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If you could travel back in time

If you could travel back in time. one time.

where would you go and why . ?

any thing you would change if you could. ?

From the WTF? Dept... Woof woof.

Mindy McCready also shot and killed boyfriend's dog

Bill Waugh / AP file
Mindy McCready in 2008

By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, TODAY
Before she apparently shot herself, singer Mindy McCready also shot and killed her late boyfriend's dog, according to Cleburne County (Ark.) Sheriff Marty Moss.
Moss said Monday that the dog's body was found Sunday next to McCready on the front porch of a home in Heber Springs, Ark. Two other dogs at the home were reportedly uninjured.
"Based on what we have found at the scene at this time, we do believe that she took the life of the dog that we are being told by family members belonged to (David) Wilson before she took her own life," Moss said.

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Wilson, a record producer and father of McCready's youngest son, Zayne, died of a gunshot wound at the same home in January. His death is still being investigated.
Fox News cites an anonymous friend of McCready's saying of the dog's death, "Mindy really loved her dog and that would not have been an act of malice at all. It would have been more of a case where she just didn’t want to leave the dog alone."
McCready, 37, had battled substance abuse and was arrested several times.
“As sad as it is, (her apparent suicide) didn’t come as a major shock, because she’s just been battling demons for so long," Billy McKnight, McCready’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her 6-year-old son, told TODAY on Monday. “I was around her when she attempted suicide twice, so I knew it was in her.”
It was earlier reported that McCready's two young sons are in foster care.

The future face of war


Successful hacker attack could cripple U.S. infrastructure, experts say

Kevin Mandia, the founder and chief executive of Mandiant, discusses cyber-attacks on US companies and organizations.

By Erin McClam, Staff Writer, NBC News
A report tying the Chinese military to computer attacks against American interests has sent a chill through cyber-security experts, who worry that the very lifelines of the United States — its energy pipelines, its water supply, its banks — are increasingly at risk.

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The experts say that a successful hacker attack taking out just a part of the nation’s electrical grid, or crippling financial institutions for several days, could sow panic or even lead to loss of life.
“I call it cyberterrorism that makes 9/11 pale in comparison,” Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican and chair of the House Intelligence Committee, told NBC News on Tuesday.
An American computer security company, Mandiant, reported with near certainty that members of a sophisticated Chinese hacking group work out of the headquarters of a unit of the Chinese army outside Shanghai.
The report was first detailed in The New York Times, which said that the hacking group’s focus was increasingly on companies that work with American infrastructure, including the power grid, gas lines and waterworks.
The Chinese embassy in Washington told The Times that its government does not engage in computer hacking.
As reported, the Chinese attacks constitute a sort of asymmetrical cyberwarfare, analysts said, because they bring the force of the Chinese government and military against private companies.
“To us that’s crossing a line into a class of victim that’s not prepared to withstand that type of attack,” Grady Summers, a Mandiant vice president, said on the MSNBC program “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”
The report comes as government officials and outside security experts alike are sounding ever-louder alarms about the vulnerability of the systems that make everyday life in the United States possible.
Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned in October that the United States was facing a threat that amounted to “cyber Pearl Harbor” and raised the specter of intentionally derailed trains, contaminated water and widespread blackouts.
“This is a pre-9/11 moment,” Panetta told business executives in New York. “The attackers are plotting.”
RELATED: Report: Chinese army tied to widespread U.S. hacking
The Times report described an attack on Telvent, a company that keeps blueprints on more than half the oil and gas pipelines in North and South America and has access to their systems.
A Canadian arm of the company told customers last fall that hackers had broken in, but it immediately cut off the access so that the hackers could not take control of the pipelines themselves, The Times reported.
Dale Peterson, founder and CEO of Digital Bond, a security company that specializes in infrastructure, told NBC News that these attacks, known as vendor remote access, are particularly worrisome.
“If you are a bad guy and you want to attack a lot of different control systems, you want to be able to take out a lot,” he said. “The dirty little secret in these control systems is once you get through the perimeter, they have no security at all. They don’t even have a four-digit pin like your ATM card.”
Carlos Barria / Reuters
Locals walks in front of 'Unit 61398', a secretive Chinese military unit, in the outskirts of Shanghai. The unit is believed to be behind a series of hacking attacks, a U.S. computer security company said.

The 34-minute blackout at the Super Bowl earlier this month highlighted weak spots in the nation’s power system. A National Research Council report declassified by the government last fall warned that a coordinated strike on the grid could devastate the country.
That report considered blackouts lasting weeks or even months across large parts of the country, and suggested they could lead to public fear, social turmoil and a body blow to the economy.
Vital systems do not have to be taken down for very long or across a particularly widespread area, the experts noted, to cause social disorder and to spread fear and anxiety among the population.
Last fall, after Hurricane Sandy battered the Northeast, it took barely two days for reports of gasoline shortages to cause hours-long lines at the pumps and violent fights among drivers.
Peterson described being in Phoenix, Ariz., during a three-day gas pipeline disruption “when people were waiting in line six hours and not going to work. You can imagine someone does these things maliciously, with a little more smarts, something that takes three months to replace.”
Similarly, hacking attacks last fall against major American banks — believed by some security experts and government officials to be the work of Iran — amounted to mostly limited frustration for customers, but foreshadowed much bigger trouble if future attacks are more sophisticated.
What worries Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of the computer security company CrowdStrike, is a coordinated attack against banks that modifies, rather than destroys, financial data, making it impossible to reconcile transactions.
“You could wreak absolute havoc on the world’s financial system for years,” he said. “It would be impossible to roll that back.”
While the report Tuesday focused on China, the experts also highlighted Iran as a concern. That is because China, as a “rational actor” state, knows that a major cyberattack against the United States could be construed as an act of war and would damaging critical economic cooperation between the U.S. and China.
“With the Iranians in the game,” Rogers said, “what’s worrisome is they don’t care. They have no economic lost opportunity.”
Security experts have for years expressed concern, if not outrage, that the nation’s critical infrastructure remains so vulnerable so long after Sept. 11, 2001.
But the escalating threats from hackers in China and Iran, in addition to Russia and North Korea, appear to be lending new urgency to efforts to make sure companies and government agencies are better prepared.
President Barack Obama announced in his State of the Union message last week that he had signed an executive order directing federal agencies to share certain unclassified reports of cyber threats with American companies.
The next day, Rogers and Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, a Maryland Democrat, reintroduced legislation designed in part to help companies share information. The bill passed the House last year but stalled in the Senate.
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Tuesday that the United States has “substantial and growing” concerns about threats to the U.S. economy and national security posed by cyberattacks.
“I think as recent public reports make clear, we’re obviously going to have to keep working on this,” she said. “It’s a serious concern.”
Peterson said that oil, gas and electric companies had led the way in developing security perimeters, with water companies “kind of in the middle” and transportation and mining companies lagging.
But even the protections enacted by companies so far leave too many holes, he said.
“They’re all in the same situation,” Peterson said. “If you get through the perimeter, you can do whatever you want.”
A U.S. security firm has exposed the role of the Chinese military in an overwhelming number of cyber-attacks on U.S. infrastructure, government agencies, and corporations, resulting in the theft of information from military contractors and energy companies. Mandiant Vice President Grady Summers and Chris Johnson of the Center for Strategic and International Studies discusses.

This story was originally published on Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:47 PM EST

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The Torah code 2012

mentions some thing big 2013/14

Jesus saves two girls buried alive

interesting story

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife because she was reading the Bible and then buried her with their infant baby and an 8-year old daughter. The girls were buried alive!

He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member died. When they went to bury him, they found the 2 little girls under the sand – ALIVE!

The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed.. The older girl was asked how she had survived and she says:- ‘A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister,’ she said.

She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by avail ed Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, ‘This was none other than Jesus, because nobody else does things like this!’ Muslims believe Isa (Jesus) would do this, but the wounds mean He really was crucified, and it’s clear also that He is alive! But, it’s also clear that the child could not make up a story like this, and there is no way these children could have survived without a true miracle.

Muslim leaders are going to have a hard time to figure out what to do with this, and the popularity of the Passion movie doesn’t help! With Egypt at the centre of the media and education in the Middle East , you can be sure this story will spread. Christ is still turning the world upside down! Please let this story be shared.

FACT: More LOVE shown in America to homeless CATS vs homeless HUMANS

Why: 75% practing COWARDS.

Easy answer.

I basically got a Homeless Roommate
I charge him $500/month
He now owes me $1,050.

He will have to turn over his Car Title to me
when he goes over $1500 or be tossed out
where American COWARD Society will "Fuck Him Over"
He had a Stroke in his 40's turns 50 this year
and he's getting worse.

I take care of him as he recently filed for Benefits
and currently get $200/month in FREE Food.
I spend like $100/month for Food.
I use Coupons - He doesn't.
He still doesn't understand - RAIN CHECKs.

225,000,000 practicing Cowards in America.
80,000,000 People with COURAGE.


I miss Red Skare he licks anus so deeply he always has shit on his nose.

I hope he comes back soon.

So im banned from Demikov's lab?

Yeah, went there to see if any guests posted anything funny. Turns out im banned from the forum. Kinda fucked up

Wyte Privlig

Todays example of white privlige is when white people who be all like, “omg you NEED to be NICE WHEN YOUR TELLING ME RACIST OTHERWISE DONT DO NOTHING” were never given a verbal whupping by their mommas.

President will Fuck 10% of American Society to Help the other 90%

It is called COPWARDNESS.
The President of ther USA will SCREW/Fuck 10% of American Society
so that the other 90% have it GOOD
That is an Example of a COWARD.

Person of Courage:
Will Fuck 90% of American Society so that 10% aren't Hurt.

With the Bank crisis the President could have sent each
American a check for $5,000 instead of the Bank Bailout.
They did what they did for their Own Health & Welfare.

President JFK did something that was BAD for his
Health and Welfare.
But he did The RIGHT THING.

As Jack N said "You Can't Handle The Truth."
And that is because 75% of Americans are Cowards.

TRUTH Teller
Baltimore Bob

record yields without gmos or pesticides

Dear Prudence: My Wife Is My Sister

My Wife Is My Sister
He married what in effect was a person that had the same Father.

Q. Nasty Surprise: When my wife and I met in college, the attraction was immediate, and we quickly became inseparable.
We had a number of things in common, we came from the same large metropolitan area,
and we both wanted to return there after school, so everything was very natural between us.
We married soon after graduation, moved back closer to our families,
and had three children by the time we were 30.
We were both born to lesbians, she to a couple, and me to a single woman.
She had sought out her biological father as soon as she turned 18,
as the sperm bank her parents used allowed contact once the children were 18 if both parties consented.
I never was interested in learning about that for myself, but she felt we were cheating our future children
by not learning everything we could about my past, too.
Well, our anniversary is coming up and I decided to go ahead and, as a present to my wife,
see if my biological father was interested in contact as well.
He was, and even though our parents had used different sperm banks,
it appears so did our father, as he is the same person.
On the one hand, I love my wife more than I can say, and logically, done is done, we already have children.
I have had a vasectomy, so we won't be having any more, so perhaps there is no harm in continuing as we are.
But, I can't help but think "This is my sister" every time I look at her now.
I haven't said anything to her yet, and I don't know if I should or not. Where do I go from here?
I am tempted to burn everything I got from the sperm bank and just try to forget it all,
but I'm not sure if I can. Please help me figure out where to go from here.

A: This is a seminal question about the nature of assisted reproduction.
As David Plotz discovered in his book, The Genius Factory, on the alleged sperm bank of Nobel Prize winners,
many non-geniuses were moved to spread their seed far and wide.
So the question has always hung over this: What if the offspring meet and fall in love?
Well, you've met and it's true that if you had researched your origins and disclosed them to each other,
you and your wife would now likely be close half-siblings. I understand your desire to burn everything.
But if you are now looking at your wife and thinking,
"Hey, sis," I don't see how you can keep this information to yourself.
She's bound to sense something off in your behavior and you simply can't say,
"I'm struggling with father issues."
I think you have to sit her down and show you what you've discovered.
Then you two should likely seek out a counselor who deals with reproductive technology
to help you sort through your emotions.
I don't see why your healthy children should ever be informed of this.
That Dad didn't want to find out who his sperm donor was is a sufficient answer
when they get old enough to ask about this. I think there's way too much emphasis put on DNA.
Yes, you two will have had a shock, but when it wears off you will be the same people you were before you found out.
Shocking news has the effect of making people feels as if the waves it sends out will always rock them.
But I think you two should be able to file away your genetic origins and go on.

How To Get a Sugar Daddy!

Reincarnated Eva Peron Shuts Down Aspen Airspace

As we all know Eva Peron was reincarnated as the broad who is married to the foreign born pretender to the White House.

While her subjects in Detroit rot in garbage, Eva and her spoiled little snots enjoyed private slopes while all air traffic to Aspen was shut down.

Meanwhile, her other half was getting infidelity training from Tiger in another state.

CATS are Pretty much WORTHLESS Animals

Imagine if you took ALL the Money spent on VETS
would probably take care of the Homeless and Hungry
people in America but remember Americans (but Not me)
are the Most SELFISH Human Beings on Earth.

They FUCK over their fellow Americans when President Hitler
(LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Regan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr)
Mostly the Republicans.
Holds their Fake Wars.

How many innocent Cats are Killed each year.
Hardly any.

Cats are put to Sleep in their Golden Years
so they don't have to Suffer.
But Human Beings can't do that to their fellow Human Beings
Because onmce again their SELFISH.

Instead of a CAT how about you women adopt us MEN
We can FUCK You and I meant that in a Good Way.
I'm sure you might perfer a Male Human licking your Pussy
over a Pussy licking your Pussy.

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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

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