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Forgiveness meditation--Dr Hemant Mittal


Forgiveness Meditation:

If someone has caused you emotional pain, you can forgive her keeping in mind what you have learnt from that pain. Kabbalah teachings suggest that the lessons or messages of life often come in the form of pain and through a messenger. These messages are important for our growth. So, we should keep the message and let the messenger go. We miss the opportunity to grow when we get stuck with the messenger and let the message go. One can meditate keeping this in mind.

This is a mental task with imagination, which has wonderful results, especially if done in an alpha state of mind. For this, one needs to sit comfortably with eyes closed. After a few deep breaths, imagine the person you believe has harmed you in any way. Start talking to this person in your imagination and tell her, “I am willing to receive the message of life which I got through you. I forgive you for being different from what I wanted you to be. I forgive you and set myself free.”
Open your eyes when you feel comfortable.

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