Feng Shui - The most frequently asked question.

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Feng Shui - The most frequently asked question.

 “What do you do when doing a Feng Shui consultation?”

As there are many books on Feng Shui you will have noticed that there are many different ways of applying Feng Shui. Although the basic principles are still valid, they have to be translated into our style of living. It is like translating one language to another, a word in one language can have many meanings in another language. This is also the case in Feng Shui. This is the reason why you get so many different variations of Feng Shui.

Over the years of practicing Feng Shui, I have become aware of the need to adjust the application of Feng Shui to suit our rapidly fast  changing environment and ways of living. All the following applications are necessary to support our needs and wants in life.

  1. To find where the best energy is in your home resides, one needs to calculate the Flying Star chart for the property.
  2. It is most important in applying Feng Shui to clear the space energetically from below the surface of the land to above the buildings.
  3. Clearing the living space is essential; a cluttered space blocks the flow of the energy, which in turn blocks our opportunities in life.
  4. The next important aspect is the clearing of the mind, as our environment is a reflection of what is going on in our mind.
  5. Only then can one balance the building using the bagua and the Five Universal Elements. - This balance also involves the Chinese Astrology of the occupants, as a person’s strengths and weaknesses can be favourably enhanced by balancing the living or working space in a building.

You may think there must be a method that suits everyone.  I have to disappoint you, we are all individuals. Every person has different needs, different strengths, different weaknesses and different information (data) in their mind. So the answer is that every consultation has to be specifically tailored to the individual and the unique occupants of the building and their particular life situations.

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