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Horoscopes 2013

Horoscopes 2013

Short & Sweet Stars

By Molly Hall, Guide

(Experimental) Work-in-Progress

With the "end date" of 2012 behind us, we can settle into a more natural and open-ended future. Let's take our time in 2013 to tune into soul guidance and decompress, as this is the foundation for wise choices. It's a year to take the waters -- healing your personal swamplands, and find magic there -- especially after mid-year.

Pace yourself and fortify your constitution, since that same edginess of 2012 -- unsettled and urgent -- is with us this year. I keep hearing the call to be at my "fighting weight." Lightening the load (emotionally/psychically) can be part of your prescription too, and the cosmos is in your corner. These are the years (to 2015) of radical regeneration. So much is in a state of breaking down and/or being recreated.

The two exact squares of Uranus-Pluto are in May and November, in 2013, and impact most intensely the cardinals (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) in the 8-12 degree range. But this sense of high-stakes choices -- as individuals and societies -- encourages each of us to stay alert, and do our best.

A Love Triangle

A sanguine grand trine forms in water signs from Saturn (Scorpio) to Neptune (Pisces) and Jupiter (Cancer).

At a peak around Summer Solstice (June 21st), this heralds a great year for women to step forward with confidence. Men who dare to demonstrate balance with the feminine (receptivity, fierce compassion for life, earth wisdom, the spirit of cooperation) will also shine. It's a boost to creatives, healers, educators and entrepreneurs who lead with the heart -- your work finds a receptive audience this year. A culture of kindness takes root, and is integrated to re-humanize our world.

The mystery date in the love triangle, Pluto, also plays a role, in opposition to Jupiter -- forming a mystical kite. This clears the way, where there's been stuckness, with miracles, the melting of hardened hearts, a re-sensitization. The future looks bright, as we deepen intimacy in our relationships, and reach for work that's satisfying to the soul.
To sum it up, 2013 is another year to grow by leaps and bounds. When there's a wall or dead end, the pathway out could appear with a change of heart. Instead of forcing a solution or struggling to protect what you've got, the answer could be to listen to your emotions, your dream messages and engage the imagination. It's daring to thaw out, and live in a more emotionally and imaginatively rich reality.

Aries to Virgo


You're unique among the signs, for living at your leading edge.

But even you have times of discouragement, when it seems it's a continual up hill climb. This year's divine struggle is less of a solo journey, as you form deep attachments for love, business partnerships and collaboration.

The last while has brought a dizzying array of choices. This cries out for some kind of organizing principle, the kind that only comes from deep soul searching. As your sense of the possible changes, so too, do those worldly goals. Keep your structures flexible (and short term) enough to change with you. Uranus the lightning bolt that fertilizes with new currents is in your sign -- this brings experimentation and sudden breakthroughs. When you cultivate wisdom and the patience of nature itself, the pressures of Pluto help ground your genius.

As Jupiter moves into Cancer at mid-year, your homing instinct grows stronger. Moving is possible, and so is re-invigorating your space, and spending more time there. Your restless spirit is soothed in good company, and this prevents burn out.


You've been demonstrating enormous resolve, to go for tangible goals that are like your personal mountains to climb.

Your confidence only grows, as you dig into reserves, and make the most of your talents. Now that your dreams have strong support beams, the challenge in 2013 is to your psychic underpinnings.

You can hit walls in relationships, as the premise for being friends (or lovers) doesn't hold water anymore. On the other hand, your most intimate bonds grow stronger, as you face shared shadows, or unlock what's repressed. It can feel like a trial by fire, and what remains is more honest, and in synch with your deeper self.

A mystical awakening at mid-year offers new perspective for those meaningful events and people. A deluge of memories, dreams and even encounters with past lovers cut a path to resolving personal mysteries. True miracles happen in the latter half of the year, through forgiveness, acceptance and release of old baggage. The raw material of the imagination finds its way into your artisan creations, and is the topic of sublime heart-to-hearts.


Have you experienced an embarrassment of riches, with Jupiter in Gemini?

Your year with the luck bringer continues to June 25th -- stay alert to opportunities that feel portentous. Ask for discerning wisdom, between what's a flash of genius, and a flash in the pan. This time of speedy change can make aspirations feel like a moving target. Balance this out with spiritual practices that take you to deeper states that feel like touching your eternal/mystical self.

2013 continues last year's theme of experimentation and finding your profitable niche. Trust the value of your gifts, even when it seems your message falls on deaf ears. Focus your aim, if you've been all-over-the-place. It's likely a question of choosing among many opportunities, and hoping it'll stick. You keep a light hold, which enables you to quickly change, but creates chaos and instability. Cut out the extraneous noise, to settle your spirit. Be protective of your nervous system, especially from bad vibes and media that drains.

This is a very auspicious year, Gemini, when you can sashay in a zigzag fashion toward significant life goals. You're confident when you awaken to being multi-dimensional -- this gives you fluency with all your intelligences. It's a year of profound healing, as you trace emotional legacies back to their source. A journey home or to a mystically charged place helps you see with the eyes of the soul.


If you spend the first part of 2013 preparing yourself for an opportunity, the lucky breaks of Jupiter (June 25th) in your sign have a magnified effect!

Take heart, in times of dissolution, when you're feeling lost -- much is being cleared out and transformed. This year offers riches, and a chance to alter your course.

The constellation that's forming as the Sun goes into your sign, makes 2013 one of golden opportunities. You'll be inspired to take the path that leads to the edge of discovery, where you're tested. This is huge for the Moonchild, who like Bilbo Baggins, likes familiar comforts == the overstuffed chair, hot chocolate -- and can fall into stagnation. A fire is being lit, to risk showing more of who you are, through your presence and your creativity. It's a phenomenal year to heal old psychic traumas and contracts, which lightens your load, enabling you to be light on your feet.

It's a year to discern between choices and what they stir up -- from a fear of being at the edge, to the weary, "been there, done that" kinds of opportunities. You'll be deciding between options that make you feel alive, and those that have a deadening effect. How does a potential opportunity make you feel? Is it part of your past or the vibrant emerging future? With Jupiter guiding you in 2013, the signs are clear!


"It takes discipline to be a free spirit" dance pioneer Gabrielle Roth

Leo, you've got the backing of the cosmos, to be persistent and do great things. A discipline that also makes your heart sing feeds a desire to be fully committed. This is also a year for removing barriers to loving, and/or doing what you love.

A rigorous practice that engages you physically and spiritually gives you the catharsis that's needed.

There's much to be transformed, so be patient with yourself. Healing modes that peel the onion, and transform raw energy are a god(dess)send. You yourself are a healing force, when you take time to enjoy yourself fully, laugh, and encourage others to shine.

Refreshingly eccentric people pass through your life to mid-year, and some become friends or collaborators. The unique material of your past, and your psychic make-up finds its way into your self-expression. Finding the universal in your own journey, and sharing it in a big way, becomes your path of service. Home is where your heart (and art) is after mid-year. You flourish in an intimate, loving circle of friends and family. Investing in friendships and the cozy factor in your home pays off in contentment.


It's astonishing what you're able to accomplish brick-by-brick.

You make it appear effortless, but those close to you know better. Your sensitive system needs TLC, and practices that are restorative.

You've had a varied social life, and this carries on into 2013. You're able to embrace all walks of life, and especially those that express a need -- the underdog. Having strong psychic boundaries is important, especially after mid-year, as the psychic soup we swim in sloshes this way and that. Taking time alone redraws those lines, and helps you maintain clarity in chaotic times. This is especially critical if you work with the public. Having a cleansing ritual when you come home, and the catharsis of exercise makes a big difference.

When your skills are paired with the imagination, you can go on journeys that are healing for yourself and others. Dreams (soul messages) become more vivid, for guidance and to know thyself. It's time to tend to hearth and home after mid-year. The care you put into making a house a home, returns to you tenfold. This is a time for expansion, fertility, creating a home studio or business, or moving.

Oppenheim Bernhard/Getty Images

Libra to Pisces


You continue to experience the pressure-cooker of change (especially Libras in the 8 to 11 degree range).

Also called the big squeeze, it's forcing out your reserves of strength, and evoking magic (great shifts of consciousness). In any areas where you've coasted on your (considerable) charm, you're pressed to demonstrate courage, perseverance, the ability to act decisively.

An antidote to mania and being up in your head is body work, rituals of self-care that allow you to decompress. As an air sign, you need space, and quality downtime -- to fortify and calm your nerves. Being clear makes it possible to act on your instincts, even if it throws you off balance temporarily. You've got tools to tolerate being at the edge, knowing you'll eventually return to a state of equilibrium.

Your home becomes a focal point at mid-year, and a move is possible. Your ability to create beautiful and artful things, is eaten up by those seeking it in droves. Look at your natural gifts and sense of mission, and match this with a demand in the market. There's an opening to do business in a way that makes sense, and adds loveliness to the world.


Years ago, a high-achieving Scorpio friend confided that while yes, the drive and will are there to succeed, she feared not knowing what she wanted.

The stars align to amplify your ability to make things happen in 2013. Be wise about your fixations. It's worth the time then, to cultivate practices that keep you from getting locked in a groove.

Saturn in your sign, in mutual reception to Pluto, makes it a year for total transformation. Your creative workings, and your presence telepath this theme of metamorphosis to others. Your gifts of profound healing, in the medium of your choice, can make you a sought-out authority. This is a favorable year to go on adventures, to shake things up, and explore personal mysteries.

This is a fertile year, especially after Summer Solstice (June 25th), and your commitment to a child or creative work is anchoring. Your home life comes in focus, as a place for intimate gatherings, and to go deep. You'll desire plenty of "me time," but just as much family intimacy, keeping in mind family can mean friends, too.


Journeys this year have a mystical flavor, and awakening to hidden dimensions alters the past and future.

Your inner world becomes as vast and treasure-filled, as the outer one in which you're so at home. You instinctively know this is a time when reality is fluid, as perception is in flux. Looking for the order in nature and art, like sacred geometry, brings other kinds of revelations. You thrive at this edge of discovery, when your seeking makes sense and is practical in the real world.

Use your talent for turning the information deluge into knowledge -- to bring much-needed clarity to the world. Your ingenuity is supported, as long as you have a grasp of conditions on the ground. If you experience resistance, try your idea out on a different audience. Matching your vision with those ready to receive it makes or breaks your project.

You can be drawn back to familiar ground after mid-year, to see it with new eyes. A trip home, or to a place that looms large in your imagination feeds your spirit, and is healing. This could be the year to settle down in one spot, for a sense of place -- a place to land between adventures.


When you commit to metamorphosis as a lifestyle, the cosmos is with you.

Your ruler Saturn (Scorpio) is in mutual reception -- a reinforcing exchange -- with Pluto, Scorpio's ruler (in your sign Capricorn). The potent power and force is there for transformation, if you stay with yourself. This means nipping self-destructive tendencies in the bud, and cultivating a compassionate attitude toward yourself and others.

Your own wild genius is freed further, with Uranus' square to your sign. Uranus is related to lightning, which fertilizes the area it hits -- just as ingenuity feeds your desire for a stable, productive life. Another great year for dissolving old worn-out structures, and reinventing yourself. Young (and the young at heart) are a source of inspiration. Your own inner wild child is dying for self-expression, and to be known and accepted.

When your ruler enters the Love Triangle this summer, miracles happen! With forgiveness, you release the past, and call in a love that resounds with authenticity and depth. You can be relieved to find that creating what you want is in your power -- as you melt (dissolve) and soften what's hard, risk trust, and draw loving friends into your life.


The lovely Star card is associated with your sign -- you receive the currents from above, and blend them with this 3D plane.

The translation is from buzzy fast and spontaneous, into the dense physical. This marks you to stand as wise observer to narrate events. Over here, Uranus flashes genius for a new way, in a stand-off with Pluto, the planet of destruction and creation. This are your years to shine, as a being ahead of your time -- use your special sight with compassion, to drop in doozies, at just the right moment.

The energies of both your rulers -- Uranus and Saturn -- continue to shake things up. Find roles that utilize your ability to articulate and flesh out the next right thing. Experiment, and use your brilliant mind to reach that 100th monkey.

You're a natural shockwave rider, who can help those just in shock, by being a clear-eyed sounding board.

Your gift for listening, paired with compassion, deepens your relationships. One of the Four Agreements is Don't Make Assumptions, and this is good advice, with family and friends from the past. After mid-year, there can be miraculous shifts that alter people at the soul level. Being receptive and sensitive to subtle energies, and the mysteries of the psyche opens you to rich intimacy.


Neptune, your ruler, gets cred this year, as many seek what you've got going on naturally.

This translates to new opportunities, as a guide to others, into what's mysterious and eternal. Your particular art is a path to stability, and can be expressed through many mediums. Your presence is your art, as you experience more freedom to explore its infinite dimensions.

Look for ways to make your particular magic tangible, and deliver it to those that will be nourished by it. Creative works or healing practices that help others overcome isolation are in demand. You may be called to be near or on the water.

Travel looks favorable, especially to sacred or mystical places, or your ancestral home lands.

This could be the year for radical changes to your home base, that have been a long time coming. Others might claim to be blind-sided by your decisions, but only because they've missed the many signs. Trust your emotional intelligence, and what makes sense to your soul, as you navigate toward greener pastures.

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