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Astro-Chakra reading for the week

14 - 20 Jan

Short but sweet this week..... and straight to the heart! from my heart to yours!

Jupiter 4: 4th Chakra (heart)
Jupiter Keyword: 'Wisdom'
Colour: Green
Chakra Keywords: Love, Relationships
Card Keyword: 'GENEROSITY'

*Corresponding crystal; CHRYSOBERYL

(when you look at this crystal below you can see it is expanding out from its heart centre....very appropriate for this card)

INTERPRETATIONIt is true that the more you give to others, the more you will receive in return. This week, you are being reminded to give love generously and unconditionally from your heart to others and to yourself.
ACTION: Affirm: “I now open my heart to feel unconditional love for myself and others.”

Frequency Update ~ January 16th, 2013

Planetary ~ Shared By Rev. Christine Meleriessee

This week we are adjusting from the New Moon energies that occurred on January 11th and lasted for three days. I shared last week that we were being acknowledged by our Angelic Presence to be activated during this time. Some individuals may have felt flowing energies enfolding within them. The Elohim Council of Light shared a special message through me on the 11th which can be seen via this link, “We Are Now Angelic-Humans-New Moon Activation, January 11th, 2013” which was to assist us in allowing this frequency to become more active within our physical bodies.

This Angelic activation is just the beginning for each of us. It was not a one-time event that would overtake our grounding process, but it is to help us to remember who we are, multi-dimensional beings of light. We have heard this term quite often in the last year but now it is becoming a reality for each of us. Again, it is up to us in how we receive it through our Higher Self and I AM Presence. There has never been a time like what we are experiencing presently to fully accept the aspects of our Divine Self to be fully activated within our physical reality.

So now, what do we do with this? Well, it has been shared by Spirit that this is just the beginning. We have many timelines of angelic energies that need to be activated, but we cannot receive it in one full activation. It must come to us in increments as we can accept them; otherwise, the frequency that is being shared by the higher realms to the Earth would not be able to sustain itself. So it is a process of continuation within each of us.

As I was reading some of the astrology reports for this week, I learned that we are in transition from the elements of Capricorn into Aquarius. Capricorn represents stability while having a need to understand the pathway that is in front of us holding unto the original planning stage. Whereas Aquarius, is more flowing as we become more aware of what is outdated within our lives. This results in allowing ourselves to look differently than we did previously. The pathway does not need to be anchored from the old ideas; this creates innovation to be ruled within our lives.

The planetary changes that we are going through align with the activation of the Angelic Presence that has now been grounded within each of us. It is up to us to fully tap into this reflection of the Self as it is going to help us move into the direction of being the Multi-Dimensional Human. We can no longer exist as we have before. We have experienced the changes feeling like we are misplaced within a new environment but yet the old is still within us. Tuning into your angelic self will help you to move through the transition from the Old into the New. We are not there yet and will not be for quite some time; but we are in the beginning stages. We have been reborn and now we have to feel our surroundings with our new awareness that has been given to us.

This week represents transition. Please know that there will be more activations such as we have received to help us through this process. We have to remember that the Heavenly Hosts are guiding us through this process of acceleration. Take time for yourself to Reflect, To Be, To Love Within, and allow that Illumination to be your guidepost.

Cosmic ~ Channeled Message Of The Unified Whole Command

We come to you in the consciousness of the All to share not only the expression that We Are but Each of You coming into the Unification of Remembrance. We are the Unified Whole Command in which many masters are now standing in this consciousness to reflect unto each of you. Many individuals upon the planet are very unsure of where they are standing, what they are feeling, and how to interact as each moment can change as quickly as the movement of the Sun around the Earth.

We want each and every one of you to understand that what you are experiencing is not common place; it is out of the ordinary to create wonderful expressions of YOU that have been lost for eons of time. We are very excited about the transition that is occurring presently within humanity. If you were to look at it through our eyes, you would see it quite differently than your physical existence. We see individuals in many walks of life starting to feel their own beautiful magic within their existence in whatever way it can appear. It is like a butterfly fluttering from a flower essence to the next feeling differently each time they move in a different direction. We see many butterflies moving about around the planet; sometimes, they stay in one place, and then at other times they are traveling so very quickly. Many butterflies moving around the globe in hopes to find their true essence in the flower that they connect with in each moment.

Each of you represents the butterfly. Some are quicker than others but all are very beautiful as you are just starting to expand your wings in a way that you have never achieved before. It is a beautiful sight to behold from our expression, and if you can understand what we are trying to say, is that allow yourself to hold dear each moment you are experiencing. This is not an easy pathway that any of you have chosen.

The illumination of your light is bright, but in order for you to become enraptured by it, you must allow yourself to feel all parts within. This process is not an easy one but very essential in the creation of your Multi-Dimensional Self. Do you know that you are re-creating yourself from all the parts that have been in different spaces? And sometimes, you pick up something you think you need, but yet the reality of your new illuminated self says “Oh, my, I was that before and I no longer need to be that Being I was.” When this occurs, there is a moment of remembrance within you. You acknowledge it and allow it to merge with who you have become. But then something seems to not align within yourself. That is the part of you that needed to be remembered but then removed, as you have grown beyond that aspect of the Self. This is the pure reflection of your own remembrance coming into the existence of Who You Are Now. There is so much beauty in these moments. You must remember that the old timelines of your reflection was not always in the Light. These moments take you into a place that you can no longer hold within you and then the reflection is illuminated through your entire Being. You become the Butterfly that can move into the next reality.

Each of the realities that you hold dear within your Heart is a mere reflection of what you have become. You will receive more and more remembrances to help you see what we envision for each of you. When you are in complete wholeness without a body, the Light is so bright that you blend with the element of the Sun and become One together. These are the particles of light that you are receiving. But it can only happen within you at the increment that your body can hold. As each new light particle intertwines within you, the old part of you is removed; you reject it as it no longer aligns with the New Reality You are becoming.

You will go through these changes through 2013. Some may not do it at the level of others as that reflects the many butterflies within GAIA trying to shine their light. Some may reflect more darkness than light and that is when your light illuminates to a power beyond what you can imagine. You are helping to clear these pockets of darkness just by your pure illumination. That is also why you must take time for yourself to continually feel these reflections within your physical body through your emotions and your thoughts. Know what feels beautiful and what does not. Learn to find the balance in between and remove the parts that no longer serve your existence.

The Angelic Activation on January 11th lasted for three days in which every Higher Self guided the angelic particles of Light to be infused within each human being. Those that received it with the purity of their heart illuminated upon the lands; those that did not are not used to such beauty and rejected their own essence that wanted to be integrated. This activation was the first of many to allow souls in human form to coexist with other elements within their creation. There will be many chances for others to follow what you are receiving. As this frequency became manifest, it may also bring forward other energies that are uncomforting. You must remember that you are healing for the ALL and these feelings may appear. Take what you know and remove them from your essence. Bathe in sacred waters, use sacred incense and sage, and create your sacred space as you rejuvenate yourself into the next level of your multi-dimensional self. There is so much beauty occurring and many souls are hurting. We must reflect only the highest of the highest in each moment and be so very aware of the old that is leaving within you and others.

The transition that you are experiencing presently will have it highs and its lows. With this new reflection you should feel more alive to create your life in a different way than before. Allow yourself to fully elaborate within the deepest part of your soul. Thoughts and intuitive energies will be at is highest level to help you remember all parts of your soul that are illuminated by the Divine Essence You Are.

Take time this week to honor yourself in this process. Each new level that is received will help you to understand more of yourself and your reflection in the world around you. Flow into the next moments with ease and grace. Allow the thoughts of worry to leave you but just accepting your Angelic presence interacting with your humanness of the Higher Mind and heart. Flow and Be the Flow. Be the butterfly that you are allowing each experience to be a Divine Moment of your creation.

We are the Unified Whole Command in the Source of Creation.

So Mote It Be, We Are One!

©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Ascension Mastery ~ All Rights Reserved. No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the link to this page and website, http://walkingterrachrista.com.

~ Opening a Closed Connection Consciously Reconnecting ~ By Madisyn Taylor ~ Posted By Agnes MacEachern ~

Opening a Closed Connection
Consciously Reconnecting
by Madisyn Taylor

If you feel abandoned or cut off from Spirit, know that it is always there for you waiting for you to plug back in.

There may be times when we feel like our connection to the universe is closed. Maybe things don’t seem to be going well in our day, or our lives, or we may feel out of our element. The truth is, the universe is always there for us. We know that we create our experience with our thoughts, and this is another way we need to make a conscious decision about how we want to experience life. It is up to us to do the work of making the connection, because nobody can do it for us, though sometimes the universe may send us wake-up calls.

You can think of it as getting some fresh air. We are always breathing and the air is always around us, surrounding us, moving through us. But we may need to step outside of where we are in the moment—physically, mentally, or emotionally—and make the conscious choice to take a deep breath in order to feel the air coming in and going out. Whether this means stepping outside physically or merely shifting our thoughts, it is only our perception that changes; the air remains the same.

It is just as easy to reconnect with the universe. Using the same technique as a breath of fresh air, a deep breath can bring us back to our center. As we inhale, we fill our bodies with the oxygen needed to replenish our most basic physical needs, allowing the air to circulate within us. Exhaling, we release the stale, the used, the potentially toxic air, removing any blocks that may keep us from going deeper into the stillness that lies at our center where we connect to the universe. Feeling closed off does not need to be a negative experience. When we become conscious of it, we can think of the wholeness of a closed circuit, which allows electricity to connect and flow properly. Our bodies work the same way, and when we make that connection in our minds, it can help bring us back to the connection we seek.

The Wisdom of Sant Dadu Dayal (Dadu, the Compassionate Mystic)

The Wisdom of Sant Dadu Dayal (Dadu, the Compassionate Mystic)

"Wherever one's thought dwells, there will that person rest. At his pleasure, he may go to the delusion of unreality or he may merge into the Lord of the self. Where thou keepest thy mind while living, to that abode shalt thou go after death. The soul finds lodging in a place wherein it has hitherto been immersed." (Dadu)

"The lover is converted into the Beloved. That indeed is called true love. Forgetting his own ego, he remains absorbed in the One." (Dadu Dayal)

"The Name of God is my sect. My way of living is control of the senses. For my deeds -- watch my disciples: their goal is to be immersed in Ram [God]." (Sant Dadu Dayal)

"When one's whole being is engaged in repeating the Name, that, indeed, is called repetition. The self then blossoms forth within, and the Lord reveals Himself, O Dadu."

"Do the repetition of God and forget Him not. Fulfill the purpose of thy birth by practicing concentration. Be steadfast in the remembrance of God. Practice meditation with love, and sing the glory of God. The human body is the door to salvation." (Dadu)

"One who, turning the attention inward, brings it within the self, and fixes it on the Radiant Form of the Master, is indeed wise, O Dadu. ... Search for the Beloved close to the place where-from the Sound emerges, and thou shalt find Him, sayeth Dadu. There is solitude there, and there is luster of Light. ... Fix thine attention within, O valiant servant, so does Dadu proclaim." (Dadu)

"The one who is merged in the Word, who is pierced by the arrows of the Master's instructions, who is absorbed with the One alone -- only that person is rightly set on the Path." (Dadu)

"God is within all beings. He accompanies all and is close by. Musk is in the musk-dear, and yet it goes around in search of musk. The self knows not God, although God is within the self. Being deaf to the holy Sound of the Master, sadly does he wander. He for whom thou searchest in the world, dwells within thyself. ... Search for the Lord within thyself, the Imperceptible One hath the Guru revealed." (Dadu)

"Anahad baaje baajiye, amaraapuree niwaas. Joti saroopee jagamagai, koi nirakhai nij daas." (Myriads of Sounds are heard; the one who hears gains access to the Kingdom of Immortality (place beyond the reach of death). A genuine servant gets to see the resplendent form of the Supreme Being.) (Dadu)

"The knowledge of the Sound Current imparted by the Guru merges one easily into Truth. It carries me to the Abode of my Beloved, sayeth Dadu." (Encyclopaedia of Saints of India, Volume 25: Sant Dadu Dayal, Bakshi and Mittra, Criterion Publications, New Delhi)

Urgency of Realization

This fragile and transient human life is speedily coming to its end. It is high time that we seek refuge in the Lord of Love. Only while living as a human being can the work be accomplished, not after death. Dadu:

The mind is a deer, sayeth Dadu.
Looking at the green forest of the world.
This foolish one runs around puffed up
with pleasure.
It is destined to be a victim of Kal [lord of time, lord of death], the
The body is like a passer-by,
sayeth Dadu.
No sooner dost thou look at him, that he goes out of sight.
Be dedicated to the Name of God
As long as there is breath in thy body.
Hurry up, O passer-by, the journey hangs over thy head.
Delay no more.
What art thou doing sitting idle? Repeat God's Name.
Evening has set in while the traveler is still in the forest.
He must move briskly.
This is not the time to be slack, warns Dadu.
Go Home quickly.

Gone is the time, and lost is the opportunity.
Where shalt thou find this priceless birth once it slips out of hand?
Catching hold of our hand, the Negative Power [Kal] is drawing us close day by day.
The self does not awaken even now.
Its time is spent asleep.
While watching, 0 Dadu, the hair has grown white from black.
Body, mind, and youth are all gone, and even now thou turnest not to God!
While alive one can transcend bodily qualities.
While alive one can be liberated;
While alive one can shed all Karmas.
That truly is called liberation.
While alive one can cross over what is hard to cross,
While alive can one go to the other shore.
While alive one can find the Master of the world,
And can attain discrimination and wisdom.
If the meeting is not accomplished while alive,
If the contact is not made while alive,
If the Lord of the universe is not found while alive,
The one is simply drowned.
One is freed while alive,
One is not freed after death, sayeth Dadu
If one were to be free after death,
Then all will come under that.
Some say one can secure abode in paradise after death;
They preach liberation after death.
They, indeed, are making the world
insane, O Dadu............... (Dadu)

Japi Gobinda bisari jini jai

Do the repetition of God [God's Name] and forget
Him not.
Fulfill the purpose of thy birth
by practicing concentration.
Be steadfast in the remembrance of God.
Practice meditation with love, and sing
the glory of God.
The human body is the door to salvation.
Do the repetitions of God, the Creator
of the universe. (Dadu)

A quote from the 16th century Indian Master Dadu, who outlined the Sant Mat vision of the spiritual life to be pursued during our time here on planet Earth:

Recognize the Path to your Beloved, O travelers and take the route of the anguished lover in separation. Keep the Master's grace in your thoughts, and reflect upon his pure teachings. Develop love and devotion with endearment, and keep the thought of the Creator always before you. Try to merge yourself into God like water and water. Fix your mind within by following the Path of the Sound Current. A yearning will arise; make then an intense and anguished call. Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore.

"Saints are the true redeemers, they make one see the Creator face to face. Having themselves crossed the ocean of the world, they take others across. They are the saviors of beings." (Dadu)

"Remembering God, life is successful, if spent in the service of others." (Sant Dadu the Compassionate Mystic quoted in, The Life Story of Dadu Dayal - The Book of Janma Lila, By Jan Gopal)

"I bow before the immaculate, divine Gosvami [Supreme Being]. Through my Guru's favor I have been given all purity. I greet all the Sants: through their devotion I drink the nectar of Ram [God]. There is no end to the number of Sants who appeared in the Yugas [Epochs] of Sat, Treta, Dvapar, and Kali. I sing of the celebrated one I have heard of, and bow my head to all the others." (Jan Gopal, disciple of Dadu Dayal)

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” A Good Day for Friendships and New Romantic Partners 1-17-13

You may fare better financially today through some opportunities with short windfalls.
You could also make a little side money doing talks, or teaching in some way.
Opposing Energies: scarcity-consciousness, greed, disorganization
However, an over-focus on money could affect your opportunities in a negative manner, and result in alienation in either or both personal and business contacts.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: alertness, clarity, willingness
Good News for Relationships™:
While this is a good day for new friendships and new romantic partners, be ready for sudden changes and dramas.
Not meaning they would be bad, but that sometimes sudden changes irritate people, and they become a bit inflexible.
So, be judicious and open-minded.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Match This Vibration

"It can't be that easy, teacher," the student asks, his voice heavy with disbelief.

"No, my student, at the moment for you, it cannot be that simple. Doubt will weigh you down." Our teacher walks toward the window and stands in the beam of light that hits the room just so in the late afternoon. His wings, now simply an iridescent Disco shirt like the ones worn during that musical heydey of the 70's, shimmers purple until he turns to highlight the blues and greens as well.

He places a tentative hand on the glass, looking, for just the slightest moment, as if he is ready to transform and leave us without a lesson. But he doesn't leave us.

"To match my vibration, you must be in alignment with the universe. You must have stepped into the river boat that represents your lifeplan, that map you prepared before you entered this life." He reaches toward my classmate, peels a sheet of paper from under his pen with a simple thought, then proceeds to fold the paper into a small boat. Once the careful folding is complete, he sets it to hovering in the air in front of him.

"Once you've set the boat in motion when you are born ..." He flicks the boat lightly and it begins to float on a river of air around the room. "Once you've set the boat in motion, it will flow downstream toward your destination. You can choose to add a motor and oars, but then you will be working against the river's flow that was your original plan."

"But what if boat rides make you seasick?" the irreverent classmate asks.

"That is up to you. You can either step on he boat, fully aware that it will take some getting used to before you stop throwing up your guts, or you stay on the shore and wonder what could've been if you hadn't been such a chicken sh**."

"Oh, my," gasps roll around the room. My classmates still don't understand our teacher's true uniqueness.

"Once you have stepped into your naked boat (no oars, no motor) and have decided to allow it to float gently downstream, you have allowed yourself to match the vibration of your future. You have allowed yourself to succumb to your higher self's pre-determined plan for your life."

"I'm sorry, teacher," I cannot resist asking for clarification. "Do you mean to say that life is as easy as stepping on a boat?"

My teacher rubs his chin as if at one time there had been a beard there. "It sounds easy, does it?"

I nod, and he continues with the lesson.

"It may sound easy, but once the boat is set in motion there are no oars for you to use. You have no control. Sometimes, a weather report may predict harsh storms and you can't take cover."

"So what's to keep me from jumping overboard and swimming to shore?"

"Hmm, what indeed? Maybe the synchronicity. Maybe the fact that once you've put your trust in the boat, once you've matched the vibration, the birds fly alongside and the fish jump into your hands to become your next meal. What if that once you've handed over control, things just start working better?"

"Maybe," he proposes. "Maybe you should simply lean into the boat's cushions and relax in the knowledge that you're on the right path, because the minute you doubt your decision,you remove yourself from the synchronicity of your vortex."

"It might just be as simple as all that." Our teacher snaps his fingers to emphasize his point. "And that, my dear students, is that. Class dismissed." He reduces himself to his dragonfly self and exits through an open back window.

Be well and much love,

The Dragonfly's Student

Law of Gestation - Everything Needs Time To Come To Fruition

Law of Gestation - Everything Needs Time To Come To Fruition

Warren Buffet speaks about the Law of Gestation, the amount of time required from planting the seed to reaping the harvest, with regard to creating wealth (Abundance). It is well known that the gestation period for a human is approximately nine months. The longest gestation period for a mammal is a minimum of 660 days (22 months - two months less than two years) and a maximum of 760 days (25 months - one month past two years) for the African elephant. The shortest gestation period for a mammal--12 - 13 days--is shared by three marsupials - the American or Virginian opossum, the water opossum or yapol of central and northern South America, and the eastern native cat of Australia.

There is an amount of time required for the gestation for all living things, plants, creatures, reptiles, fish and mammals. Based on Universal Laws there is no amount of pushing or demands that will shorten this gestation time. Likewise, there is a gestation period for everything that transpires in the universe. One needs to understand and honor this gestation period.

Universal Laws explain that everything is inter-related and are founded on the understanding that everything in the universe is energy, including humans. Energy moves in a circular motion. At the microscopic level, every thing is a whirling mass of electrons and energy atoms spinning rapidly.

Most people start a project and give up before the project has come to fruition. Their mind-set is based on ego instant gratification, rather than the Universal Law of Attraction and Cause and Effect. They pull up the roots looking for the fruit when the seeds have been given little time to grow into the beautiful thing that it could be.

Buffet states that honoring the amount of time required to bring one's desires to fruition is the best thing, because, it gives one the opportunity to see one's efforts (Cause and Effect) in motion. Thus, one has stretched from one's comfort zone, while learning and growing along with the project. Thus, you reap the benefit of learning and growing while creating what you desire-two rewards for the price of one gestation period.

If you are someone who seeks quick gratification, then, you need to learn to develop patience and perseverance. When you plant your seeds of ideas or projects, give it time to gestate. Keep nurturing it. Water it with more ideas for success. Dig deep into the heart and soul of becoming and nurturing your ideas to fruition.

Buffet stated some things, no matter how great your talent or effort, take time. You do not dictate how quickly something will come to fruition. Buffet quipped, "You can't produce a baby in one month by nine women becoming pregnant."

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing the blocks, fears and limiting beliefs, then, you can live the life you deisre. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's daily thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net Http://myasea.com/drdorothy


Your eyes honey gold suns
Stars above
me deep blue sea
wind caresses
soft lips smile
babies breathe
in your embrace
My fingertips across your face
familiar melody
kiss your tears away
Were together now
I'm gonna stay
Erase your fears
butterflies tickle
floating high
fused eternally
Home at last

Success Is The Only Option

Success Is The Only Option

Successful people have missteps, disappointments and failed experiments. The difference between those who fail and those who are successful is only one thing—-they do not quit. Successful people find a way to go around, under or over the many obstacles on their path to success.

Everyone has ups and downs in life. These downs might seem so convincing that it is tempting to think, “Well, this is just the way it will be forever—there is nothing I can do.”

If that statement was an ironclad truth then, people like Thomas Edison, who invented the light blub would have given up long before he invented it. When asked if he was discouraged after over a 1,000 failed experiments, Edison replied, ‘I know over 1,000 ways how not to invent the light bulb, I need only one more experiment that works. And we know he did.

Michael Jordan said this about his basketball career, “I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Remember, every unsuccessful experience might look like a disappointment, being let down or failure in life. Some people, who were considered to have failed many times, Thomas Jefferson, Lucille Ball, Martin Sheen, actor were highly successful. Sheen said he was considered an overnight star, when in fact he had worked at his craft for ten years before he had his first ‘blockbuster’ movie. He has gone on to have many blockbuster movies and highly acclaimed TV sitcom rolls.

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” ― Michael Jordan

“If you quit ONCE it becomes a habit. Never quit!!!” ― Michael Jordan

Quitting is not an option. Be the one who persists, perseveres and triumphs.

To Your Success. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy

Unseen, Unheard - Part I - Spiritual Chakras

Human body has 7 spiritual main chakras.

Starting from lower 1st root to 5th throat are directly related with 5 elements of nature. One has to purify these 5 chakra first in order from lower to top.

Unseen, Unheard thing is that,

God has given us all major senses (door entries) between 5th & 6th chakra. in detail as below,
a food is earth element, we take it from mouth
a water is water element, we take it from mouth
a smell is air element, we take it from nose
a breath is air element, we take it from nose
vision is seen by eyes
voice is heard by ears and spoken by moth
These all realtime activities are made between 5th & 6th chakra.

Therefore, when we take food, water from mouth, pass through all chakras (5th to 1st) and making them one by one spoil (impure).
What we see from eyes, is felt by lower body, which also impure as mentioned above.

This is why purification of chakras are must to get upliftment in spirituality.

How smart mechanism made by its creator !!


January 16, 2013 an easy 20 mile meditative run, “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.”

The Universal Mind is Within Each of You

The Universal Mind is Within Each of You
Message from Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul
Received by, Julie Miller
January 16, 2013

Many thankful blessings from my own humble heart to all of you.

My dears, a solitary and intelligent consciousness is moving through the entire universe – what we are discussing today dear ones, is the Mind at the Universal level. The universally connected mind is ALL knowing, powerful, and creative and of course always present in the NOW. It is well understood that the Universal Mind currently exists everywhere; therefore it is also within each of you. Your precious mind at the universal level cannot be simply explained as a philosophical idea that has moved through many ages. The mind that functions at the universal level is one that understands scientific truth, identifies with this truth, believes in this scientific truth and has learned to assimilate this truth into every aspect of their lives. Yes dear ones it is a miraculous transformation when your journey brings you to such a propelling discovery of your Self.

One of the finest minds in your history of mystics and intelligence, Albert Einstein related more than once that humans are part of a WHOLE and that whole he was referring to was the Universe. There are other names to describe the mind at the universal level and sometimes you may hear the term, the Unified Field, Universal Consciousness, Cosmic Awareness, and we are positive more can be added to this list. Just as God is described by many names depending on how His energy resonates with you at the time. However you choose to relate to the Mind at the Universal level will still provide you with understandable conclusions regarding the quality as a whole that the only differences that may arise may be a varying degree of perception and opinion.

We encourage you to understand that the basic nature of the Mind that is Universally Whole is also considered as an Omniscience; which means it is ALL knowing, Omnipotence; which means ALL powerful, Omnificence; which means ALL creative and Omnipresence; which means ALWAYS present. Realizing that this is also your own natural way of being, you gain entry to ALL knowledge that is either known or unknown. You have the ability within the Universal Mind to access infinite because nothing is impossible any longer – all is possible. You begin to applying the unlimited creative energy as a co-creator being and all the divine traits and values that are brilliantly within each of you become present and illuminate their potential in all possible outcomes and in all possible forms.

Each of you has the Choice and Free Will to act upon your own personal nature. It is vital dear ones that you take the time to know yourself from the inside out. Once you have mastered yourself in all your intricacies, then the mysteries that have surrounded you become understandable. As you master yourself dear ones you tap into the unlimited power of your subconscious mind and of your higher self. As you climb into higher realms of consciousness you will learn to align yourself perfectly with the Omnipotence, Omnificence, and Omniscience of your mind at the Universal Level at all times.

You are urged to comprehend that each of you is a pure manifestation of a solitary and Universal Consciousness – the profoundness of YOU are ALL One is not only directed to each human that you share this Earth with, but with ALL of nature and to ALL that is within the mighty Universe. Remember dear ones what you do to another is what you do to yourself; the way you regard nature, is a reflection of how you regard yourself – this is the basic understanding of the Law of One. See not just with your eyes, but with your heart and your soul that any separateness you think you are seeing is truly an illusion of the nature of your Ego. The natural environment of reality dear ones is non-dualistic which describes that what you see might look different, what you are seeing is not detached or separate.

Because each of you is already connected to everything you have the ability to create an ideal reality. There is no power that can separate you from yourself. You have the ability to know happiness, true real love, great health, copiousness, prosperity and anything else you intend that comes from the purity of your unconditional love that touches everything you do. Bring your Self into a frequency that vibrates harmony within the area where you wish to experience the creative power of your incredible thoughts. Understand dear ones it is essential to be the master of YOUR identity and you reach this achievement when you master your thoughts.

Take the time dear ones to comprehend what is YOUR truth. You will become the master of your own mind and through this mastery you will direct your life where you want it to go. Feel the incredulous nature of being connected to everything and everyone. YOU are already intertwined with what it is you want most in your heart. Your own consciousness is an essential contributor to the Universal Consciousness – take hold of your journey and drive your path and experience the many wonders that will greet you with many lessons that will enrich you further with much knowledge that will be turned over into wisdom after time has had a chance to heal any disharmony that may have been encountered.

We understand not everyone is at the same place on their spiritual journey that is bringing wonderful and positive effects into all avenues of your life. Take the time to nurture each other through sharing and understanding, LISTEN with your heart and you will KNOW when to give or when to receive. Your journey is not a lonely one. There are many wonderful divine beings with you and many yet that are waiting to be asked to guide you. When you make a silent plea for guidance, one that comes from your heart, free of all Ego, that plea will be answered and you will receive the guidance, support and love you have requested assistance for. Be strong dear ones, your journey is a blessed one, rejoice and embrace all that comes your way.

I AM Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul through Julie Miller

Live Moment To Moment

Live Moment To Moment

Every morning as I wake up I welcome seeing the dawn as a new moment to begin accomplishing what I desire. Each
moment is a lifetime in miniature.

Each new day has 1440 minutes. I already used 360 to refresh my mind and rest my body. Then, I need 120 minutes later to begin again to refresh my mind and rest my body. Only 960 minutes (16 hours) to do all the wonderful things I desire.

It seems there is never enough time to accomplish all that I desire. Yet, it all seems to come to fruition. This moment is the moment to cherish; to savor and be fully engaged in. This is a moment that has never been lived and a moment that will never be lived again. What will you cherish and savor? What will you learn?

Last week, I woke to the phone ringing. I rolled over to reach the phone--noticing the time—6:30. Oh My Gosh! I over slept. OK guides you did not wake me as we agreed. As I picked up the phone, I saw the number on the caller ID – My 7:00 AM client. (Calls are forwarded to my home for after hours emergency) I answered - he had over slept and would be 15 minutes late. As I hung up the phone, I chuckled. OK guides I am chagrined that I grumbled at you for not waking me at the regular time. You obviously could not wake him to be on time for his appointment and so you did not wake me, because the additional 30 minutes would be beneficial for me. Thank you guides for taking good care of me, even though, I misunderstand and grumble sometimes.

And so it is—-your life is truly only lived moment to moment. I invite you to consider that it is really a brand new moment to fully live if you are interested.

Be Interested—-moment to moment.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy

Wrote for a friend who was suffering writers block !

The chip on the edge of a porcelian dinner plate

The letter Z

A muffled cough

The chewed pen cap on the floor

The bend of an overused fork

The treads of a bike tire

A falen tear

The number 3

The bark of dog, excited

The wilted flowers in the window of an old womans' home

The toll of distant bells

All inspire.

The darkening clouds, call for rain

Lighting crashes, hear it

The blaring of a horn

A penny, lying face up in the street

An unoccupied park bench

An oil stain on satin shirt

A sleeping child

The clicking of heels on concrete

The howling of strong winds through bare bending branches, saluting

The muse.

The drip of water from faucets

The somber smile of a stranger

A stray cat running

The humming of engines

The raised voices of those quarreling

The clicking of a cars turn signal

A blaring ringtone

The wrinkles on the sides of a wizened man's eyes

What will be your inspiration??

Osho on Buddha Sutra – It is difficult to understand thoroughly the ways of Buddha

It is difficult because you are not a Buddha yet. Only the similar can understand, only the equal can understand. A Jesus can be understood only by a Jesus. A Buddha can be understood only by a Buddha. How can you understand? If you live in the valley, if you have the language of the valley, and somebody comes from the top of the hill where you have never been, and he talks about the sunlight and the clouds, and the beautiful colours of the clouds, and the flowers that bloom on the top of the hill, how will you understand?

You know only the valley, the darkness, and your crawling life. You will misinterpret, you will translate whatsoever he is saying into the language of your valley. That’s why Buddhas say, ‘Come, come with us. Come to the reality we exist at. Come to the top. There only will you be able to understand it.’ It is not a question of logical discourse; it is a question of changing and transforming your plane of being.

Whatsoever I am saying to you, you can listen to it. In a certain intellectual way you can understand it also, but you will always feel puzzled. You will always feel that this man is talking in contradictions. Sometimes he says this, sometimes he says that. You will always remain in a confusion.

Just the other night a sannyasin came to me and she said, ‘I was never so confused as I have become listening to you.’ I said, ‘That’s right. You were thinking that you know. Now you know that you don’t know. You were thinking that everything is okay. Now you know — nothing is okay. You were thinking that this valley is all that exists. Now you know there are unknown peaks. Now the challenge has penetrated your heart. Now the desire has arisen and much has been stirred by the desire. You don’t know what those peaks are, but you have started longing for those peaks.’

Confusion is bound to happen, because the language of the valley and the language of the peak are two different languages. There has been a meeting between the two; chaos has arisen.

‘But don’t be bothered by it,’ I told her.’Start moving towards the direction I am indicating, and as you move higher, your confusion will start changing into a fusion. Confusion will be left behind in the valley. By the time you reach the peak, everything will be crystal-clear.’

It is enough if you can even understand a bit of it. Try hard. Don’t leave any stones unturned. Try hard to understand. Knowing well it is almost impossible — but try hard. By your very effort, you will become integrated. A center will be born in you, and that center will become a transforming point.

One day you are all destined to be Buddhas. The whole thing will be understood only on that day, not before it. You will have to grope in the dark, but don’t be lazy — grope. The door is there, certainly. If you go on groping, you are bound to find it. The hill exists. If you take courage and start moving beyond the valley, you are bound to reach. Yes, arduous is the path, dangerous is the path, but that is the only way one matures, grows and attains to life abundant.
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