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what does it mean to be a u.s. citizen?

this is a work in progress and i'm asking for help here - if you cannot keep from sarcastic crap please don't piss me off -

i'm a convicted felon - my voting rights are automatically restored but i would like ALL MY RIGHTS RESTORED - so what does it mean to be a citizen of the 50 states -

please, i'm tired of the label - i've paid the price and i have done the time -

this has been bugging me for years - and i am still labeled a criminal -

Things you learned the hard way

Me.. Flip flops and crowded urinals don't mix.

Who is the hotest girl ever?

I think it's rose mcgowan.

I want one!!!

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Evry time you feel like....

you have to sneeze and you don't that means an angel faked an orgasm.

iQuit !!!


Strange sounds heard over Russia after meteor fell.

Do WWJD braclets burn jews if they wear them?

I bet they do.

Inequalities in basketball

I think white players when they make a basket should get an extra point

people still burn witches?

i did not know that this sort of thing still went on......really.

that sucks.

vacation was a blast :)

my husband and i had the best time in galveston and houston this weekend......i cant wait to get the pics back........i dont have a digital camera or anything so i have to wait for regular film

i hop the pics came out afraid the flash may have reflected off the fish tanks and the pics i didnt use the flash may be too dark......but if i got one good pic i will be happy :)

that aquarium was a great was only $16 each and we got to ride the ferris wheel, the carousel, and this train that went into a tunnel of sharks swimming was pretty cool........seeing my hubby on the carousel was kind of cute :)...........i only got nervous on the ferris wheel when it stopped at the top and the wind was blowing so a little afraid of high

the beach was nice......the wind was cold so we didnt stay long, but i did get some shells off the beach for the grandkids :)

the restaurant was awesome......we got to eat next to huge mantas and some other big fish....idk what those were but they were really ugly...hahaha

eels are cool too........and the seahorses are freaking adorable :)

they also have a white bengal tiger there......he looked lonely.

we had so much fun, we are thinking of taking the grandkids to the dallas zoo next weekend.

:) :) :)

so much fun......just awesome :)

im excited like a little kid :)

This has something to do with cooking brisket

three reasons

1. over eating and drinking

2. less exercise and activity

3. emotional stresses

A famous scientist warned that the cancer incidence is increasing all over the world in a dangerous way on humanity comparing to the climate change phenomenon.

Australian researchers verified that people suffering from obesity are exposed to changes in the structure of the Heart muscle which affect its proper functioning, even if they did not have any heart disease. These changes might lead to later fall in the heart.

These are main factors that cause obesity and consequently cause dangerous disease like heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and cancer. But what about the Islamic teachings which was revealed 1400 years ago?

Allah, the Almighty, had specified a golden rule in diet as He said: " and eat and drink but waste not by extravagance, certainly He (Allâh) likes not Al-Musrifûn (those who waste by extravagance)" (31:Al A'raf.). The most dangerous thing is extravagance and as long as the person is moderate he will be at the safe side, this is what stated by the western scientists!

Even, the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had given us a remarkable rule in diet which explains Allah's saying (but waste not by extravagance), he peace be upon him says: (the son of Adam had filled a bowl not worse than a belly! Enough for the son of Adam are small mouthfuls to stand him up, but if he was beaten by himself then a third for the food, a third for drink and a third for breath) (the right sequence 2265).

The prophet alienated his companions from overeating and said (the son of Adam had not filled a bowl worse than a belly) in order to have in front of their sight while eating that this food might be harmful to them if they fill their bellies with it!

We are on the right track


All we need now is BE and Scream out of the picture then Amkon can be great again.
You know its true

Most Bizarre Saturday Night Live segment everJesus on a graphic killing spree.,p0

Most Bizarre Saturday Night Live segment ever. Jesus on a graphic killing spree.

It is a slap towards Christians and also towards guns.
While playing off that movie.

The lefties are just having fun again.

They love christ but hate abortion and love war and guns that slaughter.

Maybe CNN will run it before each Piers Morgan show ?

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