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Natalie Glasson: The Goddess Consciousness – Manifestation and Creation

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – January 14, 2013
Goddess vibrations are being expressed in abundance and magnitude onto the Earth at this time as a process of deep nourishment and nurturing for all. We, the Goddess consciousness come forward with immense support for all as humanity and the Earth move through a unique integration and creation process in order to manifest the truth of the Creator.
Imagine yourself as a baby being supported in the sacred womb of the goddess vibration. When you were in the womb of your mother you experienced a period of creation where energy vibration, light and wise consciousness needed for your incarnation merged with your being. Your mother also provided you with energies and consciousness which you absorbed deep into the energy vibration and body that was being created.
The period not only allowed for a powerful integration of all that you wish to become and experience in your life time, such as Creator qualities, but you also mastered with assistance the powerful tool of manifestation. As a baby in the womb of your mother you learnt to manifest yourself, essence and soul physically in order to form the body that would become the vehicle for your life and your consciousness sack which would act as divine inspiration until further connection with the Creator could be obtained.
Your consciousness sack is akin to a capsule of specially collected and formed wisdom that will assist you in remembering the truth of the Creator. Gradually within the womb your consciousness sack, which is the consciousness you require, merges with your entire being to form a manifestation of understanding. Within the womb as a baby you are constantly manifesting and experiencing supported by your guides, your mother’s guides and your soul.
It is a time when you can dissolve the separation between the energetic dimensions of the Creator’s universe and the physical vibration that you are being born into. It is a time to play like a movie screen in the mind or soul goals of visions of what you wish to experience in your physical reality. An experiment ground of setting intentions, thus allowing creation to form in many ways. In many ways it is the most powerful form and experience of creation that you experience on the Earth and prepares you with the ability to use the creation energy of the Creator in order to form and create all that you need to support further and continued learning on the Earth.
We, the Goddess vibration support this process of creation on the Earth in order to allow souls to learn and experience a physical reality. Within the Creator’s universe, attending the physical reality of the Earth is the quickest and yet most challenging pathway to ascension and unity with the Creator. This is why so many of you have chosen to be incarnated onto the Earth. We remind you of the powerful experience of creation within the womb because in truth this is what is occurring right now for many of you upon the Earth.
Your soul and guides are working with you as are we the Goddess consciousness in order to access the vibration of creation, in order to transform, create and form all that you need and require to continue and experience the next phase of ascension on the Earth. The energy of creation is manifesting a new consciousness sack which is akin to a download of precious consciousness to inspire and enlighten you while you create intentions and integrate aspects of yourself and the Creator.
As within the womb you are creating now from the inside out, your creation energy can influence and change your physical body, dissolving illness and reprogramming the manifestation of health. As you create from within you are realising the beauty of your being, the strength, vibration light, power, intense love and wise consciousness that you hold. You are realising how you are connected with all aspects of the Creator which connects you on a deeper level with the magnificent source of the Creator.
As you form a new realisation of yourself within your being through intentions, following guidance, integrating energies, awakening wisdom, enhancing love and accessing the belief in the creation energy of the Creator, you will realise a new fully formed aspect of the Creator within your being, with the power to radiate and project this realisation into y our outer reality for further manifestation. This period on the Earth is allowing for each person to feel and experience greater integration and accessing of the vibration and natural ability of creation within their beings.
Do not try to resist the process of integration, allow the light of the Creator in its numerous forms to flow into and through your being. Allow yourself the time and space that you need in order to allow the creations and intentions to form within you whether you are aware of them or not. This time may not be about external action but more about internal shifts and merging as many fragments of your soul appear within you ready to be bonded as one instantly empowering your soul and soul expression.
Some people may feel they are already creating intentions for their new reality and are experiencing deep integration of their being and are therefore experiencing the flow of creation into their physical reality as many synchronicities and miracles manifest. When synchronicities occur within your reality you can be certain the manifestation and transformation of your truth within your being is occurring.
It is important to be aware that some babies choose to stay in the womb for a longer period of time while others choose a shorter period of time. It is the same for you as you exist in truth within the womb of the Goddess consciousness, Creator and Mother Earth, do not limit or become impatient with your unique period of transformation and integration; let it unfold with divine timing as it is why you have chosen to exist on the Earth at this time. It is such a beautiful process of self, truth, Creator and inner creation manifesting more fully than ever before.
At this time of creation you are also united with all beings forming the new Earth that is so desired, know that all you achieve and realise within your being is in service to humanity. Each and every soul on the Earth at this moment has contracted to experience, to learn and understand the most powerful process of co-creation.
This process is so magnificent and unique that you planned to be at your current stage of ascension in order to learn and awaken the ability to co-create, not just with the Creator and your soul but with every soul aspect of the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes. Each soul is being given the keys of co-creation to master at this time, to bring into fruition and to experience with every other soul on the Earth. Are you ready to accept the keys of co- creation which are being imparted and activated within all who are ready and hold a true loving intention of creating the bliss, peace, love and truth of the Creator?
We wish to share with you an invocation to encourage you to accept and realise all we have spoken about and shared with you today.
‘Beloved Goddess consciousness and vibration, I call upon your loving support and nourishment to penetrate my being, mind and soul, please support me in whichever way is appropriate guided by the divine will of the Creator and my soul. Let me breathe the nurturing and illuminating Goddess energies into all aspects of my being as I realise that I am being sacredly held and supported within a womb like energy composed of the light of the Goddess, Mother Earth and the Creator.
Assist me in focusing within my being, communing with my soul in order to integrate all energy vibrations of the Creator, all fragments of my soul and all divine consciousness that is being provided to me. Allow a new fully formed realisation of my truth and the truth of the Creator to be fully formed within my being. Support me in experiencing this fully formed aspect of my truth, projecting it with strength into my reality for further integration and manifestation.
Goddess beings, vibration and consciousness I ask you to support me as I connect with my unique, sacred and powerful ability and energies of creation within my being. Guide me to become a master of creation, working with the powerful and divine vibrations and will of the Creator to form all that is needed and guided for my own reality and the Earth.
With the Goddess support I ask, if it is divinely appropriate, to receive the keys of co-creation, which I understand to be sacred wisdom and guidance of how to co-create. It is my deepest intention to co- create peace, joy, love, harmony, unity and truth as I realise myself as an aspect of the Creator united with all Creator aspects. I choose to co-create with all or appropriate aspects of the Creator in manifestation on the Earth and the inner planes in order to manifest the Era of Love on the Earth.
I now choose to co-create with my soul, soul group, the goddess vibration, Mother Earth and the Creator in complete and absolute love, selflessness and harmony, accepting with gratitude and love all that is provided to me.
I hold and realise that my deepest desire to seek for beauty and all that is the Creator can only be experienced fully when I seek within, with detachment and a centred vibration of love.
I surrender myself to the Goddess vibration for further healing and energetic support. Thank you.’
(Then simply sit and experience.)
It is also important to be aware that in this sacred time of integration and nurturing of the most sacred aspect of your being, you may still experience old intentions or habits set in the past coming to the surface. Gradually as your intentions and thoughts become clearer you will no longer experience old thoughts habits and intentions trying to merge with your vibration as they will lose their power as you no longer choose to energise and empower them or this aspect of yourself. You are awakening, cleansing and empowering your being to become a beautiful, shiny, clear, radiant crystal of magnificent power.
This is the truth that we see when connecting with your being,
With Goddess Blessings,
The Goddess Consciousness

Suzanne Lie: Teachings From The Arcturian Mothership – Living Multiple Realities, Part 1

Teachings From The Arcturian Mothership – Living Multiple Realities, Part 1
By Suzanne Lie – January 13, 2013
Kepier Speaks:
Hello, I am Kepier. As you may know, Mytre and I were serving on the Arcturian Mothership together to assist the Nightly Visitors with their ascension process. Mytre is now serving with his Divine Complement, Mytria, and I am working with the Arcturians in the ethers just above the ever-rising baseline frequency of ascending Gaia. I am working directly with my human expression who is holding a form in several of the myriad versions of 2013 ascending Earth. I speak with you now to give you a brief preamble about Multiple Realities.
Multiple Realities encompass Parallel Realities, Alternate Realities and Multidimensional Realities. Some Multiple Realities resonate to the same frequency of expression and other realities resonate to different frequencies of expression. Hence, multiple realities that all resonate to the third/fourth dimensional frequency band are known as Parallel Realities or Alternate Realities. On the other hand, realities that represent different frequency expressions of the same experience are known as Multidimensional Realities.
Because planet Earth is shifting into the higher dimensions, Her Parallel/Alternate Realities are also traversing into different frequencies of form. Hence, Parallel and Alternate realities are blurring into a similar pattern of ever transmuting versions of life. Let me give you a brief description of each type of reality. To make this description simpler I will title the reality in which you are reading this message as your Base-Line Reality.
Parallel Reality
A Parallel Reality is created every time you make an important either/or decision that has the possibility of changing your life. For example, if you choose to leave a certain job, there will be a Parallel Reality in which you keep that job. Your Primary Point of Perception – the YOU to whom I am speaking – may not know about this Parallel reality, but your Multidimensional Soul does.
Your Multidimensional Soul has taken the long trip down from Source into the world of form and wants to experience every possible option for every experience. As your consciousness returns to the innate multidimensional thinking of your fifth dimensional SELF, you will be able to easily compute both your Base-Line Realities and all the Parallel Realities that shoot out whenever you make an either/or decision. In this manner, you can have optimum learning from every experience and share your Parallel Realities with Source.
While our Base-Line Reality is the physical world, you will be unconscious of the fact that every possible version of any given reality was lived out in a Parallel or Alternate Reality. Also, there is a difference between Parallel and Alternate Realities. Your personality in your Parallel Realities is similar to your personality in your Base-Line Reality.
On the other hand, in Alternate Realities you explore alternate types of personality similar situations as your Base-Line Reality. Therefore, your Alternate Realities are comparable to your Base-Line Reality but YOU are undergoing the same situation through the viewpoint of a different personality. In this manner, you can explore different personality traits and even different expressions of your Divine Qualities within similar, yet slightly different, situations.
As your primary consciousness expands into the upper fourth and lowest fifth dimension, Parallel and Alternate Realities often “bleed through” into your Base-Line Reality. In this manner, your Parallel and Alternate Realities converge into the ever-expanding Oneness of your ego self who is merging into your Multidimensional SELF.
In fact, when your point of perceptions rises into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will be able preview all the Parallel and Alternate Realities of your third/fourth dimensional self. Consequently, you will be able to gain the most information and learning from your time in lower worlds. From the perspective of your Higher Dimensional Expression you will be able to view your many manifestations of SELF without judgment.
One of the reasons why you choose NOT to be aware of your Parallel and Alternate Realities while still holding a 3D form is that there is a strong potential for self-judgment. This self-judgment would greatly hinder your Ascension process. Thus, most Ascending Ones choose to limit the perception of their other realities to those that they believe they can use and/or heal.
I am giving you this information now so that you will have a more in-depth understanding of your myriad multiple realities. Then you can more easily follow the journey of Mytre and Mytria as they experience their Multiple Realities. They share their experiences with you so that you can more easily piece together the many versions of your complicated, polarized reality.
Your 3D Blinders are coming off now. If you do not prepare yourself for your true world, you could become so overwhelmed that you may limit or halt your Ascension. Furthermore, it is often easier to understand another’s experience than it is to understand your own. By learning love and compassion about the challenges of others, you organically learn to be more loving and compassionate regarding your own challenges.
Perhaps Mytre and Mytria are finally ready to complete their preparation for merging…
Mytre Speaks:
Mytria and I “prepared” for our merging by intimately communicating with our minds, our hearts and our bodies. We had been apart more than we had been together, but our time together had sent both of our lives deep into our Paths of Ascension. We made love again and again, and each time we merged our bodies more into Oneness. Then, we had an experience neither of us had ever felt.
We seemed to fall asleep, but we “woke up” together in a world that neither of us had ever consciously experienced. At first, it felt as though we were in a thick fog. However, the fog was not cold, hot or damp. In fact, the fog seemed to twinkle with minute particles of light that appeared to blink on and off. We could only vaguely see each other, so we tightly held hands as we wandered through the twinkling fog.
There appeared to be gravity and solid ground beneath us. However, the gravity was much less than we were accustomed to, even in the Mothership, so we walked/floated through the unseen world. Eventually, we realized that we were in-between realities and would need to combine our Heart-Minds to focus on creating and/or finding a reality with some degree of form.
Eventually, we realized that we were in some form of membrane that flowed between different frequencies of reality. Then, in a flash, we both understood that we were IN the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are living membranes that resonate between each frequency of reality. Every Akashic Record stores the molecular pattern of every experience and sensation that is sandwiched between that Akashic Membrane and the Akashic Record that resonates one octave lower.
Neither one of us had consciously read the Akashic Records, but we realized that now we would have to do so in order to get our bearings. Once again we joined our consciousness to amplify our abilities. Mytria has worked with the Great Mother and had connected with all her multidimensional emotions and sensations, and I had greatly expanded my multidimensional thinking and the power of intentional thought. Together, we were much more than we were alone.
We faced each other, toe to toe, heart to heart and head to head and merged our consciousness into the Oneness. With loving comfort, I surrendered into the downloading of her abilities into me, as she surrendered into the download of my abilities into her. This membrane reality had no sense of time, so we could not predict how long we remained merged. However, due to our mutual downloads, we shared with each other every experience we had while we were apart.
Suddenly, our eyes flew open, and we looked into each other’s eyes, feeling as though we had NEVER been apart. It is difficult to put into words the shift that occurred within me. All that I can describe is that somehow I was completed. The ever-present sense of longing that I had suffered since I left Mytria and came to the Mothership was replaced with a quiet sense of security and unity. Mytria told me that she felt the same.
We stood looking into each other’s hearts until we realized that the fog was beginning to shift. We observed as the dim glimmer of lighted particles began to connect into mutable patterns of energy. In total unity of thought we simultaneously reached out and touched the pattern closest to us. Instantly, we were transported into ancient Earth, many millennia before the fall of Atlantis, and saw our first Pleiadian Colony.
We had just arrived from Lyra, our Homeworld, looking for adventure. Our society started out small, but quickly multiplied within just a few generations. We were happy and peaceful for thousands of years. However, the easy life that encouraged creativity within those whose hearts sought Power Within, created an urge to control for those who sought Power Over others.
We had never known the slow progression of time nor the freedom to explore our inner selves that we found on Earth. Hence, we didn’t suspect that some of us harbored a need to dominate and control others. At first, the “others” that were dominated were non-humanoid. Thus the animals, plant life and body of the planet were mistreated with no remorse. Eventually, the few expanded their dominance to restrain and injure their own kind.
Conflict arose between the two diverse manners of expression, which quickly expanded into fighting and, eventually, into outright war. The escalation of violence increased until the damage to planet Earth was so devastating that we had to leave the Paradise that we had turned into a war zone. The peace that we had sought in our new home was damaged by the few, as well as by the many who lived in denial until it was too late.
Our vision ended as we sorrowfully watched as the remnants of our wounded society re-entered their Space Craft to find yet another new home. We returned to the fog/membrane knowing exactly why we had to suffer so long in the Galactic War of Service to SELF societies against Service to Others worlds. We had always thought of ourselves as the victims, yet it was our own society that started the karmic cycle of “energy out is energy back.”
We then understood that we were IN the Akashic Records of planet Earth, and surmised that we must stay there until we were fully briefed on the TRUE history of Earth. Hence, we worked our way forward from our first landing on Earth. Yes, we came again to Earth to make similar mistakes. Once again we abandoned Earth, leaving Gaia to repair Her world. It is for this reason that we Pleiadians are so dedicated to Gaia.
Eventually, we found ourselves in the Akashic Records of Earth circa 2013 AD, the reality timeline that we would be visiting. However, we realized that before our lessons were completed we had to investigate the myriad Parallel and Alternate Realities of that timeline. We needed to be fully updated on all this information, as we would be educating the Ascending humans about their true history.
Many that were the “dark ones” in one reality were the “saviors” in an Alternate Reality. In order to fully transmute a third/fourth dimensional reality into the fifth dimension and beyond, the myriad reality timelines would need to merge into ONE. Hence, the polarized expressions and alternate choices of different realities needed to merge into ONE.
Once these third/fourth dimensional polarities and realities are merged, Gaia and Her inhabitants can more easily merge with the higher creations, choices and expressions of their Multidimensional Realities. The Ascending Ones, humanoid and non-humanoid, that we will visit are the forerunners of this multidimensional merging.

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild -- January 13, 2013 ~ hold on steadfastly to your KNOWING.

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

January 13, 2013

Blossom: Hello my friends.
The Federation of Light: We welcome you into this conversation with much Love. We have been monitoring energies upon different sections of your planet and we have concluded that there appear to be extreme differences throughout. Naturally we take into account the war zone factors and those places that reside in Peace. Yet this is not of the energy we speak.
We support ALL life and we consider that which is of both High energy and that which is of a lower level to BE that which we desire to continue to uplift.

We appreciate too that many of you have fallen by the way side … as perhaps one would say?
Blossom: Yes … I have had many letters from people who FEEL that nothing took place … No Ascension ... and they FEEL all hope/knowing is lost! It certainly is a VERY SUBTLE DIFFERENCE WITHIN and I can perfectly understand how many cannot FEEL anything at all.
The Federation of Light: Yet … the difference is there. Allow for a moment … your thoughts to settle into a KNOWING. Take a few deep breaths and KNOW that the path you and all upon your planet ….. along WITH your planet … are on is an ever increasing journey upward. To a ‘place’ where things that you are aware of that no longer serve you NOW in the place where you are … shall NOT rise up alongside you … they cannot.
Blossom: I very rarely listen to the news, yet this morning it so happened to be within hearing distance. Not very tuneful to the ears or the soul and certainly one would … if they chose … question if anything happened at all. For little seems to have changed and the same miserable media mentality resides ... feeding us all with more and more doom and gloom. Trying to put things in perspective … it seems a long long way away when we will be in a place where all this misery has left Mother Earth and we laugh and play in a world of plenty.
The Federation of Light: What we ask you to do is to hold on steadfastly to your KNOWING. You thought we were to give you the word ‘faith’ did you not Blossom?  Yet you are now moving on into a place within yourself that does not require ‘faith’. It requires … as we spoke of in our last communication … KNOWING.
In order for you and your planet to move forward YOU HAVE TO KNOW.
YOU HAVE TO KNOW that you came to BE HERE in order TO KNOW. For if you do not KNOW … how can you walk into the next phase? It is within your KNOWING THAT ALL IS WELL that enables the plan to fall into place. If you still remain in the position of hoping and having faith … a part of you is still telling yourself that you are unsure of all that is taking place.
Blossom: I AM!!!
The Federation of Light: Yet we say differently.
Blossom: I can accept that as TRUTH … somewhere inside me I accept that … Yet what is the point of KNOWING it all … if we can’t remember what we KNOW?
The Federation of Light: You will.
Blossom: When? You are asking us to do it now. You have asked us to do this since we began six years ago … WHEN and more to the point HOW?

The Federation of Light: Would you not say that you KNOW a great deal more now than you did six years ago?
Blossom: Without question!!
The Federation of Light: And so … this is how it works. As you grow with knowledge of who you are … by becoming who you are … you then begin to KNOW who you are … and when you KNOW who you are … you KNOW everything.
Blossom: So … this process … just goes on and on at its own pace?
The Federation of Light: NO … at YOUR pace!
Blossom: Well … we want everything to be hunky-dory … and it’s not.
The Federation of Light: Yet it will be when enough of you choose to make it so.
Blossom: So you are talking about our pace as a collective pace, not as an individual one?
The Federation of Light: They are one and the same.
Blossom: How so?  Here is me … just little ol’ me … doing the best I can to FEEL my way through into a Higher place because that is the only path my soul desires. There are many thousands … perhaps millions like me … WE ARE CHOOSING TO KNOW … yet I cannot say … I DO. I don’t KNOW what we need to KNOW. Not the kind of KNOWING I FEEL you are talking about.
The Federation of Light: WHICH IS?
Blossom: KNOWING who I AM … not fully.
The Federation of Light: Yet you do ... because you are you … therefore … of course you KNOW yourself. Your predicament is that you FEEL you do not KNOW the fullness of yourself and you FEEL you should.
Blossom: Well, yes. Isn’t this what you are asking us to KNOW.
The Federation of Light: It is. And you are asking us how to go about getting to KNOW this YOU?
We say … we have been teaching/advising you of this all along. Gradually bit by bit …we have been ‘feeding’ you ‘morsels’ of YOURSELVES!  It is not suitable to be given the entire loaf! Your entirety could not survive in this planet at the energetic level that it currently resides. Yet as the energies rise … along with the energies of the return of the TRUTH of Mother Earth … so too you are able to ‘receive’ more of yourself and with that receiving … ‘in gratitude’ … more of your TRUE self … that KNOWING OF WHO YOU ARE ... is able to settle within this human body form that you are ‘appearing’ to BE.
Blossom: So then … that makes me think that we have to wait for those Higher energies to come to us … the way you have put it … so we can’t get on with our ‘KNOWING’ until more of that KNOWING is offered to us … in order for us to remember who we are . I’m not putting it very well, yet do you see what I am saying?
The Federation of Light: The more the desire to BE that KNOWING … the easier that KNOWING finds where it is being directed to. Since THE CHANGE on the given date when many felt such disarray and disappointment … the HIGHER ENERGIES/KNOWLEDGE entered into your very air that you breathe. (For want of an explanatory term).
Now … some choose to breathe unaware of the gift of life that breathing brings … they take it for granted and carry along their merry way. They do not have appreciation.  They do not have acceptance. They simply take EVERYTHING for granted.
Now … there are also those … who choose to acKNOWLEDGE this Higher level that has entered in. They choose to give thanks for each breath they take. They accept that a Higher part of who they are is now available and that by the very KNOWING of this … the CHANGE slowly … yet oh so very surely … ‘does its thing.'
Have you yourself not had moments of this acknowledgement whilst amongst the company of others …FEELING that same LOVE for All as opposed to ‘before’ having different reference points of the level of LOVE that you FEEL for individuals?
Blossom: Yes. That is True.  I have ‘had moments’ of experiencing an acceptance and a deep LOVE for ALL … even those who really trigger me! A deeper understanding of KNOWING that we are all on the same path yet at different stages of it … and it is so very warming to the heart. Yet these are not ‘full time’ FEELINGS … I am assuming you are about to say ‘Yet they will be’.
The Federation of Light: Perhaps you would like our job? We smile with you … yet naturally we do not consider this to be a job. We consider this to be an assignment of LOVE. A PLEASURE. A JOY.
Blossom: So … before moving on … Basically you are saying to KEEP ON KEEPING ON …  because ALL THIS … whatever THIS is … will GRADUALLY present itself in a way that we ‘GET IT’? Dear me ! I can’t help but FEEL we have been here before … and yet … inside me … this all FEELS perfectly alright. It seems to make sense within me. If it didn’t … believe me I don’t think I would be knocking on your door asking if you wanted to come out to play. It is interesting how many write in with their viewpoint about YOU. Some LOVE you, some FEEL you are conning us all. Some our fed up to the back teeth of you going on and on about LOVE. HAH! That really makes me smile.  They want you to answer questions that they cannot. They want to know this and that about this and that. Yet … you are not interested in answering these kind of things are you?
The Federation of Light: Not for any other reasoning than the fact that these things regarding ‘this and that’ are vast universal projects. Some matters are simply incomprehensible.
Blossom: Oooh! I wouldn’t underestimate the incredible mind of the human!
The Federation of Light: We wouldn’t dream of doing so. Yet we would suggest for you not to underestimate the vast detail and intricacies of the matters we are speaking of.
We say to you over and over again and shall continue to say … for as long as there are those who choose to listen …
We could continue in this fashion for days and days …
Blossom: Yet we KNOW! So … basically at this juncture ... for those of us ‘keeping on’ …  it’s ‘business as usual’?
The Federation of Light: Yet we would say … it is far from usual.
Take more time to FEEL the ‘unusual!’ Take more time! For we do not have the desire to convince you that a great change occurred … we have the desire that you recognize for yourselves that this was so. Without doubt … without question … as time as you KNOW it ticks on … you will look back on yesteryear and say ‘My goodness me. How things have changed’.
Blossom: I am sure we will. Yet being here in the NOW … sometimes it feels as exciting as watching paint dry!
The Federation of Light: Yet the result is always so refreshing when it is complete. A whole new FEEL to the place wouldn’t you say?
Blossom: Indeed. Point taken. Hey Ho and on we go!
The Federation of Light: Always we watch over you.
Blossom: Love ya! In gratitude …. As I climb the next rung of the ladder!
The Federation of Light: In order to see a different/Higher perspective.
Blossom: And gain a broader view! In Love and thanks till next time.

Webpage: Blossom Goodchild

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