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Poor Squeaky

I know cats have selective hearing, but alas and alack....

We've tested Squeaky and his eye sight is excellent. His hearing, is something to be desired. Poor little fellow :(

After much rigorous testing, it is concluded that he is deaf....

Until I shake the perverbial 'treats bag'.

How to hack Amkon

What's your password?

Butt plugs, artificial vaginas among prizes awarded at public

Butt plugs, artificial vaginas among prizes awarded at public university's ‘Dirty Bingo’ event

By Oliver Darcy, on Feb 07, 2013
A public university’s Union Activities Board (UAB) paid $304.69 to purchase sex toys as prizes for a “Dirty Bingo” event, an administrator told Campus Reform on Thursday.

A photo uploaded to Facebook displays the sex toys the university has purchased as awards for winners of "Dirty Bingo."
The items purchased as awards include butt plugs, an artificial vagina, vibrators, dildos, lubricant, edible underwear, a book on sex positions, and other items, Lauryn Collier, president of North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) UAB, told Campus Reform in a statement Thursday.

An image, posted to the event’s Facebook page, also reveals artificial vaginas among the many prizes to be given away.

The “Dirty Bingo” event, slated to take place next Tuesday, aims to find “innovative” ways to discuss sexual health on the campus.

“The certified educators plan to use some of the items (those that are appropriate) to demonstrate healthy sex practices,” said Collier in the statement.

A spokesperson for NCSU did not return multiple requests for comment made by Campus Reform and would not say whether or not there is an age requirement for attending the event. Like most undergraduate institutions the NCSU community includes minors, under the age of 18.

The event, which is being funded through mandatory student fees, has drawn criticism from students on campus.

“The fact that a public university is going to spend mandatory student fees on such an event is just repulsive,” said Emma Benson, an NCSU student and state co-chair of the libertarian organization Young Americans for Liberty, in a phone conversation with Campus Reform.

“There is nothing that involves reading 50 Shades of Grey or using a butt plug that promotes safe sex,” she added.

Jason Cockrell, an NCSU student who is hosting a discussion to talk about the criticism directed towards the event, said his opposition stems from the use of student fees.

“I think that it’s patently obvious that this is not an appropriate use of student fees,” said Cockrell. “It doesn’t pertain to safer sex.”

The controversy has spilled onto Facebook as well, with students expressing both support and outrage over the event.

The Dreaded POLL - Which Theme do you like better?

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Convo between 2 Captains WOOT!!


When science fiction meets reality:

rhode island cannabis legalization


"Feh" on your sucky thread. Mine has a loud, uppercase title.

Remembering Two on their 90th: Actor Joe Maross & Weird Al's Mom Mary Yankovic

Joe Maross (Would have been 90) 2/7/1923
----------------- Born: Barnesboro, PA / Birth Name: Joseph Raymond Maross / Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
----------------- Barnesboro, PA is 13 miles North of Penn State University in State College, PA.
----------------- Served in World War II and was stationed in Hawaii.
----------------- Joe Maross graduated with a bachelor degree in theater arts from Yale University.
----------------- Spouses: Lucille R Sax (9 April 1973 - ?) (divorced)
----------------- Carol Kelly (23 June 1958 - 23 November 1962) (divorced) 1 child
----------------- Movie debut at age 37 in ‘Elmer Gantry’ (1960) as Pete.
----------------- "The Twilight Zone" (2 episodes, 1960-1962):
----------------- - Third from the Sun (1960) TV episode as Jerry Riden,
----------------- - The Little People (1962) TV episode as Peter Craig.
----------------- "The Outer Limits" - The Invisible Enemy (1964) TV episode as General Winston.
----------------- "The Fugitive" (2 episodes, 1966): - Coralee (1966) TV episode as Milt Carr &
----------------- - Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver (1966) TV episode as Sheriff Mel Bailey.
----------------- "The Time Tunnel" - Massacre (1966) TV episode as Gen. George Armstrong Custer.
----------------- 2009: Latest movie role at age 58 in ‘Rich and Famous’ (1981) as Martin Fornam.
----------------- Rich and Famous (1981) was his final movie role.
----------------- A voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, he is an avid
----------------- watcher of the screener DVDs that studios send to members for award consideration.
----------------- Baltimore Bob added Joe on Thursday March 26th 2009.
----------------- 2010 Update: Died at age 86 on 7 November 2009, Glendale, California (cardiac arrest).
Mary Yankovic (Would have been 90) 1923 - Died age 81
Date of Birth 7 February 1923 in ?, Kentucky.
Date of Death 9 April 2004, Fallbrook, California, USA (carbon monoxide poisoning)
Birth Name: Mary Vivalda
* Nick Yankovic (Would have been 95) 1917 - Died age 86
* Date of Birth 4 June 1917 in Kansas City, Kansas, USA.
* Date of Death 9 April 2004, Fallbrook, California, USA (accidental carbon monoxide poisoning)
Spouse: Nick Yankovic (14 August 1949 - 9 April 2004) (her death) 1 child
Mother of 'Weird Al' Yankovic
Bad Hair Day: The Videos (1996) (V) (uncredited) as Amish Woman (Amish Paradise).
Baltimore Bob added Mary today Saturday February 7th.
Died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in his home in San Diego, California on April 9, 2004.
It was thought that a closed flue in the fireplace led to the death of Nick and his wife Mary.

Baltimore Bob

Just One Man

Last Thursday, his co-workers tried again, asking him to convert. A heated discussion followed that included insults and threats. When he went home Masih was attacked by a gunman who fired five bullets into him.
After he was rushed to a hospital, his conditions appeared critical from the start. Doctors removed the bullets and had him moved into the intensive care unit where he eventually died.
His son tried to file a First Information Report (FIR) with local police who refused to register his complaint. Despite repeated attempts, they refused to heed the family's pleas for justice. Devastated by his death, the family now feels abandoned by the authorities.

Another one dies. Pakistani authorities look the other way. These Christians are doomed. These are the people our state department should import, not wild eyed Somalis or any other Muslim period.

Pakistan has proven Islam is more important than honoring any agreements or human rights. We have sent over 23 billion dollars to these assholes since 9/11. For what?

Time to see the obvious and stop any aid until serious efforts to protect this Christian minority are enforced. And that just isn't going to happen until serious pressure is used and withholding aid is a good start.

H/T to DFB.

Best thread ever

I love this thread :D

Worst thread ever

I hate this thread.

The Drums of War

The EU ruling elite, drums of war , war is big business, you can also depopulate.

Can Obama Legally Kill Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck? ALEX JONES ???


Can Obama Legally Kill Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck?
Obama has made himself the one and only person in our country who can decide to kill someone who may be innocent of any crime, and get away with murder, legally. Here's a famous judge commenting on this:

Can Obama Legally Kill O’Reilly & Glenn Beck?
Napolitano: Obama ‘stealing’ American lives
Judge blasts White House orders to assassinate U.S. citizens

President Obama’s policy of targeting enemies, including Americans, for death through drone strikes is the latest and most alarming example of the endless expansion of government power, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano.Napolitano is the senior judicial analyst for the Fox News Channel and is the author most recently of “Theodore and Woodrow” and “The Freedom Answer Book.” He says the growth in government power is nothing new, and the erosion of individual freedoms is always pitched in pleasant ways.
“Monster government almost always comes with a smiling face,” he said. “After it’s here, the face loses its smile and it saps our liberties and our prosperity.”

Read Andrew Napolitano’s hot new column, “Obama gives himself permission to kill,” in which he asks: When will president’s drone murders come home to our shores?

Napolitano said there is no implosion of rights as troubling as what we’re seeing this week as the Obama administration defends the targeting and killing of enemies, including American citizens, without giving them the right to due process.

“I’ve often commented that my job here at Fox is to monitor the government as it steals your liberty and steals your property, but I never thought I’d be monitoring the government stealing your life,” he said. “Essentially, that’s what this is.”

The administration’s legal justification for the drone program was laid out in a Department of Justice “white paper” that made its way to NBC News on Sunday night. The paper, which is a distillation of countless other reports, clearly lays out what the Obama administration considers justification for the program of targeted kills.

“It basically says that the president of the United States can authorize an ‘informed, high-level official of the U.S. government’ to strip the constitutional protections of an American in a foreign country if the informed official is satisfied that the American is an imminent danger to American national security and his capture or arrest would be impractical,” Napolitano said. “That is basically the power claimed by kings and tyrants. I can suspend the law to get you if you are a danger.”

There are defenders of the Obama drone policy on both sides of the aisle, but Napolitano said their arguments fly in the face of the principles on which America was founded.

“Would we live in a safer society if the government could cut down every law and abrogate every freedom and break down every door and arrest everybody it wanted?,” asked Napolitano. “We’d be safe from the bad guys, but we wouldn’t be safe from the government. Who would want to live in such a society?”

The judge said it’s very easy to read the administration’s legal defense for the drone program and see how it could be used to target any American.

“The language in this 16-page document could easily apply to Americans in America,” said Napolitano. “So the president could decide that Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck or Judge Napolitano are just too troublesome, too meddlesome, too much of an obstacle to the accomplishment of his purposes, and it’s time to take them out.

“The core of the argument is ‘trust us.’ That’s an argument that the Supreme Court rejected because it doesn’t trust a single individual to kill,” he said, noting the Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare war and a 12-person jury the power to sentence someone to death.

As outlined in “Theodore and Woodrow,” Napolitano said Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson are largely responsible for changing America from a nation championing limited government to one saddled with a government growing beyond anyone’s ability to control it.

“(They) shared the same view and that was this: the Constitution is not the supreme law of the land. It does not limit the government to the powers that have been delegated to it. Rather it unleashes the government to do whatever it wants except that which is expressly prohibited in the document,” said Napolitano. “Now that is not just an academic argument because that is turning the concept of limited government on its head.

“Every president from George Washington to William McKinley, Roosevelt’s predecessor, with the exception of Lincoln during the Civil War, accepted the idea that the federal government is one of limited powers and it can only do what the Constitution authorizes it to do,” he said. “When Roosevelt and Wilson switched to that (and) turned it on its head, they changed radically the size and scope of the federal government and the relationship of the federal government to individual Americans.”

So what did this big government push look like a century ago?

“In about a five-year period we suddenly got an income tax which they promised would never be more than three percent. Of course, it went up to 90 percent in World War II,” said Napolitano. “We got the Federal Reserve, which allows them to print worthless cash and put that into the economy. We got one of the most useless wars in American history which is World War I, basically an argument among the old, dying European monarchies about boundary lines.”

The judge says both Roosevelt and Wilson cracked down on free speech they found unhelpful to their cause and both were outspoken racists who worked to segregate the military after it had been integrated during Reconstruction.

Now that America has a full century of big government policies coming out of Washington, can this trend be reversed and how could that happen? Napolitano said it won’t happen anytime soon but will eventually happen but in a most unpleasant way.

“I’ve argued on Fox and elsewhere that we don;t have two political parties anymore. We have one political party, the big government party. It has a Republican wing that likes war and deficits and corporate welfare. It has a Democratic wing that likes war and taxes and individual welfare. Both wings have a single goal and that is staying in power.

“Honestly, it would take half the Congress and the White House with a small government, maximum individual liberty, Ron Paul-like mentality for these changes to come about,” he said.

“If they don’t come about peacefully, they’ll probably come about by other means. Sooner or later the federal government is going to run out of money, and so many people will be dependent upon the federal cash which will stop coming that they will all kinds of horrific things in order to eat and to live,” Napolitano said. “At this point, there probably will be a revolution which will end up in a small government or many small governments or a totalitarian and then the totalitarian will probably be overthrown.

“I’m not suggesting this is going to happen tomorrow. I’m not saying I want it to happen. I’m just a student and teacher of history suggesting that is the natural result of government overextending itself,” he said. “It’s how Rome died. It’s how the European socialist states are dying, and we’re not far behind.”


Michael Persinger is interesting...when I run across his stuff I will put it here...
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

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