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~Quantum Psychology&Metaphysics Of The Projection Behind Betrayal~

~Quantum Psychology&Metaphysics Of The Projection Behind Betrayal~

Understanding the quantum psychology and quantum metaphysics behind betrayal and what it really means .Being the master of bringing peace to chaos means mastering this wisdom within remembered, then being carrier and messenger of this wisdom. For the master of bringing peace to chaos knows that they must first be at peace with their own ego in order to project love to another's chaotic projection and diffuse any chaos from manifesting . This is the master in full essence delivering and manifesting peace from chaos. This is the way.

By Quantum Goddess Of Light

Do Not Feed the Chattering

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

Hello Son,

Do Not Feed the Chattering

Is something bothering you?

Is your mind doing overtime with all the thinking; well this is not good for you. This does not matter what it is, because it is draining the energy out of you.

Your mind is chattering away feeding the thought and making it grow, it does matter, and negative thoughts wastes energy and we become restless.

So you try to tell yourself that it is okay and you can handle it; but at the same time the thoughts keep coming and going. The focus is still there, the chattering still continues.

It is not okay.

Oh mankind turn the other way and move into the light; try to relax and push it away from your mind.

The connection with your consciousness and higherself is the goal; however, if the mind is busy elsewhere the energies will be diverted to somewhere else.

Oh mankind remember, do not make these thoughts your actions when it's already is draining the energy out of you. When they manifest, the outcome will not be fruitful, but the opposite.

Learn to negate the mind, to be free from the chatter and increase the silence each day by meditating.

Simple words produce powerful outcomes for the mind to develop and grow into energy that feeds and expands the mind. It is necessary to be aware of this that way mistakes in learning and perfecting oneself can be learnt.

Your mother; learn the key to an open mind.

The Needs of the Heart

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

Hello Son,

The Needs of the Heart

Oh mankind the needs of the heart are simple, so take heed.

The heart feels the pull to the positive light and without the connection to you it cries. It does not understand why there is no connection when it hears all your thoughts. It cannot believe that you are facing the wrong way.

Face towards the heart and listen; for the mind is only a translator for the higher consciousness.

The heart can see, communicate, store knowledge than any expansion of libraries put together. It is an incredible organ, worthy of praise to one who created it. The heart needs you to do the simple things in life before the connection is made.

This is done by doing the right things, by staying away from chaos and those who bring ruin to others; speak generously and praise whenever you can.

This is the secret to opening the heart, it is easier than you think.

The heart has been given instructions to reveal all secrets stored inside by the Creator. Each day the energies arriving and upgrading the bodily system; it is exactly the same as retuning a car to perform better on the road.

The heart is working incredibly hard trying to tune into you, but you are always facing the wrong way; it is exactly the same as not getting in the car when it is available to you for free.

What are you going to do?

There is only one answer, one which has already been given; so be patient; as it is you who has to learn to face and tune towards the correct direction.

Your mother; wisdom is the art of listening, reading and acting upon advice to change a negative outcome into the light.

EXISTENCE ~ by Angela Mary

There is no-thing to be worked out in this moment in time.

As the tree responds to the gentle movement of the breeze

We also flow with the life-force that is within.

In the silence of our soul is the great mystery

Unfolding and gently guiding every living thing.

The only difference between the tree and us

Is the form that was chosen to experience

And express its existence in consciousness.

Written by Me ~

The Gospel Of Mary - Part 2

Mary Comforts The Other Disciples:

Distressed and weeping, they complained over
not knowing how to preach about the Kingdom of the Children of God.

If they had no mercy on the Blessed One, how will they ever
have mercy on fools like us?

Mary, taking a brave stance, comforted their doubts
by offering soothing words.

Weep not nor let your hearts be so mendable.
With the power that was crafted into you be the Master Craftsman,
Christ, the knowledge of what it means to be a true human being
shelters all of us from the blaspheming of wolves.

Turning their hearts towards the Good,
a debate arose concerning the nature of the Savior’s vast
and perplexing statements of faith.

Peter Asks Mary To Preach:

O Sister of the Cross, since you are the favored one,
do share what the Savior has told to you in confidence.

Filled with compassion, Mary decides to teach the remaining apostles
about the hidden teachings of Christ.

Vision And Mind:

Enraptured in a vision of the Lord,
I testify to the Truth of this vision in relation to the Savior.

Hearing the Savior’s words, the Savior left me with these teachings.
Wonder upon wonder is He who does not waver at the Sight of Me.
Where the mind is focused, there shall be the treasure of the soul.

Is the vision of the Lord perceived by the soul or the spirit?

Such a sight is neither perceived by the soul or the spirit but is
perceived by the mind of the subtlest of hidden natures.

This vision is what transforms an ordinary human being into
a glorified witness of the Truth.

The Ascent Of The Soul:

Entering into another parable, Mary personifies the role
of a human being’s personality in relation to a human being’s soul.

Desire, wanting to take over the show, said that the soul is always
flowing downward into an abyss of denial and self illusion.

The soul, in response, said that desire did not see its true self,
for desire dimly perceives the garment that is the human being
and conventionally forgets about the original wearer of that garment.

Fleeing out of distress, desire left the human heart,
but was soon confronted by ignorance.

O wicked creature, your soul is bound to hell. Do not dare
to judge what I have said.

Unafraid of its accuser, the soul rose to the occasion.
Why judge me when I am free of judgement?

I once was bound, but never did I try to bind anyone else.

Not recognizing Me, I have come to understand that
the illusions of this universe are to be dissolved,
along with heaven and earth.

Continuing to rise higher in the vision of the Lord,
it saw the seven powers of a terror stricken personality.

Darkness, desire, ignorance, fear of death, attachment to the body,
foolish wisdom and monetary knowledge are the seven
powers to be avoided.

All seven powers interrogating the soul at once,
they demanded it to reveal its overall destiny.

Every binding power has come to pass
and the surrounding influences of darkness have been
completely forgotten about.

Desire being powerless and ignorance a joke,
I am to be set loose from taking a form in the world above
and in the world below.

From this moment in time, I will finally find my natural restful state
in the silence of eternity.

Silenced by her own speech, Mary left the
disciples to their own devices.

The Disciples’ Dispute Over Mary’s Teachings:

Shocked by the strangeness of these teachings,
Andrew addressed the brothers and sisters of
the Congregation of Christ.

I simply cannot believe that the Savior would have
confirmed the Truth of these wild and speculative reasonings.

Peter expressed similar doubts as well.

Did the Savior really speak to a woman in confidence
without having consulted us about it?
Did He favor her over us?

Mary, astonished by their insensitivity,
wept and asked Peter one bold question.

Do you really believe that I am imagining something apart
from the Christ and that I am nothing but a scoundrel?

Levi, defending Mary, told Peter off.

You have always been jealous of her. If the Savior gave her
His mercy, who are we to judge the merit of her revelations?

Loving her more than He did us, her knowledge of the Christ
is the most bonafide.

Instead of fighting among ourselves, we should cover ourselves
in the garments of a perfected human being and prove to ourselves
that we can walk in the same shoes as the Savior.

This is the gospel according to Mary of Magdala.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Card of the Day: Nine of Cups

(Illustrations from Archeon Tarot deck used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 2005 by U.S. Games Systems.)

“Don’t clean my room up, I’ll never find anything if you do!”.
Chaotic order or disorganised order. That’s what this card screams to me. When everything looks a mess and disorganised but amongst the disorder, there is an element of structure. But a lot of this is not because you’re disorganised, it’s because you have more things than places for them. You have an abundance. This is not only for your physical environment, but also your mind. If it’s not really organised – it’s because you have so many thoughts swarming through it.

Is this bad though? Is it bad to have too much? I don’t think so, but it can also call as a reminder for you to consider what it means and what you can do about it. It is time to sort through your organised clutter and decide whether it is relevant to where you want to head to next. Can you give to others? Can you combine aspects to make it appear less cluttered? Does it all need to be ‘out’ right now, or can you find somewhere else to put it until you are in a better place/time to use it?

This card encourages us to look at what we want out of life. What are our goals? What can we do to work towards them? What is important? What is really just clutter?

We Need Blogs That........

We need Blogs that are more Angelic and give us comfort in those dark hours of doubt
We need Blogs that are sensitive and don't fill us with fright !
We need Blogs that are 'fair dinkum' and get straight to the heart
and We need Blogs that show us 'the way' so everyone knows their part!

We need Blogs from Heaven with God's Blessings and nods of approval
We need Blogs to request some article's removal !
We need Blogs of harmony and peace and friendship
We need Blogs to show us how to create more kinship !

We need Blogs with Wisdom and Humour and Respect
We need Blogs that are sensible and don't leave us in a wreck !
We need Blogs with advice on how to navigate our path
We need Blogs to light up our day and give us a laugh !

We need Blogs of Animals and Nature and Stars
We need Blogs about the Galaxy and what's happening on Mars !
We need Blogs to teach us all about Life
We need Blogs that don't make us swear and get us in Strife !

We need Blogs from Members to share their Creative Abilities
We need Blogs from others with Spiritual Sensitivity !
We need Blogs to make us think and question our beliefs
We need Blogs to awaken us to deeper insights and give relief !

Written by Me ~
Laughter and Smiles to Everyone ~

Saint Thomas of India

"To be glorified art Thou, the Father Supreme, born of Thy First-born in the silence and tranquility of meditation." -- Saint Thomas in India, from, "The Song of Praise of Thomas the Apostle", translated from the Syriac in, Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles: http://archive.org/stream/apocryphalactsa00wriggoog#page/n254/mode/2up

Also see, the Gospel of Thomas: http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom.html

The Psalms of Thomas:

and, Thomas the Spiritual Athlete:

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Open Your Heart 1-29-13

Get ahead on your writing projects, and any projects that require deep thought.
Today, you can really concentrate.
The influences working today are great for salespeople, who talk it up to get the sale, and can think on their feet.
Opposing Energies: deceptive, insincerity, dishonesty, doubts, over-self-protectiveness
Be aware the energies today also can be flirtatious, romantic, and insincere; and take it all with a grain of salt.
The opposing energy for this influence is dishonesty, so keep your antennae up, watching others, and yourself!
The biggest part of the opposing influence is the stretching of the truth in favor of whatever creative measure needed.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: focused, openness, kindness, patience
Good News for Relationships™:
The sparks of attraction have begun. Life begins anew. Open your heart.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Exotic Sensation

Relax Daily

Twin Souls and Soul Mates

This is an excerpt from a book "A Step Forward".

"One concept, which has received wide attention, and almost universal misunderstanding is that of Twin Souls and soul mates. They are not the same thing and their description varies to that provided in many sources. I will address each independently.

The soul, as described in another chapter, is not the conscious form, which occupies the human body. The soul is man’s interpretation of the aspect of the spirit, which is a piece of the divine. The soul is a complete segment of the universal power. It is indivisible, as it has neither male (positive) nor female (negative) aspects. The soul resides within the spirit and never occupies a place within the human form. It connects to the human form through the spirit. To the human it is as if the soul is within.

So what does the term Twin Souls mean? The concept most hold of Twin Souls is that each soul possesses male and female energy, a positive and a negative. These souls then divide and subdivide, in accordance with God’s plan, so all souls could experience the sense of separation. Both twin souls share exactly the same vibration, so that they can identify each other, should they meet. As the souls arrived on earth, they became men and women. The division between the souls drove them toward romance and relationship building in the hope of finding their other half. In time, the souls draw together and experience the bliss of reuniting. This, in turn, would make them aware of their spiritual nature.

Some may claim this exists except perhaps the term should be Twin Spirits. This is also incorrect. The spirit is form made up of conscious energy. It does not possess either male or female structures. It is complete with neither a positive nor a negative.

The universal energy, which is the foundation of the soul, is one level of frequency and vibration. The universal energy has the means of changing vibration, but it does not do this to the soul’s vibration. They exist to maintain the link between the universal energy and the spirit within which they reside. Therefore, if a soul could indeed separate, the vibration of each would be the same.

Leaving aside the fact that the soul is indivisible, the whole concept, as expressed, rests on human values and morals. Humans have a need to express everything in opposites. This ingrained concept is in their consciousness since all life, including their own, appears to have opposites. If they are unable to identify an opposite, they have considerable difficulty understanding the structure.

This aspect of opposites is so pervasive that all concepts, spiritual or not, have opposites built in. Because there is a man (positive) and a woman (negative) within the human structure and indeed in all animal life, this imagery applies to everything else. Because there is a sun and a moon, the sun is male and the moon female. Energy has to be positive or negative. Events have to be good or bad, actions must be beneficial or harmful; the only exception is the male figure of God. Although there is no Goddess in many religions, most spiritualists recognize the duality of male and female traits in God. For those churches, which do not provide such an easy out, they have females such as Mary, who holds a primary role within their faith.

Therefore, it is easy to understand why people would see a spirit as having a male or female energy. The same would also apply to the soul. This need to apply such concepts is misleading. Spirits and souls have no need to contain a male/female or positive/negative division. They are complete as they are. If they did possess such attributes, the concept that they have to divide to learn about separation would imply they have a human need. To suggest they reunite so they can experience the joy of reuniting, suggests that they are out of touch with their own self. Their joy of reuniting comes with their lower and upper spiritual consciousnesses reuniting after an incarnation.

The idea that a soul has a positive or negative energy basis is assuming that universal energy is similar to electrical power. In electrical power, there is positive or negative as the electrical charge will not move unless there are poles. In universal energy, there are no poles. Universal energy does not ‘run’; it exists. It can certainly flow into a person or object and manipulation of the energy is common, but not because of any need to complete a circuit. It has this power as all life and objects are composed of universal power. All concepts contrary to this are limited human ideas.

If the belief, 'that souls in the human body would search each other out and someday rejoin', they would be able to locate the other half at any time as they have access to the full awareness of the upper spiritual consciousness. They would find each other and not go through the uncertainty of most partnerships.

The other remarkable human aspect to this theory is that it applies only of course to men and women. The concept suggests that men and women will search for each other, as each is one-half of the soul. How does that theory apply to male-to-male or female-to-female relationships, attachments and romances? These individuals often believe they have found their Twin Souls.

The term Twin Soul is not a term that would apply to any relationship between souls or spirits. The use of this term developed in response to human need. It explained the sense of closeness some people feel on contact.

Soul mate is a term for which there is an application, although it is also not accurate. This is what the term Twin Souls should reflect. A soul mate is often referred to when a human meets another (usually male and female) and finds almost instant attraction, trust, and a sense of closeness. They discover they often have the same interests and beliefs. They believe their souls match, and they were destined to find each other. As a result, their physical attraction is strong.

The term soul mate does not imply a link between souls. The term soul mate should refer to the spirits, not the souls. It would be more accurate to refer to the relationship as a spirit friendship. A soul mate is not a bonding or a relationship between two souls or spirits who have a physical bond or are male or female. As spirits incarnate, they will often change their gender, and as a result, they may find themselves in the same gender as their soul mate.

A soul mate refers to the relationship between spirits. A spirit, before it incarnates, will make arranges to assist another spirit during their incarnation. As they cooperate, they develop a strong bond or reflex in which they understand what the other needs and wants are. While the spirits incarnate, they maintain the bond. Once the incarnation ends, the bond ends.

Individuals will use the term soul mates on the basis that a strong and lasting relationship exists between the couple. However, the use of it to mean a spiritual bond is also correct as long as you realize it is limited to this lifetime."


Knowledge is learned from others. Wisdom has to be discovered within oneself. Knowledge comes through studying scriptures, accumulating information from all possible sources. But wisdom is not information, wisdom is transformation. It does not come from any scripture or from any source whatsoever; it is already within you -- you just have to dig deeply into your own being. You have to find the rock-bottom beyond which you cannot go.

Once you have touched the rock-bottom, a fountain of wisdom immediately starts flowing in your life.
And then that wisdom has freshness because it is not borrowed; it is young, innocent, uncorrupted. It is not
cunning; it is wise but not clever, it is intelligent but not intellectual. And it will change every thing in your
life. Knowledge changes nothing, it simply goes on accumulating in you; you remain the same. Knowledge
becomes like a burden; you can carry it on your head, you can go on piling it up in suitcases. That's what
memory is, just the piling up of knowledge.

The more knowledge you have, the more you will be respected by people, but you will know that you are the same person. You will not respect yourself, you will not have any self-respect. On the contrary you will have a deep self-condemnation. But with wisdom it is possible, people may not respect you, they may even condemn you, because your wisdom will be so fresh and so new that they may not be able to absorb, digest it. They may not even be able to hear it -- it may be so shocking to them. It will be against their traditions and conventions. Wisdom is never conventional, it is always revolutionary.

Knowledge is always conventional. The pundit always follows the past; the scholar goes on digging in
the graves and goes on finding skulls and bones -- that's what his whole work is. The more skulls he accumulates, the more bones he accumulates, the greater scholar he is thought to be. The wise man has no accumulation really, but he has a tremendous freshness, the freshness of the early morning breeze, the freshness of the first ray of the sun, the freshness of the flowers just opening, the
freshness of dewdrops. He has a coolness, a calmness, but whatsoever he says brings rebellion into his own
life and it brings rebellion into other people's lives.

That rebellious wisdom is possible only through meditation, not through mentation. Mentation will
bring you more and more knowledge, and meditation will bring you more and more wisdom. When meditation is absolutely full, complete, entire; when nothing is left, when you have come to a point beyond which there is no further to go, then wisdom is total. Then suddenly your life becomes integrated; it becomes one, centered, rooted, grounded. Then you live joyously and you die joyously.
Then whatsoever you do there is dance in it. And when every breath is a celebration, then only should one think that one has found god, truth, the home.

~ Blessing ~ By John O'Donohue ~ Posted By Agnes MacEachern ~


On the day when
the weight deadens
on your shoulders
and you stumble,
may the clay dance
to balance you.
And when your eyes
freeze behind
the grey window
and the ghost of loss
gets in to you,
may a flock of colours,
indigo, red, green,
and azure blue
come to awaken in you
a meadow of delight.

When the canvas frays
in the currach of thought
and a stain of ocean
blackens beneath you,
may there come across the waters
a path of yellow moonlight
to bring you safely home.

May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
may the clarity of light be yours,
may the fluency of the ocean be yours,
may the protection of the ancestors be yours.
And so may a slow
wind work these words
of love around you,
an invisible cloak
to mind your life.

John O'Donohue

~ From the Ojibway People of Canada ~ Posted By Agnes MacEachern

Look at our brokenness.
We know that in all creation
Only the human family
Has strayed from the Sacred Way.
We know that we are the ones
who are divided
And we are the ones
who must come back together
to walk in the Sacred Way.
Sacred One,
Teach us love, compassion, and honor
that we may heal the earth
and heal each other.

~Ojibway people of Canada
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