has a strong connection to nature and all nature spirits. Meditating or wearing chrysoprase can facilitate a deep heart connection with Mother Earth (Gaia) and the Earthly devas and elemental beings (fairies, gnomes, salamanders, elves, pixies and sprites).


Being both a vibrant green and a yellowish green stone, chrysoprase has a connection to our heart and our solar plexus chakras. These two energies connect our heart and solar plexus chakras uniting our individual desires with our desire for the “good of all.” Its powerful vibration awakens and fuels our heart through the concentrated efforts of our will, bringing harmony within the cosmic flow of our inner and outer life force.


Like most green stones, chrysoprase is primarily a heart healing (our emotions) stone that works in close conjunction with our heart. It brings an abundance of love and new love interests, if desired.

It’s peaceful and pleasing green energy opens, activates, energizes and heals our heart and heart chakra. This harmonizing, balancing, loving, nurturing and accepting heart energy emanates throughout the cells of our body and prepares us for deep healing.

Chrysoprase brings hope, joy, happiness and renewal and can manifest abundance, harmony and contentment. It does so by releasing depression and anxiety by removing our negative thoughts and irritabilities. Unfavorable thoughts don’t feel comfortable with chrysoprase around and they “amscray.”

Chrysoprase makes an excellent companion stone and works quite effectively with other healing stones when specific healing is needed, particularly within the heart. More on that in a moment.


Yellowish green or pale yellowish green chrysoprase contains and vibrates to the energy of our solar plexus (our will) chakra. The solar plexus chakra resonates particularly well with our heart chakra. This 3rd chakra energy emphasizes manifestation, accentuates abundance and prosperity and helps us better manifest money.


Need some heavy duty emotional healing and a lift? Chrysoprase promotes joy, happiness, self-acceptance, independence, forgiveness and compassion toward others. It will help those who are unhappy with life and its challenges. In a co-dependent relationship? Chrysoprase can bring independence by helping you get rid of those who are holding you back and allowing you to understand the circumstances that created your dependence.

With its forgiving energy, chrysoprase is a powerful stone for helping us heal our inner child. The vibration of forgiveness works well when placed on our higher heart (AKA thymus chakra) or our sacral chakra.


** (Please don’t ask me why I said that. Sometimes stuff just pops into my head and I blurt it out Wink. Maybe it’s because the senior prom (to many of us) represents our first love and chrysoprase helps us get over past love relationships. On that note, Jeff, you crazy June 1st or June 2nd Gemini, where are you? I haven’t seen you on Classmates.com or Facebook.


Many people who are drawn to this stone have plenty of courage, however, they may have difficulty in recognizing it. Chrysoprase allows us to tap into our inner strength and courage and use it wisely.

Below are additional ways that chrysoprase helps us. There is sure to be an issue that resonates with you. When it does, remember that I have raw pieces of chrysoprase for $3 ea and smaller tumbles for $2 ea.



Strong Healing Energy

Love, Forgiveness, Happiness, Enterprise, Prudence, Adaptability, Versatility, Action, Progress, Adventure, Grace, Cheerfulness, Good Fortune, Abundance, Prosperity, Business, Success

Attracts a New Love Interest

Tranquilizing Vibrations

Overall Calming Effect

Non- Judgmental Behavior, Acceptance of Our Self and Others, Adaptability, Savior Faire

Sense of Justice and an Innate Ability to Release Our Past Ego Based Issues

Understanding Our Growth Patterns

Mindful and Fluent Speech

Compassion and Clemency

Success in New Enterprises

Enhances and Strengthens Friendships

Truth, Optimism, Personal Insight


Our Ego Based Negativity Associated with Co-Dependent Relationships

Our unhealthy subconscious thoughts to our conscious mind where they can be appropriately assessed and dealt with

Inferiority and Superiority Complexes

Anxiety and Depression


Compulsive Thoughts

Greed, Selfishness, Carelessness, Overactive and Unhealthy Imagination


Balances Our Yin Yang Energy

Aligns Our Chakras with the Spiritual Realm

Heals the Heart

Mends a Broken Heart

Deep Meditation

Maximum Best Outcome of Situations

Fidelity in Business and Personal Life

Protection from Evil Dreams and Demons

Using Self-Expression and Courage Wisely



Eye Issues and Failing Eyesight


Mental Illness

Skin Dis-eases (Acne and Psoriasis, Neuro-Dermatitis and Fungal Infections)


Fevers and Excess Body Heat

Increases Dexterity

Hormone Balancing


Speeds Up Immune System Response

Stimulates and Detoxifies Liver Functions.

Promotes Fertility

Checking the Blood Flow

Removes Accumulated Heavy Metals in the Body

Assimilates Vitamin C

Removes Sickness and Frailty

Benefits Reproductive Organs

Recuperation From Illness

Protection from STDs

HEALS WOUNDS – Chrysoprase is used to speed up the healing of just about any wound, however it should not be placed directly on the wound. It is best when held directly over the affected area. Keep chrysoprase close to your bed at night to speed healing of any type of wound.


Chrysoprase is an excellent meditation stone which can induce deep meditative states. Meditating with chrysoprase can connect us with energy of The Divine Truth. The Divine Truth teaches us how to live our life in accordance with the Divine plan for our life. The Divine Truth elevates our joy and happiness, centering us within our heart and empowering us to understand more deeply the concepts around Divine Truth. It helps us make use of the gifts and talents that we may not have been using.

Chrysoprase helps us to be alert to the activity and aware of the messages that the spiritual realm is giving us. The mineral brings about a sense of security in encouraging independence. It makes us content with being ourselves, along with our own accomplishments. This helps ease jealousy and heartache due to disappointments.

Chrysoprase relieves us of oppressive images and helps us deal with them. It allows us to recognize egotistical motives, which helps us reflect on our own actions. This green gem encourages our perception which helps confirm our inner attitude.


Chrysoprase is not a stone that works its magick at the speed of light. Its gentle and quiet energy works slowly and gradually on us. Since it packs a powerful healing punch and absorbs a lot of undesirable influences, chrysoprase should be cleansed briefly under running water before and after each application. It’s also a good idea to re-charge it among several rock crystals at least every two weeks.

Like most stones, chrysoprase can be held, carried or placed anywhere on our body or drank as an elixir. It can be used as decorative pieces or placed under your pillow for a restful and peaceful sleep. I always have my powder green piece with me.

When worn or carried, chrysoprase can be a money magnet. It can also protect us from the negative thoughts of others.

A bowl or a single piece of chrysoprase can be placed by the front entrance of your home for protection from the negative thoughts of all who enter.

Keep chrysoprase on your desk or your work area for inspiration and innovative ideas.

Since it was believed that chrysoprase held the Sacred Flame of the Goddess, many folks place a piece of chrysoprase on their alter when worshiping that Goddess.


Chrysoprase is an excellent stone to use in combination with other healing stones.

Chrysoprase resonates particularly well with other heart and solar plexus chakra stones and high vibration crystals in preparing and readying our cells for healing.

Chrysoprase, used in conjunction with other high vibration stones such as white azeztulite, phenacite, moldavite, ajoite and danburite, strengthens and raises the energy of the heart chakra vibration. The energy of chrysoprase harmonizes with and accentuates the loving energies of the heart when combined with lepidolite, pink kunzite, morganite, rhodonite and variscite. When combined with pink kunzite, depression and anxiety fly out the window.

To “accentuate” a strong vibration of truth, combine chrysoprase with any of the following: sodalite, clear topaz, lapis lazuli, shattuckite, sunstone, lilac lepidolite, lithium quartz and lithium containing amblygonite. Chrysoprase combined with third eye chakra stones enhances the development of our intuition.


Many years ago, the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians made beautiful jewelry and other ornamental objects with chrysoprase. Today, this gorgeous stone is cut, carved and polished and made into lovely jewelry and carvings. Some folks believe that chrysoprase should only be set or used with silver and should only be carved into the shape of a heart.

Today, chrysoprase jewelry (earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings) remains more than a pretty face. When worn, chrysoprase helps us promote peace and personal balance, keeps us centered with our heart and helps us deal with our inner struggles. Having this gem close to our body, bestowing all of its positive health and healing attributes makes good sense. It has “carved” a special place in my bra for good reason.

This semi opaque green stone is often mistaken for jade or imperial jadeite. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause its gorgeous green color to fade.


Chrysoprase was considered a magical stone in Ancient Greek times. It was recharged outside under the light of a half moon to ensure good health and a happy marriage.

An old Rumanian legend believes that chrysoprase enables its owner to be able to understand the language of lizards.

Chrysoprase always represented physical sensuality and beauty. It was also known for its "very divine love for truth" and a sense of justice, all lovely attributes of Venus. For these reasons, chrysoprase was associated with the goddess Venus and the planet Venus.


Chrysoprase is believed to have been first discovered in Greece 400 B.C.E. During the 14th century, substantial deposits of chrysoprase were mined in modern day Silesia, Poland. Chrysoprase was used for decorating the St. Wenceslas Chapel in Prague. Today, green chalcedony is also found in Western Australia, Brazil, Germany, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania and the U.S (Arizona and California).

HOW CHRYSOPRASE FORMS – Gail’s simple (and very abridged the version)..…

Chrysoprase forms in hot and wet areas where nickel containing serpentine minerals grow together with silicates, iron oxides, magnesite and saprolite.

The formation of chrysoprase is actually a two part process. First, an oxidation of the salicyclic acid solutions and nickel occurs. During this process, a mineral similar to chrysoprase forms. Then, the nickel (which gives it a dark green coloring) and the water in the crystal lattice dissolves, forming chrysoprase at which time its dark green becomes lighter in color.


Course Out line: Teacher Training Program 2013 to 2014

Posted on January 14, 2013
Seed to Success in Healing the Heart & Soul is One Thought of Aloha, for that One Purpose of Healing Surrender, Release, Oki, Restore, Re-Birth New Thought of Aloha Love is All There Is
By Kumu Leina’ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika’alaneomilona’La Brown

The Course of Ho’ola I’ke Ho’opono “Pono” ~
Kumu Leina’ala K Brown


May I thank you, reader, for taking the time to read this narrative of my life experiences of Ho’oola’Ike Ho’oponopono: The Journey. During this reading, you might see, or come to know, or even be transformed along the way; you are welcome to the seeing, the knowing and thus the transformation(s).

If any one of these three things should happen to you and you are able to make a connection, then I have honored my ancestors, my teachers, my mentors, every living creature in nature, as my grandfather would say: the East, the West, the North, the South, everyone and everything Above, Below and Within the universe.

Beginning with the title: ‘Ike is the Hawaiian word to see, to know (knowledge), and to transform (to be transformed). Ho’oponopono, on the other hand, means to make right, to set to right, to bring about harmony. But Ho’oponopono goes deeper than just the above. To be “pono” with the present helps you become “pono” with your past, only so you are free to move into the future.

To ‘Ike Ho’oponopono is to see something that is not right, and to try to make it right. To Ho’ola is to ultimate heal something that is not right, and clearly release and restore.

Ho’oponopono is a Native Hawaiian problem-solving process that literally means
setting to right: to make right; to correct; to restore; and to maintain good relationships among family members, and between family and supernatural powers. Ho’oponopono is the specific family conference in which relationships are “set right” through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, mutual restitution, and forgiveness.

Always embedded in complete Ho’oponopono are the following:

Opening Pule (prayer) and prayers any time they seem necessary. solved or prevented from growing worse, a discussion of the purpose of the process. Mahiki is opening the issues, followed by Hihia or separating the issues. Next comes Hala, identifying the problem. The final steps are Mihi, asking and giving forgiveness; Kala, release; ‘Oki, which is to sever or cut; and Pule Ho’opau, Pule Pani the closing prayer, to release, surrender and let go ~ eternally.

These steps are applied to each successive problem that becomes apparent during the course of Ho’oponopono, even though this might make a series of Ho’oponopono sessions necessary. A quality of absolute truthfulness and sincerity is needed, called ‘oia’i'o, the “very spirit of truth”.

Control of disruptive emotions is achieved by channeling discussion through the leader, facilitator, or Haku, and the questioning of involved participants is also traditionally conducted by the leader.

Honest confession to the gods (or God) and to each other of wrong-doing, grievances, grudges and resentments were met with mutual forgiveness and releasing from the guilt, grudges, and tensions occasioned by the wrong-doing (Hala).

This repenting-forgiving-releasing is embodied in the twin terms, Mihi and Kala. This process was followed by a closing prayer — Pule Ho ‘opau. Ho ‘omalu (time out) was often invoked to calm tempers, encourage self-inquiry into actions, motives and feelings, or simply for rest during an all-day Ho’oponopono.

Once a dispute was settled, the leader decreed ho’omalu for the whole subject, both immediately and long after Ho’oponopono ended. Pule Pani ~ Closing Meditation Prayer to Seal the Light of Ha ~ in Aloha……..
E Komo Mai~”Come Let the Healing Begin with You” ~

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The Course of Ho’ola ‘Ike Ho’opono “Pono”.


How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Life: Louise Hay Video

Hi SN Travelers,

"Forgiveness wipes the slate clean,
so that other things can come in."

That's a quote of Louise Hay from
this transforming video that I think
you should see:

Love, forgiveness and self-acceptance
are the most powerful gifts anybody can
give themselves.

But getting to a point where you can turn
off the background negativity isn't always

You know what I mean, the "I'm not smart
enough", "Who do I think you am?", "I'm
not lovable", "I can't be successful" type
of comments.

These types of comments severely limit our
ability to fully express who we are and live
the life we want.

In this video Louise will share with you her
personal struggle with growing up feeling
that she wasn't good enough.

She'll open up about how she struggled
emotionally, and share a particularly
traumatic incident from when she was
5 years old, when her stepfather was holding
her head under water, and how it was
affecting her 81 years later.

In this rare video interview, Louise Hay sits
down with Nick Ortner, producer of the
upcoming 5th Annual Tapping World Summit,
and shares why she believes Tapping is
such an important self-care technique
and why you should use it.

Watch this video, tap along with Louise,
share in her on-camera Tapping experience
and have your own as you tap along with her.

The last 10 minutes are especially
powerful as Louise herself takes you through
an extremely meditative Tapping process that
brings her to tears of happiness, and just may
do the same for you! Smile


To allowing self-acceptance,

Nancy Rohrman

P.S. - Through this video you'll also learn Louise's
secrets for using Tapping to allow forgiveness,
love and self-acceptance into your life, so that
you can be free of the things from your past that
are holding you back.

If you want to create the life of your dreams,
I believe this video to be an important step
in that process.


P.P.S. Dr. Wayne Dyer recently said about
Tapping: "Put away your skepticism, this
really works…I've had great results with
tapping in my own life."

Lissa Rankin M.D. says, "For those seeking
a prescription for eliminating limiting,
self-sabotaging beliefs that lead to fear,
anxiety, and chronic illness, look no further
than The Tapping Solution."


Osho on God – God itself is indefinable, likewise its reflection is indefinable

– We love many things but essentially in all our love we are searching for god. Of course the search is unconscious, that’s why you cannot give any explanation if it is asked ‘Why do you love a rose flower?’ At the most you can say because it is beautiful, but that is not an answer, it is a tautology. Again the same question can be raised, ‘Why do you love that which is beautiful?’, and you will be at a loss to answer.

You love a beautiful sunset, you love a beautiful woman, you love a beautiful child, you love a beautiful painting — you love thousands of things. There must be something running through all of them which makes you love them all. You call it beauty but nobody has ever been able to define what beauty is.

Three thousand years of philosophizing on the subject has not led to any conclusion. The reason why we cannot define beauty is that beauty is really nothing but the reflection of god. And because god itself is indefinable, likewise its reflection is indefinable. If you cannot define the moon, how can you define the moon reflected in the lake?

The eastern mystics have given three indications of god. They are just hints, not definitions: satyam, shivam, sundaram. Satyam means the truth: wherever you find truth it is a reflection of god. Shivam means the good: wherever you find something good it is a reflection of god. And sundaram means the beautiful, the presence of beauty: wherever you find beauty it is the reflection of god.

This is the true trinity. And sundaram, the beautiful, is the highest peak. So whatsoever you love — truth, good, beauty — it is all in fact an unconscious search for god. Through sannyas the unconscious search has to be made a deliberate, conscious effort.

The moment your search becomes conscious it becomes very easy to find the truth. In unconsciousness we go on in circles, in consciousness we can immediately see the centre of the whole thing and we can move to the centre like an arrow.

Meditation helps you to become aware of whatsoever you have been doing. It takes you out of your vicious circle, it gives you a clear-cut insight into the target. And once you know exactly what your deepest longing is then to find it is very easy. That’s why Jesus says, ‘Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.’ But this seeking, this searching, this knocking, has to be done in absolute consciousness.

Happy and Prosperous New Year

Happy and Prosperous New Year

How many times have your received an email, greeting card with those words in it or someone spoke those words? I did not count how many, but, I know it is over 100. Now why am I asking that question? There is a method to my madness. I will step way out on a limb and declare that we create too much hoopla of it being a New Year and therefore, a new beginning that we forget about creating new beginnings as needed.

We can begin ‘ANEW’ any minute. Yes, any minute. Yet, we seem to only pay attention to beginning ‘Anew’ at the beginning of a new year, which is contrived. Once upon a time it was decided to develop a marking system of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds for daily use. However, there are milliseconds and nanoseconds, which are used in high tech operations, such as computers, rocket ships, etc.

Give me accolades, I stepped out of the box this moment to declare we need to focus on beginning ‘ANEW’ as needed in the now moment.

It is easy to get stuck in a rut of beliefs, thoughts, and expectations in life. This is especially evident if you have lived in the same neighborhood for a long time. You see the same faces, the same stores, the same routines and many other things that you no longer really see. It becomes easy to simply stop seeing what is there in front of you. Have you driven on the street you drive on every day to work and notice that a building that once stood on a corner is gone—how long was it gone? You can not recall. It seemed to disappear over night. When you asked a co-worker, you learned; it was demolished weeks ago.

You might be living the same moment, or hour, or day, or week, or month, or year over and over expecting different results. You can live each moment ANew. You have six senses to engage the Universe you live in. You need to Turn On, Turn In and Tap In with all your senses to everything around you.

Many Native American traditions are based on animal energy playing an important role in teaching important life lessons. Whatever animal they see on the first day of the new season is their totem, their guide for that season. “Animal Speak,” Ted Andrews and “Animal Cards,” Jamie Sams & David Carson are my sources for practicing this tradition.

What tradition will you create to open your senses to beginning ‘ANew’ as needed. Each morning you can start your day ANew and as your day progresses you can begin ‘ANew,’ in any moment.

One of my favorite reminders for staying focused and beginning ‘ANew’ are ants. Ants are very committed to their life work, focused and begin ‘ANew’ frequently as they trudge along back to the hive carrying something twice or three times larger than they are. If something is in their way they go over it, under it or around it. I have watched many times when another ant came by and helped carry the load. However, with help or not, every ant makes it back to the hive with their load.

Pause: This is the first moment of the rest of your life. Decide to begin a brand new moment. Committing to begin ‘ANew’ any moment as needed is beginning ‘ANew.’ You are living a moment never before lived and you can create your dreams—all you need to do is stay focused to go over, under or around any perceived obstacles. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy

Stop the Search ~ Be in Peace

Do you ever feel frustrated always searching for something to fulfill your life?
Like the many dates given for a certain magnificent, life-changing event to come...
sometime in the future !

A good life-lesson for individuals who 'hang-out' for events in the future to change
their lives and find it was nothing but another writer's fantasy. This is very true
when you search the internet for answers to how or what you can do to either feel
better or land yourself in a better place without any effort.

All of the changes that need to occur are within, and always have been. This is the
hardest single fact to try to get through to folks who suddenly hear of events like
'Ascension' and think that it's all in the planetary alignments or some portals opening.
This is not the case.

If one is to do some research into vibratory frequencies and how to assist their own
transition into a higher dimension, all they need do is start to meditate and begin
the journey within their own spiritual self. Then the question arises, what IS the
spiritual self? It's the silent part of you that provides you with your life-force!
Your very own soul, or lightbody. It has been with you since before you were born.
Although some religions have other theories on when the soul enters the body.

The countless spiritual Masters who have incarnated throughout the ages have taught
the way to Liberation to many, many students. Liberation, in simple terms, is the
freedom from samsara or the cycle of reincarnation. There are many reasons why people
decide to keep returning to earth, and one is they are attached to the physical way
of life, they died suddenly as in the case of young soldiers who resent having their
life taken from them at such a young age, and there are the ones who are still
searching for enlightenment. Just to list a few reasons.

I feel that the way to begin one's search for lightening their body in order to ascend
to a higher vibratory dimension is to begin the practice of meditation. Now this can be
a very enjoyable after work activity to begin by attending a class of your choice.
And if that method doesn't suit you by making you feel 'not quite right' about the whole
thing,try another method in a class that is friendly and open and not trying to sell you
something you're not looking for. Once you get the idea and feel confident, you can always
continue at home. The whole idea is to get in touch with the Essence of your Being.
It is a subtle experience when you first recognize the energy that lives within. You may
suddenly find yourself with a huge smile on your face when you connect, it is that exciting!

Getting back to the title of this Blog - Once you stop searching and driving your mind
crazy with all kinds of thoughts, fears, future scenarios, etc., you can then Be in Peace
by sticking to your very own routine of inner-connection. What an accomplishment !
To BE your own boss ! That is what it's all about.
You may even find yourself getting advice from inner-self about different ways to raise
your vibrations further. In order to expand your aura sufficiently to ascend to a higher
dimension takes a lot of work, and that is why many who are searching for an easy ride to
ascend to 5D will never get there. A dense physical body cannot ascend to any higher
dimension, it is too heavy and full of emotional and other issues that need to be addressed
and cleared. All of this clearing helps to lighten the physical body.
Once there is sufficient clearing, the aura- expanding techniques can be introduced and
practiced daily. This is vital ~ Expansion of the Aura.

Namaste and Blessings, Angela Mary ~

Aloneness, Absolute, Absolute Truth, Absolute Truth is Aloneness

Aloneness, Absolute, Absolute Truth, Absolute Truth is Aloneness

"It is through Transcendental Meditation that one is laying the foundation of eternal freedom, and through the experience of the mutation of the mind, becomes a member of that stream of society that is rapidly evolving to the goal of human life."
- Charlie Lutes

The Absolute

The thrust of all of humanity is to gain liberation, although most of humanity is not aware of this. They are like children in school caught up in play who have not yet learned that the purpose of going to school is to be educated. Most people in the world are totally unaware of the real purpose of life, or even if there is a purpose. It is only when they reach a higher state of consciousness that they become aware of the real purpose of life. It is then that they become earnest seekers and strive to reach liberation. At this point their life takes on real meaning and they start their spiritual journey.

It was Plotinus who long ago said that the spiritual journey is “a flight of the alone to the alone.” There is one thing in life that has no second and that is the Absolute; which is reality, truth or God. That which cannot be compared with anything else, that which has no second, must be the alone or the Absolute. It is the Absolute that stands alone and it is the relative that can be compared and contrasted to everything. The Absolute is not opposite to the relative. Therefore, it cannot be compared with the relative. It is the relative that is a mental projection of the Absolute.

truth awareness bliss pranic energy

The term “aloneness” worries many because aloneness seems to imply an end result of loneliness. But, nothing is farther from the truth. Loneliness is an external condition, whereas aloneness is an inner state of Being. Most people are afraid of loneliness because they come face to face with the pressure of their own mind, or thoughts, and this they cannot cope with. However, one can be alone in the company of many people because aloneness is an inner state where one is completely free from the company of the thinker and the thought.

It is actually the absence of the observed that makes one feel lonely. The world of the observed is the only thing that one has known and when that becomes disturbed the feeling of loneliness appears.

However, it is in times of loneliness that one discovers the joy of aloneness. Now escape, or refusal to repair the broken image, no longer exists since one has now discovered the inward path to freedom.

The Absolute is pure consciousness, unexpressed pure potentiality; restful alertness. To understand the Absolute one must transcend the field of the relative. Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation one transcends the field of the relative and in so doing the mind becomes infused with the nature of the Absolute, or pure consciousness. This is when the mutation of the mind takes place; an expansion of consciousness takes place. There is no condition of the thinker and the thought.

This experience most certainly is never the result of conscious attitudes of the mind; rather it is when all attitudes have vanished. It is through Transcendental Meditation that one is laying the foundation of eternal freedom, and through the experience of the mutation of the mind, becomes a member of that stream of society that is rapidly evolving to the goal of human life. One is now in the process of leaving the field of constant change and entering the Absolute field of no change, the field that is eternally permanent where the past and the future have merged into the now, where eternity is not an endless sequence of time frames, but where time no longer exists and eternity is the now. Also, where all live in eternal youth and everything is self-luminous. This is the Absolute.
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO