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Abe the black's Great Emancipator?....more like Honkey Abe!

Dead Man's Bones - Lose Your Soul

UFO's of 2013 (Part 4)



Malachi Martin and Third Secret
I know many have already read this transcript but I think that here is the solution to the part not revealed by Vatican (and the fact that Malachi was killed on year after this interview...)


Art Bell: It is my understanding that you have taken a vow of silence or secrecy. You have read the Third Secret. It was shared with you. Is that correct?

Fr. Martin: Yes, it was given to me to read one morning, early, in February 1960. And of course, before I got it I had to a simple oath you always take of maintaining the secret. So the details of it I cannot communicate - I mean, the actual verbiage and expressions.

Art Bell: If this Third Secret of Fatima were made public, could it be the shock that the public, that the Church, needs?

Fr. Martin: It could be. And that is one reason why it is not published; why it sunk into a limbo; out of which it is not going to come easily. It would be a shock. There's no doubt about that. It would effect people in different ways though, Art.

Some people would, on being told this is authentically the Third Secret of Fatima, they would get extremely angry.

Art Bell: Oh I understand. Believe me, I understand, father.

Art Bell: The following is a transcription of what is possibly the Third Secret of Fatima as read by Art Bell on 5-14-98 at 34 minutes and 38 seconds into the program. And I began it with this preamble: "All right. I in no way warrant the following as being authentic. I have no way of knowing. All I can tell you is, it feels real. It is alleged to be the Third Secret of Fatima. You decide for yourself. Here we go.

A great plague will befall mankind. No where in the world will there be order. Satan will rule the highest places determining the way of things. He will succeed in seducing the spirits of the great scientists who invent arms, with which it will be possible to destroy a large part of humanity in a few minutes. Satan will have his power. The powerful who command the people will incite them to produce enormous quantities of arms. God will punish man more thoroughly than with the Flood. There will come the times of all times, and the end of all ends. The great and powerful will perish together with the small and weak. Even for the Church, it will be the time of its greatest trial. Cardinals will oppose cardinals. Bishops will oppose bishops. Satan will walk among them. And in Rome, there will be changes. The Church will be darkened and the world will be shaking with terror. One great war will erupt in the second half of the twentieth century. Fire and smoke will fall from the sky. The waters of the oceans will change into steam, and the steam will rise and overflow everything. The waters of the ocean will become mist. Millions and millions of people will die from hour to hour. Whoever remains alive will envy the dead. Everywhere one turns his glance there is going to be anguish and misery, ruins in every country. The time draws nearer. The abyss widens without hope. The good to perish with the bad. The great with the small. The princes of the Church with the faithful. The rulers with their people. There will be death everywhere because of the errors committed by non-believers and crazy followers of Satan, which will then, and only then, take control over the world. At the last, those who survive, will at every chance, newly proclaim God and His glory, and will serve Him as when the world was not so perverted.

Art Bell: That's it. Fr. Martin?

Fr. Martin: Yes, Art?

Art Bell: Any comments on that?

Fr. Martin: I've listened to that, and I suppose the measured response I should give to it is this, in two parts, really, two statements. It is not the text, which was given to me to read in 1960. There are elements in it, which belong in the text.

Art Bell: So, in other words... I'm trying to step as carefully as I can... in other words, you're suggesting that this is not precisely what you had but there are elements of what you just heard...?

Fr. Martin: Yes, there are elements, which do belong, in the Third Secret. That's about the most measured response I could give to it.

Art Bell: Okay, that's fine, and I won't ask you to say more but bearing in mind what I just read, would you consider the Third Secret to be as traumatic as is suggested in what I read or more so?

Fr. Martin: More so.

Art Bell: More so?

Fr. Martin: More so, yeah. Much more so. know Art, stepping very carefully, the central element in the Third Secret, is awful. And it’s not in that text.

Art Bell: Its not in the text?

Fr. Martin: No its not, thank God.

Art Bell: Now, I guess I would ask this. I understand you have taken an oath, but have you considered that the shock that is required to turn things around, may be this very serious, it may be that ... it should be revealed.

Fr. Martin: To your last sentence, I fully assent. It should be revealed, but here is my difficulty, Art. I'm one small little man. I have no public authority to do that. I do not know if that will be the will of God. And since it would have such dire effects on much more than Christians, and many others, I can't make that decision. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

Art Bell: Father, in what manner were you shown the Third Secret?

Fr. Martin: The cardinal who showed it to me had been present at a meeting held by Pope John XXIII in that year, 1960, to outline, to a certain number of cardinals and prelates what he thought should be done with the Secret. But John XXIII, Pope John XXIII, the pope in 1960, did not think that he should publish the Secret. It would ruin his, at that time, ongoing negotiations with Nikita Kruschev, the boss of all the Russians. And he also had a different outlook on life, which, in two years later, opening the Vatican council, he echoed very succinctly and almost contemptuously in the middle of his speech on October 11, 1962 in St. Peter's to the assembled bishops who had come to the Vatican council, and the visitors, the place was crowded, huge basilica, he derided, contemptuously, that He was against the people he called "prophets of doom." And there was no doubt in any of our minds he was talking about the three prophets of Fatima.

Art Bell: There are those within the Church who minimize what is contained in the Third Secret.

Fr. Martin: Absolutely.

Art Bell: And then there are others who don't minimize it at all.

Fr. Martin: They exaggerate.

Art Bell: They exaggerate. So without minimizing or without exaggerating, you're telling me what's in the Third Secret is more horrible than what I just read.

Fr. Martin: Oh yes, Art, it is. Because, what you have just read, essentially, it is the onslaught of natural powers ... sure, Satan is walking, etc, like that amongst man...but essentially it is as if nature revolted against the human race. That's essentially, through all these terrible catastrophes a chastisement, and that's not the essence of the Third Secret, not the frightening one.

Art Bell: Wufff!

Fr. Martin: Yes. It does stagger the imagination.

(A few minutes later)

Art Bell: Father, how much weight do you give to the entire Fatima revelations?

Fr. Martin: I consider it to be the key event in the climbing fortune of the Roman Catholic organization, and the defining event for the near future of the Church in the next millennium, the third millennium. It's the defining event. And that is why strong men, strong men but I see, Art, when we speak about strong men, the amazing thing about this state craft, people, people who practice the craft of state, like Casaroli who just died, or Pope John Paul II, its what people always remark about great figure in history, like Napoleon, like Hitler, like Stalin. They had a will of indestructible power! And they could oppose the united wills of millions and make their point of view stick, to a certain degree anyway, until they fell, till they became a cropper, as we say in England. And similarly, in Rome there are men with strong wills. They're in state craft all their lives. They are engaged in macro-government. Not merely a religion, but in fate. They're up there amongst the greats. And THEY will not touch this with a large pole.

Art Bell: In what way does the Church have role in what many see coming as a one world government, a one world control point?

Fr. Martin: Two responses to that, Art, very brief responses. One is, the response already chosen by the leaders, by the managers, by the prelates, by the papacy, at the end of this millennium, and then there is what one sometimes thinks will be God's response. The response of the present moment is this: Beginning with John XXIII, and then with Paul VI, and now with John Paul II, the response is: Let us cooperate. It has joined, as Paul VI said in his famous speech in December 1965: "Let's cooperate with man to build his habitat." And John Paul II is an ardent supporter of, the tendency to one world government for geopolitical reasons. He wants to bring in his brand of Christianity, of course, and Catholicism, but he certainly is in favor of it [one world government]. When he addressed the United Nations, in his last big letter to them, he salute was this: "I, John, bishop of Rome, and a member of humanity." Now this was no longer, let's say, Pius IX or Pius X. Pius X would have said at the beginning of this century: "I am the vicar of Jesus Christ. If you do not listen to my voice, then you are going to be damned forever. We will not participate in any government behavior, in any government plans that do not recognize the kingship of Christ." That is completely absent. There now is the policy of cooperation with the formation of the European Union, cooperation with the United Nations, and the Vatican and the Church has entered the list in the struggle amongst the general assembly of the United Nations, and in the non-governmental organizations.

Art Bell: So it is well under way?

Fr. Martin: Well under way! That is the response, and remember, the Vatican has, on Vatican hill, it has about, what, the figure varies, over one hundred and forty ambassadors from the nations. It is an integral part, and has built itself into it over the centuries of our international life. And it has ambassadors and representatives in over ninety countries, including Russia, including Israel, and it has its representative in Beijing, not quite diplomatic status yet, but they will get to that.

Art Bell: Again, Fr. Martin, referring to what I read, which you said had a partial relevance,?
would you imagine that the person who wrote this had been privy in some way to the original text

Fr. Martin: Yes, yes, yes, certainly, at least by word of mouth, not by reading.

Art Bell: I understand.

(later in the program)

Art Bell: All right, here we go. Just a couple of things I want to quickly read, one from a friend in Australia, Father who says, "I had a Jesuit priest tell me more of the Third Secret of Fatima years ago, in Perth. He said among other things, the last pope would be under control of Satan. Pope John fainted, thinking it might be him. We were interrupted before I could hear the rest." Any comment on that?

Fr. Martin: Yes. It sounds as if they were reading or being told the text of the Third Secret.

Art Bell: Oh my!

Seeing NBA Clipper GRANT HILL(son of NFL'er Calvin Hill) tonight in PHILLY !

Tonight at the Center in PHILADELPHIA
76'ers vs LA Clippers

GRANT Hill (II) (40) 10/5/1972
----- Born: Dallas, Texas / Birth Name: Grant Henry Hill / Height: 6' 8" (2.03 m)
----- GRANT is Baltimore Bob's Son's first name.
----- His father Calvin Hill was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys.
----- Baltimore Bob states “Grant’s father Calvin Hill scored the 1st TD in VET Stadium History
----- in 2nd Quarter of Dallas’ 42-7 victory against Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Sept 26th 1971.”
----- Spouse: Tamia (24 July 1999 - present) 1 child
----- He and Tamia, have one daughter Myla Grace (b. January 23, 2002).
----- Grant and Tamia are expecting their second baby in August 2007.
----- NBA: Played for the Detroit Pistons (1994-2000) and Orlando Magic (2000-present).

Born: January 2nd 1947 in BALTIMORE, MD.
1st TD in the History of the VET in PHILLY:
------------------ The 1971 season was the 1st season at the Vet.
------------------ In the previous off season the league allowed missed Field goals kicked
------------------ into end zone to be returned.
------------------ That 9/26/1971 game was the 1st game in VET History:

------------------ 2nd Quarter: Cowboys Calvin Hill 1 yard rush (Mike Clark kick) 7-0.
------------------ The above TD was the 1st TD in Vet History and Baltimore Bob was 21.5 years.
------------------ * Calvin G. Hill (born January 2, 1947 in Baltimore, MD) is a retired American
------------------ * football running back who had a 12-year NFL career from 1969 to 1981.
------------------ * He played for the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns.

------------------ 2nd Vet TD: Cowboys Bob Lilly 7 yard fumble return (Mike Clark kick) 14-0.
------------------ 3rd Vet TD: Cowboys Walt Garrison 4 yard pass from Craig Morton 21-0.
------------------ 4th Vet TD:
------------------ 3rd Quarter: Cowboys Gloster Richardson 16 yard pass from Craig Morton 28-0.
------------------ 5th Vet TD:
------------------ 4th Quarter: Cowboys Craig Morton 2 yard rush (Mike Clark kick) 35-0.
------------------ 6th Vet TD: Cowboys Claxton Welch 2 yard rush (Mike Clark kick) 42-0.

------------------ 7TD and the 1st EAGLES TD in the History of the VET:
------------------ Eagles Al Nelson 102 yard field goal return (Happy Feller kick) 42-7.
------------------ Baltimore Bob states “We lost to Dallas 42-7 as Al scored the 1st Eagles

------------------ TD in VET History and prevented the Eagles from being shutout.”

------------------ “The Eagles would lose the first Three games at the Vet before beating NY Giants.
------------------ The losing QB that day for NY was Fran Tarkenton and he's in the Hall of Fame.”
------------------ Eagles beat the NY Giants 23-7 lead by 2 QB’s Rick Arrington & Pete Liske.


Set your time may have come

i know you where disappointed last time round, but you did get two votes out of 2 billion.

vacancy now available again, said only to be one more Pope , according to Catholic Prophecy.

The Prophecy of the Popes, attributed to Saint Malachy, is a list of 112 short phrases in Latin. They purport to describe each of the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few anti-popes), beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143) and concluding with the successor of current pope Benedict XVI, a pope described in the prophecy as "Peter the Roman", whose pontificate will end in the destruction of the city of Rome.

Racer X appreciation thread

Pope says will resign on Feb 28: Vatican spokesman GMA News Online – 58 seconds ago

Pope says will resign on Feb 28: Vatican spokesman
GMA News Online – 58 seconds ago

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI on Monday announced he will resign on February 28, a Vatican spokesman told AFP, which will make him the first pope to do so in centuries. "The pope announced that he will leave his ministry at 8:00 pm (1900 GMT) on February 28," said the spokesman, Federico Lombardi. — AFP

Pope to resign in Feb.

Dafuq ?

MASSIVE body storage and transport work order for BC Canada!

MASSIVE body storage and transport work order for BC Canada

Why would the normal coroners office not handle dead bodies?

The guy says he has not seen anything like this in 17 yrs!

Why such a short 9 mnth contract - who the hell is going to gear up specially for that?

They seem to be expecting a LOT of extra bodies - and probably not in a natural disaster scenario.

Combine that with all the hollow point ammo, gun confiscation, DHS insider info etc.............................get ready folks they don't plan all this stuff for nothing.

China tightens concert rules after Elton John's 'disrespectful' Beijing show


China tightens concert rules after Elton John's 'disrespectful' Beijing show
Officials considered ban on foreign artists without university degrees, after star dedicated gig to Ai Weiwei, say sources

Elton John and Ai Weiwei met briefly before singer performed in Beijing last November. Photograph: Ai Weiwei/AFP/Getty Images
Chinese authorities have hardened their line on foreign musicians, after Elton John infuriated them by dedicating a performance to outspoken artist and activist Ai Weiwei, according to industry sources. Police arrived to interview the singer shortly after he announced that the performance, which took place in Beijing last November, was dedicated "to the spirit and talent of Ai Weiwei", according to two sources. One said officers wanted John's manager to sign a statement saying the dedication was inspired only by admiration for Ai's art. John's spokesman declined to comment when contacted by the Guardian.

Ai and John met briefly before the Beijing show, with Ai subsequently announcing to fans on Twitter: "I super like him." John was allowed to go ahead with a scheduled concert in Guangzhou in early December. But the English language edition of state-run newspaper Global Times attacked John. It said the singer was "disrespectful" when he "forcibly added political content to the concert", adding: "If they had known that this concert would be dedicated to Ai Weiwei, many in the audience would not have come.

"John's action will also make the relevant agencies further hesitate in future when they invite foreign artists ... [He] has raised difficulties for future arts exchanges between China and other countries," the newspaper said in an editorial.

The singer's remarks even prompted the culture minister, Cai Wu, to demand that only stars with university degrees be allowed to play in China in future, according to two sources. They said that days after the concert, Cai gathered those who deal with visiting foreign artists and announced that only graduates should be given performance licences. One source said officials believed it would be difficult to implement the edict, and both suggested it may have been a spur of the moment comment.

A culture ministry spokesman said there were no new regulations. They did not address specific questions that the Guardian had asked regarding the meeting, replying: "About what you said in the fax, there is no such thing".

Another source said that since the start of the year, classical musicians had been required to supply proof of degrees and other qualifications when applying for permission to tour China. "There is no doubt at all it has made things harder," said one of those with knowledge of the meeting, adding that several recent applications for licences had been rejected.

"They are looking closely at videos, making sure that the people on stage are exactly the same as in the visa applications, and so on. It's not a change in the rules as much as a tightening [of existing procedures]."

A fourth source said he was not aware of the ministerial meeting, but that local cultural officials had summoned promoters within a fortnight of the incident to remind them of event rules, which included appearances by foreign artists.

Scrutiny of visiting musicians was tightened in 2008 after Björk shouted "Tibet! Tibet!" at the end of her song Declare Independence during a performance in Shanghai. China's ministry of culture later said that "[her] political show has not only broken Chinese laws and regulations, and hurt the feeling of Chinese people, but also went against the professional code of an artist".

A ban on artists who did not make it to university would have kept out both John and Björk, neither of whom have degrees.

The ministry of culture monitors music for vulgarity, as well as political content. In 2009, it ordered a cleanup of online music sites to address "poor taste and vulgar content".

15 year old invents New Method of Diagnosing Cancer


Jack is a fifteen year old freshman in high school. He developed a paper sensor that could detect cancer in five minutes for as little as 3 cents. He conducted his research at John Hopkins University. This research could change the face of cancer and promote early detection. He has been selected as the Intel 2012 ISEF winner and has won awards at multiple national and international math competitions. Jack is on the national junior whitewater kayaking team and enjoys playing with his dog and folding origami.
Jack’s method is 168 times faster, 26000 times cheaper, 400 times more sensitive and has a 90% success rate.
Clever kid . . . . :D

ARMED Drones To Be Used In Search For And Killing Of Rouge Cop Killer Christopher Dor

ARMED Drones To Be Used In Search For And Killing Of Rouge Cop Killer Christopher Dorner - So It Begins

This is it's official. For the first time in U.S. history, armed drones will be specifically targeting an American citizen on American soil with sole purpose of killing him. Many of us anticipated this was coming...
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

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